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City of the Dark (Demo) by Ego

alan 1 1 3 2
bERT 0 1 3 0
Blue43 1 2 3 0
Catherin 1 1 3 2
CC 0 1 1 0
Ceamonks890 1 1 2 1
Cory 1 2 2 1
Daffy 1 1 1 2
Dimpfelmoser 0 1 2 0
DJ Full 2 3 3 4
eTux 1 1 3 0
Ganon93 0 0 0 0
Gerty 0 1 1 1
Gonxii 0 1 0 0
Henk 1 2 4 2
Jay 1 2 3 1
Jez 1 1 1 1
Jose 1 1 0 0
Josep 1 3 3 1
Kristina 0 1 2 1
Lady Lara 1 1 0 0
manarch2 0 1 2 0
MichaelP 2 2 3 1
Mulf 4 4 5 4
Orbit Dream 1 1 1 0
RaiderGirl 2 3 3 2
rtrger 1 2 3 1
Ryan 0 1 0 1
Sakusha 0 1 1 0
Sash 1 1 2 0
Scottie 0 1 3 0
Staticon 1 2 3 0
Torry 1 3 3 2
Treeble 2 2 4 2
Yoav 1 2 1 1
release date: 28-Mar-2001
# of downloads: 111

average rating: 1.37
review count: 35
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file size: 12.86 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"The title and the demo tag are both a bit of a misnomer: there is no city to be seen here; indeed there isn’t much of anything to be seen here, as all resources have been kept to the absolute minimum required to realise this level’s concept (with one exception; as manarch helpfully points out, you can skip picking up the NO2 feeder), and that concept is fully realised within the 30 seconds that it takes you to get from the loading screen to the finish trigger. That concept is as bonkers as it is hilarious, and I’m loath to spoil it for those who haven’t read any of the other reviews. It’s one of those rare occasions on which I rate a level higher than I probably should; but it achieves precisely what it set out to achieve, no more and no less, and being funny while doing so is all the more to be appreciated." - Mulf (24-Oct-2019)
"What a funny level. Running over lots of guards with the bike and some nice camera angles. That's all. The first time I played it I was laughing like a crazy but after playing it a couple of times it became boring. I still would have liked to see the full level :p" - alan (10-Feb-2018)
"Mount the bike and take a ride straight ahead killing some dozens of SAS in a narrow catwalk is not a funny task. Not textures out of the catwalk, even under the catwalk. At least there is the possibility you can die if the final jump is not long enough. Not worth to download." - Jose (15-Nov-2017)
"That was an odd demo.What carnage! 48 kills in a demo. Imagine the full version. Actually, don't. "shudders"" - Ryan (26-Mar-2016)
"I have never laughed this way as I did playing this. Really? I mean ride the bike and go killing a bunch of SAS? hahaha. I am really looking forward fo the complete level!! (Sarcasm)" - Gonxii (20-Nov-2015)
"That must surely be one of the oddest demos ever. Take a short motorbike ride, running over countless guards. One can only speculate what the full level might have been like. Actually, probably best not." - Jay (15-Nov-2015)
"Now, while I will admit to getting quite a bit of satisfaction out of running over so many stupid and helpless SAS troops while driving across to the exit, there isn't really anything else to this level otherwise, concluding literally within seconds. So if you're wanting to let off some steam during a difficult time, then this will most assuredly do the job, as you find yourself constantly replaying numerous times, just to temporarily have that illusion of power over your enemies(or at least, that's how it went with me anyway.) But for those who desire more of a substantial and meaty challenge on the other hand however, I'd highly recommend looking elsewhere, as this will ultimately do extremely little to quench your boredom for long. So best to approach this brief level with that potential predicament in mind, if that is a concern to you in any real shape or form." - Ceamonks890 (01-Dec-2014)
"After having played two levels in a row that were rather on the tedious side, I chose to download a level a) not being tedious at all and b) where I can vent off some steam, because one of the levels mentioned above isn't yet up on this site and maybe that helps to write a more fair review in the next days. Actually, this level is the most straightforward level I've ever played, with no need to even use the left or right keys. The only thing you'll do is to run over four dozens of SAS and the only remarkable thing in this level are the couple of nice cameras, but despite of that it's not recommendable as such, as the bridge floor and the wall at the end are the only textures used in this level, there is virtually no gameplay at all (and no - I don't think climbing the bike and driving forward can be called gameplay) and it's no hard task to place all those enemies and a trigger for each enemy one or two squares before. Oh, before I forget it, it's recommended not to take the nitro with you - the level can be finished two seconds faster without." - manarch2 (16-Mar-2013)
"Massacre of the enemies makes this game. Accompanied by epic cameras, filled with sounds of dying SASes fading and muting in the darkness, it makes more spectacular impression than running over those scottish warriors from "Castle Cain - In the Dark". So 2 points for objects, another 2 for cameras, 1 for the sound and 3 for the darkness. I didn't notice any glitches in the gameplay. Also, it's different than in most of the levels, so it gets 2 points. SUMMARY: 35 seconds of relax and pure satisfaction taken from running over 48 people. Recommended." - DJ Full (05-Oct-2010)
"40 seconds of straight line bike ride, running over soldies. Intense and short. Actually quite nice camera angles. I drove over the edge once just to see what happens. I played it - so I had to review it." - Blue43 (02-Aug-2010)
"You can manage this one in 30 seconds; but the first time I played it I was laughing so much at the meaningless slaughter viewed through arty camera angles that I lost control of the bike and crashed,so had to start again.That probably says quite a lot about me,and I certainly wouldn't recommend it except to people of similar inclination who also share my addiction to reviewing." - Orbit Dream (25-Jul-2010)
"Well, gameplay is pretty straight-forward and enemies are numerous. It was great to have some nice camera angles as Lara was driving over baddies; to allow you to appreciate the greatness of the level. It wasn't really textured at all, but it didn't need to be. I think that this level is good proof of the fact that women are not good drivers. 50 dead, but at least Lara got where she was going in under 1 minute. 30 seconds." - Cory (25-Jul-2010)
"I drived through tons of soldiers than the game crashed. Epic camera positions anyway. :)" - rtrger (05-May-2010)
"In the first drive with the motorcycle thought I that I had pressed a key which I might not have pressed. It simply had to be in such a way, because, nevertheless, no level is so fast to an end. But when I landed in the second drive again at the same place on the desktop, I perused to me the other Reviews. And really, the level was so short. And except a few interesting camera perspectives there was absolutely nothing what could even have reminded in the beginning of a normal level. Well, what the hell! I have put in my two cents and have raised my review account by one review. And with it everything is said." - Scottie (26-Apr-2010)
"Here is a level for which want to run on servicemen. Say that this level is a game is another story." - Daffy (31-Jul-2009)
"It may not have been categorized as such, but I took it as a joke level, since without trying I had the best laugh all day when 'playing' through here, if you can call pressing 2 keys to play and finish this short level here. There was some twisted kind of sense of achievement after running over the countless SAS that stand in your way between point A where Lara gets on the bike and point B where the level ends. The best thing about this demo was the camera-work as it included a couple of nice views. The less you expect from this - the more you'll get out of it! With keeping this in mind, you can give it a go." - eTux (14-Oct-2007)
"After all the other glowing reviews for this level, I just had to play it. What fun, and just when I needed to play lots of levels for the January/February challenge, I find this little gem. No textures to speak of but, even for an eternal beginner, quick to play. I enjoyed it so much that I played it twice - but I'm still not rating it too highly despite the nice camera work." - Staticon (25-Feb-2006)
"haha, short and funny!
But I had the same prob as Yoav, when reloading it always crashed to desktop and that was NOT at all funny. This really should be fixed - or at least it should have been fixed as nowadays no one's gonna play this anyway anymore." - Tinka (28-Oct-2005)
"This level doesn't have any gameplay at all. All you do is run over fifty SAS soldiers and tomb4.exe crashes after you break the smashable bike wall. To make matters worse there are a few untextured areas the horizon has a few black areas. However I have to admit that he used the cameras quite well. Use this as a virtual stress ball." - Sakusha (10-Apr-2004)
"One minute of driving on motorbike killing 50 soldiers and crashing to the desktop Hmm...." - Yoav (02-Mar-2004)
"Waahaahaa! (I think). Not possible to rate this 'cos there's no gameplay puzzles objects secrets (or did I miss one?). Loads of enemies per square meter though. Simple but cool. Cool 'cos I doubt anyone else would think of uploading this. I wish I could score it higher just for the laugh of it. I am still laughing." - Jez (06-Oct-2003)
"Well that was quick and a slaughterhouse. Hope this will never get into a full game though I probably will give it a miss then. 21-08-2003" - Gerty (28-Aug-2003)
"Moral dilemma: 'Dad what's this bike for in my game?'. 'You get on it son and drive ahead'. 'Dad there's hundreds of big men standing in front of each other ahead of me'. 'Yes son you drive the bike over them'. 'Dad do you mean I have to kill them all with the bike?'. 'Yes son'. - Is that OK Dad'. 'Yes son'. 'Dad can I have a motor bike for my birthday?' 'No son it's too dangerous'!" - CC (24-Aug-2003)
"Lara Croft has moved to Slaughterstreet 5 Roadkill City. It's only a demo and a surreal one. With some imagination you could give yourself even a challenge by leaving the sidecar and trying to end the level on foot with only your silly guns. If not you end this in less than a minute. Without a doubt one of the more fun demo's though very bloody." - bERT (16-Mar-2003)
"This is a 2 minutes female revenge fantasy as Lara mows down man after man on the motorbike while trying not to plummet to her death which is made that much harder by some perception interfering camera angles. All I can say is if this bloodbath is a demo I'd hate to see the full version!" - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"Quick and very dirty indeed - I counted 48 soldiers lined up that you run over with your bike. Takes about 60 seconds and is only worth the look for the nice camera angles." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"This level should have been called 'Gone in 60 Seconds' because that's as long as it lasts. Lara is obviously afflicted with some form of female malady as all she does is get on her bike and run over as many SAS as she can in this boring run to nowhere. Perhaps there is a lesson here for us men. PMS a woman and a motorbike. Watchout!" - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"This level is just a run through a narrow straight path. I fell lots of times! After all it's a bit fun."- Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"A bike ride by a long corridor killing SAS. The best is the use of the cameras." - Josep (21-Jun-2002)
"This is the perfect lesson to men to always do what women tell them to do. Or maybe Lara's just got PMS and needs lots of chocolate. Either way the best thing to do is just hold down the action key and never even touch the direction keys. There's some very interesting camera angles here and you take a little damage in the minute that the level lasts but not enough to need a medi-pack. I'll have to remember to play this everytime I'm mad at someone. I'd like to know what this is a demo of!" - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"Well what can I say. A review of a demo that plays for about 10 seconds. The only positive thing about it are the different camera angels. But it is only hitting the enemies with your motorbike. They are lined up. You can't miss." - Henk (21-Jun-2002)
"This level should have been called "City of the Lara Butts" as there were only Lara butts lined up on a one square bridge. You start on an T intersection with a Lara butt on it. There's a looooong bridge going from the intersection to a wafer-thin 'house'. On the way to the house there are several Lara butts lined up and some cameras (some cameras show the bottom of the bridge which made it invisible. The strangest thing with this level is probably the horizon. The horizon has three layers a green a la City of the Dead a grey which is on the ground level (breaks up in front of your eyes) and another stretched grey one (square-shaped) but this one is in the air. There are many bugs in this level. Lara butts a square and a breaked horizon layer wafer-thin walls and a bug that also appeared in Bullet Ridden Monkey's Titanic level; the 'stuff ponytail' (Lara's hair is made of inventory items)." - Ganon93 (21-Jun-2002)
"Nothing to say except the nitrous oxide canister and the bike which you use to kill so many SAS guards that becomes boring. That's it I am afraid and the camera that changes angle. Then you dive and smash a wall and you are home free. It lasts less than a minute." - Kristina (21-Jun-2002)
"Life can be tough my dear friends. Over months I try to persuade you to play Egos In London: Big Church/Underground because I liked it a lot and had the feeling it was overlooked and underrated. I explained how it was installed as the script file you get with the download won't work; I answered every question in the London thread so you can get through it without being stuck and finally some people have actually played it so that the rating went up. However I find it quite shocking that Egos demo has more reviews despite the extremely low rating not to mention that no-one ever urged you to play this game. Sure it only lasts for 30 seconds or what and is quite a convenient and easy way to up your review count but there is more to life than a platinum award you know. Really is it more important to play as many level as possible instead of playing the good inventive challenging and original ones? There are some demos that are like mini levels but this isn't even a demo it's mass murder; it's a happening it's not my favourite from Ego. You should have a go at his other levels first before you even consider downloading this." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)
"OK since I hate to give bad reviews I usually only review things I like (which means I'll have a reputation of always over-rating - but c'est la vie). But at last a level I don't mind giving really low marks to! Though in fairness it is obviously a bit of a joke on the part of the author. Lara mows down many many beefy guards with her bike. It made me laugh which probably makes me a sick wacko. But one of the reviews talks about Lara butts - I did not see any of those - except the one that was firmly planted on the bike - LOL!" - Lady Lara (21-Jun-2002)