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BtB2014 - Marahatanahaduhashitva


DJ Full
release date: 02-Aug-2014

average rating: 8.81
review count: 22
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file size: 88.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cambodia

author profile(s):

Note: May 2020 - Author working on a revised version. Suggested not to Play the level at this time and hence download suspended

When Kambu married Mera, her father dried his ocean homeland and formed water tanks for amphibious nagas to share the kingdom with dry-land humans. An arrow Kambu had enchanted Mera with became a holy relic, firmly guarded as a reason of new countrys foundation.

But someone stole the Arrow, took the throne and, fearing to lose power the same way, tried to mince the artifact. But as tough as divine items are, it was hidden instead, guarded even harder, location note burnt. People dag everywhere in search for it, marking each checked place with a temple. They found nothing.

Now Lara wants to find Winston a girlfriend. He is a devoted single, so only the Arrow can do. Acquired scraps of its location note reveal the oldest human trace in Cambodia - the cave of Laang Spean might be a Naga tank. More than memories may live down there... Lara sets off.