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In London: Big Church/Underground by Ego

alan 7 7 7 7
CC 8 7 8 7
Dhama 7 6 3 2
Dimpfelmoser 10 9 9 10
eRIC 10 8 8 7
eTux 8 8 7 6
G.Croft 8 7 8 8
Gerty 8 8 9 8
Jay 8 7 8 8
Jose 7 7 8 8
Kristina 10 8 8 9
Magnus 7 7 8 8
MichaelP 9 8 8 8
Miguel 7 6 7 7
Monika 9 8 8 8
Nomad 9 7 7 7
Orbit Dream 8 7 7 7
Percys 9 9 8 8
Phil 9 8 9 9
Qwendo 9 8 9 10
RaiderGirl 9 9 9 9
Ryan 8 8 8 8
Sash 9 8 8 9
Staticon 8 8 7 7
Torry 6 6 6 6
Treeble 8 6 7 8
release date: 20-May-2001
# of downloads: 108

average rating: 7.77
review count: 26
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file size: 20.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I wouldn't exactly call this an epic, but there's a surprising amount of tasks to accomplish in a game of this age. You get two parts here in a city and library setting, the second part being far longer and complex. Some of the effects and puzzles seen here must have been a real treat back when this was released and today I still found them to be really cool touches. The ninja attacks were a bit repetitive and I found them to not fit well in this setting and I had seen more than enough spiked ball traps than I would care for (despite them being very well set up), also the dark corners were a bit unnecessary, but as a whole I found this entertaining and well worth a look if you're up for it." - Ryan (29-Jun-2018)
"A level kind of similar to Thames Wharf from TR3. It's not very straightforward at the beginning, but once you enter to the church it becomes a bit more simple. The inside of the church is so bland and empty of objects; I didn't like that a lot. I did like the areas with the red ducts, the steam and the fire, though. You find ninjas as enemies and Egyptian puzzle items, which don't quite fit the level setting, but I guess that was the only .wad available at that time. There is enough ammo, medipacks and flares in this level, so you will have enough items to kill the enemies, heal Lara and see in dark places. In level 2 we get deeper into the church. There's a change of textures from London to library ones. Here you have to run through many passages, looking for puzzle items, but also avoiding deadly traps like boulders and spikes. I liked the water bridge that appears at skme point in the level, and that you can stand on it to help you reach the top of a structure. There are also some transporters that transport Lara to higher places. This game can be confusing at times, but not always, so I think anyone can complete it. " - alan (12-Jun-2018)
"Sorry but this is quite a standard level set with not much to tax the experienced raider, with far too much back tracking, crawling and aimless wandering about. The only stand out for me were the falling (not rolling) boulders where Lara had to jump grab a ladder go up quickly, back flip twist grab another ladder to avoid the falling boulders and then repeat the whole process to avoid yet another set of falling boulders." - Torry (20-Mar-2018)
"I had fun in this London/Library adventure. You begin on the rooftops facing a huge building (the church) which you will have to travel all around and the journey makes a lot of sense with a realistic exploration. The setting is cold and bland with the empty church, simple tiles and damp concrete walls but for some reason it fits the level. The interior of the church can be confusing with all its doors and upper sections but once you explore it a couple of times the design starts to click in your head. There is a very well made part consisting of getting into the ventilation and avoding loads of fire and steam to get a star, tricky and solid. There also was a secret which you have to do a banana jump to reach and I found it a tad cheap, that jump should normally be impossible and the idea is relying on a glitch. Shame on you! Anyway, the second level is interesting as well. It shares the empty and bland look of the first level yet the gameplay is more about a series of creative traps and puzzles than exploration oriented. Loved the boulders triggering doors and the flame puzzle reminiscent of the diving area of TR2. I can't really say what the heck happened at the end though. If the gameplay was supported by more artistic scenery and decorations etc. (especially in the second level) these levels would be close to the level of the classics. Recommended." - Nomad (29-Jun-2017)
"This is yet another game I played many years ago before I began reviewing. It seemed rather innovative at the time and remains a most enjoyable raid. It's in two parts - the first is fairly straightforward, but the second is quite challenging, with some tricky traps, imaginative puzzles and excellent 'special effects'. The enemies consist largely of ninjas, which is not only a touch boring but also somewhat incongruous in view of the supposed London setting. Overall though it's definitely a rewarding experience for players with a bit of playing time under their belts. Really not one for newbies." - Jay (03-May-2016)
"The first level is not very entertaining, with repetitive tasks like all those jumps at the top of the numerous libaries (so many libraries in a cathedral?); the only fun I got in this level was in the burners area. The second level is longer and complex, full of special effects, teleporters, clever traps and tricky tasks. All in all I noticed the gameplay confused and strange. Many rooms are very empty of objects, and enemies are not well balanced. I missed cameras when triggering something and some hints in certain places (the room with the red walls and the almost invisible crack). Also the black rooms near the ending or the many shadows in another rooms didn't give a nice touch to the environments. But this levels could be good for expert players." - Jose (25-Nov-2015)
"This is the level-set that Dimpf used to wax lyrical about at every available opportunity.In a way,I can understand why;but,for all it's imaginative touches in the gameplay department,it must be said that the looks in the first level (excepting the church interior) are decidedly run-of-the-mill;while the flat lighting does nothing to aid the atmosphere.The texturing in the outside area is decidedly scrappy,with little of the environment resembling London in any particular way;while the gameplay,despite some interesting 'been here before but from a different angle' moments,is little more than average - and,indeed,not a little confusing at times.It's when the player reaches the second level that everything picks up! The gameplay becomes ingenious and thoroughly gripping;while the environments (aided by some clever texturing and lighting effects) are hugely effective. Although confusing at times,the solutions to some of the puzzles (especially the timed door) are absolutely inspired.Flip maps are used dramatically;enemies are well placed;and the whole thing simply buzzes along in very fine style.For me,it's all about getting through the less than satisfying first level in order to get to the good stuff - but it's asolutely worth it!" - Orbit Dream (28-Nov-2013)
"A little rant can sometimes go a long way to aid a level's popularity, and Dimpfelmoser had ranted and advertised this enough for quite a lot of players (me included, though very belatedly) to also cave in and give it a shot. Having probably been a bit too harsh on Ego's Ghost Ship and dabbed in the guilty pleasure of City of the Dark (demo) in my early reviewer days, I might have ended up wanting to like this 85 minute double-level more than actually genuinely enjoying it at first, but once the initial confusion is overcome, it does end up growing on you. While these days I would criticize a level for making settings too obviously gameplay-driven and not trying to find a finer balance between looks and tasks (as could be the case of some of the library rooms here, among other areas), I decided to cut some slack for In London, partly due to its age, partly because it's usually a high-end criticism for more complex levels, and partly because it works well enough overall to get a passing grade even where this is an obvious 'violation.' It also is less of an issue, because the level will seldom really stand out for anything looks related - the initial outside area could've been impressive if the lighting wasn't as consistently flat throughout the double-feature, the stained-glass room in the church another highlight, but I'll agree that the water-bridge and final blue room are really the closest this ever comes to eye-candy. But the strengths of this game lie in the gameplay - already the starting sewer section is entertaining enough on its own, the course through the church being set up rather nicely, but, while still present in a more subtle manner in level one, it really starts to shine with a handful of inspired moments when you get closer to the second level of the set. The 'teleporters' were nicely crafted, the water bridge serving gameplay in both environments - when you have to swim *and* walk on it, and some use of the flipmaps and rollingballs, if creative enough by themselves, are all the more impressive for offering tasks I have not seen done in over a 1000 other levels I've played and reviewed to date. That's not to say I have no issue with some of the setups here - as soon as the boulder-palooza begins, the nano-second camera bug kicks in in both levels, making it at times hard to estimate what a switch does even if the author had the foresight to provide a camera-clue in the first place. There's a clever ambush setup in level one where, once you take a Hand of Orion pickup in a room, a baddy turns off the light, locks Lara in the room and comes barging in - however if you happen to place the Hand of Sirius in the same room after picking up that item, the trigger for the Hand of Sirius will not work anymore, so you have to be wary if you have it by then. The author does also rely a bit too much on walk-through walls, but he always hints at their existence either by a fire going through it or a ninja suddenly jumping out of one, so I considered it fair game here. You encounter the flare-bug closer to the end of it, and while it has its fair share of dark corners, darkness wasn't really an issue for me here. Bottomline - this truly is an inspired level for any time really and very worth checking out for its (numerous) better moments - but I feel it would've fared even better with me if the lighting had been more sophisticated and it was not possible to mess up some of the author's creative ideas from the player's side." - eTux (10-Oct-2011)
"I decided to play this two-parter rather late (2/05) because of Dimpfelmoser's review and some rave references to it in some of his more recent posts. I wasn't disappointed, either. The settings are quite massive, complex and gloomy, and the gaming experience reminded me a lot of we found when we played Ghost Ship. Even with eRIC's excellent walkthrough, you can expect to spend a couple of hours making your way through this adventure. There are some neat touches here, particularly in the second level, where you encounter a water bridge spanning a room and first swim through it and then wade on top of it. The enemies are mainly if not exclusively ninjas, but you'll want to play this one for the challenges the gameplay offers. Try it, you'll like it." - Phil (21-Feb-2005)
"I believe Ego is Japanese and if he is you shouldn't have a single doubt regarding the complexity of these levels. This is the second time I've booted the level but just this time I persevered until the end. There's a rule regarding Japanese levels (where most of the levels follow that rule) - not for beginners. This is no exception. Oh yes I did get in trouble installing these levels. Luckily eRIC has written quick guidelines on his walkthrough. Check them out before pushing this level aside. Big Church (75 minutes): you start on the rooftops and the first time I booted this level I canned it fifteen minutes after. Now almost three years later I am back for another try. Couldn't believe how simple it was but back then I was just a beginner. Didn't think you'd have to jump slide shimmy backflip and twist all around another rooftop before jumping to the church. Really this one was pretty complicated and several times I found myself running around and around. Had to check the walkthrough a couple of times because the map is huge and although it's not complicated the areas always look the same and if you think 'library' as reference you will get nowhere. There are four or so libraries here. Across your quest you'll find Hand of Orion and Hand of Sirius and the Ba Cartouche which will lead you to a teleport area and from there you are given access to the underground. There were very few objects most of the rooms were empty (or with the occasional pickup) so I rated that category a little lower. The level was mostly dark and in some points the flare bug would occur. Underground (30 minutes): this one was a little easier than the first because the map was a little simpler but it was still a little confusing. Your mission is to gather the Ba Cartouche pieces and use them to open a passage into oblivion and from there you have access to a mysterious blue room *spoiler* which would lead Lara to the treasure she was after but just before she reaches it she'll be thrown back to reality. *end of spoiler* This level was pretty impressive I must say. Also there were some rolling ball puzzles and oh boy was I pissed when I did dodge a 'first' rolling ball and why why did I stand up? I couldn't help but laugh. In short - really great levelset sometimes complicated and confusing. Definitely a must for experienced players." - Treeble (23-May-2004)
"Installing this mini game is easy once you know what to do. Rename the Tut2.tr4 into Settombs.tr4 and use the original DAT files. Well I finally made it through this level and I am glad. Speaking with Matthias the other day he still goes on and on about this level and in a way he is right. Everything is in here traps with nasty boulders spikes and fire timed runs (luckily not that many) jumping swimming and you get transported a few times. Atmosphere was great a bit dark and the textures not really helping to brighten things up. Enemies are ninja's and they are placed really well. The first part is getting over roofs into buildings finding two Hands and a Cartouche the second half is more spooky. Exploring around sarcophagus where mummies roam is eerie to say the least. Walkthrough walls with great little hints the water tunnel. Finding the two Hands and again another Cartouche is your main goal here. It is not a walk in the park especially the second half and it was mighty confused at times. I also was very glad to have a walkthrough at the end as I never could have finished it on my own. 26-09-2003" - Gerty (05-Oct-2003)
"Two levels here in a big church and underground naturally. Lara starts standing on the roof of a cathedral complex not a bad sight at all. The rest of this first level is very plain looking with a lot of huge empty rooms. Confusion is the order of the day for me at least. I was all over the place trying to see what I did or didn't do. I did like the hopping on the rafters the library rooms with jumps and climbs and that rotten fire room that took me forever to jump over the slopes. In the second level under the church those transporter beams made me jump what a surprise. Fascinated looking at the water bridge loved the climb-ups dodging boulders some of those boulder and fire traps were a nightmare. Some very unique puzzles like the one with floor switches underwater and the run around so you can get to them the timed runs and the runthrough walls. That blue room was gorgeous and the unusual flipmaps and slide into nothingness. I found the levels very confusing so a good sense of direction is required. But it's well worth the download and considering the age they are wonderful levels." - CC (04-Sep-2003)
"Big Church (9/8/7/7): At the beginning Lara is on the roofs and must enter in the church. Once inside a hand of Orion and a piece of cartouche to find before returning outside to find a hand of Sirius and the other piece of the cartouche. Thanks to Dimpfelmoser and Raider Girl for their explanations in the forum. A lot of exploration is necessary coming along with good jumps and enjoyable platform gaming in several libraries. The flares bug appears after the rooms with the fire burners. I like a lot the gameplay although there are too many crawlspaces. The killing of the white ninjas is not boring at all at the opposite of other tutorial levels. The texturing is good but the poor church with only one stained glass and the other rooms seem empty. Maybe it is a deserted church. Underground (10/8/8/8): Lara is now going into the depths of the church in rooms with the textures of The lost library with more ninjas and crypts full of sarcophagus and mummies. These enemies are placed well. This level is a master of a level in the gameplay/puzzles category. I think this is the best level from this author. I have never really been stuck it was more easy than the first level. There is a couple of crawlspaces to notice in the walls some innovative and devious spiked balls traps timed doors a couple of walkthrough walls with hints to spot them a tricky jump in the room where the revolver can be found and a new combination of moves towards the end of the level. No flyby with the camera as usual in Ego's levels but some fixed cameras are very good and there is a lot of special effects. I like a lot the levels made by this author." - eRIC (23-Dec-2002)
"Big Church (9/8/7/7 60 min. 2 secrets): After sorting out some issues with the script files you can get started here (what worked for me was to use the standard scripts and rename the Tut2 TR4 files to settomb). Beginning high up on the roofs Ego takes you all the way up and down and around the huge church through a rather clever path which will have you thinking along the way as you often see things you only get to much later. There are two hands and two cartouche pieces to find. I liked the passage with fire and steam a lot but the overall setting in this hour of net gaming seemed a little dull and with rather poor lighting. Underground (9/7/8/8 45 min.): In part 2 you drop into a library textured setting which keeps the very inspiring search for the right path but adds a little more variety to the environment. The flipmap that lifts you to upper rooms is repeated here a few times there are two not so difficult timed sequences many boulder traps and as in part one a bunch of ninjas this time also supported by some mummies. The course is even more non-linear than in part one but you can always get beck to where you started. Yet again two hands and the two cartouche pieces are required and for me the water bridge and the neat special effects at the end were the highlights. The flarebug appears but is not a big problem here and despite the very smart hints the two walkthru walls were quite unnecessary in my opinion. Bottomline almost 2 hours of very inspiring raiding if you have the patience to find your way." - Michael (15-Dec-2002)
"You can tell this is going to be a special set of levels only moments after starting them. You find yourself standing on a high rooftop and the first thing you have to do is make your way around the city's skyline in order to get into the church. Once inside the search begins for the two hands and the cartouche and it will take quite a bit of exploring to accomplish. My favorite part had to be the search for the second hand that takes you back outside where you can see the hand behind a gate and have to figure out how to get into the room to pick it up. There are also some nice libraries to search and don't forget to check out the beautiful stained glass window. The second level is my favorite and with the many boulder traps spikes timed doors hidden crawlspaces timed fires and just overall confusion it was also the hardest. There are some cool effects in this level including a water bridge that appears high in a room walkthrough walls that are easy to find with either fire or ninja guides a room with a pool of water that has a floor lever and layer of air at the bottom an elaborate blue tinted room that will take you totally by surprise and floor tiles that transport you to other areas. There are few enemies ninjas and mummies but there are also few pickups (and I found two secrets) so conserve them all you can. Some advice that may prove helpful: in the first level don't pull the switch in the large library that opens the door to where you place the hand till you actually get the hand as the switch can't be reset; and in the second level once you get to the rooms that are filled with coffins don't go back to the original area till you get the piece of the cartouche you're after because the floor seals up and won't let you go back later - at least I didn't find a way back if there's a way to do it let me know. I have to take a point off game play for this because I had to replay the second level again and my rating for lighting was marked down just slightly as I felt some areas were too dark and the flare bug made it hard to look around. Despite these problems I found this to be an amazing set of levels and I loved the textures used which were those from the All Hallows level from TR 3." - RaiderGirl (15-Oct-2002)
"Big Church/Underground is a interesting Level. At the beginning I found it below average - a lot of errors less light/shadow the torches had the fire too high or too low and so on...But over time it became better as if the designer was learning more and more and then good ideas help you to go on playing. Suddenly good rooms and a good ambience good challenge jumping fire timed-doors and a lot of flipmaps...What I missed were the typical sounds of floor - wooden stone and others - all the same in the level. 'The Underground' is then much better - maybe the next level gets higher ratings...It's not top-class now but more than 2 hours of playing and a lot of good things." - Miguel (11-Sep-2002)
"This level is made up of two very different levels that if released as single levels still would have been given a well deserved high score from me. Church (1 hour): This has a brilliant large outdoor area made up of a handful of tall buildings where you start on the roof of one and have to find your way to the ground to eventually get into the building with the church inside it but there are a lot of very cool moves to make it there. The interior of the church building is sadly a little plain and really only filled with bookshelves but those bookshelves come in very handy the church itself though is quite lovely. I found the only secret in both levels here a fair few ninjas and a whole bunch of exploring which I loved. Underground (40 minutes): As I said this is very different and has you playing in what seems like an underground burial site with many sarcophagi mummies and ninjas. There is also a magical touch to this one that I found fantastic such as being transported from one room to another by standing on certain tiles cool water effects that has water tunnels appearing high across rooms and the end room that will take you by complete surprise throwing you outside. Unlike the first level this one uses loads of very well executed traps the hardest of these involving spiked boulders that had me cursing and reloading non stop. I just wish this level could have lasted a little longer. These two levels have a bit of everything that most players look for and it isn't always an easy walk in the park to get through some parts but when I finished it these levels left me totally satisfied." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"Ego continues where he finished with 'Ruins of a Castle'. Yet again a great level with a very complex design. The glass mosaic in the Church is just brilliant and the whole Church area is marvelous. I had 1.5 hours of fun searching for the puzzle pieces. The gameplay is rather non-linear and another feast for the eye is the huge library area. Will start the second part of the Level ('Underground') soon." - Qwendo (21-Jun-2002)
"A couple of fun levels especially the second one has many tricky traps and new ideas for puzzles. The first part is better on its looks - the big church quite ordinary gameplay. A bit tricky to get it to run though I managed thanks to the other reviewers - thank you!" - G.Croft (21-Jun-2002)
"Although I have rated this level quite low it is only because of the lack of atmosphere. Don't get me wrong though I think Ego has a talent and will come up with a winner soon. Lighting is very important and I think that he should use the 'Light' option instead of the 'Shadow' option in the Editor to make Lara look more 3 dimensional. If he took time to re-light both levels I would give a higher rating. Keep working at it Ego I like your style and would like to see more of your work." - dhama (21-Jun-2002)
"Matthias said so many good things about these two levels that I had to play them. And they are really good. The gameplay in the first level isn't very impressive you just perform lots of easy jumps but the second level is filled with clever traps. The thing that impressed me the most about the first level was that you enter the church run through a lot of rooms and then have to run through almost all of the rooms again but up in some unreachable place. Okay it doesn't sound very impressive but it is. The texturing is good especially in the first level. The lighting is good too even if I would have preferred more light. Overall two good levels that everyone should play (and review) just to make Matthias happy." - Magnus (21-Jun-2002)
"Well I actually started this game out of curiosity because dimpfelmoser was making such a do about it. When I started for a while I thought: 'This is not an underrated level'. Just bare rooms and not really knowing what to do. Then suddenly the game started to get interesting and it got so more and more and at the end I have to admit that this is fascinating one. There are tricky passages to manage. E.g. the fire room in the 'Big Church' or when spiky boulders come from everywhere in the 'Underground'. It is not an easy level to play and without help I couldn't have done it. Enemies are ninjas and mummies. You better be careful with the medi-packs because you need some and you don't get too many. The waterbridge and the transporting beamer squares were something special. Installing the level could put somebody off. I didn't use the english.dat but just left the original one. That way I didn't have the right level name but I could play with no problems." - Monika (21-Jun-2002)
"Big Church/London Underground is actually two levels. In the first Lara has to search a cathedral for some items. I wasn't impressed much by what I saw. Large rooms with grey textured walls without any details some crawlspaces some libraries and the cathedral itself (which was also a little disappointment). Lara was running around for eons trying to find out which lever had triggered which door and for entertainment only some ninjas showed up from time to time. I can't remember if there was any lighting at all everything was rather bright and Lara was looking like a 2-D-model from the Atari. Things changed a little when Lara - still in the cathedral level - reached the outdoor area where she had to solve some puzzles. Well and things changed a LOT when Lara entered the Underground level. Still I was missing the lighting but suddenly there were more puzzles and some really cool effects and ideas that I had never seen before and the end of the level was simply overwhelming. Yes the Underground level was excellent and the end was even brilliant. Was it worth working my way thru the "Church"-level first? Yessir it was. (My rating is of course a rating for BOTH levels.)" - Percys (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a brilliant level divided in two parts. I was very impressed by the puzzles and mostly by the different routes and the 'work' you have to do in order to get an important item or enter another area to be able to continue. Some traps are great especially the one with the balls coming down and the ladder beautiful. The atmosphere while progressing is getting better and better you can't imagine what's expecting you from the start because of the big buildings around you. I admit at first I thought this was going to be just about difficult jumps from one building to another let me tell how wrong I was. The puzzles are cartouche pieces and hands but the libraries and the way you 'travel' in the rooms are unique. Going through crawlspaces and air-ducts was one more element that made me like it the openings in some parts are so well hidden. For once the levers had a purpose than just push and open a door. The enemies are where they should be and that's in areas which are important so the player gets some difficulty although they are only ninjas. As for the textures I can't say they are out of the ordinary but they give a very good atmosphere along with the lighting. I loved the blue room and the way Lara could transfer from the upper level underground. A fire on the floor was the perfect hint although I missed to follow it. Besides the fact that I needed help sometimes I could never say I got bored playing it quite the opposite. Prepare for a real adventure with real obstacles don't miss it." - Kristina (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a BIG level split into two parts. Both parts are adequately described in other reviews so I will not repeat what has been said already. Suffice it to say that I enjoyed these levels. They both contained challenging puzzles and death defying leaps. My only criticisms are mainly aesthetic. Some of the rooms were large and empty which involve a lot of running just to get to the other end of the room and the lighting was rather bland. Too much use made of the shadow bulbs to darken areas rather than reducing the ambient light and lighting them thoughtfully. This took away some of the potential atmosphere for me. Still you can't have everything. I got three hours of gameplay out of these levels most of which was spent trying to solve puzzles. In my book that makes it worth playing." - Staticon (21-Jun-2002)
"Hello Jury. Helloooooo! Is anybody home? Where were you when we needed you most? Someone gave this Level only 2 points for lightning and textures. I think this is shocking! I mean someone gave Lara in a Box higher marks in that category (not me of course what are you thinking?). That's mocking the system. There is simply no way on earth that Dhama has finished this level cause right at the end you get the Blue Sphere which is one of the most beautiful rooms I've ever ran through. Not to mention the liquid bridge the other blue chamber and the church window. It's all very well done. Or the bit where the beacon leads you through the walkthrough wall. So many visually stunning moments in here. Hello Jury I demand that you all play this game and look for yourself and while you're there you can give it high marks cause this level is fantastic. Seems that it is the week of the underrated level for me. Alright I needed quite some time to finish this and enjoyed every second of it. Like in Ego's two other levels at the start you have no real idea what you're doing where you're going and you're constantly worrying that you've missed something but just let his magic work and you'll find your way and always come back to finish your business. How this evolves how this opens up and comes together again is truly amazing. Sometimes you get the feeling you must be stuck but you never are. You get some neat puzzles (one had me trying for ages although the solution was so simple it's just that I never did a thing like this before) some really good traps and a lot of unhealthy surprises. True the textures could have been a bit better in some areas but considering the size of this and it's brilliant gameplay I don't mind at all. You only get the gunslinging nomads as enemies but they are placed with care and gave me quite a shock on several occasions. Blimey I have no other option than to rate this very high cause the 7 3 it has so far is a smegging disgrace. Final note: Could it be that this has so few reviews because the English dat I got in the zip prevented the Level Editor from loading? I simply used the level editors script and renamed the second part settomb.tr4." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)