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The Victoria Stone


Uzi Master
release date: 22-Mar-2016
# of downloads: 3850

average rating: 8.03
review count: 10
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file size: 157.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Queen Victoria of England was once said to possess a necklace adorned with a gem, called the Victoria Stone. Rumors swirled about its origin and its purpose. Some say it is a stone of great magical power, others say it is the key to a great technology. Alas, no records of its origins, paintings of its likeness or knowledge of its location survived to this day; and the stone faded to myth and myth to legend.

Most tales of the stone come from an Italian cult who worship it as a holy artifact. Little is known about the religion except they worship a deity know only as the "Madam". They are said to have the ability to summon her, with certain runes and artifacts present. Usually magical trinkets or personal belongings of hers, such as a mask. They, the cultists insist the Victoria stone rightly belonged to their ruler, Madam. They believe it holds magic powers, and was her most prized possession, folklore states that the stone lets them summon her at her maximum power, and in a much easier ritual even when at a sizeable distance from the stone.

Recently a team of archeologists believed they found a chamber hidden under a residential complex in England, belonging to none other than Queen Victoria herself. A tomb of sorts, some would say. Soon after though, a sect of the Italian cult arrived on the scene, and slaughtered the archeologists and residents alike whilst looking for the stone. The massacre mortified the country, the British government quickly dispatched the SAS to handle the problem. They were no match however for the female assassins and where quickly cut down.

At a loss, they hired an American Military Contractor to deal with the situation. That contractor was none other than Von Croy Industries. The British Government was completely un-aware of the stones discovery, Von Croy however was more well informed. Whether the stone was a key to unlock some mythical machinery, magic artifact of great power or just a priceless piece of jewelry Von Croy was enticed by it, and would go to any means to obtain it, whatever its nature. Werner had the entire area put under military quarantine and led the government to believe the threat was much greater than it appeared. Von Croy easily had the military might to squash the cult quickly and efficiently, but instead only incited a few small skirmishes to distract the Government.

With the quarantine preventing any interference and the skirmishes preventing the arousal of peoples suspicion Werner Von Croy prepared to harvest the stone. He even brought in the crown jewel of his aircraft fleet; a flying fortress supposedly outfitted with a powerful laser capable of tearing a hole fifty feet into the ground. What Von Croy did not count on however, was our Miss Lara Crofts inability to sit still with a shiny obj... priceless artifact up for grabs. Lara quickly chartered a helicopter into the quarantined zone. As we all know Lara was never quite fond of helicopter pilots and failed to mention the resistance that would be encountered on this venture. Thus when one of the combatants shot a rocket towards them Miss Croft swiftly grabbed the only parachute and lept from the aircraft, leaving the pilot to his fate and starting her search for the Victoria Stone in the bloodied street.