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The Sunken City - Prologue


release date: 30-Jul-2021
difficulty: medium
duration: short

average rating: 7.63
review count: 13
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file size: 123.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

The fabled Byzantine city of Theodoropolis; no one know its precise location, or even if it really existed at all. Its story is tied to the legend of Effendi Bekir; the Great General; who conquered the city with an army of 200.

Bekir was an honorable and pious, albeit inexperienced, soldier fighting for the conquest of Eastern Thrace in the 14th century. During the siege of Theodoropolis his regiment was slaughtered by the Byzantine army. The survivors, some 200 men, retreated and sought shelter in a nearby cave system. Exhausted, wounded and low on provisions; they awaited death. One night however, Bekir prayed to Allah for guidance and the very next morning they returned renewed and conquered the city. He was then greatly awarded by the Sultan for his faith and military prowess.

These noble and heroic conquerors are a commom theme for legends in different cultures.

The curious thing is, there's another version of this tale; allegedly tracing back to the Greek that manage to flee the Ottoman invasion. In this story, the Theodoropolis residents were faithful Christians, and seeing that the city's fall was near, they prayed to God for protection and he, in return, sent down a heavy thunderstorm that slowed the enemy's army long enough for the whole city to be evacuated, taking with them holy relics and artworks of patron saints.

Both stories are false of course, however I feel the truth about this city is out there, buried underneath centuries of history.

The Turkish cell of the Cabal has been really active these past few weeks, and I think they have a clue on the location of the ruins, wherever this may be. They are sending out a cargo train today by midnight, and I bet it'll send me straight where I need to go.