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release date: 14-Mar-2022
difficulty: very challenging
duration: very long

average rating: 8.11
review count: 7
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file size: 106.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

*WARNING: MAP ONLY FOR EXPERTS* This level is a test to measure the skill level of the players out there, more info is provided in the readme.

Note: VERSION 3.0, updated Dec 23, 2022
- Removed crossbow and grenade launcher
- Balanced the difficulty, made some areas harder and some other easier - Made alternative endings more accessible - Fixed skips

Story: Three times Lara dreamed about an amazing city, and three times, she was snatched away while she was still entering through the gates of its palace. She prayed long to the hidden Gods of dream that brought anger above the clouds on unknown Kadath but nothing seemed to happen. She put hands into matter to find a way to get to the Dream-Lands. Her research lead her to find out about the "Silver Key" existence but... how could she find it? Lara searched a lot about it and discovered that there was a certain relation between the Silver Key and the lost civilization of Lemuria. Her research led to find out the Silver Key works in a very similar way to a system known as the "Decimal Numogram": "In the 1920s, the anthropologist Echidna Stillwell worked with the N'ma peoples of the island of Java. The complex cosmovisions of the three great N'ma tribes – Mu, Tak and Dibb – were determined by numerical relationships contained in the so-called decimal numogram... The investigations of the so-called Cthulhu Club and the CCRU during the rest of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st discovered that the numogram not only maps the N'ma culture, but also points to a hyperstitional matrix (Hyperstition: Fiction that makes itself real, self-fulfilling prophecies. Superstitions are a false belief while Hyperstition function to bring themselves into reality) that goes back to the continent of Lemuria in the Cretaceous period. The antiquity of the Lemurian numogram suggests that the decimal number system has been an active construct even before humanity."

Previous researches: "The first name of the libertarian pirate Captain Mission, or Mission, is lost to history. All that we know of Mission comes from the book A General History of the Most Notorious Pirates, published in London in 1724 and written by one Captain Charles Johnson (although one historian attributes this to Defoe). The memoirs of Mission, handwritten in French, were saved by a member of the crew who survived Mission's last ship; and after passing through several hands they were translated by Johnson and included in his book. On a cruise off southern Madagascar, Captain Tew and some English sailors he had recruited were marooned when they drank rum punch too late on the last night as the tide rose and carried the noble Victoire out to sea, where she cracked up on the rocks. The crew was lost, and Tew pitched a makeshift camp where he would wait to be rescued. The word lemur means "ghost" in the native language. There were taboos against killing them, and Mission had imposed an article that prohibited the killing of ghosts, on penalty of expulsion from the settlement if any crime deserved the death penalty, also prohibited under the articles, then this was that crime. We can all guess what happened, just to say, the consequences weren't good."