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Junior Level 2/3 by Xxenofex

Aims 8 8 10 10
Akcy 8 10 10 10
CC 6 6 9 9
Cruzader 6 8 8 10
Gerty 8 7 10 10
Jay 8 8 10 10
Jose 7 7 9 9
Kristina 10 9 10 10
MichaelP 7 7 9 10
MigMarado 6 8 9 7
misho98 8 8 9 8
Necro 9 8 9 10
Obig 9 9 10 10
Phil 8 9 10 10
QRS 8 8 9 9
Robobok 8 9 8 9
Ryan 8 8 9 9
Sash 6 5 7 7
The Aussie Adventurer 8 8 10 10
Treeble 4 4 7 6
Yoav 6 6 6 7
release date: 26-Feb-2003
# of downloads: 100

average rating: 8.26
review count: 21
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file size: 31.10 MB
file type: TR4
class: Kids

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Levels 2 and 3 are definitly a step up from Junior Level 1 however these are still levels meant for very young kids so they are very simple however the visuals look good and match the kindergardner theme well. Cameras are also used very well for showing you what you have to do and where you have to go although a bit too often to be honest but I'm sure this was intentional as for kids to not get lost.There is a lot more gameplay in terms of length and variety but it's not really more difficult than the first level. It's almost an hour long. You could definitly give this to a child or if you wanna kill some time with a very chill TRLE that's not appropriate for an adult's age...why not? I guess..." - Cruzader (20-Sep-2020)
"This is a very good level for young raiders! Older ones will not be disappointed, if they adjust their gameplay expectations accordingly. There were some minor issues with how some rooms were made (reaching the end of the world phenomenon and pointless rooms). The TR4 music also tends to become repetitive. As for the many positives, there were delightful characters and animals everywhere, small little puzzles, and wonderful camera hints to move the experience along." - MigMarado (22-Oct-2019)
"I felt that these two levels had much more to offer than the first Junior level. The first one was a placid and attractive experience but not particularly involving. There's a lot more gameplay here, and both levels should take you just on 45 minutes to complete. The scenery and custom textures are refreshing and pleasing and the atmosphere is calming (I thought I heard the main title track looping but the birds chirping made a crafty way of covering it), while the gameplay sufficiently entertains without presenting anything difficult. No real dying opportunities here (apart from maybe drowning from being underwater for too long), so you can relax and enjoy the experience without being frustrated." - Ryan (05-Feb-2019)
"After playing the first level I didn't expect much from this but I actually enjoyed it a lot. Creative rooms with colorful textures giving the whole game a very cheerful atmosphere. I love how the builder reworked the original Tomb Raider textures and made them more appropriate for a kids level. In the first part you raid through a beehive and some forests while the second takes place in the zoo. Loved both of them although the second one was better in my opinion. I do think the levels lack more jumping but I guess it's perfect for kids as it focuses more on the pushblock puzzles so they have to think more. Some textures are wrongly applied or stretched but most of them are beautiful and give the level a great look. The atmosphere is relaxed, love the bird sounds although the music got kinda boring since it repeats itself during the whole game. Lots of unneeded pickups as ammo but at least they were decorated nicely. Charming game, happy I played it!" - misho98 (25-Dec-2015)
"3) Junior Level 2/3 (8,9,8,9) Total = 34/40 (85%)
My 10 year old daughter Sarah played these levels so straight over to her for the review... Starting with Junior Level 2. I thought this level looked amazing! The textures were great and the room with the transparent yellow floor was extra special. I loved the big room with all the water at the bottom and the honeycomb maze was fab. The 'check' room surprised me when I first went on one of the bright yellow squares but you'll have to find out what happens yourself! I found the sound of the bee that was hovering outside the entrance annoying but this is the only bad thing I can think of.

Junior Level 3 - I liked watching all the animals and the fact the level itself was set in a zoo. This level was more fun than JL2 but didn't look as good. The puzzles were easy and I prefer more challenging ones, but I wouldn't say this was a bad point. I like the see-through floor and shooting the frosted glass in a secret room. It didn't last as long as JL2 and I would have liked it to last longer as it was so much fun.

Overall, these levels were excellent for learning and I would recommend them for anyone who was.

Dad says - thoroughly enjoyed watching both levels, they looked scrumptious (especially the honeycomb) and were pitched at a perfect level for kids. Recommended, you may not want to miss them...
Previous Level - Lara and the Horse. Next Level - Lara und der Wolf." - Robobok (16-May-2011)
"One more level suitable for children. Tasks are very easy and only consist about look for artifacts and place them, pull some switches and move some pieces/blocks. In this level Lara will never die, just even if she want to suicide, 'cause there are not high ledges, traps or enemies attacking so players can only kill her if they keep her underwater. It notices a big effort with all that new textures and with the musics too. When you pick up an item always there is a camera showing you where you must place it so it's very difficult get stucked. Many children will enjoy this level." - Jose (08-Mar-2011)
"These levels are much bigger than the first part, so there are many things to do in a charming and atmospheric bee hive and a zoo. I was absolutely charmed by the cuteness of these settings. Many animals present here, including a bee in level 2, and we don't harm them, just watch them move around, like in a real zoo. The authors wanted to spoil us with pickups, but since these are non-violent levels, they mostly stuck with flares, I don't remember having this many before. Beautifully fitting textures and sounds, lot of helpful cameras. Great work, and recommend it to all." - Akcy (15-Apr-2007)
"Forget that the level is for 'Juniors'. This level is worthy of an adult level. Fior starters, its a collection of 2 levels and both are beautifully designed. The first is set in a honeycombed maze complete with bees to avoid or kill but the best part has to be the second level which is set in a zoo. The zoo is prefectly designed with cages, animals and the setting is fun to run around. The object is to find 2 tridents and place them on the statue. One is fairly easy to find as the path and series of events tske you there but the second is a little harder to find unless to have taken a closer look through a fence (without giving too much away). Throughly enjoyable and I'm no kid (maybe a kid a heart)." - Necro (28-Oct-2006)
"Wow! This was much better than the first junior level. Much harder too. Especially the second level. Very fine atmosphere and realistic zoo feeling! What I did like most though, is the ever so fine textures of different animals hehe. In these two levels you can really see how much work the author has put into the objects and polishing everything. Great stuff not to be missed." - QRS (14-Dec-2005)
"Others have found it difficult to rate this two-part enchantment fairly, as it's intended for young raiders and therefore offers no enemies and only the simplest of puzzles. Still, the gameplay is engrossing and never boring, and the visual amenities along the way more than make up for any shortcomings in mayhem and brain-taxing exercises. The first part takes you through a playground that's designed to look more or less like a beehive. Very colorful and very pleasing to the eyes. The same can be said of the second part, which takes place in a zoo where you never come into actual contact with the animals (except for the monkeys, which won't bother you if you don't try to shoot them). There were five secrets that I found, and most were rather obvious in their placement. Recommended for an easy and visually pleasing change of pace." - Phil (14-Feb-2005)
"Part 2 and 3 of the junior levels are the best in the series. The texture usage and placement are brilliant and I especially liked the look of the bee hive section absolutely sensational. Other areas were also done to a very high standard and looked great. There was no issues with lighting at all well done again. The camera work was superb and helpful which they should do. Because the textures were so well done the atmosphere felt warming and pleasant. Puzzles were a bit better done in this level providing a bit more of a challenge well for kids anyway. We had moving block puzzles and key finding puzzles nothing overly hard. Once again there are no enemies which is a good change. Secrets were easily found and didn't prove too hard. I would have to recommend this to anyone who wants a change from shooting to an enjoyable experience that anyone can enjoy. If I had to give this level a grade I would give it an A- a lower high distinction." - The Aussie Adventurer (22-Jan-2005)
"The level title says it all. I don't mean to be mean but well this level is really built for children. I've gone in problems with the author when I reviewed Junior 1 because I had to see the level with 'children eyes'. I have to repeat what I said though - there are no actual puzzles besides some block pushing and lever operating but still it lacks the very essence of Tomb Raider. Ok - it was intentional but it is still lacking right? I don't know if kids see ('children eyes') colorful environments as the most important part of the game but that's the feel I got when roaming around these places. Nice bee hives in level 2 and quite an interesting zoo in level 3. Well it was quite relaxing though after one session of Center Of The World. 40 minutes." - Treeble (28-Jun-2004)
"Nice set of kiddy levels colourful and fun. The first is in a beehive setting different bug pix on the walls of bugs bees snails ladybirds and honeycomb style objects. The background music is a mix between a jungle and buzzing bees. Nice and colourful outside with plants and flower pictures. The 2nd level is in a zoo all different animals monkeys zebras tigers and a polar bear in cages. It's been a while since I took a trip to the zoo. All very nice - recommended for everyone!" - Aims (04-Jun-2004)
"These two levels are absolutely delightful. For children so there's no enemies but you may need the pistols for shooting a few vases. The theme in Level 2 or the first level in this download is bees and beehives with delicious see-through 'honey' floors and a gorgeous honeycomb eye of Horus door. Excellent use of textures throughout. A lot more in the line of gameplay in these levels with moveable objects switches finding stars cartouches and tridents. I love the zebras. The theme of Level 3 or the second level is a zoo and there are dangerous animals but locked behind bars thank you very much so no scary bits. There are great flybys to show where to put each pickup and what each switch did unnecessary for adults but essential for children. The final flyby is great but it kind of hangs in the air as to what Lara did placing the tridents but then I'm looking at this from an adult's point of view. Sit beside your child while they are playing this you'll get just as much fun out of it as they will. Beautiful job Jutta and Alex." - CC (13-Apr-2004)
"This is an interesting 2-parts level. Maybe it supplies a great need. Great for children to get used to Lara's moves and love her world. There are no enemies the textures are fabulous and very nice. On the 1st level the story takes place in a hive and on a meadow full of flowers. On the 2nd level you have to collect keys the Schokostern the Honigstern the Lebkuchen and the Brezel Teil in a zoo. I found 6 Secrets: 2 on the 1st and 4 on the 2nd level. Meantime you have to push levers. There are no difficult puzzles or moves. It is really perfect for the beginners and children. You can't die and fall to much nowhere there are nothing to fear of. Congratulations for this beautiful level. The added sounds and the twittering of the birds are also nice. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (01-Mar-2004)
"A set of levels designed for the kiddies out there and some of us older children. The first has Lara playing inside a giant bee hive and the second in a zoo now the zoo for me held the most enjoyment just because well I'm not really sure but I guess there were a few more things to do and definitely because I found 5 secrets there and in the first only 2. The games are pretty simple as they are intended and that's fine but some older players may not find this an appealing concept so realise this going into them. I really hope the authors behind these levels make some more as it is really enjoyable to see where they place us just try and make the downloads a little smaller please or the levels last a little longer than the roughly 20 minutes each!" - Sash (24-Jan-2004)
"I'm so glad this level has finally been put on general release as it really is a little gem. It may be designed for children but don't for one moment think that means overly simple or boring in any way. Parts of it can be quite challenging and all of it is sheer delight to the eye. There are plenty of classic raiding moves to give the younger player good practise but of course no enemies to shoot. The first part is a beehive setting with the most glorious colours and textures. The second part is set in a zoo and it's wonderfully well done. Just wandering around admiring everything is sufficient fun but there are plenty of things to do and very young raiders might just want a bit of assistance from mum or dad. A real treasure this one don't miss it." - Jay (03-Jan-2004)
"Playing this for a second time was a pleasure as I am a sucker for flowers and the first level set in a beehive is eye candy. You need to get your hands on some artifacts to continue. Loved the little touches like the secrets and the spider painted on the wall. Also some nice pictures hanging on the wall in the hive itself. Level 3 is set in a Zoo and that is a tad more difficult. I remembered being stuck for a while first time around as it didn't occur to me to shoot a door. Although traveling through the Zoo is not linear you get great flybys that will help you. I was glad that Lara didn't need to shoot the animals as I hate to do that and specially in a Zoo. As for gameplay the Zoo part has more than the Hive part and remember these are levels for kids. 26-12-2003" - Gerty (01-Jan-2004)
"Junior 2 (6/7/9/10 25 min. 2 secrets): Finally released to the public I had the pleasure to replay those two sequels of Junior 1 and they are just as positively charming as the first of the series. In part 2 Lara explores a beehive for two cartouches and two hands needs to pull three levers watches a few flyby cameras moves blocks and eventually finds and uses the two Pretzel pieces to move on. Gameplay is stepped up a slight notch from part 1 (as was intended) and even though it's still very easy it is already entertaining - even if you are not a small kid anymore ;-) Junior 3 (7/7/9/10 20 min. 3 secrets): Part 3 is set in a very nicely designed zoo with tigers monkeys bulls penguins polar bears and more animals around but not as enemies just to watch them roam around - I mean who would shoot the animals in a zoo right? Gameplay is now actually quite interesting with a non-linear touch to it although still easy thanks to the helpful flyby cameras that guide you. Two tridents (Lollis) two hands and a cartouche are your quest items this time and plenty of doors to shoot in order to progress. You can reach the 'end of the world' in one place and with at least one of the flybys Lara is able to move while the flyby runs but these are minor things. I loved the long flyby at the end - very well done. All in all this was over to soon and we can all only hope that Alex and Jutta continue the series. A must play for the young and the young-at-heart Raiders." - Michael (23-Dec-2003)
"This is a wonderful set of levels for kids. The textures and atmosphere make that clear. There are bees snails and a number of animals around on the walls also bee hives perfectly made. I loved this game that had everything climbing levers and pushing objects. I found two secrets in the first level and took me half an hour to finish spending most of that time admiring the wallpapers. The second level is a zoo with tigers monkeys but the textures are partly animal like this time with a polar bear penguins and wonderful garden parts around. I found three secrets and got through in twenty minutes. Both have cartouche pieces and hands to find with nice cubes with bees on to find in the first. Levels like this are most appropriate to be played from kids because there are no enemies here therefore they are none violent. They are a nice break for adults too from all the violence we see around us and a great way to spend time with their kids." - Kristina (22-Dec-2003)
"Two fun levels but extremely pretty the first level is in some beehive infinity to the imagination and the second is in the zoo. Both levels are easy to play and I enjoyed to play them - Thanks!" - Yoav (22-Dec-2003)