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25 years Classic Engine Competition - Caves of Atlantis


release date: 25-Oct-2021
difficulty: challenging
duration: medium

average rating: 5.48
review count: 10
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file size: 204.00 MB
file type: TR2
class: Atlantis

author profile(s):

Lara Croft was on her typical archaeological expedition. This time she decided to travel into Caves of Henriques located on the Azores. One night Lara left all her equipment on basecamp and decided to go to the depth of the caves where she discovered a painting of Ydor. She was studying the mythological painting, the only clue leading to the location of Atlantis.

Everything was alright, until the moment that changed everything. Lara was on her way back to the tent, where she left all the gear, but unfortunately triggered a mechanism that activated deadly machinery inside this cave. The floor was disappearing under her feet, the level of lava was rising, poisonous spikes and deadly blades were emerging from the walls, and the ceiling level was decreasing.

She was able to escape certain death and get into safety. At least she thought that she was safe. The gigantic boulder that was large as the whole tunnel was rolling behind her. She ran as fast as she could. Then, all of a sudden, everything stopped. She was safe. She entered basecamp, but this was not her base. Fiamma Nera, a mafia organization, was here as well. This place was their basecamp, fortunately, abandoned, but Lara left all gear in the tent.

From the notes she was able to find out inside the basecamp of Fiamma Nera, she understood that their mission is not to find Atlantis but get to the wreck of the Magnificent Seven, where rests legendary artefact, the Trident of Skies. Lara realized that there could be some guns and gear she could use for her protection. She must find the wreck first; afterwards, she can look inside the caves.

Hint: For being able to proceed further, there is a hint for each door and also for their ideal sequence. Observe your environment. For any case, there is included PDF manual, so if you get stuck, just follow the text.