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BtB2010 - The Rose, the Witch and the Godfather


release date: 01-Jan-2010
difficulty: challenging
duration: medium

average rating: 9.16
review count: 38
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file size: 43.45 MB
file type: TR4
class: Venice
Hall of Fame

author profile(s):

Mafia Godfather, Salvatore Luccio had been one of the most feared men in Italy. Those foolhardy enough to cross him had met a swift and brutal end at the hands of his henchmen. But now old and riddled with disease, Luccio lay on his deathbed in his hometown of Venice. Close to death he was suddenly visited by an apparition of an evil witch who offered to give him eternal life if he could give her the Fliorenti Rose.

The Fliorenti Rose was a beautiful ornamental flower kept in the garden of a Venetian priest. The legend was that it was a key to a portal to the underworld. Several centuries before, the witch had removed the key from its holder and soon after a terrible storm hit the city. As the storm raged the witch's servants, ghostly demons, were released from the underworld and brought terror and death to the city's inhabitants. Many of the Venetians fled but a group of brave men remained and fought the witch, took back the Rose and returned it to its receptacle. Immediately the witch's servants were drawn back into the underworld. Without her servants the witch had little power and she returned to her lair beneath Venice and the city became normal again.

Forward to the present day and workmen renovating a library in the city opened up a long-forgotten passageway leading down into the depths of the earth - and the witch's lair. Disturbed from her sleep the witch visited Salvatore Luccio and offered him immortality in return for the Fliorenti Rose. Luccio agreed and sent his henchmen to steal the Rose. The witch then cast a spell on Luccio, making him immortal but in doing so removed his heart. She told him if his heart was ever returned to him he would become mortal again and die. Luccio ordered his men to guard the heart and fled to the witch's lair from where he continued to run his Mafia empire. In the city above, the witch's servants once again took over the houses and streets, causing the Venetians to abandon their homes. Only Luccio's henchmen remained to guard his heart. Is there anyone who can find the heart, return it to its owner and destroy both the witch and the Godfather?