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Genesis Project 2


release date: 16-Feb-2022
# of downloads: 2227
difficulty: medium
duration: medium

average rating: 8.00
review count: 9
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file size: 259.00 MB
file type: TR3
class: Base/Lab

author profile(s):

Lara has discovered that VCI have acquired the plans for the Genesis Units, deadly android soldiers first developed in 2005. They have upgraded the design and are currently testing their effectiveness at VCI headquarters. Lara needs to infiltrate VCI headquarters, neutralise the Genesis Units and obtain a Genesis AI module as proof to pass onto the authorities.

In my 2005 custom level "Genesis Project", Lara travelled to a secret base to gain information proving that a radical military faction were building Genesis Units, a deadly android soldier. This level is based on the same concept, but built in TR3 rather than TR4. Over the last few years I have also built several (unreleased) TR3 concept test levels experimenting with various ideas and some of these have been incorporated into this level.

There are 6 secrets to find.