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BtB2024 - Moonlight Temple


BtB 2024
release date: 01-Jul-2024
difficulty: medium
duration: medium

average rating: 8.92
review count: 3
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file size: 261.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Lara had decided to take a break from adventuring for a while. But then she received a call from Jean-Yves. She was surprised by this call as their last contact had been some time ago. He told her about a golden book containing some holy scriptures in an Egyptian temple. Many people have tried to find it, but we know Lara, she will surely succeed. Finally, Lara was ready for a new adventure. Even if it's Egypt again, and the sand creeps into every crack. But it wouldn't be Lara if she didn't face it all. So Lara sets off for Egypt.

1) Lara cannot move any further after shimmying around a corner. Simply press and release the action button and press it again immediately.
2) Some objects are not reflected in the mirror room. Unfortunately, this cannot be fixed.