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Dark City - Part 1


release date: 29-Aug-2010
difficulty: medium
duration: long

average rating: 9.66
review count: 28
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file size: 156.25 MB
file type: TR4
class: City
Hall of Fame

author profile(s):

In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth (spiritual realm, what we today call Heaven, and material realm, which includes not only planet Earth, but the entire Universe, the world in which we live today). Next he created the angels, beings that walked the spiritual realm. Four of them were Archangels, high ranking angels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Lucifer.

Although favored by God, Lucifer grew more and more jealous of God, and his powers, and finally rebelled against him, so he rallied half of the angels. The war in Heavens began. Angels loyal to God and lead by Michael, eventually prevailed. God created second spiritual realm - Hell, and decided to banish Lucifer and angels loyal to him there. In order to prevent their return, God positioned material realm between Heaven and Hell, so that Lucifer would have to conquer material realm before he could wage war with Heaven.

Not to make the same mistake as with the angels, God created men on one of the planets in the material realm - Earth. God gave men a body and a soul, so he can live his life in order to show his loyalty to God. After the death of the human body, immaculate souls would join him in Heaven, and sinners would be send to Lucifer in Hell.

Eventually, Lucifer found a portal in Hell, which led to Earth. He rushed through with his army of fallen angels, and started his conquest of material realm. Possessing the bodies of men, and forcefully dragged their souls to Hell. Finally, Michael's army prevailed and returned the fallen angels back to Hell.

However, Lucifers time spent on Earth left, as a consequence, the appearance of human sins. In order to prevent Lucifers return to Earth the portal was closed with Devine gates, and at that location a Devine monastery was erected. Gates were locked, and the Devine key in the form of snake-eye was taken to the end of the world. In case that Lucifers followers, seduced by one of the sins, find the key and unlocked the gates, a second key was made and hidden somewhere else so that the armies of Heaven cold use that key to reseal the gates.

1889. AD
Famous archeologist Van Dien, while reading various Hebrew, Christian and Islamic books, managed to discover the location of both Devine keys as well as the location of the monastery where the portal is located.

Not yet knowing what lies on the other side of the portal and carrying the keys he travels to the Lada Town, where portal was located. There he found ancient scrolls which revealed him the terrifying truth but fell ill to the Great plague that was decimating the town populous. Realizing that it is only a matter of time before he dies Van Dien hid one of the keys in the vicinity of the town, and was meaning to hid the other one far away. But he succumbed to the plague, and the other key was buried with him in his tomb in the Lada Town.

Laras friend archeologist Srki Pajser, through his research, managed to find location of the Devine monastery and first Devine key, but he could not find the second key still buried in the tomb of Van Dien. Srki Pajser knew about the legend of the portal, but being a nonbeliever and blinded by one of the greatest sins that Lucifer bestow on men during his stay on Earth - greed, he hoped that he would find one of the greatest treasures of the world on the other side of Devine gates. As the Devine monastery is located deep beneath the surface of the Lada Town, Srki Pajser made a deal with a famous international company SIMKE inc., led by infamous doctor Lima, to finance the excavation of the monastery.

As Srki Pajser regularly updated his Facebook profile with latest information surrounding the dig, Lara was aware of the progress, and she was invited to witness the opening of the gates via video conference.

As the gates opened, video signal was lost, so Lara could only hear screams, and among the screams she could recognized the voice of her dear friend: We were wrong! We must seal the gates! They took the key!

Then the video feed returned for a moment, and Lara could see the terrified face of Srki Pajser saying: Lara, you must seal the gate... there is a second key in the tomb of Van Dien! I am not going to make it!

A great shadow suddenly enveloped Srki Pajser and a signal was completely lost... While Lara travels to the town of Lada Town with train, cursed souls and fallen angels are rushing through the portal possessing every living thing in the town, and while they progressing, darkness envelops the city and its surroundings. Lara has little time to prevent the fallen angels to reach the next town and later conquer the whole world!