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Setback 6 - Search for the Amulet by Thierry Stoorne

Bene 8 8 8 9
CC 9 8 9 9
eTux 9 8 8 8
G.Croft 9 8 9 8
Gerty 8 8 8 9
Jay 8 8 9 9
Kristina 8 8 8 9
Magnus 7 7 8 8
MichaelP 8 7 9 8
Phil 9 8 8 9
Ryan 9 8 8 9
Sakusha 10 9 10 9
Sash 9 7 8 8
TimJ 8 7 8 9
Tombaholic 8 7 9 9
Treeble 8 8 9 9
Yoav 8 8 8 8
release date: 19-Nov-2003
# of downloads: 61

average rating: 8.32
review count: 17
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file size: 65.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This amazing journey comes to an end with a solid note, but perhaps there was a bit too much backtracking involved as you need to go back and forth operating levers quite a few times. The environments are gorgeous, so there's that, and I quite liked the pushblock puzzle, it's double-layered but not overdone. Combat also seems to go up to eleven, as at least once you're overwhelmed by skeletons (no big deal), and then afterwards you face four demigods at the same time (big deal). Fortunately you carry over all the inventory from previous levels so while you do eat up a few medipacks, it's over before you know it. Nice touch at the end with Jean-Yves wiating for you with a jeep. With a combined total of over 4 hours of gameplay, this series is definitely worth checking out, despite its age (although from what I've read, these levels might or might not have been remade for the author's more recent release, eventually I'll get to it). 55 minutes, 1 secret. 10/20" - Treeble (02-Nov-2020)
"The Setback series definitely ends on a high with this enjoyable level. This concluding level had the most enjoyable gameplay of the entire series, and my favourite sections were the block puzzle after the labyrinth, the target shooting puzzle and the opening of the cat state's eyes. Again, the surroundings and lighting is pleasing throughout and the gameplay should be accessible for everyone (aside from a hair-raising segment involving four demigods). About the series itself: I notched up 6 hours and 40 minutes overall, and I mostly enjoyed it, but the firstly two levels had a few annoyances that I could have done without. But, a great classic series overall." - Ryan (03-Nov-2017)
"It's hard to believe that I completely missed this fine series the first time around, but better late than never. The levels must now be downloaded as a group, and I had some issues early on with level changes, but I spent over seven and a half hours with these half dozen levels, and I throughly enjoyed myself. The gameplay is old school, but that never has been a negative in my book. The final level involves a bit more backtracking than I would have liked, but everything flows quite smoothly and you're kept constantly on your toes, even with that boulder trap only seconds from the end. The amulet itself is protected by a gauntlet of underwater spike traps, and it's tricky to swim to a tight safe spot between them as you wait to tackle the next one. The surroundings, the traps, the enemies - you've seen them all before, but they always seem to provide a fresh raid when they're put together with the proper attention to detail (and yes, lighting). Recommended." - Phil (14-Sep-2010)
"I find this level worse than the previous one. There was good ideas of course like the pushables which turn on laser beams to open a door or some well placed traps but this level was really too linear for me. There was a labyrinth but only to afraid : it was really easy to go out of it. The previous level was also linear but it doesn't seems so because of the great environment. In this one you usually have only one direction without any other choice. There wasn't a lot of ennemies : a few skeletons and some knights and - of course - several demigods. There is even a battle with four of them and I hope for you that you'll have enough medipacks and ammo because these demigods are strategically placed to hurt you anyway. But Thierry give us a lot of pickups so don't worry. I regret that the one secret you can find is the Amulet (like in the previous level) and can't be considered like a real secret. The atmosphere was really weird. I can't explain you what feeling it gave me... It was gloomy because of strange mix of the textures. I didn't really like it. Textures and lightings were good. I'd have added something to the lighting to break sometimes the monotony of the different rooms. I think Everyone can play this level. I find the end of this level series easier than the beginning. Anyway even if this isn't an extraordinary level series it's a really good one! Merci beaucoup Thierry! ;-)" - TimJ (17-Mar-2007)
"After putting the armor of Horus back in its place, Lara has triggered a system that has flooded the great hall and a passage has been opened. At the same time, she finds herself in two epochs: the Crusades and Ancient Egypt. The Crusaders are guarding the passage that leads to the amulet of Horus, which is protected by a cohort of demi-gods and a few wraiths. In this level, Lara's goal is to obtain the amulet of Horus (she will also need to get the silver key), which was hidden in order to protect the covetousness of a few priests. Therefore, that protection will disappear once Lara finds it. Apparently, six or seven men (hint: there are a few immobile skeletons around the area. Lara can use their equipment in order to survive a few battles) have attempted to obtain the amulet, but they have been killed by either demi-gods or the undead Crusaders. It seems that the Crusaders are still quite restless. The traps (blades, underwater spikes and the poisonous pool) are very well-conceived, the winding underwater passages can be challenging, the puzzles are quite original, and I was quite intrigued by the prism puzzle. The camera effects are well-made, the demi-gods have been retextured, the boulder that opened an underwater grate has stunned me, the 'eye' doors have surprised me, and the timed target (which allows Lara to open a door) reminds me of the one in 'Dynamite the fortress' (Lara had to shoot a board quickly). The crawlspaces and the switches are sometimes hard to find, enemies can come in groups more than once, and they are difficult to defeat (the showdown with the four demi-gods and the one with one demi-god protected by a group of skeletons). At the end of the adventure, Lara meets Jean-Yves, and the flyby shows a thank you note from the author, who has thanked those who helped him make this series possible. This level is a very nice conclusion to the Setback series." - Sakusha (03-May-2005)
"A nice ending to a nice level series. Around forty to forty-five minutes of pulling levers and... Well that's ninety percent of what you do actually. There are of course some more interesting tasks to deal with but I felt that there were too many levers. Where's the fun in pulling a lever and then just find another lever behind the door you just opened? There are some quite clever puzzles though. You also get to shoot some enemies and avoid a few traps. Nothing really challenging but it's quite fun. The level is also very linear so you don't need to worry about getting lost. The texturing is nice and the architecture is very impressive in places. The lighting needs some work though. It seems so... flat. Overall I liked this level. It was easy but I had a good time pulling lever after lever after lever." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)
"Since Setback 4 Thierry can't really do much wrong in my eyes he presents the player with great settings this time in an Egyptian temple and even better scenarios. In the last Setback the player had to find ways to reach levers and jump switches that never had a straightforward solution and in this hour long level it kind of follows that same theme but it still felt very different because there is also the inclusion of many really cool puzzles and new ways to hide the switches the underwater ones being just devious but extremely smart. The only things that possibly let it down slightly are that the rare but multiple attacks you face are easily dealt with because of ample weaponry though the 4 demigod ambush was still quite thrilling and that there is seemingly only one secret to find the Amulet and that just ain't enough for my liking. As others have mentioned the ending gives the indication that this may be the last in the series and if this is so it is going out on a definite high this will also mean now Thierry can bring us maybe a new series that can start from fresh beginnings and just like this series grow better and better with each episode." - Sash (24-Jan-2004)
"The final level of a very enjoyable classic TR series and it is definitely an enjoyable level. There are two rather serious problems with gameplay though: You can jump to the jump switch at the backend of the toxic pool immediately from the top losing rather little health and thus miss about half the level and finish prematurely. Also you can reach the end without picking up the amulet as you can survive the boulder and then crawl 'under it' to the exit. That aside if you play by the rules and get through the whole level you are treated to a little over an hour of entertaining and diverse gameplay including movable block and items knights skeletons and wraiths and I really liked the use of the mirrors and the 'eye-opening' effect. The swinging blades room was fun too and a bit of target shooting is thrown in as well. At the end you meet up with Jean Yves and celebrate your escape with the amulet. A great series that should be played in its entirety." - Michael (20-Jan-2004)
"The adventure continues with another good offering in this consistently enjoyable series. Battle your way past spikes pendulums door knives solve a nice Senet piece puzzle do some quite tricky target shooting - all good fun. Enemies are knights skeletons wraiths and demigods (four at once at one point). The closing scene with Jean Yves waiting by the jeep is particularly well done." - Jay (03-Jan-2004)
"This level starts off so slowly that I abandoned it the first time around. Lots of blocks to push to very obvious destinations as well as a long ladder climb had me expecting a dull level indeed. But don't be fooled once past the first tedious business this becomes a very finely crafted level in the most classic TRIV style. Granted the puzzles are not too difficult but they have the advantage of being solvable by thinking rather than 'intuition' or trial-and-error. You'll face a couple of health-draining battles including one with a demigod AND skeleton fought on an uncomfortably small bit of real estate. All this is set in beautifully designed and textured collection of rooms. A nice 1 hour little gem of a level." - Tombaholic (01-Jan-2004)
"This is a different ball game compared with Setback 5 and I did have a great time roaming in this underground tomb. Have to ask the author how to play this mini game in one go as I hardly remember what went on in the first couple of this series so that will be a nice trip back to memory lane for me. There is almost everything to find for everyone in this level and a tip for those underwater doors just tap the Ctrl to open them and don't hold that key as I did because that wont open them. There is exploring to do and be aware as there are traps also some practice shooting even a timed one. The battle with four demigods depleted my stash of medpacks first time around and it was fun to do that part over (and better) again. Seeing Jean-Yves waiting near the jeep was a sight for sore eyes. 21-11-2003" - Gerty (23-Dec-2003)
"Great fun gameplay with lots of tricks and traps and puzzling. I like the way you keep coming back to the same areas but from a different way. Lara's mission here is to retrieve the Amulet of Horus it's a pity though that the amulet is a secret and at first I finished without it...Enemies are demigods (4 at the same time at one point - phew) knights and skeletons." - G.Croft (28-Nov-2003)
"The savegame supplied didn't work on my Mac and this time my own savegame didn't work so I had to rename the tr4 to tut1tr4. The amount of thought that has gone into this level is terrific. The architecture texturing and lighting are superb as usual. Right from the very start we're treated to one new type of puzzle after another. The first being a boulder pushing exercise then after swinging blades and killing knights an underwater door opening exercise (took a while to figure that out). At this point I was stuck wondering how to get to a pull down switch in the room with the slope. I knew I could climb along the wall and I could see the block to be raised but how? So with no other choice I went back to the first pool and saw the trapdoor open (bit blooming obvious seeing as the boulder crashed down through it in the flyby). So this is not the usual linear level I'll have to go back on occasion to see what I did. But this backtracking is not tedious except perhaps the water tunnels but not too bad. A great level with plenty to do and in the end Jean Yves waits beside a jeep when Lara finally emerges into the outside world. I do hope this isn't the end. Or if it is at least I hope you continue to build levels Thierry." - CC (27-Nov-2003)
"From the last flyby I would guess that this could be the last level in the 'Setback' series and it's a pity if so cause I was enjoying myself here immensely. The tasks here are a bit sneakier than before (hardly recognisable and hard to spot underwater doors somewhere near the start sneaky timed runs with hidden elements well hidden crawlspaces and jump switches and battling 4 demigods at once) and sort of raise the difficulty level but overall I'd say all 6 levels are equally difficult with becoming harder only a little as you move on and that was about the only thing I didn't like with the series maybe it's my nil knowledge of French but I didn't feel any presence of a storyline (the seemingly irrelevant visit to the Egyptian ruins in level 3 and then returning back to the fortress to eventually find 5 armor pieces and the amulet in this level) and the plot wasn't unwrapped bit by bit as I personally prefer so partly this level leaves me unimpressed but that doesn't mean the series shouldn't be played! No - I'd even suggest you to download the 6 levels and play them right now as they are very atmospheric and pleasant to play. Well what are you waiting for?" - eTux (26-Nov-2003)
"Although I usually am not a fan of Egyptian levels I enjoyed this one. Well done crisp textures and a real puzzle trying to find a well hidden crawl space make this memorable. The movable pedestal pieces were fun to work out and the underwater doors very tricky and imaginative. If you're up to a fight with four demigods (at one time) - this is a 'can't miss' level. This seems to be the last in the series as Lara finds her jeep waiting at the end. We can only hope that Thierry has plans for another series. I know I will be looking forward to it." - Bene (26-Nov-2003)
"Very nicely designed level gameplay is good very good difficulty. Hard shot on red ball too much skeletons good atmosphere and good puzzles." - Yoav (26-Nov-2003)
"Here it is the sixth sequel of this series and a nicely done level. We find ourselves in the same room you were in the previous level but this time we going underground to explore area half filled with water toxic rooms and face skeletons and demigods. I must say the enemies weren't many and somehow it seemed like Lara was passing through areas unbothered; at least most of the time. Rolling balls and spikes are the main traps with a few raising blocks helping the player to proceed. One crawlspace near the end was very well hidden and got me stuck there for a while; it's easier of course when you know what you're looking for. I found one secret the Amulet and I wonder if this the end of the series since at the end of the level Jean Yves was waiting for Lara next to a jeep. I hope it will be another level this time with more outside areas allowing us to explore the desert. I am missing levels like King's Valley from TR4. Once again the author provides us with a savegame at the beginning of the level for those that haven't kept one or played the previous levels which is really commendable. No doubt this is a pleasant level to play." - Kristina (23-Nov-2003)