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BtB2024 - Challenge of the Highpriest


BtB 2024
release date: 01-Jul-2024
difficulty: challenging
duration: very long

average rating: 9.13
review count: 2
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file size: 562.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

After the exhausting adventure in Peru when Lara ended Dominguez and Trinity, or at least she thought she ended Trinity at Paititi last year, Lara and Jonah decided to pay a casual visit to their old friend Jean-Yves, whom Jonah promised the greatest dinner he ever ate. But by the time they arrived at Alexandria, the nature of their visit to Egypt changed unexpectedly.

Jean-Yves informed Lara that some dubious people were noticed near a village with ruins, with helicopters and heavy-duty trucks two or three days ago. The ruins in the Oasis of the Priests hide the entrance to the Temple of the Highpriest, or so the legend claims. According to the legend, ancient Egyptian priests used to come here to prove their worth and beat the Challenge of the Highpriest, so that they can become spiritual leaders of the pharaohs.

Lara and Jonah arrive two days later at the village with ruins and investigate the matter. As it turns out, the ruins indeed hide many secrets, and Lara must do a lot of things in the correct order and use all her strategic and tactical abilities to beat the bad guys to the punch. She'll have to get to the Treasure Map before they do, and only those who beat the Challenge of the Highpriest can lay their hand upon it...

The ammo is limited in this game, Lara has no dual pistols. So, here's a hint: one poison arrow kills any mortal enemy, but it can take a few seconds or even a minute, for the enemy to die, depending on its stamina.
Another hint: To reduce backtracking, make sure to pick up the Shovel after every use.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please pick up the Mechanical Scarab (Golden Scarab) after every use, even after the third use. This will prevent some bugs/glitches that could mess up various triggers in the game.
NOTE ABOUT LAG (FPS DROP): Depending on your PC, you might experience a lag (FPS drop) at certain places in the game. However, this is only temporary. I made sure that the lag doesn't exist, or that the lag is minimal, in all battles and in all areas with tricky jumps and platforming.