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The Demon's Eye


release date: 29-Dec-2023
difficulty: medium
duration: medium

average rating: 8.50
review count: 1
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file size: 74.80 MB
file type: TR2
class: Cave/Cat

author profile(s):

This game include 2 levels, based on the Temple of Xian from Tomb Raider II.
This is my very first TRLE. The first level contains some of the very first rooms I built.

The collapse of the Xian temple, after the Bartoli ritual, opened access to a set of rooms, unexplored until now, where an ancient artifact was sealed. The rare records that speak of it describe it as a true demon eye, capable of giving life to inanimate objects, statues and paintings. It was once used to create jade warrior statues to guard the shrine where the Dragon Dagger was sealed. But this power has a price: its user gradually lost reason, and its humanity. Having become irrevocably evil, the user of the Eye was in turn sealed, with the artifact, in the heart of the mountain.

A delegation of monks from the Monastery was deployed to ensure that no one could get their hands on the artifact, but none returned from the depths of the Temple. The monastery then understood that the power of the Eye was escaping from the seal, and that it was necessary to act. As a last resort and despite common sense, the monks revealed to Lara - who had just saved the world from the power of the Dragon Dagger - the existence of this artifact.

This is how Lara returned to the heart of the mountains of China.