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The Training - Episode Zero


Dnf Productions
release date: 22-Mar-2013

average rating: 9.56
review count: 12
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file size: 443.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc
Hall of Fame

author profile(s):

Lara Croft went on a special journey with her father 5 years before her training, she had no experience in Tomb Raiding. Lord Richard Croft (Laras father) decided to go on an unexpected journey to find a special artifact, he then decided to bring his daughter with him. But something went wrong, in the jungle Lara lost the trace of her father, she ran as fast as she could to find him, but ever since, she never found her father. She went to the English Government where they recruited people like Lord Richard Croft. She wanted to follow and especially honor her father. The Government had a mission for Lara, but they knew that she had no experience in Tomb Raiding. So they decided to send Lara on a training, just to make sure that she will be ready for her mission in Saudi Arabia. Her training will be cut in 5 modes, first she will have to survive what ever happenes, second she will learn how to find artifacts, third she will learn how to kill with no pain, fourth she will have to use her skills for different obstacles and finally the fifth mode she will have to get along with partners when she cannot work alone. If she succeeds her training she will automatically go to Saudi Arabia to get the first Artifact which has a key inside. She needs two keys to unlock the past to distroy the Ultimate Power, and she has to make it fast because an evil mercenary also wants this Ultimate Power. This power is a ball of energy that brings old people to youth, it is an ancient spirit created by the Egyptians to protect their famillies. This evil guy is Victor Powell, he wants to control the entire world by killing every eak humans on his way. He wants to build an army of mutants so that Mr.Powell can work without being stopped by the government. Nothing will stop Victor and no one will control every country of the world ...except Victor Powell.