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Egypt Artefact


release date: 04-Nov-2010
difficulty: easy
duration: short

average rating: 8.52
review count: 35
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file size: 36.10 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

It is a regular day for Lara, she does some workout in her gym while all of a sudden Allistar runs into her gym and calls for Lara. He asks her to follow him and they enter the Manor Library. Allistar spotted some secret co÷rdinates her father had written as notes in some of his logbooks. It refers to a location in Egypt and through sattelite they try to find a place Lara could enter the main entrance of this secret temple.

Her fathers note doesnt really tells about the artefact laying in this deserted tomb. But all it says this artefact is used as map and originally was made by the greek gods.

A few days later lara arrives in Egypt and her adventure starts falling through a hole in the Egyptian Deserts...