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release date: 03-Oct-2011
difficulty: very challenging
duration: long

average rating: 8.86
review count: 16
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file size: 62.82 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Lara got persuaded to empty some glasses of wine with Jock Stewart, a snotty nouveau-riche in a pub somewhere in Ireland. At first it seemed to be an enjoyable evening and Stewart, despite his sense of humour being morbid, was a personable host. As the conversation progressed he turned out to be an amateur of big game-hunting all over the world but it was clearly recognizable that he is especially attracted to things of a more extreme kind. After some more time passed and more glasses got emptied he started to boast of his Minicube, a structure that was built for him way back. You are a Relic Hunter, Mrs. Croft, I am chasing living animals, however what I find really intriguing is not just the act of hunting. It is the death. And since there is no bigger pain than the pain you get to experience yourself, I am looking for people who are useless, derelict...people who are not missed. After taking a hit he continues: Scrutinising sorrow and misery requires close monitoring and meticulous prearrangement. The minicube answers this purpose. Time to go now, Lara thinks while he keeps spinning a yarn. My minicube is a structure that consists of 27 smaller cubes. It is a 3*3*3-cube the segments of which are connected to each other by small corridors. They are riddled with various traps and everything is under video surveillance. Lara laughs at him and empties her glass: You are a voyeur, Jock? Are you really implying, that you are caging human beings and chase them through a maze full of traps? Stewart settles back and looks at Lara penetratingly: Thats right, Mrs. Croft and your presence allows for a particular experiment, indeed a challenge...A challenge both for the Minicube and for you. Another glass of wine, Mrs. Croft? Lara heard enough and rises from her chair to leave the pub. Hardly on her feet, she became giddy and fainted...