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Quest for the Golden Skull 1 - Dawn in London by Mr. Feng Shui

CC 3 3 4 4
Damon 3 3 4 5
eRIC 4 3 6 7
Gerty 4 4 7 7
High Priestess 3 3 3 3
Jay 4 3 7 7
Jose 3 5 6 8
Kristina 3 5 6 6
manarch2 2 3 4 4
MichaelP 3 3 7 6
Obig 3 4 5 7
Orbit Dream 3 3 8 8
Phil 4 4 4 7
Rainbow Liu 5 6 7 9
Ryan 3 4 6 7
Scottie 3 4 5 4
Treeble 4 6 7 7
Yoav 4 4 8 8
release date: 03-Jun-2003
# of downloads: 74

average rating: 4.85
review count: 18
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file size: 44.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"In comparison with the author's previous offering, this shows an impressive improvement. I thought the city environments were quite convincing, despite the simplistic approach. However, gameplay still struggles with the same issues, as all you do is find and open doors as you move along. There was a small maze like series of underwater corridors and a few enemy encounters along the way, but that's about it, really. 10 minutes. 09/20" - Treeble (13-Sep-2020)
"This is simply intended to be a short introductory level to the meatier second part, and indeed the gameplay is rather meagre and it only lasts for 10 minutes. Shoot a few pigs and guards, open a couple of doors, crawl/swim a bit and the level ends with Lara just missing out on her prize (an admittedly neat touch). However, the city is a well designed place with some attractive texturing and lighting and I didn't consider this to be a raid that wasn't worthwhile. Just pleasant and very undemanding." - Ryan (16-Feb-2019)
"Of course, not a cool gameplay open a couple of crowbar doors, go through crawlspaces and shoot some enemies, but the design and the environments are really cool. I missed some flares 'cause the dark areas and an extra weapon to deal with the enemies too. In the final room is not very nice lose Lara's control while being shooted, but wasting some medipacks you can get it. A pain that the next level is not linked with this one, but in my case the game crashes. Enjoyable." - Jose (23-Jan-2018)
"I am so sorry to give this a bad review but as promising as it looked, the game crashed when I returned to the starting area. On that premise alone, I can't give higher marks but I did like the scenery :)" - High Priestess (27-Mar-2017)
"I played this one only because it's bundled with the second part of the series that's much higher rated and much longer in duration. Part 1 is little more than a tidbit and it provided the occasion for Yoav to submit the first of his many walkthroughs. He wrote a disclaimer to the effect that a walkthrough is not really needed, however, and he's right. All you do is progress in a logical and linear manner for about five minutes or less, and it's all over. Furthermore, to play the second part you have to start a new game. At least the lighting is good." - Phil (01-Oct-2015)
"A very short level which stands out mostly for the rather oriental feeling of London, since the lighting feels extremely "Asian" in a way I rather enjoyed. There are lots of "end of the world" moments though when you can see through half-transparent textures, the texturing isn't very strong either and there's a lack of sound here, although the camera flyby at the start was nice. Gameplaywise there's not really much to speak of else than a few simple acrobatics and the usage of the crowbar, but this level is thankfully short and linear so that tedium, which would definately have arrived in a level lasting longer, never kicks in. Some of the enemies do not fit in at all, only some of the TR 3 Gold objects. 5 minutes." - manarch2 (09-Apr-2014)
"Hmm, palms grow in London? And wild boars walk around there? I did not know this up to now at all. And, unfortunately, I could recognise nothing what I could associate with London. So, ok, we go out sometimes from the fact which Lara was really in London., However, the only interesting thing was the underground. The whole outdoor area was not built so well. And the stretched textures also did not look so nice. And the level is quite short with less than 10-minute playing time of course. But it is just enough for the quite small level hunger occasionally." - Scottie (26-Apr-2010)
"I like City theme, the levels are challenging but not this though.I think if the author should have spent some more time in increasing the length of this level it should have been fun, I mean just as you are starting get warmed up the Level ends.Not a Happy experience!!!" - Damon (01-Jun-2007)
"A very short level, but well built and well textured. Straightforward, you must find your way in courtyards or rooms with different texturing, until the final showdown where 3 SAS shoot at Lara who can not grab the artefact as she slides to the Caves, the following level by Geomancer. It was rather pleasant the time it lasted. Wild boars in London, that's a bit weird, though." - eRIC (01-Apr-2005)
"I won't repeat what everyone else said as that's about it regarding enemies and gameplay. I get the impression that this is a collection of ideas rather than a theme even though texture wise the author has stuck to a London city idea. Some fountain/garden areas are nice but the rest are large simply textured rooms. The opening flyby was the highlight of the level for me. Warthogs in London! It would have been more convincing to have dogs. Sorry this does not ring true for me. But I would have ignored this if there was a little more to do than open two doors and fight a few guards. Let's see what Geomancer comes up with in future." - CC (13-Apr-2004)
"It lasts only for 8 minutes is clearly a bit unfinished has a funny glitch with some of the Plant objects two warthogs and five SAS to kill and you can't get the Golden Skull at the end (because that is meant to be your objective in part 2). And actually when stepping on the tile close to you at the start the level crashes to the desktop. But - the setting is really quite nice the fixed cam when you reach the roof is well done and there is always the promise of more to happen in the next part." - Michael (11-Apr-2004)
"This custom level is just so so. As the author has worked hard to create this level it should have been better! But the gameplay is not good enough. So do the secrets and atmosphere. Fortunately its lightning and textures are beautiful. And I hope Geomancer can make better levels in the near future." - Rainbow Liu (08-Apr-2004)
"This is a vast improvement on the Deserted Island level and this one start with a flyby in a city. Also a fast paced one provided you have the crowbar. Potential enough here but for now one can see the learning curve. Getting onto the roofs is fun to do. At the end there is a flyby of that Golden Skull but Lara can't get close enough to grab it. Still wondering in the beginning of the game those two gates that needed keys was also a bit surprised to find warthogs in the city. 23-03-2004" - Gerty (28-Mar-2004)
"I don't claim to be familiar with every nook and cranny of London but the palm trees and wild pigs might just raise a few eyebrows even in Soho. From the initial rather attractive city landscape you soon enter a VCI style building full of guards and the whole thing becomes a bit of a shooting match. Ten minutes of very simple gameplay." - Jay (26-Mar-2004)
"I am very sorry for this nice level. I started it with great hopes after I had seen the beautiful square and climbed on the rooftops and the terrace with a small pool. But unfortunately it was ended very soon. It maybe will be continued. There are not too many puzzles you have to find the Crowbar and force out a couple of doors. The enemies are only some wild-boars and armed men. The textures are nice there are no added sounds. If you have some spare time run it through. :) You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (24-Mar-2004)
"I'm assuming that this was built after Geomancer's other level 'Deserted Island' as it's a definite improvement. The texturing and atmosphere is very accomplished with a real sense of being in the middle of a city. The climb onto the rooftops (including a rather charming roof garden) is enjoyable and the final battle with the baddies is invigorating stuff (ending with a tantalising 'just out of reach' Trophy). However (as in 'Deserted island') there's simply not much to actually do here; the progression is always straightforward and in around 10 minutes you'll be through. If Geomancers next level can include a heftier chunk of gameplay then we may see something rather interesting." - Orbit Dream (20-Mar-2004)
"The setting of this level is not clearly base-like from the start but as you proceed it looks more and more like one. It is very short with wild boars and SAS guards as enemies with nothing to find except some health. It finishes abruptly while Lara is trying to get across to the Golden Skull probably because the author wanted to keep the suspense of what happens next and maybe urge us that way to play a potential second part. Well give it a try but don't expect too much." - Kristina (20-Mar-2004)
"The beginning looks cool - a flyby shows you a square and streets in London city. Looks nice but don't expect too much this is short level. Lara finds the crowbar opens a couple of gates and kills soldiers. Hmm... just when I started to enjoy this level and before Lara picks up the Golden Skull the level ends." - Yoav (20-Mar-2004)