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Create a Classic 2021 - Mystery of the Sunken Ship


release date: 21-Nov-2021
difficulty: challenging
duration: medium

average rating: 8.55
review count: 16
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file size: 175.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Ship

author profile(s):

Note: Nov 25, 2021 - Fixed game breaking issue; old savegames are compatible.

In 1976 a luxury ship has mysteriously exploded in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The reason for explosion was never known. There were assumptions that the explosion was caused by an artifact which was owned by an archaeologist who took it from the Andes. It is not clear which artifact it could be but it is said that it could be an Incan Quetzolec stone which had great power of manipulating of physics. Lara, intrigued by that decides to investigate if the assumptions are true. She travels to the middle of Atlantic Ocean and dives into its depths to find a sunken ship. She'll soon discover that she was not the only one to explore the ship this night...

NOTE: For collecting all 6 secrets the bonus level is going to get unlocked.