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The Lost Realm of the Pharaos/The Hidden Tomb by tombrdr

Bene 7 8 8 9
Duncan 9 9 10 10
eRIC 8 8 9 8
Gerty 8 9 9 10
Jay 8 8 9 10
JesseG 7 9 9 8
Jose 6 7 8 9
Kristina 9 9 9 9
MichaelP 8 8 9 9
Minox 7 8 8 8
Obig 9 9 9 9
Phil 10 10 10 10
RaiderGirl 9 10 10 10
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Sash 8 8 10 8
Torry 9 9 10 10
Treeble 7 7 8 8
release date: 22-Sep-2003
# of downloads: 111

average rating: 8.69
review count: 17
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file size: 40.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is one of the instances where less would be more. The first part of this double feature had me quite entertained, actually, and I loved the visuals throughout, I'm not entirely sure how customized the textures actually are but it felt fresh enough. The initial areas are also notably inspired by the title screen flyby which caused a funny effect when coupled with the proper music as well. The second level wasn't quite as inspired while also being much more confusing in design, perhaps intentionally so. Gameplay throughout both levels gets somewhat repetitive as most of what you do here boils down to finding objects to shatter, either bones or vases, sometimes cleverly hidden and sometimes in plain sight, but the worst offender in my opinion was the amount of enemies thrown your way. Way too many demigods, and while these hardly ever pose a challenge, most times here you can't run up to them and crawl at their feet for safe kills. There was a couple of them perched atop high columns which required a precise rope swing which also drove my head in, I think some of the statues below them were blocking most of my shots due to how collision in this engine works, but never mind that. The bull sequence also felt slightly unfair as some of the bullseye switches were placed in tight corridors, by default it's hard to dodge him without taking damage, and in this setup it was just downright impossible. There are plenty of medipacks to retrieve along the way, but I was always running low (and even ran out, twice, of small medipacks, when the wraiths came into play later on). All in all, like I said, the first hour of this game had be quite engaged, from that point forward my interest was waning fast. 150 minutes, 10 secrets. 05/22" - Treeble (01-May-2022)
"This level has a great first impression – a beautifully ornamented, multi-story dome area for Lara to jump through and explore some adjacent rooms with various traps and enemies. The only issues there are an unmarked death tile, and that it's not immediately clear what shooting the various sets of vases does – rollingball camera triggers would have helped. Unfortunately, after Lara exits the starting area the quality takes a hit. Wallpapered corridors and caves, a maze (which has a map, but one that is hard to use), a bull with switches in tight spaces so Lara has to let herself be injured, and large amounts of backtracking. I didn't see it, but apparently the maze holds the entrance to the second level, but oddly enough that seems to be optional. 1 hour 21 minutes." - JesseG (09-Jul-2021)
"Another high-quality enjoyable game from an ever dependable builder. Debbie just knows how to create good looking levels and this is a quantum leap from her earlier efforts. You may recognise the initial main area in the Lost Realm level (the Times level) just given a new coat of paint, but it branches off into new territory very soon. Be on the lookout for vases to shoot and switches to pull as these are the regular means of progression. No real complaints apart from that earthquake in the final escape and the slightly overdone backtracking. Well done though, Debbie." - Ryan (30-Jun-2017)
"Correct Level. But too often use vases to break for advance. Personally I ran out of ammunition because I wanted to kill the gods with the gun and I had more ammunition to break the vases in the pool. I had to take just crossbow with 10 arrows. That said the game is very long with lots of things to do to get to the end." - Minox (31-Jan-2014)
"In the line from this author, the game offers a good architecture, a good look with colourful and well applied textures, nice environments and enough action with a lot of tasks. Personally I didn't like this one, 'cause the repetitive tasks and the backtracking. Example: in first level if you miss the small room with the sight and the switch you're force to explore huge areas to continue playing. And so... I've noticed an abuse of breaking vases and objects a lot of times, even with the bull I had to expose Lara too many times in front of the eyes-buttons; also there are too many switches to pull and few puzzles in a game where you're always thinking about doing the same tasks all the time and looking for items to shoot. There are enough weapons and ammo, but there's not an equilibrium with the enemies 'cause most of them are often hard (demigods) and you're forced to use powerful weapons all the time. Even the walkthrough is not very detailed, saying that you must find this or that or look for this or that in big areas, leaving all the work of exploration in the players' hands. A kind of game where, after an hour, you're wishing to finish as soon as you can." - Jose (18-Apr-2012)
"A rather long double feature where the player gets a lot or raiding for his money. It is surely entertaining although there is some repetitions in the puzzles and in the progression. For example, at one point you have to pull a switch , enter the next room , kill a demigod, you get this audio track telling you have achieved something , and you do this sequence again with the only difference being the audio track played in the next room being different although almost the same. I thought there were too many enemies in the level by the way, although some are extremely well used like the bull. As far as the looks go, there are some very interesting new textures , but others look too much yellow or pastel to be believable. This game will get you busy for quite some time and has some excellent parts. I think the best moment was at the end with the great escape and the rocks falling down." - eRIC (02-Jun-2008)
"The author made me love Egyptian TR when I am quite tired of it. Superb visual design good game play and some thoughtful bits make this a winner. I loved the part with trapping the bull. The light show with the harmless wraiths should get some kind of award. A real winner." - Duncan (01-Jun-2004)
"What struck me most about this complex and time-consuming two-part adventure was its stunning visual beauty. Some reviewers have complained about its derivation from a commercial level; but even if that's true it didn't bother me in the slightest. This is simply a marvelous thing to experience if only for the sightseeing. The gameplay here is much more taxing than in Debbie's previous levels but at no point was I ever tempted to give up in despair. The enemies are also generously sprinkled rather evenly throughout including a boss stationed in one of the rare dark areas you'll encounter. That's another reason I enjoy Debbie's levels: there's almost always plenty of light (all the better to enjoy the scenic environs). I'm aware of Michael's admonition that we reviewers should not throw around high ratings as if they were confetti but I tend because of time constraints to play only those levels that others have found most enjoyable. For this reason I'm rarely disappointed and I also believe in giving credit where credit is due. If the standard is the commercial levels produced by Eidos then this offering deserves to stand shoulder to shoulder with them. Bravo and I hope that more levels like this will soon be forthcoming." - Phil (26-Jan-2004)
"I've always loved Debbie's levels and have watched her improve with each new release. I don't see how she could ever top this double level though as it's perfect in just about every way. Both levels seem huge with lots of rooms to explore and the thing I'll remember most is how beautiful these rooms are. The whole thing seems to be a huge Egyptian temple complex built underground or buried with the passage of time with gorgeous new textures and paintings statues pools and fountains with clear blue water rich colors everywhere grand furniture - and great lighting so you can see all these details. It took me hours to get through all the areas opening doors finding puzzle pieces shooting vases etc but I never got bored or frustrated from difficult puzzles or traps (the bull was pretty tough though). Enemies are used well here and consist mostly of mummies and dogs but also include some dangerous guards giant scorpions and even Seth himself. You'll find plenty of pickups though and of course will have the pleasure of finding all of the many secrets. Debbie I am in awe of your talents and appreciate all your hard work to give us these gorgeous levels!" - RaiderGirl (12-Oct-2003)
"I always load one of Deb's levels with expectations of a fun raid but this mammoth two level set was exceptional. They will take you around four hours to complete and you will not be bored for one of those enjoyable minutes. Deb has left her vast vistas of previous levels for a more confined indoor setting and had done it very well indeed. From a deceptive start ala the title screen of Tomb Raider 4 you are whisked off into a world full of smashable objects that trigger doors grates trapdoors and what not so be sure to shoot EVERYTHING. The palace is infested with demigods and even Horus makes an appearance later in the second level. There are a few bulls to tame and this was a first for me getting those bulls to do as they were told within very confined spaces. Had to get the timing just right on these. This set of levels morphs between the two and may get confusing at times but trust your instincts as you will return to the first level very briefly to complete your sojourn and pick up that blasted vraeus thingamabob. I unfortunately had sound issues in level two but I get these from time to time but I continued on regardless the level had grabbed me so. Towards the end of level two you set off an earthquake which devastates the peaceful temple setting and rocks are raining down upon your head everywhere. Take care in the long underwater tunnel. There is only one way to avoid the falling debris hightail it back the way you came until the avalanche has subsided. One question Deb. In the cavern with the giant scorpions there was a place to put a knot or some such which I never ever did find. Where was it mate? Overall a great raid and Deb just gets better and better." - Torry (02-Oct-2003)
"For the life of me I don't know how Debbie manages to build such quality levels so quickly. She's spoiling us with a two parter this time and it's well up to her usual high standards. As always her use of textures and lighting is exquisite and adds enormously to the enjoyment of the game. Plenty of running around lots and lots of pots to shoot to raise/lower blocks various artefacts to find. Enemies are dogs beetles (aaaaargh) mummies skeletons giant scorpions legions of demigods that ghastly bull and just for good measure Seth. Quite exciting really. Luckily pickups are generously provided as usual. Basically another jolly good raid from a consistently entertaining level builder. 29.09.2003" - Jay (01-Oct-2003)
"It was a very good adventure playing with this 2 levels. I love the levels of Debbie Overstreet. I was get stuck at some places especially in the beginning when I didn't find the Laser Sight. I didn't notice that you can climb out of the water up through the closed platform. And I missed the Left Greave on the 2nd level so I had to return for it although you can complete the level without this object. The story takes place in Egypt the textures are various and very nice. The enemies are demigods skeletons a few wraiths Seth 2 indestructible bulls mummies and the scarabs. You have to shot vases swinging spheres and small piles of bones in a certain order. You will collect 2 Black Beetles 5 pieces of armour the Amulet of Horus Portal Guardians and a Pharos Knot. There are enough weapons: Shotgun Revolver Grenade Gun Crossbow and the Laser Sight. There are no too difficult puzzles but sometimes you have to be hurry. :-) I found a bug on the 1st level: if you kill the 1st demigod before getting the Laser Sight and pull the lever the block doesn't rise. Although I played with the 1st version so this might have been fixed. Unfortunately my savegames don't fit to the fixed version so I couldn't try it. The added sounds are great. I recommend it all of you don't miss this level." - Obig (27-Sep-2003)
"After a shaky start as Debbie pulled her level from being reviewed for a couple of days as the jumping from level to level didn't work I downloaded it right away again and didn't mind a bit to start all over. One thing I have to say up front I still don't like a ready walkthrough. It does add a certain something to play a level together with some people and when stuck ask for help even if author is the person self to answer them. I had great fun and the only thing that bugged the life out off me was that earthquake that wouldn't let up and it makes me queasy to say the least. One thing that stands out are the textures that are used I think it is very well done. I just love the way the colour of the sand is and a trademark is also the underwater wraiths. There is a tad too much shooting of vases but on the other hand it is different of pulling only levers so there you go. There is a lot to do and exploring is one of them finding all kinds of artifact and weapons with the revolver and sight (luckily the revolver bug is still working so you can save your ammo for more important things) as there is some seriously shooting of vases and dangling balls. The bull not my favorite enemy scared the living hell out of me while Lara was standing on a block to line up for a jump he joined her there. LOL. Also the bull disappearing into another block (the one that covers a tile as of course I didn't do things in the right order) was a hoot. I have to say that this level is apart from eye candy also great to play and there is a multitude of enemies to slay. The best were all the skeletons near the end I just had to reload and run past them en blast them all away with just one grenade. I took me more than 4 hours to play this and most of the time I spend here was wondering around and looking in every corner. This is the best so far so keep on building Debbie. 23-09-2003" - Gerty (25-Sep-2003)
"The Lost Realm of the Pharaos - Usually I don't have much fondness for levels that have used part or almost all of an existing original level this time the title level has been used but I so liked the feel of this level that I can almost overlook it though I did rate down a point or two in the last category to be fair to others I have done the same to. As I said this is basically played in the title level with the well known domed pagoda like structure sitting smack dab in the centre of the large room but Deb has retextured the whole place using almost entirely her own texture set and it looks so interesting though maybe not to everyone's taste it suited me fine. The 90 minutes spent here are full of things to do but they are never too hard and the flow is just right but there is a jump past two swinging blades that could take a while as they knock you off course a lot if you time it wrong but if you time it right they actually bump you far enough to grab the wall switch. The gaming has you shooting a lot of vases that trigger things meeting a bull two in fact that you have to coax for many tile smashes and as I cringe with a mix of excitement and terror at the bull moments it didn't help that I had to replay the level and do them again there are also some movable cube objects that don't have to move too far but again they are mixed with a bull so if you don't realise you can trap him you are trying to complete it with him trying to rip you a new one if ya know what I mean and there are just some really fun other things. I also found 6 secrets in this level though Deb has written that there is 4 only I think if so I'm even a better player than I thought lol! My definite fav of Deb's levels to date but she hasn't given up building so I'm sure that will change. The Hidden Tomb - This starts after a slide get that secret in an underground sandy pillared area where you have to make your way into a temple once inside this temple that seems to be built over an underground lake you go on quite a long journey that involved shooting lots of vases raising and lowering blocks pulling levers and switches and collecting the 5 pieces of armour. After this return to level one for a couple of minutes to finish. I thought most of the large areas like the sandy one I wrote about the cave like area where you meet Seth and giant scorpions and some others were just great but there were also a lot of little rooms where you just ran through them killing demigods and shooting too many vases that felt a bit underused and repetitive but on the whole still a very enjoyable and well lit 75 minute level. I found 5 secrets here." - Sash (24-Sep-2003)
"I'd like to say that it's Debbie's best work until this day and definitely a very enjoyable level. Starting from an area well known to us that is no other than TR4 title's areas we begin our exploration by visiting the nearby rooms. Many shoot able objects and well hidden vases are the key to continue. A sneaky opening down at the underwater rooms had me confused for quite a while. Skeletons beetles demigods crocodiles are enemies to be found. The items the player needs to reach the end vary from knots to vraeus and guardian keys. The maze although not very hard is complicated enough with ladders that lead to a golden scarab and the portal for the second level. Hidden tomb has a wonderful atmosphere with parts of the tomb being in sand outside. Entering the tomb the player will be facing rooms with toxic water caves with spike balls coming down and Seth trying to fry Lara with his bolt big scorpions and skeletons of course. Getting the pieces of the armor won't be that easy with one timed raising block making it very hard to push a lever while fire is close by ad timed as well but I find it to be a great challenge. After visiting all the rooms and finding the pieces and earthquake occurs and Lara is ready to go back to first level and finish her adventure. I found five secrets at the first and three at the second level with three hours spent in this wonderful game. I would say don't miss Debbie's latest levels and definitely play this one." - Kristina (24-Sep-2003)
"Problems playing the second level -which are now fixed - did not stop my enjoyment of and enthusiasm for Debbie's latest. The hard to see laser sight/lever room can be a game stopper but the tip-off is an indented ceiling - clever and a great satisfaction when it's found. Textures are clean and crisp and Lara has a great blue/black outfit. Lots of secrets to find and a walkthrough for help when you're stuck. Camera work is good; really helpful............always a plus. That darn Bull.........I was happy to see him stuck at the end. I went through many a medpack running around him. The maze is fun and there is always smoke to guide you through. All in all true TR play and a joy. Thanks Debbie." - Bene (24-Sep-2003)
"I played this double level in the version that still had trouble with the level jump from part 1 to part 2. This has meanwhile been fixed so if you run into that try downloading again from the listing. The Lost Realm of the Pharaos (8/8/8/9 1:20 hours 6 secrets): Back in Egypt with Lara in yet another sexy outfit and quite a few objects used from the title wad like the gondolas. I really enjoyed raiding in here as the setting has a great and fresh new feel to it thanks to Debbie's custom textures good lighting nice addition of music and about half a dozen or more times you need to find five triggers of some sort (often shooting vases) to move on. In the version I played was an (unintended) walkthrough door and the jump through ceiling to find the lasersight is a big no-no in my book. The secrets are mostly hidden in a crawlspace so watch out for those. Mummies beetles dogs and demigods are the enemies and of course a well conceived run with the bull. Ropes burners a moving spike wall pushing objects around and another bull keep you busy. The maze near the end spoiled the enjoyment a little but this is still excellent fun. The Hidden Tomb (7/8/9/8 1:15 hours 4 secrets): With a long slide we make our way down deeper into an underground temple area. Moving blocks and raising blocks play an important role here in a rather darkish setting (even though appropriately so). More enemies down here with about a dozen demigods Debbie's trademark underwater wraiths Seth a bunch of giant scorpions and skeletons. The camera guidance is quite good and will hardly let you get stuck for long even though there is quite some exploring to do in the spacious temple rooms. Five armor pieces to find knots vraeus and beetle. Again a lot of vases to shoot in various places a not too tricky timed swim and a nice series of drops into a pit. Still halfway through this part for some reason I felt quite tired of the level and wanted it to end. And while the earthquake effect near the end is well done it can be annoying if you take a while to find your way out and back to level 1 briefly to finish off this adventure. All in all this truly stays in Debbie's style with long and entertaining gameplay for raiders of all age and skill." - Michael (22-Sep-2003)