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Looking for Information by Thor

Bene 7 7 7 7
Catherin 6 6 7 6
CC 3 4 4 5
dya1403 3 5 3 5
eTux 2 3 3 4
Gerty 3 4 5 5
Jay 4 4 5 6
Jose 3 5 3 7
Josi 3 4 4 6
Kristina 2 3 4 4
MichaelP 4 4 3 4
Obig 4 4 4 4
Orbit Dream 2 3 3 5
Ryan 3 4 4 4
Sash 2 3 3 4
TimJ 5 5 5 6
Tombaholic 3 3 5 7
Treeble 3 5 5 5
Wolf7 1 3 5 4
Xela 4 5 4 4
Yoav 4 5 4 5
release date: 09-Nov-2003
# of downloads: 58

average rating: 4.25
review count: 21
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file size: 15.10 MB
file type: TR4
class: Shooter

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Reviewer's comments
"A 15-minutes short shooter in a VCI environment that was rather nicely done for a beginner level. You will basically kill ninjas dressed up as guards and find keys. The linear nature of the level makes you sometimes forget to check a room to the side and I finished with a spare guardian key but without the uzis. You can definitely see that the builder tried to build a convincing office setting with a good choice in objects and textures. That said, the textures seemed to have pixelated noise. Give this a try if you've got 15 minutes to spend and are a bit bored." - TimJ (02-Aug-2022)
"I would kindly want to ask where do 7 come from in this level? There is nothing coming even close to a 7 in this custom level.
Gameplay is rather non existent, well at least we got guards to shoot, yeah, but what is up with those interminable ladders and long ventilation shafts? Excuse me but that were the mistakes I did once, when I thought the more time you spend doing something as annoying the better it was. Beyond that the level does not have anything worth mentioning and it is pretty forgettable.
Enemies were plenty, even way too much, I found nice their new look, I hated to see their wad was the red ninja one, WOOO HOOO YOU SHOOT 'EM, THEY PROTECT THEMSELVES AND YOU NEED TO SPEND EVEN MORE TIME COMBATTING, that is a no for me, I excuse. Shooters are fun, but annoyingly meticulous do not work in Tomb Raider, if I want that, Dark Souls II is on the run. There was kind of a secret? It was some grenade launcher ammo and a grenade launcher, literally the best secret I could have found, I am not joking neither I am being sarcastic.
The atmosphere, while not being great at all, was bearable, I did find myself liking some of the rooms and the overall aesthetic of them, definitively the strongest point, most of the other rooms are way to bland or repetitive to be memorable.
Texturing was okay for the most part, except the for the obnoxious repetition of textures near the end and some rooms which looked awful, the lighting was mostly unoffensively meh, some rooms again had better lighting and most were plain.
Overall It is a very short adventure which will last you a 15 minutes? If you get lucky with the red ninja guards, not really worth playing. Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (16-Jun-2021)
"This can easily be classed as a shooter as that's what most of it boils down to, but there are quite a few guardian keys (always on guards) along the way, and some buttons to side rooms with nothing but guards inside. There's plenty of pickups along the way, too. Visually it doesn't look bad despite the obviously simplistic approach. Good for a quick and hassle-free raid. 10 minutes. 09/20" - Treeble (27-Sep-2020)
"Not funny this labs level 'cause the only things you need to do is press some buttons, place some keys and shoot enemies here and there. The environments have a good look, but the background music is not very appropriate and there are not cameras to create atmosphere. If you are a shooter perhaps this level can be good for you." - Jose (25-Jan-2018)
"Well, that ended before I knew it. A simple, linear run-through a not badly made VCI environment, shooting guards (who act more like your standard TR4 ninjas), collecting some Guardian Keys, picking up a lot of unneeded supplies and doing some swimming. Not that much to the gameplay otherwise (and was the looping action music really needed?) but I thought it looked nice." - Ryan (16-Apr-2017)
"I can't say that I'm overly impressed or overly disappointed with this level. It's a fairly simple building with a few rooms and average texture use. The elevator room looks neat until you look up and see that the elevators aren't actually connected to anything, and that the room itself is warped. The one track of music is repeated constantly, which can be grating to some. What saves this level are the moments where you fight multiple ninja-security guards. Other than that, the level has no real challenge, and not much reason to explore it." - Xela (26-Oct-2013)
"Glad this level ended so soon cause the repeating music was driving me nuts! Just joking! Anyway was nice to get all that action. I didn't understaind why I needed so much flares wich I discovered in a couple of rooms if it was gooing to end soo soon. I also noticed that the walls in the underwater passage seemed to be crumbling down." - dya1403 (16-May-2006)
"Don't know why this is stated as a shooter level. There aren't many enemies but it is a really nice level; unfortunately it's a short one though. It is well designed and this level's got a really good atmosphere and textures (I like these kind of VCI levels anyway). Lara's outfit (black shorts, shirt and boots) is just brilliant. I did enjoy this level and had fun playing it. 20-04-05" - Tinka (19-Apr-2005)
"I have three letters for you V.C.I. that alone says it all! Your in one of them buildings you're shooting some guards (retextured red ninjas) that of course don't shoot back you do a bit of climbing jump on top of some elevators and end after fifteen minutes wondering 'what information?' I'm not sure but I think I collected at least one of the two secrets the grenade gun but as it didn't register and my sound was turned down because my fiancee was sleeping right on the couch next to me I couldn't tell if I got the chime really though even if I didn't collect either I'm in no great hurry to go search for them. This is one for the diehard V.C.I. lovers." - Sash (24-Jan-2004)
"This short story takes place in a high rise. Your objective is killing guards for getting their Guardian Keys which are used for opening doors. You will also get the UZI and Shotgun but they won't be heavy needed as the guards have only the weaponry of the black-red dressed Bedouins familiar from TR4. I didn't find any Secrets I think there are none of them. There are no added sounds and the textures are everyday. But it does worth a game. :)" - Obig (22-Dec-2003)
"This is a fast pace level where you need to find Guardian Keys. You start out in an office building and immediately you meet the enemy re-textured sword wielding ninja's. There is an impressive elevator shaft and apart from that it is an very straight forward game. Pushing buttons and placing the Guardian Keys. Found the grenade gun the shotgun Uzi and even the sight and never used any of that. Funny was seeing one Guard what looked like he was using one of the toilets. The music however got on my nerves. But it is a nice rather short level in between the hard ones I would say. 10-11-2003" - Gerty (20-Nov-2003)
"Shoot the ninjas pick up guardian keys. That's about it really. A short quite nicely built VCI style level. Not a great deal to do but my real complaint was the looped 'jeep' music which I don't much care for at the best of times. This level may be only ten minutes long but ten minutes of that damn music would have driven me demented. I turned the sound off." - Jay (20-Nov-2003)
"Two and a half years ago this would have been given very high praise but custom levels have reached such a high standard that to people who have been playing all this time this is quite tame stuff. A large VCI building where the wall/floor/ceiling textures are everything the level has to offer visually a few crates cola machines and I think a plant but the lift shaft is very well done. So here's how it goes shoot a guard get his key use key in door beside where you found it if not push button on wall shoot guard inside and get his key. It was only a matter of time (and I think it's been done before anyway) that all those open toilets we see in levels were going to be used you can shoot this guy in the back or run out the door. Moving swiftly on I liked the room with the huge VCI sign black leather sofas and glass table. I don't think it all took ten minutes to do. I liked Lara's outfit black top shorts and boots she's all set for action. Perhaps through that last door there was something worth coming here for oh well maybe next time!" - CC (18-Nov-2003)
"A simplistically textured and hardly lit VCI building which offers a linear 15 minute path through it picking up and using four guardian keys along the way killing a dozen ninja trained guards and a few long crawls and climbs thrown in to slow down the non-existing gameplay even more. But I did like the elevator and the nice view from the terrace. Had to switch off the repeating music loop though as that did get on my nerves after a while." - Michael (14-Nov-2003)
"A fifteen-minute scamper through a VCI environment. Shoot many guards pick up items and keys; crawl run climb - that's about it. Decent texturing and lighting and a couple nicely designed rooms are wasted due to the lack of any appreciable gameplay." - Tombaholic (13-Nov-2003)
"A typical ten minute run through/shooter in a VCI environment. Lots of guards lots of pickups lots of empty rooms. Well is there something positive about this? The texturing is quite ok and I liked the view up in the elevator room and those are the only things for what it's worth to see the level. Not overly bad but worse than average decide yourself." - eTux (13-Nov-2003)
"Did I miss the point here? You run around in a fairly well-realised Office setting blasting Guards and climbing up walls a lot until fifteen minutes or so have elapsed; at which point the level ends in a wholly unexpected manner at a completely arbitrary moment. The Guards have undergone Ninja training (and one of them was surprised while standing at a Lavatory) but there seemed absolutely no point to Lara's quest. As a result her killing of all the Security Men seemed rather pointless. As did the level. Damn fine Lift Shaft though." - Orbit Dream (12-Nov-2003)
"This is a level with a VCI theme and Lara in black is searching or rather picking up guardian keys. The level is rather simple and I finished it in fifteen minutes. You get to kill guys that have a ninja's sword push a few buttons pick up some weapons and that's all. I never liked VCI levels but then again it depends on the way the enemies are placed and the puzzles you will get which in this case are none. I would say to the author for the next level to try and work more on the story and more importantly add puzzles which will provide some challenge to the player. A first try I presume." - Kristina (12-Nov-2003)
"A short level in a VCI building not much to do but shooting guards that behave like ninja's (and also have swords) push some buttons and place some keys. You go through a vent-system but you don't have to crawl all the time and an elevator shaft. One of the offices has a window to a water room it would have been great if that was an aquarium now it's just a room with water and two pickups. The view from the balcony to the city was nice. A lot of pickups even the lasersight but never found the revolver or crossbow and a lot of flares you not really need. And I can't make much out of the readme but it looks like there's more to come." - Josi (12-Nov-2003)
"The gameplay in this level is easy all you need to is to kill guard and open doors I finished the level in 20 minutes." - Yoav (12-Nov-2003)
"This is a straight forward shoot-'em -up. Lots of gunfights. Killing enemies gets Lara Guardian Keys that give access to pick ups in storerooms. Action takes place in VCI office complex and Lara has on a black shorts outfit. No puzzles or secrets but well done......over in minutes." - Bene (11-Nov-2003)