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BtB2010 - The Black Lodge


release date: 01-Jan-2010
difficulty: challenging
duration: medium

average rating: 9.48
review count: 42
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file size: 58.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Venice
Hall of Fame

author profile(s):

Note: Level download updated on March 6, 2010 to avoid a possible stuck-for-good moment in the clockhouse area with the 2nd spirit. Now it is possible to continue the game after completing the tasks that were supposed to kill the spirit, even if the spirit managed to survive.

The Black Lodge is a place where dark spirits dwell. It exists alongside the world we live in, but only rarely can a mortal actually enter it to learn about its secrets. And those who try, lose their mind in the process. After their success of corrupting people in other towns like, for example, Twin Peaks, a couple of the spirits picked a new target for their mischievous plans and Venice got to be the unlucky one.

Unfortunately for them, Lara happened to be in town for the Back to Basics 2010 competition and decided that a portal to this scary place mustn't open under her watch! The only way to stop this, however, is to enter the Lodge itself, retrieve the key to lock it and throw the key away! But Lara must beware! Once she's in the Lodge, she has to play by the rules of the spirits...