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The Tower by Daoine Sidhe

Bene 9 8 8 8
Catherin 6 7 7 7
CC 7 7 7 7
Duncan 7 7 7 7
eTux 5 5 5 6
G.Croft 7 6 7 7
Gerty 7 6 7 7
Jay 7 7 7 7
Jez 8 9 9 8
Jose 5 6 6 6
Kristina 6 7 8 8
Lil Kid 7 8 6 6
MichaelP 7 7 7 7
Mulf 6 7 5 4
Necro 7 7 8 8
Orbit Dream 7 7 7 8
Phil 8 7 7 8
Ryan 6 6 7 7
Sash 5 6 7 6
Treeble 7 7 7 7
Yoav 7 6 7 8
release date: 16-Feb-2004
# of downloads: 120

average rating: 6.87
review count: 21
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file size: 20.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"While I appreciate the concept, I felt the tower itself was a bit too crammed. It's curious because we often make a point to say when rooms are too large or empty, but here I felt things were too tight, almost claustrophobic, even. You go through a few siderooms housing boulders, spikes, and a flame emitter not doing a very good to protect a secret room, as you make your way to the top where you kill a handful dinosaurs before finishing the level in an apparent dead-end. 20 minutes, 2 secrets. 03/21" - Treeble (07-Mar-2021)
"This mostly enjoyable game is a bit rough around the edges (the function of the two non-standable pushables is unclear; does the wooden one also lower the last Raising Block when it makes the spikes pop up? Does the stone one do anything at all?), and designwise, it’s functional above all and clearly wasn’t built to win any prizes for visual beauty. The structure of the hub room isn’t easily figured out, and it looks a bit chaotic, as it was built above all to allow Lara certain pathways, deny her others, and change their layout by means of Raising Blocks, doors, trapdoors and spikes. Texturing and lighting are undistinguished and merely serviceable (occasionally rather ugly due to some mismatched textures and too much reliance on shadowbulbs in a few dark areas). You never get the impression that you’re inside a tower, but at any rate it’s soon established that we are in Fantasyland (Egypt / China / other), so verisimilitude doesn’t apply. The enemies are few but efficient, albeit in the sense that they are mostly used for effect. This works partially because each enemy is used on only one particular occasion. The scorpions create nice tension, since you know they will be released the moment you pick up that key; but you can then jump over to a safe tile and shoot them at your leisure. The modified ahmets are suitably creepy (especially with regard to the sounds they make before you meet them), but they are slow and quickly dispatched with the shotgun. The dinosaurs certainly come as a surprise, but the raptors go down with one shotgun blast, and so does the T. rex, as we all know. Since we are in Fantasyland anyway, why not use harpies instead of those implausibly overpowered vultures? Traps are fine (couple rollingballs, that’s about it really, but well done). Most of the level is about platforming, especially navigating the various ledges in the hub room.
Not sure why Ryan was expecting a level of epic proportions, since most of the reviews he refers to state that the net gaming time is around 30 minutes, and so does the author’s readme. eTux’s 15 minutes can be managed maybe if you skip the initial area where you get the shotgun (as he did) and the secrets, or most of them. If you’re a speed freak, go for it. If not, skipping these bits is probably going to make the level not particularly engaging and make it appear unduly lightweight." - Mulf (01-Jan-2021)
"Judging by the times of some of the other reviewers, I was expecting a longer level than what I got here. I'm not usually one to blindly rush through a level, but even though I (presumably) explored every corn of this level, it still only took me 20 minutes to complete. The atmosphere is well executed and the idea of working your way slowly but surely up a tower is a nice one, but it's a shame that the gameplay was lacking a few puzzles and the choice of routes could easily confuse you (and the walkthrough is a bit vague). I might be getting a bit dissenting, and this is fun for what it is, but if it was longer and more engaging, I would have enjoyed it more." - Ryan (01-Jun-2018)
"Not bad this small level, but I think it was not properly beta tested, 'cause many times you can avoid the gameplay the author intended. At the start, I choose the wrong path so I missed the shotgun and I had to deal with strong enemies only with the pistols. Not a hint to know where to place one of the moveable blocks, and the other one (stone) I'm still thinking what it was for. At least, at the top of the tower I found a shotgun to kill the T-Rex and finish the level. Playable, but not very funny." - Jose (13-May-2017)
"This is the builder's maiden release back from 2004. His magnum opus is and probably will remain that grand remake of TRI (which I need to put on my replay list), but The Tower is not a bad beginning by any means. Anya Marie McDonald has provided a walkthrough that doesn't document any secrets (I found two on my own, but undoubtedly missed at least one more because I found several grenade pickups but no grenade gun). There's nothing of particular note here, but everything was well lighted and the 35-minute raid gives the player some solid entertainment. I liked it." - Phil (02-Oct-2015)
"Compared to Daoine's previous level, this seems a lot shorter but I did find myself enjoying this more. It wasn't as confusing and the level was quite straightforward (some don't like this but I dont mind occasionally). The enemies suited the environments although appearing into a jungle area with T-Rex's was a tad surprising. But all in all it's an enjoyable level." - Necro (26-Jun-2012)
"Nice level, very well built concerning the architecture but the gameplay was not too exciting for me as I also found it a tad boring to shoot the spiders, raptors and vultures. But I liked the way the secrets were hidden. The atmosphere is very good and the textures are well chosen." - Catherin (02-Aug-2006)
"A whirlwind gauntlet of traps and enemies. Non stop action one way or the other. Starting I presume way below the base of the tower in caves coming out into a huge room to climb up layers of ledges and corridors and finally reaching the top and escaping. Good flybys nice construction and good boulder runs. The final room is a shocker for me anyway - run in door slams behind you and face a raptor and TRex in a small jungle area. The funny thing is the TRex leaves behind a key perhaps in the pocket of the last human he devoured lol. A short level but full of action while it lasted." - CC (08-Aug-2004)
"It isn't really at all obvious that this is a tower you are playing in but feels more like a temple of sorts of what sort though I couldn't tell you maybe a temple that housed all the prehistoric animals Noah didn't want to fit on the Ark because he thought they were all just a bit too stroppy (aussie slang for grumpy) 2 giant scorpions 2 vultures 2 raptors 2 lizard/ahmet/who knows and one (well this threw out my Noah's Ark theory) big bad papa T. As this was only a 20 minute game this really scaled down any great puzzling aspects but there was still a nice tiered room that had some good jumps and a couple of movable blocks I also thought the 3 secrets where nicely done if not a little obvious but the last two held a bit of a challenge the second with the lizard/ahmet/who knows creatures that when killed could cover some of your treats and for me I had to play it three times to kill them in the right spots and the last secret being easy to enter but getting out was a little trickier and had my poor Lara ablaze quite a few times. All up the game has some nice atmosphere and if it stretched out twice to three times as long would have been a real fun experience." - Sash (23-Jul-2004)
"The level isn't as bad as my ratings might suggest it is not at all - but with lasting some 15 minutes for me this doesn't really live up to its potential nor my expectations of it as it truly was great while it lasted. I might have also missed an area from what's written in the other reviews but I was still able to finish so I think this area was only optional. Besides I liked the small difficulty of getting the shotgun in the last room and then blasting the dinos and not walking in already armed. Found one a little obvious but clever secret and liked the overall feel the level as you really couldn't tell where exactly you are. Despite the length and my comparatively low ratings I DO recommend to play the level as it is very fun and even though I have some gripes it didn't spoil my overall enjoyment in this one." - eTux (27-May-2004)
"It's a shame this level is so short because I was really enjoying it. It does at least end with a bang in the form of a T-Rex (carrying a key actually which is strange behaviour in a dinosaur). This is a good first time level and well worth the download if you are looking for a fun way to spend about 30 minutes." - Jay (17-Mar-2004)
"What a fun and exciting 30 minutes that was! There was never a dull moment as Lara fought and ran up the inside of a fairly tall room. The level builder 'Marksdad' also liked this adventure well enough but he has asked me to point out that it bears a fairly close resemblance (in style anyway) to his level 'Escape from the Hollow Mountain'. That may well be (personally I've not touched his levels; not after what he did to my stuffed Cormorant. I'm telling you it will take years for the mental pain to go away!) but the idea of climbing up inside a tall room while solving a few rather standard puzzles avoiding rolling-balls and killing lots of surprising enemies is a good one; and is used here with a great deal of panache. Only the non-battle with the dinos at the end (they die after only two or three blasts from the Shotgun before they have time to get close) and the rather abrupt ending after a flyby disappointed. If you want a really enjoyable piece of fun for 30 minutes look no further. (Oh go on then; give Marksdad's level a try as well!)" - OrbitDream (02-Mar-2004)
"A great little level with standard textures a nice compact layout and a few suprises. At one point you find a secret and the only way out is past something that made me freeze for a moment and collect myself. The forest-like room at the top is a nice contrast to the main room below and that too holds a surprise which I have not seen for a while. All in all a well thought out and enjoyable level but the end came too soon. I look forward to more levels from this author." - Jez (01-Mar-2004)
"Rather short with just under 30 minutes but really enjoyable as it is rather cleverly constructed. Enemies come in pairs mostly: giant scorpions re-meshed ahmets vultures raptors and a T-Rex and it is mainly about finding your way up the inside of this 'Tower' with a few nice jumps. There are a few solid cameras two keys to find and use and make sure you do get the three secrets. Especially the third one with the grenade launcher is worth it ;-)" - Michael (26-Feb-2004)
"Almost 30 minutes of gameplay. A bit slow in the start but then a little bit more tempo with boulder traps jumping scorpions and dinosaurs. Fun and easy." - G.Croft (25-Feb-2004)
"That was over before I knew it and what a great ideas are in there. Even if the traps are deadly they are fun deadly do I make sense? Probably not but in the beginning you make your way there is a right and a left to choose from do take the right as you can't go there anymore there is a knife slicing Lara in two if you don't watch it and I just sat in my chair and looked at it just had to do that a few times LOL. Not that it is a new one but only the way it is used was great. Finding keys is your objective anyway. I found a short cut to the lock for the key but hey who is counting. The second key was a 'jump in my seat' experience; still don't know which animal had the key as they died in the same place. After that the level is nearly over. Way too short for my taste. 18-02-2004" - Gerty (24-Feb-2004)
"I liked this rather easy and short level. Twenty minutes in it with nothing too exciting to do or see but somehow it was pleasant. There are some keys to find and spikes to avoid as well as deal with enemies like raptors big scorpions and a T-Rex. Basically it doesn't have many areas to visit but it's nicely done with the best area for me being the jungle at the end. Lara has mostly switches to pull in order to proceed in the next area. The use of cameras added a little something to the level and I wonder if this is the author's first attempt to build level because surely it is quite good. I wish the puzzles were more 'real' to be able to rate it higher but I believe the next level will be even better. I found three secrets which were easy enough." - Kristina (22-Feb-2004)
"A nice level here with a few puzzles although they are a bit obvious. The design runs well throughout the level and texturing is good. The 'jungle' room at the end was a nice and surprising touch though I thought the final flyby was a bit strange and didn't serve a purpose. About 30 minutes of gameplay." - Lil Kid (22-Feb-2004)
"Well thought out with great traps this is a little jewel of a level. I played at night and the sounds from the enemies below (after a secret and with no other way out) had me freaked. The only criticism is that it's way too short. I would love to see more from this builder. Good job bne." - Bene (22-Feb-2004)
"Nice and short level. Lara slides to a big hall with platforms; a flyby shows what to do; little difficulty to shoot and run in small area with the two scorpions and the big dinosaur. Only two keys to pick up but it's a nice adventure." - Yoav (21-Feb-2004)
"I'm not sure where the name comes from as all the rooms were 'inside' without windows and the design did not feel like Tower interior. Starting off you can go take a detour to get the shotgun or go to the central room. This room is something of a puzzle to solve and its fun. The enemies are surprising for the rather enclosed area and the secrets have the deadly challenges. I enjoyed this piece and my only real complaint is that it's too short." - Duncan (21-Feb-2004)