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Arms Race


release date: 01-Oct-2022
difficulty: challenging
duration: medium

average rating: 9.08
review count: 9
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file size: 169.00 MB
file type: TEN
class: Venice

author profile(s):

Important: Please read the readme file before playing this adventure. You will need at least Windows 10 to play, with a decent amount of RAM (recommended 8 GB). If you see a "MSVCP140_AMOTIC_WAIT.dll" missing message, please download from this link

If you haven't yet heard the tale of how Lara got her special pistols that never run out of ammo, that may be because she wasn't exactly using the best judgment during that time.

Many years ago, shortly after Lara had been disavowed by her family, she was struggling to make ends meet, let alone make a name for herself. She had trouble finding leads on her own, and had little to show for the couple of trips she had made across the world. During one such outing, Lara encountered a man using a strange kind of shotgun that could freeze a trap or a creature in its place for a period of time. He spotted Lara and accidently injured her hand. As an apology he invited her to join some sort of thrill-seeking group that he belonged to, with each member given their own unique and powerful weapon. He promised access to a wealth of knowledge, opportunities for many adventures, a division of whatever rewards were found, a place for her to call home, and their newest invention: a pair of pistols that never run out of bullets.

Feeling she didn't have any other doors open for her, Lara reluctantly agreed. The man took her to a strange estate that was embedded among the hills of a remote region in Italy. Indeed, they began to embark on adventures together, but after seeing several red flags - no contact with the outside world, murmurs about strange spiritual rituals and beliefs, constant pressure for tithes - Lara decides she has had enough and puts together an escape plan...