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Tomb Raider Peru


release date: 15-Aug-2003
difficulty: very challenging
duration: long

average rating: 9.09
review count: 25
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file size: 89.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: South America
Hall of Fame

author profile(s):

One day, when she had finished her exercises on the assault course, Lara was reading through some old papers she had taken from Jacqueline Natla's office. She was sorting through them when she found an old Sanskrit document that spoke of three Ankhs of Power. It seems that in addition to the tripartite pendant, the Scion, the three Atlantean rulers each possessed an Ankh of Power, which, when brought together in the central Atlantean Temple with the focusing device, would allow an individual to travel anywhere in history. After the destruction of the continent, each of the three rulers took their Ankhs with them, lest someone bring them back to the Atlantean Temple. However, even together, the Ankhs of Power were useless without the focusing device, which was apparently destroyed when Atlantis slipped beneath the waves. Turning the page, Lara's blood went cold when she read that Natla Technologies was planning to build a new focusing device. Suddenly the door creaked, and Lara leaped up instantly, drawing her pistols and aiming them at the door. Please take it easy, Miss Croft, Winston said. It is only I. And he slowly shuffled across the library toward her as she collected the papers she had dropped to the floor in haste. I've brought the evening paper and your afternoon tea. He poured her a cup as she scanned the paper for anything of interest. And she found a matter of great interest, for on the front page of the Business Section, the paper quoted Jacqueline Natla saying that Natla Technologies was on the verge of a monumental scientific breakthrough that would make the computer revolution look like Stone Age technology by comparison. Will there be anything else, Miss Croft? Winston asked. Yes, Winston, she replied, lowering the paper into her lap and looking sharply at her butler. Pack your cold weather gear. We're going back to Peru.