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Search for the Golden Elephant - Part 3 (Demo)


release date: 16-Feb-2020
difficulty: medium
duration: short

average rating: 9.32
review count: 15
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file size: 295.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc
Hall of Fame

author profile(s):

In Search for the Golden Elephant Part 1 & 2 Lara went to Russia after reception of a letter from her father, he explained about an artifact. The location of the artefact is unknown but her father knew the location of a map that should lead to it. Lara packed up, and arrived in some ruins, after few minutes of exploration, she found out that an old village was hidden under the ruins. She explored it, and found the map. She also found an exit, but she got ambushed... and got shot.

In Search for the Golden Elephant part 3 Lara will have to escape the base where she is detained, and recover the map, and then find out where she will have to travel next.

Prepare yourself for a full adventure, with interconnected levels, made to be like a real videogame, Search for the Golden elephant part 3 will give you platform, sneaking, timeruns, fights, puzzles and of course Exploration ...