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BtB2016 - The Temple of the Venerables


release date: 15-Apr-2017

average rating: 7.71
review count: 20
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file size: 91.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: Persia

author profile(s):

A very ancient and little-known legend tells about the Venerables.
They were ancient beings whose origins go back to time immemorable. They fought the evil Shraas, also named "The Destroyers Of Worlds", they defeated them and they banished them far away, beyond the stars. So the world became a place where the mankind could live.
After this the Venerables disappeared or fell asleep, but in the place where they are sleeping, a temple was built.
Many centuries later men began to worship new gods, they forgot the Venerables and above their temple was built a ziggurrat.
According some other legends this ziggurrat was the White Temple of Uruk. Under there many ancient artifact with mysterious powers are kept.
Now the war and the political instability of Middle East, which promote the traffic of artworks and archeological finds, could jeopardize these artifacts and they could turn up in wrong hands, so Lara comes to the decision to find and explore the Temple of the Venerables.
But someone else is looking for one powerful Venerables artifact.