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BtB2014 - The Devil and the Deep Dark Jungle


release date: 02-Aug-2014

average rating: 8.28
review count: 19
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file size: 91.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cambodia

author profile(s):

It was a nice, sunny day as Lara walked across the garden to her mail-box. In it, there were two magazines, a lot of junk-mail and something unusual: Lara found a letter. But there was no address on the envelope.

A few minutes later, when she was back at home, she opened the letter: who had used this old-fashioned way to get through to her? Even before reading the signature her question had an answer, as she recognized the handwriting: Walter!

They had attended Archaeology classes together at university, and Walter was more than a fellow student to Lara. They were a tight-knit couple. Walter was very fond of Bruce L. Cathie theories about the World energy grid and he hoped to discover scientific evidence about these ley lines. But, after he had graduated, Lara lost contact with him. Walter left his dreams behind, and without giving any explanation to Lara, he enlisted in the armed forces and eventually became an SAS colonel.

But now he was trying to contact her: "I left the army some years ago and I went to Cambodia to find evidence of the world energy grid in Angkor Wat (as you know, Angkor Wat is one of the most important "grid points"), but I discovered something much more thrilling: another temple complex that lies in the mountains north-west of Angkor Wat. There I found a great source of world energy." Then Walter wrote the co-ordinates of the place. "I could not phone or send an e-mail to you, because they might be bugged, so I put this letter in an envelope, I gave it to a trustworthy friend, who put the letter, your address and the instructions in another envelope and gave it all to another trusted friend and so on, until the envelope reached London, where someone put this letter in your mail-box."

"Now Walter is paranoid too!" thought Lara. But the letter went on: "I am living here like a hermit, worshipping Nagas regenerating power. I might become a super-man, maybe a God, but am I ready to pay the price for this? The devil and the deep dark jungle. "The best way to reach the place where I am, is by going up the river. Ask for Benjamin Marlowe. He was working for Air America in the early seventies, then, after the Vietnam War was over, he remained in Cambodia, where he bought a boat and fixed it up. You can trust him: He will take you up the river until it is navigable, then you will have to carry on alone."

What was happening in Cambodia? Surely Walter was going mad. And now he was asking for help before it was too late.