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Diamond of Kashtuk by StormChaser

bERT 8 8 9 9
CC 7 6 8 8
eTux 8 8 8 7
G.Croft 8 7 8 7
Gerty 7 7 8 8
Jay 8 8 9 8
Jerry 6 8 9 8
Jose 7 8 7 8
Kristina 7 7 8 8
Lil Kid 8 7 8 7
MichaelP 7 7 8 8
Orbit Dream 8 7 8 9
Phil 8 8 8 7
Ryan 7 7 8 8
Sash 6 6 8 7
Spike 7 7 8 7
Treeble 7 8 8 7
Yoav 7 7 8 8
release date: 31-Jan-2004
# of downloads: 71

average rating: 7.60
review count: 18
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file size: 17.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A pretty simple and yet enjoyable raid. I like how this level tries to be less gamey, with several ways to get in and out of the small buildings in this installation. Despite this, the level was pretty straightforward and I was actually surprised when I laid my hands on the quest artifact at the 25 minute mark (having read it lasted around 45-50 minutes for other reviewers). I was ready to make my leave only to realize I managed to overlook three of the four shaft keys, so I looked their locations up, got back on the jeep and rode back to get them. Ultimately this only added another 10 minutes to my adventure, so it wasn't as aggravating as I'd thought it might have been. 35 minutes, 5 secrets. 01/21" - Treeble (24-Jan-2021)
"This is a nice little level that contains pleasing gameplay, but also a couple of unexpectedly brutal parts: namely the brisk jeep ride-cum-jump over water that'll catch you out if you're not alert enough, and the pushable object puzzle amidst machine guns (!). The overall ambience is fairly gloomy like, but plenty of flares are provided and the atmosphere is good. Plenty of guards and dogs to kill, plus four shaft keys and five poison secrets to find. Enjoyable." - Ryan (11-Sep-2017)
"Another good level from this author. The architecture is simple but effective, the tasks are not hard and there's enough flares, ammo and medipacks to finish without problems. Your goal here is to find the crowbar and look for 4 stars to open the final doors and can finish, so be sure you get all 4 stars before getting the diamond or you'll have to go back for them. Also you'll need the jeep almost to the end of the level so don't dismount at the top of the ramps and slide or you'll get stucked forever. The secrets (bottles) are very easy to find, there's a good atmosphere and textures are well applied. Nice to play; recommended." - Jose (16-Nov-2016)
"Here's a fun little romp from the early years, set in a warehouse environment with lots of dark nooks and crannies. You need the jeep to get across otherwise inacessible ramps so you can progress. Not much innovation here, but it's still an entertaining raid if you overlook the machine guns that have to be endured without your being able to do anything about them. You even have a pushblock puzzle that has to be negotiated amidst machine gun fire, for crying out loud. Well, that's why we have god mode, I guess. Not a classic by any means, but well worth the 50 minutes it takes to play it." - Phil (31-Dec-2013)
"A nice level in a city-like area. Four shaft keys have to be found to finally get the Diamond of Kashtuk and escape. The jeep is of help in this area which is guarded by machine guns, some guards and dogs, but thanks to the revolver and the uzis it's not hard to get those guys out of your way. To tell the truth I found it more difficult to find all the needed shaft keys, in the end one of them was missing, so I needed the help of the walkthrough and had to replay a certain part of the game to find it. Texturing of the city is well done, lighting was okay too, but could have been a little more atmospheric with some more illumination effects, as well as some audio files could have helped the atmosphere." - Jerry (20-Sep-2009)
"A short and sweet level from the author, that packs in a few different types of gameplay, from driving a jeep, working your way past machine guns and dealing with several gun-toting enemies. Lara has to find the 'Diamond of Kashtuk', but she has to find four shaft keys first to allow her passage to the diamond. They were hidden around the city in several nicely built areas, and that is also a plus point of this level. The texturing is nice, and the dark city itself is rather atmospheric. It's quite a short level, but nontheless an enjoyable one." - Spike (05-Jul-2007)
"Firstly this level has really nice atmosphere with the spookily eerie darkness some may say too dark spread over the little town that is situated near a body of water. This though may be its high point as the game itself is all fairly standard. What you get is a hunt for a diamond which looks more like a crystal artifact and 4 directional shaft keys that will open up the ending area. To get these it's a case of finding the crowbar to open doors driving the jeep to access areas that on foot you couldn't and shooting dogs and fez wearing guards with the only real puzzle included being to simply move an object onto a certain tile to open a gate while a couple of automatic guns shoot at you the whole time. Even the 5 poison bottle secrets I found were a little too easy to find but you know what the whole thing had such a nice feel with the atmosphere that I really enjoyed playing it for the 45 minutes it took and so really all those other things didn't bother me at all." - Sash (23-Jul-2004)
"A level that actually would deserve a higher rating because it really gives you a feeling of 'being there'. Alas it is a bit short at 45 minutes and it is also rather uninspired in terms of progression with a few keys and shaft keys to collect a jeep to drive over a few 'hills' to move on in the level and a dozen Arab soldiers and a few dogs to kill. I missed one of the five secrets somewhere but I guess I am ok with four bottles of poison - that should be enough for a decent night out with 'friends' - LOL. Yes it is a bit dark in places but that only adds to atmosphere and there is a multitude of flare pickups (and other pickups for that matter) around. Lara's outfit is great and I really liked the choice of textures. There are a few smaller issues with the sounds of the Jeep and the shooting soldiers and a funny glitch when you shoot the lock as it stays there hanging in mid air when the door opens. Fun and not too challenging level - definitely worth playing." - Michael (06-Mar-2004)
"I have to confess that I became rather bored with this Designers penchant for building Castle-inspired levels as they all tend to look rather alike to me; and so it was with interest that I loaded up this 'not a Castle' level. My anticipation was rewarded with this highly enjoyable romp through a semi-industrial nocturnal townscape. The Gameplay is pretty straightforward (although it took me a while to realise that those big metal gates were 'crowbar-able') but enjoyably reliant on exploration; the enemies are well placed; objects (particularly a large ventilation fan) used very effectively; storyline developed fluently; the jeep put to good use; the mix of textures were well utilised; the nocturnal atmosphere exploited thoroughly (without it ever being unbearably dark) and all of this with a minimal download. You see? It can be done! This was a thoroughly enjoyable hours entertainment and I recommend it heartily to everyone." - Orbit Dream (06-Mar-2004)
"Another good level here from Storm. The setting reminded my of an industrial estate rather than a city it captures eeriness beautifully. You have to find 4 keys to open gates at the end and get the diamond of Kashtuk. This is a fairly largish map but the jeep will make the exploring of it much faster (by the way there is a bug where the jeep sound is not correct). A laudable play for all skill levels about 50 minutes of gameplay." - Lil Kid (25-Feb-2004)
"Lara has to get the Diamond of Kashtuk and with that she left. Your main goal is getting the four Shaft Keys and in between you need the crowbar also found the revolver and sight very handy for shooting that lock. Getting in and out the jeep as there are many small alleys and hidden places to look for the Shaft Keys. And in doing that you also will find 5 secrets. It is a rather fast paced game I found and dark as well even if it takes place at night why can't the girl do what she has to do do in daylight LOL. 31-01-2003" - Gerty (24-Feb-2004)
"Haven't played a Peter Tedstone level in a while but can notice a difference with this one - the environments are night-time city like and made very well and what you do here is search for the Kashtuk diamond and 4 shaft keys. The level is rather simple but it's easy to miss a key so search thoroughly or you'll have to backtrack once you notice at the end that some things are lacking. Luckily you have a (half-broken from the sound of it) jeep that allows you to cover the distance in no time though. Also found all 5 secrets along the way. There're no overall flaws - you can shoot the lock without the revolver though and I wasn't so keen on the darkness but maybe that's me cause it was quite a sunny (even if cold) day today. Enjoyed this thoroughly - recommendable for an hour or so play (including the backtracking that is)." - eTux (12-Feb-2004)
"Bottles of poison as secrets; just what every girl wants. Run around the back streets of Paris shooting guards and dogs. Find a jeep and run the gamut of several sentry guns. Just another normal Lara Croft day really. This is I think the first non-castle level from Peter and although fairly straightforward in terms of gameplay it manages to entertain quite nicely. Although set at night it's not overly dark. Pick ups are generous and unless you manage to miss one of the four shaft keys you need progress is pretty linear. I spent 50 minutes playing and found five secrets. Try it." - Jay (08-Feb-2004)
"The Diamond Of Kashtuk has been stolen and Lara has to find it. She searches through an industrial area where she meets guards and dogs. She finds a jeep to help her get all over this area in her search. Find four shaft keys to be able to escape with the diamond." - G.Croft (04-Feb-2004)
"A different adventure from the castle levels we have been used to by the author. This one is set at night in what looks like a city or an outside warehouse full of crates and guards with their dogs. Lara is supposed to find the diamond along with some keys and four shaft keys to be able to escape this area. She will have to search carefully in the dark areas with the help of flares to light the way which are plenty. It is a fast paced level and the only way to get stuck is to miss a shaft key as I did so be sure to use your flares and search carefully. It won't be pleasant to have to go back with the jeep which sounded like it was about to break down searching the entire place again. I found four out of five secrets which were bottles with poison. A nice level no doubt a pleasant break from the castle levels." - Kristina (02-Feb-2004)
"A Tedstone level is never disappointing. But what has happened holy Toledo it's not a castle level! Hasn't Peter been feeling very well? All joking aside this is a very entertaining 'story' level. It's your quest to get the diamond of Kashtuck back out of the hands of some crime syndicate that sure has some good financers because their hiding place spans quite some acres. Of course it's dark (more darkish not pitch black so well manageable and you have a lot of flares anyway) so you have to look good to get your hands on the crucial crowbar making you able to find the necessary Northern Southern Eastern and Western keys. There's some jeep riding to do (original way the jeep was 'blocked') to conquer a few slopes in between the different areas (watch the water!) and at least 5 secrets to find with which you are able to poison a small town I guess because that's what they are: bottles of poison. Found no use for the revolver and laser view: maybe there's a way to take out the four machine guns but if so that may involve some very very tight stealth approach. The settings were quite realistic as far as TR goes and the ending area a nicely managed end-of-story." - bERT (02-Feb-2004)
"It looks like we're in a base but further in it becomes more like a city/town with streets at nighttime. The guards are very North African looking (possibly even Russian because they have husky type dogs). What you're doing is looking for the Kashtuk diamond and four shaft keys to escape and a crowbar which is used a lot to open doors to lots of ammo and secret bottles of poison. The secrets didn't register in my game but I'm sure I found five. I liked this searching some of which involves shooting grates. A new idea was climbing 'chains' and one time you have to pass a huge turning propeller. You get a jeep in the first area to take you on long drives to two other areas to explore. The only glitch I found was shooting a lock on a gate the gate opened but the lock stayed intact in mid air no big deal. And in the end using your shaft keys you escape to the powerboat ala Venice style. A pleasant little half hour level." - CC (02-Feb-2004)
"Lara starts in some mysterious place that looks like base or city....well nevermind it's a little dark there (no bother to me) many guards around and Lara needs to find four objects. A long drive on jeep easy gameplay and puzzles and lovely atmosphere. You are going to enjoy this level." - Yoav (02-Feb-2004)