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Arctic Hole 2 by Agnes

Aims 8 7 10 9
Akcy 7 8 8 8
Bene 8 8 8 8
Duncan 7 8 8 8
Engelchen Lara 8 9 9 9
eRIC 7 8 8 7
G.Croft 8 7 9 8
Gerty 8 8 9 8
Jay 8 8 9 8
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
Jose 9 9 9 10
Kristina 7 7 8 8
Lorax 8 8 8 8
MichaelP 7 8 8 9
Necro 8 7 8 8
Obig 8 9 9 8
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ryan 8 8 9 9
Sash 8 8 9 8
The Aussie Adventurer 8 9 8 8
Torry 7 8 7 7
Treeble 7 8 8 8
release date: 01-Oct-2003
# of downloads: 74

average rating: 8.17
review count: 22
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file size: 57.27 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cold/Snowy

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A good step up from the original, Agnes really tried to improve her skills here and it leads to a more enjoyable more complete feeling experience. Not quite up to the quality of Arctic Hole 3 or her later levels, but still well worth a play all these years later." - Lorax (02-Sep-2023)
"More improvements than in arctic hole 1 , we have here two levels in this sequel. Many enemies that generally do not appear alone and it was fun at least for me ; the use of the guards put in the horseman slot ia a good idea and he is an efficient enemy when triggered amidst of other enemies , dogs and gunmen. It's a story about an experiment , there is green lizards and green deadly water , the triggering of some of the lizards is well done, and with the first audio background loop it's a bit like in an alien movie, all proportions kept. The progression is rather easy , nevertheless entertaining , i was surprised to have twice a multiple pushable crates puzzle , but in fact the second one isn't the same type of puzzle , you need to push the crates so to succeed a timed door. The second level has again some crates to push , you meet some small dinos , the highlight being a couple of flipmaps , i regret that the ceiling and the walls that are supposed to be monkeyswingable and climbable but the textures do not ressemble to something that make you think so. In the the third level, the attacks of the enemies become to be predictable (one dog + one gunman + one goon ) and more crates to move, hoping to find something significant , the ride with the snowbike offers some diversion , you can do by foot the majority of what was designed for the vehicle. The level ends with a very fine multiple timed doors puzzle. Bottomline : a good levelset , that tends to become a bit repetitive, when the start was so immersive. Very good (and sometimes different) audio tracks." - eRIC (23-Oct-2019)
"Not a bad level but way too many green lizards for my liking. Although they do not spit venom they generally attack in packs which makes this arduous. Also there is an emphasis on mazes and push blocks here and whilst that is not a bad thing generally I think this was overdone here. For an early level in the years of the editor though this is fairly accomplished and worth a play." - Torry (21-Oct-2018)
"You can never be disappointed with an Agnes level. This second entry in the Arctic Hole series is again a step up from the previous. The textures and lighting are sublime, atmosphere is well up to par, and the gameplay manages to be challenging without being too frustrating or devious (and Agnes can be a sneaky builder). There are some goo puzzles, timed runs and snowmobile rides to add to the fun in this one, maybe a few too many lizards, guards and dogs to dispose of (although enough ammo is provided). This will appeal to experienced and beginning raiders alike. Nice one, Agnes!" - Ryan (09-Jul-2018)
"It's the same if this author (one of my favourite builders; I said this a long time ago) make a game in 2003 or in 1003. Always funny for the players. Not only a builder who has good ideas to build a level. This switzerland woman always take in account all the aspects of a project so it will be nice and entertaining for most players: architecture, texturization, puzzles, enemies... Thinking about all features so players have a good experience. Highly recommended!!!" - Jose (21-Apr-2012)
"Many improvements since Artic Hole 1, both in gameplay and in design. The individual levels are still short, but together they are an entertaining icy/base adventure, where Lara needs to find keys, switches, solve some pushy block puzzles, even one rope swinging. Some blocks were pushable, but had no function, just for the fun of it. Enemies are fit in the enviroment and the story. Nothing hard, except maybe one medium difficulty timed run at the end, where we get praised for doing it :). Thanks Agnes, and you did good job too." - Akcy (12-Jan-2007)
"Here is a great level, and is giving me a bit of inspiration for a planned arctic level of my own. The scenery is fantastic and there is good use of baddies. I especially like levels where you can run down a load of enemies using a vehicle and theres plenty of opportunity to do that here. There was a time when I was stuck in the 3rd level. I couldn't find a key. I usually find it a good idea to come away from the game for a few days and then go back to it with fresh eyes. It worked. I went back into a room and noticed something I hadn't seen before. I advanced and found the key and eventually managed to finish the level after almost 3 hours of gameplay!!!" - Necro (30-Jun-2006)
"I remember fussing a little bit in my review of Arctic Hole 1, that it was so short that perhaps 1, 2 and 3 should have been released as a package. Well, having played Artic Hole 2 I take all of that back. In AH2 we have a solid two hours of gaming fun, spread through three different levels. Nothing too difficult, although there are several taxing moments along the way. There's a particularly long shimmy sequence near the end where you have to take a blind back flip after having climbed around at least a half dozen walls. Those neat snow demons are worth the (non-existent) price of admission, and there's extensive use of the snowmobile in the third segment. For some reason I haven't played much of Agnes's work up to know. That shameful state of affairs is about to end. Highly recommended." - Phil (22-Aug-2005)
"It's been a while since I played Arctic Hole 1. This level is presented in a big download because it contains a lot of audio files, and they did help improving the atmosphere, especially in the later levels. Lara's adventure begins with Infiltration, a fairly easy and straightforward level, with the occasional mazes in the ventilation tunnels (and a small mazey area underwater). I thought the green lizzies looked out of place here. There were several blocks to push to open doors and continue progression. (40 minutes, 1 secret). Then, Lara reaches The Base, a place where folks seem to be experimenting with those lizzies and compsognathus. I found rather spooky the little underground valley with the skellies and spikes, and I loved the secret in the little aquarium. After about 10 sentinels down, Lara hits the end trigger. (20 minutes, 2 secrets). In The Escape, Lara will have a few more blocks to push to open the doors and ride the snowmobile through snowy passages, crawling with monsters. I had to go through this passage twice, once riding the snowmobile and then on foot (so yes, it's possible) to find the two keys (one was neatly hidden behind a spike teeth trap). Just when you thought you'd hit the finish trigger, a boulder will squash you lol so take care while sliding down. The level ends as Lara grabs the key to activate the submarine a little further. (30 minutes, 2 secrets). These are fine levels and should keep the player interested on them until the end. 90 minutes, 5 secrets. 03/05" - Treeble (13-Mar-2005)
"What a huge improvement over the first Arctic Hole level well level design anyway. I enjoyed this level far more than the previous level of the same name. Not only were the enemies in the correct places some also posed a threat this time. The author kept a good variety of enemies as well. I did like some of the challenges in the level including the last timed run which you were rewarded for with a nice comment by the author. The ammo was scarce and few between secrets were hard to find and rewarding and that the gameplay was actually enjoyable. Only could only find a couple of faults such as a few textures being out of place or some other ones would have been better. The sound was about par and the cameras were well done. This was a good level and almost got the feel of an official tombraider product if only it was a bit finer tuned. If I had to give level a grade I would give it a B+ a distinction." - The Aussie Adventurer (28-Oct-2004)
"A fairly complex arctic setting that resembles a large maze with plenty of green monsters ready to ambush Lara. It is well made and textured and the game play is logical. I don't much care for the crawling through ducts and mucking about in labs type of level. The game play is too dependant on moveable blocks for my taste. However this one is well done and well worth playing." - Duncan (28-Jun-2004)
"Not a bad level from Agnes. Lara has once again returned to the labs in the Arctic after discovering that an experiment with dinosaur DNA went out of control. There are quite a few enemies to defeat in this mainly the lizards from tr3 (a bit too many for me hence only a 7). You do bump into a few dinosaurs but luckily they are only baby one's (phew!) and quite a few guards. There are 3 levels in this mini game which are: the infiltration the base and the escape. This took me just over 1:30 hours which was fairly short for such a big download but I think that is due to the amount of custom music in the file (which I personally like in levels). Nevertheless it was a fun set of levels to play and I recommend them to fans of arctic/base levels with a lot of shooting and fairly difficult jumps." - Aims (30-Apr-2004)
"Agnes has improved with the second part. Lara returns to the Arctic Hole and needs to find plenty of keys. Many enemies get in her way though. The levels are quite diverse: Lara drives a snowmobile through icy caves avoiding some well placed obstacles needs to dive through icy waters and climb and monkeyswing around the place and it is not always obvious where she needs to go. The atmosphere works well and is harmonized with the sounds - our badly heated apartment felt even colder right away ;-). We are very much looking forward to a possibly sequel. Recommended for all players." - Engelchen Lara (10-Nov-2003)
"This begins where Arctic Hole 1 left off and if anything it's even more fun. Here Lara spends most of her time indoors in a base style environment with those lizards jumping out at her in every tunnel and corridor. Luckily they don't generally seem to do much damage. Other enemies include guards dogs compys and those brilliantly re-textured ahmets the ice monsters. There is nothing too difficult - one timed run but once you figure out just where you're going it really isn't hard to achieve. I particularly enjoyed the final section riding a snowmobile through icy caverns accompanied by some really good music. It's always fun running enemies over isn't it? Some things are very well hidden so you will need to look around very carefully preferably with a flare. I only missed two secrets which is pretty good for me actually. 1.11.2003" - Jay (02-Nov-2003)
"The Infiltration (7/8/9/9 40 min. 3 secrets): A cool outfit for Lara in a cold setting as she returns back to the Arctic Hole which quickly turns into a kind of base level with toxic waters and many switches. Two keys to find blocks to push around boxes to shoot and an easy timed door. There is also a bit of an underwater maze but not too hard and a few spike traps to deal with. Enemies are those green lizard creatures baddies dogs and a few big rats and progression is fairly straightforward but entertaining. The Base (7/7/8/9 30 min. 3 secrets): More of the same here: movable blocks again two keys some swimming baddies dogs and lizards. The cave area with the green little dinos made for a nice change in location and the puzzle were you raise the waterlevel is well executed. The Escape (8/8/8/8 30 min. 2 secrets): Again baddies and dogs and as you get back outside into the ice you meet a few of those blue ahmet ice monsters. There are two snowmobiles but actually you don't really need to drive either of them. Three keys a few boulder and spike traps until you reach the submarine and after a nice timed run through four doors you can eventually make your escape and finish the series. The long shimmy passage was a bit unnecessary though. All in all this was a fast paced and fun set of levels - not too hard but still enjoyable to make it through." - Michael (11-Oct-2003)
"This level starts with haunting music and a Lara with glasses who looks like a schoolmarm with her hair done up and a long hair pin. It's a look that I like. The soles of her boots (white) can also be seen and if that's been done before I haven't noticed. Basically a base/ice three level with toxic water movable blocks lots of wall switches a few (well placed) shatter walls keys and timed runs that won't make you least for long! Lots of secrets to find and some areas are tricky and clever. Good use of light/dark.........READ: use your flares. Novices and more experienced raiders will enjoy this. Hey Agnes........'You did a Good Job' and we all appreciate it and are waiting for more!" - Bene (11-Oct-2003)
"Lara is roaming about the Arctic where a group of people make experiences with remnants of dinosaurs. Agnes made 3 very good levels again. It is a good adventure. There are no difficult puzzles but you must look around carefully to find the right way. Some of the switches are well hidden. The enemies are armed men guards dogs small dinosaurs and mutants. Lara get through acidic rooms she pushes boxes and finds levers and switches. The main task is finding the keys for the doors. The levels are quite linear. I found 8 Secrets: 3-3-2 / levels. The added sounds and the textures are great. I recommend it to everybody." - Obig (09-Oct-2003)
"So Lara comes back... And we're in for a lot of fun. Never too complicated nor too simplistic this set of three levels is certain to provide you with some time of good clean tomb raiding fun. I didn't find any bug in the game which is always a good thing. Lara gets to ride her snowbike (and even finds a second one just in case which she won't need to use anyway) and that's another good element. She fights enough baddies on the way but not enough to make this some kind of shoot'em up. The design isn't the most amazing I've seen to date but it's on the perfect side. Then when you think it'll all be over by finding two keys and opening a gate you're surprisingly offered just a little more including a nice and doable timed run at the end of which you pick the key to your escape and the message 'you did a good job' written on the wall. I loved that! After Lara uses the key we understand she escapes in a sub - it's one more kind of sudden ending nothing like a movie really but all worth it just for that final message. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it? Oh what the hell! Have I said I loved it? A good game both for beginners and for experts. Doable for beginners still fun for experts. Download it." - Jorge22 (09-Oct-2003)
"Icy outdoors and base indoors. Lara discovers a lab that has been able to recreate creatures from dinosaurs DNA...First she has to infiltrate the lab crawling in through the vent system and into the lab where she meets lizards and guards with dogs. Her goal is to destroy the lab and then escape which she does on a snowmobile while attacked by ice monsters. Fun gameplay with levers to pull keys to find and a lot of boxes to move the escape with the snowmobile through icy caves where you have to find two keys is also great!" - G.Croft (06-Oct-2003)
"Is it an Ice level or base one a bit of both I would say. Getting further and further inside the first level I almost had a heart attack when those mutants fell out off those shafts. There is poisonous water and some of that you have to change into water as some swimming is involved. There are blocks to move some to get to a lever and some I placed on special tiles I even think that I overdid that bit but what the heck. Also some nice spikes to avoid and when in doubt shoot everything in sight (that is the place I got stuck) LOL. Loved the little dinos and I always feel guilty to shoot them. The timed run in the base was not that difficult as long as you know where you have to go and I completely overlooked that key so do look. Getting two keys was fun in that icy cavern and first time I did it on the snowmobile but found out that you can do everything on foot what was handy as one of those keys you will whizz past it as the snowmobile is pretty fast. Found all the secrets so for me and that is an extra reward in my book. 03-10-2003" - Gerty (05-Oct-2003)
"The Infiltration - Starting this 40 minute level you'll realise it's one of the icy rooms from Arctic Hole 1 but almost straight away after finding the first of three secrets you are thrown into a new environment. Infiltrating this icy base you'll first have to deal with many green lizard creatures in an air duct that fall from other vertical ducts you also meet two different kinds of guards and some dogs that are also in each proceeding level. Agnes has put in some nice movable crate puzzles but there are also some crates that are movable but haven't anywhere to move which was a nice element as you don't really know if what you are doing is correct and also at one point I moved a whole set of crates only to find that there wasn't a puzzle with the crates at all but there was a timed run involving a wall switch. Speaking of switches make sure when you pull any that you don't move away too quickly as at least one door underwater didn't open because I moved off the switch tile too early. The Base - The shortest level 25 minutes and probably my least favourite only because I kept having enemies sneaking up behind me be they small green dinos in a crawlspace or the green lizard creatures and dogs and guards in the hallway at the end so turn around often and keep your guns handy. There are some silos in this base level which isn't really too base like that I swear have the best blood effects in them to the point where I was worried that Agnes had hacked away at some poor innocent bystander and then somehow transferred it into the game. There's also a nice flipmap of the base demolishing just before the end and this demolition also blocks off the entrance to the third of three secrets so make sure you find it first. There's nothing really hard here but still very entertaining. The Escape - And where she needs to escape to is the submarine docking bay where a small yellow sub awaits. On route to this you get what I'd say is one of the more irritatingly brilliant timed runs not because it's overly hard but because it is a series of 4 gates in the one timed run and as you don't know this to start when I got past one gate I saved then realised there was another then I made it through the second and once again saved and found a third and on and on till I made it through all 4 you even get a little praise from Agnes when you get past it. I did though find nothing charming about the long wall shimmy that had to be completed twice once up and once back but this was probably the only thing I didn't like through the three levels. In the 30 minutes this takes to end you also meet the hideous ice monsters you first met in Arctic Hole 1 and thankfully again you have the snowmobile when you do so they are dealt with quite easily though being a nosey parker I was actually off the bike for most of the encounters and almost pooped myself when the first two attacked. Find a handful of keys 2 secrets and finish." - Sash (04-Oct-2003)
"Obviously this is the sequel to Arctic Hole 1 in the same setting of course the icy caves. In addition we have some lab elements and often toxic water spikes which make the passages throughout the level dangerous. There are some keys to find and many switch to use in the three levels which make this game. The enemies are guards guys with bats dogs and creatures with thorns on their backs. Lara will find a snowmobile but don't expect any difficult jumps and I have the suspicion that you can make it on foot as well. The music used in the game is very nice but I could have done with some more cameras. The last level with the timed run was fun since you need to make through at least three gates to get hold of a key and see a sign with a few good words for your effort. It's a nice level but it is lacking puzzles and the moving blocks are over-used with most of the time not knowing what they do. I found six secrets and spent an hour and fifteen minutes in it. Definitely play it along with the first game it's surely entertaining." - Kristina (04-Oct-2003)