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Facing the Spirits of the Dead by Ruediger

Aims 7 7 8 7
Bene 9 8 8 8
bERT 7 7 7 7
Bogey 7 7 7 7
CC 6 6 7 7
Duncan 8 7 6 6
G.Croft 7 6 7 6
Gerty 7 7 7 6
Jay 7 7 8 7
Jose 6 6 6 7
Kristina 7 7 8 8
MichaelP 7 8 8 6
Navi 7 6 8 8
Orbit Dream 7 7 8 7
Phil 7 8 8 7
Ryan 7 7 8 7
Sakusha 9 7 7 7
Sash 7 8 8 7
Treeble 6 6 7 6
Yoav 7 7 8 7
release date: 26-Nov-2003
# of downloads: 88

average rating: 7.10
review count: 20
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file size: 18.26 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A fairly simple and straightforward level. You explore a number of side rooms in search for levers in order to proceed, but it's never too taxing other than a huge underwater chamber in the beginning (which got me disorientated for a good few minutes). I'd have expected the wraiths to play a larger role given the title and the opening cutscene showing four open graves, but alas that was not the case. Nice touch with the crosses though. Some areas were a bit on the dark side but generally speaking this was enjoyable while it lasted. 25 minutes, 3 secrets. 12/21" - Treeble (19-Dec-2021)
"The spirits in this level aren't (just?) dead, they're alive and kicking from the beginning. Fire wraiths and spirits make an appearance and the first area is very dark, so you'll have to be extra nippy to avoid losing too much health. Actually, the whole level is fairly dark and there's very few flares, which was rather annoying, but aside from that's this is a nice little level with a few nasty touches." - Ryan (24-Sep-2017)
"Not difficult to play this old level, but I found a couple of situations where I got disoriented: in the room with the timed raising blocks and, near the end, in the room with four solid blocks and the medipack; why? There is not a camera shot when you step onto the important trigger tiles. The game is entertaining with some tricky traps, action and no much backtracking. Some areas are too dark, and I missed some more flares. Well textured but often repetitive, the lights are well worked. Enjoyable." - Jose (04-Nov-2016)
"Here's another level that I played back in the Dark Ages, wrote a walkthrough for it, failed to review it, and then promptly forgot it. Upon replaying it I remembered absolutely nothing about it. I found I made a couple of errors in the walkthrough, too. One was a minor omission that shouldn't throw anyone off for more than a second. The other involves that spike-protected medipack near the end. Actually, there's no need to pick it up unless you just want to experience the thrill, as the trigger tile to purify the water is on a different pillar. I must have played this level before developing my loathing for dark levels, because this one is plenty dark. But ample flares are provided, so darkness isn't a big issue. I managed to find all three secrets, so I'm assuming I had the builder's help while writing the walkthrough. Or maybe not, because of the mentioned errors. Anyway, you'll finish this level in 45 minutes or so, and it's well worth the download." - Phil (01-Apr-2015)
"This was the only one from Ruediger I didn't play, probably because it crashed on me trying it in the MAC. On the PC there was no problem to get to the end. Ruediger has a bit of a mean streak in him as you can see in this level. Liked the graves with the skeletons but I didn't liked them when they finally woke up. Some parts are rather confusing, like the timed run I think nobody could make. Luckily found all the secrets or else I would in big trouble, medical wise. The level is either very bright or rather dark and the torch is not so much help, I rather have more flares. You do encounter quite some different enemies and some of them are still there, as I couldn't kill them." - Gerty (01-Mar-2011)
Lara finally faces the consequences of raiding tombs. The tormented spirits of the four fallen warriors (and eventually the skeletons of these fighters) will pursue Lara. Furthermore, bats, imps, hammerhead sharks and a demigod will attack her. This level abounds in darkness, but there are a few breaks every now and then. In this level, the author has made intricate traps. The ladder/spike/boulder combination and the blade/spike/chain trap were stunning. Lava can turn into water and there are blade traps in the underwater areas. The timed raising blocks were quite challenging, and the monkeyswing intrigued me. There are quite a few levers to pull and a pushable block puzzle where I once pushed many blocks at once. I have found two secrets in this level (a small medipack and a large medipack). At some point, Lara would need to use a key. I have noticed that the area's religion consists of a mix of religions (monotheistic and polytheistic). One of the buildings looks like a church (cemetery included), and one of the glass-stained windows depicts religious warriors. However, I wonder if that church is a shrine for the four fallen warriors. Inside the building, there is a golden statue, and in the room with the three doors, the 'eye' relic is protected (and deemed sacred) by glass-stained windows that resemble the relic itself. Later on, Lara would challenge an Egyptian demigod. So monotheism (the church) and polytheism (the 'eye' relic, the Egyptian demigod and the golden statue) are put together in this level. - Sakusha (09-Jul-2005)
"An original level from Ruediger. Lara discovers four graves whilst tombraiding one day but their spirits aren't happy bunnies. In fact near the end the skeletons in them come to life when you attempt to escape! This level is quite fun but some of the enemies and backgrounds seem out of place for example when you first go for a swim there are hammerhead sharks and later on when you enter the church and get deep into the secret passage beneath it you'll find a lava river with a demigod!! Not very holy lol! It is pretty dark at the beginning which is a pain in the backside especially when you have wraiths on your tail but after pulling a few levers the crosses above the graves all become electrified finishing off the evil ones! There are some original custom tunes which were eerie and went well with the surroundings and some tough areas with slicers and spikes. Other than that an enjoyable little level recommended for fans of dark and creepy settings." - Aims (30-Apr-2004)
"I had the same crash problem as others I read in the thread for this level. I downloaded the new .tr4 file in the thread and it still crashed on my mac. Starting in a very dark cave the idea being to open doors to get to levers which open other doors. This is a spooky area with open graves with skeletons in them with crosses over each. I triggered ghost and fire wraiths that all disappeared when I jumped into the water. I went swimming in one area through circular blade traps to a door that wasn't opened. Another area swimming again with a shark further in swimming to another shark area and a secret and another swimming area to another closed door. The last door opened and I saw a very nice texture picture this is where it crashed so I didn't get to see the famous rising blocks. I've given up now unless a better .tr4 file is supplied. So this isn't a proper review at all and shouldn't be taken seriously :-D." - CC (12-Feb-2004)
"Not only do you have to face the spirits of the dead in a cave right at the start of this level these being 2 water and 2 fire sprites as you frantically look for the ways to move on but at the end their mortal remains 4 nasty skeletons that once lay prone in open graves chase you right out to the finish of the level. Actually now that I think about it you pretty much get attacked at the most vulnerable places in this 35 minute level sharks in underwater caves where salvation only comes once you've figured out how to open a gate the little marshmallow boys in a crawlspace now that was an unexpected moment but the worst attack was to my mental state as I thought I was losing my touch when what seemed like a nice inclusion of a timed move almost broke my spirit that is until I thought maybe I'm going about this all wrong and I was let's just say that Ruediger is a very devious man. Maybe a little short for nowadays standards this is however packed with enough interesting things to keep all players happy including 3 secrets with the easiest being the hardest for me to find." - Sash (24-Jan-2004)
"This level begins in a cave of such inpenetrable gloom that I was almost glad when a couple of ice wraiths appeared to light the place up a bit. I wasn't so delighted when a couple of fire wraiths turned up especially as quite a lot of running around pulling levers was required. Oh the joy of finally finding some water to jump into. It was such a relief I quite failed to notice that a shark was snacking on poor Lara. There are some nice moments in this level and some sneaky touches. The misdirection with the rising blocks had me calling Ruediger a few choice names for a while - very sneaky indeed. I thought the scene showing the skeletons rising up from their graves was very nicely done although I wasn't so fond of them when they were chasing me round that dark room as I tried to find the exit. Not a long level but entertaining with one or two good (and not too hard) spike/boulder runs." - Jay (22-Jan-2004)
"Rüdiger had promised this level of his would be different and in a way it is but it still has all his trademarks and makes it one of his own. Starting from a nice short flyby with Lara in a neat outfit by Miss Kroft you immediately get busy with wraiths on your tail flipping switches and when you happily find the slide into water to escape the fire wraith a few sharks wait to bite poor Lara. Also there will likely a few reloads after drowning there. From then on it turns out to be entertaining but fairly linear and easy thanks to very helpful camera guidance. The fake timed run was a novel idea and after a fairly easy room with movable blocks the real action starts with a well designed gauntlet that will drive your adrenalin up without being ridiculously hard. Eventually you wake up the skeletons from the dead (well I guess they're still kind of dead but you get the idea) and find your exit which I reached in just under 40 minutes of net gaming. Solid and fast paced fun with one big downside being severe darkness in many places although flares are provided. Found 2 of the 3 secrets." - Michael (16-Jan-2004)
"I had some problems getting this level to run which the author was responsive to - I appreciate that greatly. The level is short and can be considered clever or nasty depending on your take. Lara gets chased a lot by enemies (wraiths sharks skeletons) and there are ambushes in crawl spaces. Overall I found the gameplay better than the looks of the piece." - Duncan (02-Dec-2003)
"So Mr Abend is a bit of a comedian isn't he. Well he got me tricked for 30 minutes that's for sure. Talk about an impossible timed run: ha ha ha a well succeeded devious gameplay trick - find out for yourself. The least you can say about Rüdiger's levels is that at least they always are entertaining and have a little story to tell. Basically you have to escape an area haunted by immortal souls that reminded me very much of another good game Shadowman especially the church area. Gameplay consists mainly of pushing ground levers and pulling underwater ones some hidden medium hard some shimmying and monkey swinging to do consecutive slope jumping. Bats big fish and in the end the four immortals are your enemies. Nice little level to take a breath in between big levels." - bERT (01-Dec-2003)
"This level starts out in a dark cave where the bones are buried and almost from the beginning there's a lot of running away from sprites and looking for that next opened door to run through. Sliding into water you'll soon be looking for an exit as there isn't any air hole - or at least none that I found. There's an impossible timed sequence with rising columns that is indeed impossible. Very have to leave the room to find the answer. Many challenges that are just plain fun to figure out - one in particular involves sliding and jumping over flames then spikes then jumping onto a block and ending up in the opposite direction I thought I should be going. Well thought out. Very well done. Only one problem... too short. More please. I'm looking forward to it." - Bene (01-Dec-2003)
"If you like being surprised by enemies and traps you will enjoy this rather short level. The designer does give the player a blow below the belt though. The level is not very hard but there are non-trivial challenges. There is not much to explore and the modeling and texturing is rather plain. However Lara's outfit (by Miss Kroft) is very nice (except for a bug when she is crouching). The setting is tomb/crypt/cave with a fair amount of swimming. I missed one secret (big medi) but keep your eyes open and the secrets shouldn't be that difficult to find. The first one cost me more than it was worth though. As far as the story goes the level is more like an overture than a complete piece. There is a couple of suggestive flybys one in the beginning and one near the end but the level as a whole does not quite measure up in terms of atmosphere. This is not my favourite type of level; still it is certainly worth playing." - Bogey (01-Dec-2003)
"This level is most about traps - rolling balls chains spikes timed blocks...;-) enemies are wraiths bats skeletons and some of those tiny marshmallow guys. I find the surroundings a bit 'squarish' empty and uncharming. I liked the graveyard and the blue room though. The ending with Lara awakening four skeletons that chase her off is fun too!" - G.Croft (28-Nov-2003)
"I find playing Ruediger's levels to be rather like eating Chinese food: I like them very much but they don't necessarily fill you up; and not long after you finish you have an urge to try them all over again. Spirits of the Dead is no masterpiece by any means but its tremendous entertainment. The sense of fun is communicated very well via nifty camera sequences (especially the images of the skeletons leaping up out of their graves); slightly tongue-in-cheek custom music; an array of colourful enemies; and most importantly a fast-flowing gameplay heavily reliant on continual movement. There were a couple of elements I felt uncomfortable with when I first played the level in its Beta form and unfortunately are still present in the completed game. The first is the 'rising-pillar room' which (although rather sly) seems to break an unwritten rule of TR Gameplay; namely don't deceive the player. The second is the Finale. The original concept of blowing the baddies up seemed somehow too pat to me (and rather anti-climactic after the hefty build up of suspense via all the good camera sequences). However the present ending (suspenseful though it is; 'where is that blasted opened gate??') is unfortunately somewhat deflating and seems to need a bit more. Unless of course the skeletons were to pursue her into a follow-up adventure. Ahh Now there's a thought!" - Orbit Dream (27-Nov-2003)
"Not a hard level with a few nasty traps and a hoax. You start in a pitch black area but do not fear soon you will see the light and the rest of it is well lit. The scene with the four skeletons arising from their graves was nice so was the underwater areas although I drowned Lara a few more times than I should to get a secret which took all of her health. A set of keys is necessary and with a few switches around you will be able to reach the impossible timed raising blocks (look for another way to pass them) as well as some other traps one of which was the spikes-ladder-rolling ball that I liked. There are a few more jumps and exploring to do within the water mostly a moving block puzzle although rather easy and the end comes with Lara returning to the starting area looking for the exit with the skeletons on her tail. Other enemies were fire and water wraiths plus a few bats and two small creatures from TRC. I had fun playing this level and found two secrets the third one with the author's help. I am sure you will like it too." - Kristina (27-Nov-2003)
"This is a very trap oriented level. If you like that you will have a lot of fun. Lara starts in a cave pushes levers and there are wraiths. So keep moving as I did not find many medipacks. One timed sequence was actually a trick (cleverly done). Found one secret but did not pick it up as I ran out of air ;) The level can be played fluently. A key to find along the way another diving passage with traps. Graphics were diverse initially rather dark.Textures were at times really beautiful. Camera and sound ok. Diverse enemies: sharks wraiths skeletons. All in all a level where you need to watch out so maybe not to everybody's taste." - Navi (27-Nov-2003)
"It's a pity that level be ended so quickly the gameplay was good there's one hard puzzle in the room with the raising block; the camera work is good and nice atmosphere enjoyed to play." - Yoav (27-Nov-2003)