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Without a Paddle


release date: 12-Jul-2022
difficulty: medium
duration: long

average rating: 9.63
review count: 17
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file size: 168.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt
Hall of Fame

author profile(s):

Lara Croft once again hasn't learnt from her mistakes. Greed and stubbornness leads Lara down a path of danger, destruction and chaos. Not all artifacts should be found, especially taken. Your mission is to right the wrongs, setting things to how they were meant to be, even if that means letting go of the treasure Lara's been searching for. Along the way things may get a little... wet, but it's nothing you haven't handled before.

The Kayak!

Everyone's favourite vehicle has returned! Yes that's right, you've read correctly, the Kayak is back, better than ever! Fight against currents, avoid traps and paddle your way to victory before the day is out to help Lara return what must not be raided.

A Tough Choice!?

However, for those not up to the challenge there is an alternative, longer path you can take to avoid the Kayak altogether! But you may find yourself back with the Kayak if you don't prove yourself worthy against the trials ahead. Perhaps the Kayak would've been easier?

Secret Skulls!

No matter the path you take you'll have the chance to find 12 secret skulls scattered around the level. As well as those, there is also a secret ending that can be found by those true raiders out there.

"Huhuhahahahaha! Crystals!... Of course!"

Fancy even more of a challenge? Everyone's favourite saving system is back! Save the game using Blue Crystals collected through the level! However, there are limited Crystals available so use them wisely. Switch to Crystal Mode before booting up the game to really get that classic Tomb Raider experience.

A true Tomb Raider fan would play on Crystal Mode & choose the Kayak Route. I dare you. ;)