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Crazy by Nadiutta

Bene 5 6 5 5
bERT 6 7 7 7
CC 5 5 6 6
Dougsan 5 5 6 7
Duncan 4 4 5 5
eTux 4 5 4 4
G.Croft 5 5 6 6
Gerty 5 5 6 6
Jay 5 5 7 7
Jose 3 5 6 6
Kristina 5 6 7 7
Lady Lara 7 6 6 6
MichaelP 4 3 5 5
Obig 6 6 7 7
Orbit Dream 2 6 5 4
RaiderGirl 6 6 7 7
Ryan 4 4 5 6
Sash 5 5 6 6
Treeble 5 5 5 5
Wendee 5 5 6 5
release date: 30-Jun-2003
# of downloads: 42

average rating: 5.43
review count: 20
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file size: 16.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Coastal

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Well, unfortunately there isn't much going on for this level in particular. The starting area felt like pure padding, having you run around a alleyway in circles until you can climb to the top of the ledges and still keep running in circles until you eventually find your way in. The one bit I thought was nice was the underground library, had strong 'lair' vibes to it but it sadly outstays its welcome within a matter of seconds as you soon realize all you do here is run back and forth to the next lever or trigger tile to open a door elsewhere. Lots of unmarked climbable walls, too (all of them, actually). 35 minutes, 1 secret. 12/21" - Treeble (26-Dec-2021)
"Lara's sporting a classy blue outfit - from AoD, maybe. This isn't a bad idea at all. Lara explores the outskirts of a building to find the loopy scientist who lives there. However the execution led something to be desired. I didn't mind the crazy texturing choices (presumably that was the author's intention), but the gameplay was fairly annoying, with huge distances to cover, having to take unnecessary damage from spikes and having to backtrack too much for my liking. The idea was great, but more could have been made of it." - Ryan (22-Nov-2016)
"Boring level where I had to run and sprint very long distances only to pull switches and find hidden objects in huge areas. Not good the unmarked climbable ladders (room with the scroll receptacle and others) and the unmarked trigger tiles. The best were the camera shots showing the doors opening, but there are some odd features like the levers to close doors (why?). The rooms are usually empty, and there are not puzzles to solve. The texturization is decent, but often too humdrum. Playable but not enjoyable for me." - Jose (25-Sep-2016)
"Another surreal sublime subjective level very appropriately titled. Infiltrate some sort of fortress come across a small menagerie find coin gem and scroll place them and slide to the desktop. I felt a little well maybe more than a little of this level went over my head as there seem to be gems to shoot in lion mouth's yet one only raises a block that has no beneficial factor and the other seems to do nothing there are some large blue doors near the end that don't open there's a lever guarded by crocs that closes one of the many gates surrounding the fortress but this has no affect good or bad on progression and why do you open at least one of the gates again around the fortress at the start when I never once used it to do anything. Maybe I just missed the charm in this 45 minute level but it didn't really click with me as much as I would have liked this though doesn't mean someone with a bent for the offbeat won't really enjoy it." - Sash (24-Jan-2004)
"Well I think this level is a bit under-rated. Sure its textures are not sexy and some of the rooms are boxy but it's not a bad-looking level. Some of the library rooms are actually quite nice. And I enjoyed playing it. It had some very original elements and that is to be commended. It also had a few strange things - like no laser sight but that did not affect gameplay as you got explosive ammo instead. All in all worth playing especially when you are in the mood for an easier level. With a little work this builder could become a top-notch designer." - Lady Lara (05-Jan-2004)
"The Readme file caught my eye. If only the game turned out to be half as good as it read! Pretty tame stuff that should not challenge even novice Raiders. That is not to say there isn't fun to be had in the strange doctor's castle (Lara never meets the doctor). Scaling the wall shouldn't be a problem but getting in to the castle might give you a moment or two of frustration. (What's with the police/taxi car?) A challenge you might enjoy is using the jeep to help Lara explore the interior of the castle. I made it down the steps with the 'bike and finished the game is what must have been record time since Lara rode to most - not all of course - areas. Fun but no challenges." - Dougsan (06-Dec-2003)
"I am sorry to say that this level did not click with me. Yes the storyline is nice but it doesn't come across so well in my opinion. Yes the zoo area is nice but I'd rather play Vendetta instead. There was simply too much clueless running around in the almost one hour of net gaming time I had when all you really need to do is pull a few levers step on a few tiles and use a gem a scroll and a coin to progress. Also quite a few stuck situations out of which Lara cannot get out other than by reloading a savegame and plenty of unmarked death tiles. Not my cup of tea." - Michael (25-Nov-2003)
"Lara's mission here is to find a crazy scientist who makes experiments on animals and wants power over the world...Start off on the scientists island outside his fortress with high walls. Get inside find out where he is hiding and - kill him! Inside the walls there is like a zoo with various animals and a door down into the scientists rooms. Find the coin to open that door get through his rooms kill him take a slide into a big pool and it's over..." - G.Croft (18-Nov-2003)
"This is an interesting level but I have a few questions. What is the motorbike necessary for? What is the first courtyard necessary for where Indy went dry? What is the first lion's head necessary for - as it raised a single column which was useless? And why there's no Laser Sight on the level? I had to use an Explosive Crossbow Arrow for shooting the gem in the mouth of the lion's head. Anyway this is not a difficult level. There are not too much enemies and you don't need to kill the animals in the Zoo for getting the Coin. There's a bull above next to the Scroll but he's neither dangerous. There are some bats a demigod several scorpions a soldier and 2 harpies in the library. The textures are nice but there are no extra things as well as added sounds. Still it was a good adventure. Although I was looking for the Laser Sight for a long time at the beginning. :) I found only 1 secret: the Crossbow Ammo at the beginning of the level." - Obig (18-Nov-2003)
"Very hard to describe this level - crazy is the word. Well just quickly it's a huge high walled fortress that you have to get inside. Shooting swinging balls and climbing up to the green surrounding slopes to get the crossbow and a secret. There's a crazy setup of opening doors in the fortress walls a crazy idea of shooting gems in lion's mouths (without a lasersight) and not needed anyway. There's a bike to take inside but I never used it. Laid out inside are walled animal enclosures and waterways with shark and crocodiles. You have to find certain wall switches and floor levers to get inside a very cramped building with a globe (no idea what that does) find the scroll and use another floor switch while a bull is getting set to gore you (that was a little exciting). All this opens double doors to climb down to a large underground library. Clever use of floor tiles to open doors and find a gem and more levers. The whole thing is supposed to be a crazy scientist's animal experimentation complex - I wonder if the demigod is supposed to be him - one of his experiments on himself perhaps!? The last thing I did was run past two golden harpies and a guard and slide down to a little lake. Do have a look at the rats in the zoo area they're good. A nice diversion." - CC (18-Nov-2003)
"There you are standing in front of a fortress and now figure out to get in. Finding 3 blue balls to shoot and a bike to ride and then what....?? Well in my case I lost some health and went through some spikes to climb up onto the green embankment so I could get onto that fortress. Finding that crossbow is a must as there is some practice shooting to do. What the bike was there for I don't know so I just took it for a ride around this fortress and once in the building you don't need it. The trick is however how to get into the building as some gates will be open but also some of them are red herrings. Only problem I encounter was to search for a good place to shoot the gems out off the lions heads. For the rest it was not that difficult. I only shot the bats and the guard that was nearly at the end. That bull must have been very docile as I had no problem with it. There were still two blue doors closed when Lara hit the finishing trigger. There is also a pet hate of mine in here no indication whatsoever what you can climb and what not. I think I found 2 secrets one of them ammo and one the grenade gun (not so sure if the latter was a secret though) Lara is off now as she does need a good soak after all that running around. 25-10-2003" - Gerty (12-Nov-2003)
"This is one of those levels that just didn't work for me. The texturing was too eclectic; the gameplay too scrappy (hiding crucial objects in dark corners in very large labyrinthine open areas is just too nasty); and the puzzle logic too obscure. The Menagerie worked well and was a really good idea; but overall I felt that the level's title took on an unfortunately appropriate significance." - Orbit Dream (11-Nov-2003)
"This level is created from an interesting concept the author details in her readme file. The game opens with Lara standing outside a huge building. She must figure a way in and continue with the other not-too-terribly challenging puzzles. I enjoyed the zoo area. Not all of the creatures are represented but the ones that are were in nice enclosures that allowed them to roam around. Very appropriate. You could create enemies in the game if you jump into the animal areas but other than that there are none. I enjoyed solving the few puzzles the atmosphere was nice and bright and the game moved fairly quickly. Go get it!" - Wendee (08-Nov-2003)
"Interesting idea this. The readme made it sound rather like the Island of Dr Moreau. There are vast areas to explore but I wasn't quite sure why the motorbike was provided as initially you need to search the green ledges most thoroughly or you will miss the crossbow ammo and a secret. If you do miss the first lot of explosives another lot is provided in the library. You will need them to shoot gems in lions' mouths as there is no laser sight to be found (or at least I couldn't find one). Rather different use of the bull in this level - setting him to guard a lever - but I have no idea what the pushable globe in the same room was for. The zoo-like area with all the animals is rather well done and if this level does betray its first time origins somewhat it also displays imagination and potential. I shall be watching for more from this author. 1.11.2003" - Jay (02-Nov-2003)
"This level is about as crazy as the title implies - Lara has to break into a huge fort and kill a mad scientist that's been experimenting with wild animals. Some of the animals are in the huge zoo outside there Lara finds dogs crocs rats scorpions fish wild boars and even a shark who you must take a swim with to find a much needed object. Soon you'll make your way into the underground library where you'll need to open quite a few doors and use a scroll that you'll find near the bull. I never found a scientist to kill unless it was the Demigod and the level ended when I slid down into a room of water. This is a great level for anyone that wants to look at something different for about an hour." - RaiderGirl (30-Oct-2003)
"I'm afraid I liked the story behind this better than the level. The story seemed a set up for a mad scientist and his bevy of creatures. Instead it's just a huge place with very little to do. Gameplay involves more than just running back and forth looking for a handful of artifacts. I would urge the author to think about their story more carefully in the future. For example design it so Lara had to get past increasingly more dangerous creatures until the baddest is before the end. It is a good setup and could have been a killer level." - Duncan (30-Oct-2003)
"The author's third level and I think it's better than the previous ones. The player is wandering mostly in outside areas and inside what looks like a zoo. I liked the rats that were standing in their two legs and there was a weird yellow fish inside the water that I didn't recognize. Other animals and potential enemies are crocodiles dogs wild boars sharks and bats. The main goal is to make it inside one of the buildings and eventually reach the libraries after opening various golden doors you find the exit which is nothing else than a slide down to the unknown. The crossbow was cleverly hidden since it was right in front of you but you can't actually see it; my advice is to search everywhere carefully. I didn't find a laser-sight and according to other players the explosive arrows must be used in order to shoot the gems the lions hold in their mouths. A scroll a token and a gem are necessary to proceed and you must avoid a bull in a narrow room. Maybe some better lighting and definitely more puzzles would have given a better feeling about this level. Nevertheless I enjoyed it and would ask Nadia to keep building as it's obvious she is in a good track. Take a break from the more challenging and more complicated levels to take a look at this one." - Kristina (27-Oct-2003)
"Well the level has its charms and I can't say I didn't enjoy playing it but it's not the most memorable experience either. There are no puzzles to speak of I still don't know what many of the things I did achieved the textures though not perfect (actually there are a lot of flaws) are OK the lighting is not as detailed as it could be and even if the game follows a certain storyline the flow can be stopped by not knowing what and how you did something - you can come to a receptacle of a gem/scroll and notice you don't have it the same scenario for the corssbow that can be found very early on the motorbike and the gem on the wall of the fort are not essential and confuse you. Well those are the main flaws - otherwise an enjoyable level - not among the best but worth a try." - eTux (27-Oct-2003)
"I like the way the author introduces you to the world of the mad professor. Very rapidly it is clear the fortress hides some mysterious secret it's keeper definitely does not want to become known to the rest of the world. Once you get on the outside walls of the fortress for instance you'll meet your unsuccessful predecessors. Unsuccessful for they are merely bones lying around now... Even before that things go 'bump' with all those bells starting to swing as soon as you run by them (was it intended that way without even to shoot at them? Not sure but it might be). The area with all the animals was nice especially the rats seemingly clapping their hands lol! Once you enter the lower section (library) I definitely felt some tension: with a little more work it could have turned really creepy. Gameplaywise nothing special but not boring either though the opening of all the gates after the library section may take a while if you don't look around carefully (sneaky texture alert) unless you have a fixation to step on every tile in each room... In some areas though you can get stuck (outside section with the skeletons of your predecessors). The rooms look basic (all rectangular/square) but that's acceptable for it being a fortress after all. All in all a nice in-betweenie-level. Worth a try!" - bERT (27-Oct-2003)
"A somewhat different looking Lara with her hair falling in her face and wearing a blue belly button showing outfit with clunky shoes and glasses. Running around a rather large building finding wall levers the cross bow and finally the coin that lets you enter into the home of a crazed scientist. Lots of gates to open via trigger tiles and there is a Grenade Gun towards the end but no worthy bad guys or situation to be of any real use. Running around the building and jumping to the green hedge does get monotonous after awhile and some of the textures need work but the builder has perfected the art of trigger tiles and there is an interesting staircase made out of books. There is also a bull that I never encountered only heard - I'm sure that was my mistake not the buider's. Not a hard level. It's one that Raiders of all ages might enjoy." - Bene (27-Oct-2003)