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release date: 24-Sep-2021
difficulty: challenging
duration: long

average rating: 9.55
review count: 10
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file size: 416.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Ship
Hall of Fame

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Note: Package updated with Easy/Hard option on Sep 30, 2021

As the second World War wages on, the Allies start getting the upper hand that will eventually lead to the end of the Axis Forces. Hitler, seeing his empire in shambles, becomes desperate and creates a special task force focused on uncovering obscure artifacts that could turn the fight around and overturn the Worlds history as we know it.
After perilous and countless hours of research the Nazi investigators are able to locate the resting place of The Spear of Destiny. This ancient weapon gave the wielder the ability to win any battle. With its mysterious powers the artifact acts as a banner, under which his allies become Godly lucky, being hardly hit and hitting unnaturally lucky shots.
Upon hearing this Hitler becomes obsessed with finding this weapon that would bring about the very destruction he yearns for, as well as the victory he believes to deserve. This obsession, however, comes at a cost, as having such resources allocated at a seemlessly inconspicuous place is sure to raise the attention of the ears of the interested, and as such, it does not take long until Stalin's spies find of this artifact and Hitler's interest in it. Stalin, not wanting to be subdued by such a powerful enemy sends a Russian submarine to assault the German vessels and obtain the relic themselves.
It just so happens that Lara Croft has powerful friends in Russia, that, upon some persuasion, tell her of the powerful relic, and the mighty armies set to find it and obtain its holy power. Upon hearing of this Lara decides then and there to stop both armies and prevent the world from the doom that would surely come of it, so, she sneaks her way into the Russian submarine and the salvaging operation begins!

NOTE: This TRLE has 2 different gamemodes. There is an Easy gamemode with normal saving and more pickups. And there is the original version which is Hard, with crystal-like save game method (to save the game, you must find the Blue or Golden Disks) and less pickups.