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BtB2010 - The Night before Carnival


release date: 01-Jan-2010
difficulty: medium
duration: medium

average rating: 8.63
review count: 36
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file size: 48.16 MB
file type: TR4
class: Venice

author profile(s):

After her adventure with The Dagger of Xian, Lara Croft collected a lot of documents and informations about many precious properties gathered by Bartolli family over the years. She discovers, that in one of the Bartoli’s estates in Venice, another powerful artifact has been hidden. According to the legend, the mysterious Carneval Mask is capable of cursing anyone who dares to use it.

Unfortunately, accces to this antique manor is strictly forbidden, so Lara must find another way to get inside, under the night’s cover. Shortly after Lara’s arrival, one day before the Venice Carnival, someone barricades the door and makes her imprisoned inside of the hotel room…