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Lara Croft Returns - Episode 3: In the North


Boris Samoilenko
release date: 26-Aug-2006

average rating: 8.52
review count: 14
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file size: 221.52 MB
file type: TR3
class: nc

author profile(s):

The modest small town (but with a brothel) possessed a bombproof shelter, which as appeared, is secretly became the second of Sofia's and Nātla's complexes. There were also enemies and the necessary artefacts. Having made the all the way to here, Lārā understood, that affairs gona be much more serious from now on: there are no more rebels among the guards, the complex is supplied with high technologies which are directed to the excavation. Excavation were ordered by Sofia and Natla on an unknown ancient temple. Obviously, Sofia wanted to completely restore her forces, and destroy the artefacts (simple for her, hardly you could do it). As not surprising, Lara is able to break through the defences of this base. But unexpectedly she finds … the corpse of Nātla.
Treachery of Sofia became obvious: Nātlā performed all the dirty work and when she was no longer needed, Sofia paid for the compliance. Through some hard tasks, later Lārā finds a storehouse with the stolen artefacts. And, to her surprise, with small amount of protection. Having found the original artefacts, Lārā goes to the excavation site, where finds the entrance to the temple. To enter, it was necessary to use the Twins of Hand Rathmore and the Amulet Mountain as keys. That is why the doors were not opened until now! Here Lārā meets Sofia, who unexpectedly appeared behind: (the stage to that isn't here, the game at once will pass onto the level with Sofia
- So we meet again, Ms. Croft! And you brought me the artefacts!
- I have brought them all right, but hardly for you.
- I have no doubts about it. You see, I could not destroy the artefacts when found out, that this temple is the place, the center - the main temple of all twin artefacts - the Temple of Harmony. The artefacts I stole, peacefully wait for the right time - they will be useful later. Now, in this place they simply doesn't work. As you can see, my papers were erroneous.
- What?
- Yes. All these theories about conductors and chargings - my assumptions, but only now when I came here, I realized, that twins are the same as the original artefacts, possessing the same force, so they cannot be conductors. Only here, in north Scotland I found out, where the true temple is, which has denied my assumptions. I have studied ancient writings and learned, that put absolute trust in a friend - just another theory. Therefore, now these two artefacts - twins, which served the role of keys to the Temple were necessary for me. You helped me very much. There were several artefacts I could not get. However I need one more artefact - a twin..
- Indeed? I will attach it to the next Christmas card.
- That may not be necessary, Ms. Croft. You are not in a position to argue.
- Statistics shows otherwise. Twice you have disappeared at my will.
- But nevertheless I am alive. That gives me a third chance.
- The last, I hope, - Lārā draw pistols.
- You are mistaken. All these artefacts represent two sides of the world: darkness and light. Overlapping of equal shares of both sides, gives harmony. This harmony is present all over the world. Even the entrance to the temple is based on this principle - one dark and one light artefact gave access. But probably, you already have guessed the point; there are five artefacts, and two sides. One artefact superfluous - that is the most powerful in dark force. I need that one too.
- Who would doubt …
- Yes, it will be insultingly simple to kill you …
Sofia screamed and has created a shock wave with the scepter, before Lārā had time to do anything. While Lārā was unconscious, Sofia took the artefact of Twin Izis from her backpack, and took away all her ammunition. With the words: It was easier, than I thought. Sofia has gone to the temple then, making her way through some tunnels, appeared at the altar - Altar Isis, where the lookalike of the twin shone with increased power. After visiting it, Sofia increased her powers. At this time Lārā regained consciousness and too was on her way. In the temple of the five artefacts she finds five colored hall - the center of the temple. Each color symbolizing an artefact,. four at the bottom submitted to one at the top - the Isis. In this place it was possible to neutralize this artefact, by uniting together the main five, Izis and two artefacts of Darkness and Light - the twins Dagger Xian and twins Scion. After the procedure is complete, Twin Izis ceases to operate, ceases to predominate over the other artefacts, which are reunited, formed harmony in the temple. As no longer superfluous force of darkness, Sofia has returned to her former condition. So Lara has to make a permanent job destroying her, when they meet at the Altar Isis, so came her third attempt to do it. Sofia and her empire defeated. Lārā took away the artefact - twin Izis at once after the fight. After leaving the place where the entrance to the temple was, Lārā noticed, that the wall suddenly covered it as the temple were no longer there. The twins of artefacts now in full safety. The artefacts stolen from Lāra have been destroyed, when their new owners died - Scion, Eye Isis - along with scepter. Sofia and Natla now disappeared. Other stolen artefacts have been found after searching of these places by the FSB, and returned into the Trophy room of private residence Croft.
For completing all this, monetary reward of rather great sum was paid for the help. All operation passed as top secret, the incident is referred to Lara Croft Returns.