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Tomb of the Cybermen by Dhama

Aims 9 9 9 10
Bogey 8 8 9 9
CC 8 8 9 9
David 8 7 7 8
Duncan 8 9 9 10
eTux 8 9 9 9
Gerty 8 9 9 9
Jay 8 10 9 10
Jorge22 8 9 9 9
Jose 6 9 8 9
Kristina 8 8 8 10
Leisa 9 8 9 10
MichaelP 8 8 9 9
Obig 9 8 10 10
Orbit Dream 8 8 9 10
Phil 9 10 9 10
Ryan 8 8 10 10
Sash 7 8 9 9
Solange 9 8 8 9
Staticon 9 10 10 10
Treeble 8 9 10 8
Whistle 6 8 8 9
release date: 30-May-2004
# of downloads: 137

average rating: 8.72
review count: 22
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file size: 29.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Alien/Space

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I am not familiar with the concept of Dr. Who at all, but I found this to be quite an unique adventure. Gameplay revolves around tasks that are already all too familiar for all of us, including backtracking for newly opened doors, jump switches hidden in plan sight and a few jumping sequences here and there, but what truly made this level unique is the atmosphere. It's hardly what you'd call a tomb, and yet it conveys this atmosphere of being somewhere you don't belong. There are a few voice clips which I am ashamed to say I barely understood (do I even English anymore?) which might help deepen the lore here, but they weren't crucial. I loved the custom enemies -- both the functional and the 'dead' ones --, and as a whole I did enjoy my time here. 60 minutes. 03/21" - Treeble (21-Mar-2021)
"An original level with a lot of work to create new textures (cool animated textures too), very well made enemies and new objects, and also new sounds (conversations) to create atmosphere. I missed a lot some more medipacks and ammo for the shotgun and the uzis; I had to shoot most of the enemies only with pistols and the grenade gun appears too late near the end. The entire level is a complete labyrinth, and I had to backtrack a lot of times when finding closed doors or dead ends; the puzzles are very simple, and all the tasks are pull switches or move globes onto nearby tiles. Not very funny. I also missed some flybys and more musics too, but the game is woth to play even if it's only to see the new environments, objects and enemies. Not an exit trigger but good work and a good effort anyway." - Jose (09-Jun-2017)
"If you are looking for something different in a custom level, then download this level immediately. There are so many nice little touches added which make this a worthwhile playing experience. Lara's outfit, the Cybermen, Lara's conversation with an unseen helper (presumably the Doctor himself) and the brilliant textures. Gameplay isn't that difficult and there are some enjoyable tasks to perform. Recommended." - Ryan (02-Sep-2016)
"It helps if you're a Who fan and can recognise the tongue-in-cheek visual homages,but even if you have no knowledge of the TV series you should still find this a visually extraordinary adventure.The moving translucent colours;Cyber-ised metallic textures;terrifically re-modeled enemies and overall futuristic ambience make this a level which will be difficult to forget.Although the environment is forbiddingly labyrinthine to begin with,it all makes sense after a while;and progression is far more obvious than initial impressions lead one to expect.Nonetheless,the amount of backtracking through identical-seeming corridors gets a little wearisome at times;and there are too many battles with re-textured demi-gods,which are tedious at the best of times.Where this adventure excells,though,is in the variety of challenges on offer;never too difficult,but always imaginative and amusing - none more so than the splendidly recreated Cyber-Mats,which are sinister and funny at the same time. The lack of a Finish Trigger,together with a non-appearance of the good Doctor himself,lead to a sense of anti-climax;but it's still good fun and highly original,and well worth a play." - Orbit Dream (19-Jun-2009)
"Another level that has been out there for a long time, but still as impressive today. The Mayan face tiles and textures tell us this is probably a South American, not Egyptian tomb. While you look at the brilliant new outfit and hairdo of a very young looking Lara, and look around this spaceage environment, lets go back a bit to find out why Lara is here in the first place. Wandering through a tomb Lara found a closed metal door and meets, of all people, Dr. Who himself. Lara asks if she can help. So off they travel, in the tardis. She dons a brilliant suit and headset, through which the doctor will guide her in her quest to extinguish the cybermen, who have taken over and built an amazing living and working environment inside the pyramid. How's that for a storyline? Seems these guys haven't got it quite right as there are sharks about. One will rise out of the water and swim through air after you. Other enemies are zombies, demigods, funny little microchip bugs, and the cybermen themselves. Great looking transparent objects, including parts of Lara's outfit, the animated flowing textures, music and sounds (voiceovers). There are a lot of globes to push around, microchips and beetles to find, rolling boulders to dodge, many doors to open, and many routes to travel that can make this adventure very confusing at times. Good atmosphere, greatly added to by camera angles and cutscenes. There's an interesting room where ledges appear and disappear on slopes. And it all ends in a... dead wall. It would have been nicer to escape somehow, instead of being left feeling trapped. Or maybe we were supposed to go back to the tardis?" - CC (12-Nov-2007)
"This level was spoiled for me by the laberinthine routes and back tracking. As I play a level a little at a time trying to remember were I had been in this level was a real trial, hence the mark of 6. The other aspects of the level were good, with the dark areas having enough light to find your way. Novel textures and graphics did give a feel of an alien world and the cybermen completed the illusion. The ending was however a complete mystery and I had to check the walk though to see if I really had reached the end-an actual meeting with the tardis or Who would have been the icing on the cake." - Whistle (06-Jun-2006)
"As a massive Doctor Who Fan I loved this level. The care with which elements from the TV Series have been recreated is tremendous. I loved the Cybermen with their guns - a neat variant on the TR Guards - and when we get to the massive Tombs themselves, the inclusion of Zombie-Cybermen was inspired. We also get Cybermats (small rodent creatures) which are well realised also. The gameplay is perhaps a little straightforward with a few areas which could have been expanded - the Tombs for example look great but there is no exploring to do here when there could have been quite a bit. Some of the panels in front of the Tombs could have been breakable glass for example, and there could have been pickups scattered about as well as maybe making the whole Tomb area a puzzle to be solved as well. The music and atmosphere is excellent and I had a great time playing the game. The only element which didn't work for me was trying to get the Cybermen to open closed doors. I could not make this happen as they wouldn't move to the correct places. Overall a good, entertaining little level, slightly marred by it's non-ending which leaves Lara just running about with no-where further to go." - David (15-Apr-2006)
"This was a very different level. It was probably the coolest outfit I've ever seen Lara in, she looked fantastic! The cybermen were really nasty, as they should be, and the level had a creepy atmosphere. It was quite scary imo, and I even had a nightmare because of playing it, so it was very well made! The first half of the level I thought was really difficult, and I was constantly afraid of running out of medipacks because of the evil robots, but once I was halfway through, I had a lot of fun, especially with the platform with rooms on the sides. I liked the pill bugs, I thought they were like tiny mechanical vacuum cleaners! :-)" - Solange (15-Apr-2005)
"The story takes place on an UFO base. The enemies are armed men sharks strange beetles centipedes and demigods. There are numerous puzzles on the base parted by an iron bridge running up and down on both sides. It's very important to get the Crowbar in the beginning of the level because you will need it for getting the 4 Power Cells. Before it you must get the Core Key the Fuse and the 4 Chips. Watch out the areas because you can miss your way easy. There's no final switch in the level so you can't leave it at the dark door. There are plenty of weapons: the Shotgun the Uzi and the Grenade Gun in the end. I didn't use them and neither a Medi Pack - there are not too many of them. The textures are very nice and the added sounds give very much to the experience sometimes I shivered with fear. :) I didn't find any Secret. Don't miss this great level!" - Obig (12-Sep-2004)
"What an original level Lara comes to the rescue of Doctor Who well I don't think it is ever said that it is Doctor Who but the Tardis use of the word timelord and the fact he is only known as Doctor pretty much alludes to the fact. Here Lara must release the Tardis from the Cybermen's underground futuristic maze like dwellings. Now don't let the maze like comment faze you as although when I first started to get into the level I thought I would get disoriented in seconds but you really get the hang of the environment quite quickly and it isn't much of an issue. The Cybermen of the name were quite cool enemies I thought they looked a little like Robbie the Robot from the movies of years and years ago and they came in three different styles retextured SAS mummies and demigods you also meet some centipede like small creatures that frankly gave me the creeps. To release the Tardis the 75 minute game revolves mostly around moving globes pulling jumpswitches and collecting a whole bunch of items nothing to stressful but added to that the look and voice over effects it's an all over experience and that makes the level one to play. Just a bitch though straight from me to Terry Terry sweetie darlin' (very Ab Fab Edina Monsoon of me) what happened to the f*cking (very Ab Fab Patsy Stone of me) secrets?!?" - Sash (17-Aug-2004)
"Here's another entertaining level by Dhama. It's definitely off the beaten track with an other-worldly atmosphere matched by special sounds and enemies. The author has been considerate enough to provide an annotated map which was a big help given the confusing twists and turns that need to be navigated (sometimes more than once). The level of difficulty is medium and I therefore enjoyed myself thoroughly during the hour or so of net gaming time it took to make it all the way through. There was some confusion at the end that's been experienced by other reviewers. First I also encountered the black wall instead of the exit trigger at the end of the final corridor. Second the map text seems to suggest a trip back to the room marked with a green T on the map just before finishing the level. (Indeed since there was no cut scene after the indicated jump switch was activated the player would have no idea what the switch did if not for the map text.) However I could find no way back to the T Room so maybe I'm wrong about this. (If so then why have that jump switch at all?) All of this uncertainty translates to the loss of a point for gameplay but in all other respects the level is close to being perfect. Highly recommended." - Phil (05-Aug-2004)
"Here's another original level from Terry. The story goes that whilst raiding in Egypt she discovers an odd room within a pyramid. Inside is a passage that leads to 'the cybermen' robots that are trying to take over. 'The Doctor' who Lara had met a few years back has discovered this and needs to stop them. Luckily Lara being there at the right time she has the job of finishing them off! So start's her journey. The level is very Doctor-Who-style with the cybermen and the tardis making a cameo in one of the rooms. Lara looks very sci-fi in her outfit with fancy see-through boots gloves and backpack. She also wears a headset as the doctor (voice provided by Terry!) contacts her often telling her where to go or what things mean which helps on the way. The cybermen were very cool there were a fair few most zombie style ones which you bump into near the end and you don't find the grenade launcher till your right near the end which you end up using on tougher enemies. There are also a few small bug creatures too. The level is quite complex lots of rooms doors passages it's easy to get lost but after going back and forth often you get used to it. The level lacks camera views as well coz most of the time you do something (pull a lever or move blocks) and you never know what has happened so you have to look about. The sounds and music was cool too very sci-fi and robot voices talking too commanding them to attack Lara! I didn't find the level too difficult some obstacles looked impossible but were pretty simple. I enjoyed the level a lot and look forward to his future ones. Highly recommended to everyone!" - Aims (26-Jul-2004)
"I liked the last Castle Doomsday better. That having been said though I enjoyed Tomb of the Cybermen as well and let's face it the concept is totally different maybe one shouldn't compare. I found this game very original especially in its ability to mix classic tomb raiding artefacts with a total science-fiction ambiance. Another thing which I found very well achieved was the retexturing of the mummies into 'cybermen mummies'. And I liked the background music and sounds - that was a very strong point. Some of the puzzles were very good too namely the one where you have to pick up a large medipack (which you'll definitely need) from a block with deadly lasers - easy but you must figure it out. Meanwhile the settings sometimes become a tiny bit monotonous. And that puzzle in the room with the shark... It isn't exactly obvious going back to the main room after having placed Lara over the different texture on the floor (which you'll most probably think of as some trapdoor) and see you can now get the circuit you're looking for. I only found it by accident after a long while of endless confusion. Finally I was one of the unlucky players who got a black screen instead of the way out of the game. I felt very puzzled there and spent a long time trying to figure out what on Earth I could be missing. Since I'm netless right now only after having been to the forums at a latter time did I understand that was the end... in the shape of a bug! Thus I believe this game has several pros and several cons as well... It's hard to rate it because the pros are big but so are the cons. All in all though it's a good game it is original and you should definitely give it a go. Just remember if you get a black screen at the end instead of the way out well that's the end my friend and that's all you'll get. (June 18 2004)" - Jorge22 (21-Jun-2004)
"What a wonderful idea. Dr Who fans everywhere will just love this one. The cybermen are very well rendered and there are some excellent Dr Who style electronic sounds going on. The voiceovers are effective and the whole atmosphere is just superb. There's nothing particularly difficult to accomplish but it's great fun. Probably the hardest thing is trying not to get lost and/or run out of medipacks. Pickups are sparse and the cybermen are plentiful so don't waste life. Terry has very kindly provided a map of the maze like area but I'm a terrible map reader so I found it easier just to blunder about in 'headless chicken' mode. I got there in the end." - Jay (16-Jun-2004)
"This level might be of particular interest to people familiar with the legendary British TV show 'Dr Who'. Alas I was not. Still it was a quite nice level to play set in a labyrinthine space station like environment. You have to fight a lot of enemies mostly armed cybermen but also some funny cyber caterpillars a couple of sharks and a number of demigods. Mostly you have to get along with the pistols only since ammo is nowhere to be seen except where the weapons are found. Medipacks are also scarce and I finished the game with none left and just a short flashing bit remaining of Lara's health. Occasional audio contact with the Doctor and sudden alarm calls from the cybermen adds drive to the level. The 'sound track' is good and there are several excellent 'cyber' custom objects. The level is rather easy except for the lack of medis and the risk of being confused by all the similar doors and corridors which is aggravated by some mischievously placed cameras. After having searched out some info about the BBC series I found that certain background knowledge just might provide a little bit of help with the playing as well as of course explain some aspects of the story." - Bogey (12-Jun-2004)
"Fancy something different? You have come to the right place. From the great storyline in the readme to the title flyby and the really cool outfit and custom enemies and suitable original custom music this is a well rounded package that will provide you with just over an hour of fun. It is actually quite a tough level in two ways: one because of the rather plentiful enemies (based on SAS demigods scorpions and mummies but all fabulously remodeled) which you battle basically with your pistols only and with rather scarce medipacks around and two because of the fact that the setting is basically one huge maze with a lot of doors that all look the same. But it's all quite manageable and gameplay largely revolves around pulling jump switches and pushing a few globes around finding four chops and four beetles (power cells) and a couple of other objects. I really liked the use of the revolving boulders and the 'green diamond' area. For some reason the finish trigger doesn't work but you will know when you reach the end so no big deal." - Michael (07-Jun-2004)
"I have been a Doctor Who fan since the first episode aired back in 1963 so this level had much to live up to. And in my humble opinion it has done so admirably. Lara stumbles into this Cybermen den whilst raiding an Egyptian tomb and thus begins the adventure. And a splendid adventure it is too filled with a few familiar and quite a number of custom objects. The enemies are not just re-textured but have been completely re-meshed by the talented Cornchild. The level as a whole is one big puzzle - almost a maze which makes the method of completion about as non-linear as any I have played up to now. Music is excellent and really fits the setting. Textures are detailed and camera work borders on the theatrical in places. I'm not usually a great fan of fixed cameras but these are used to such good effect in this level. In all it took me nearly 1 hour and 20 minutes to complete and I was the play tester - but in my defense I must state that when you play test one of Terry's levels he then goes and changes everything so that when you next test (or play) the level everything is different. It's more like playing several versions of a level than repeated runs through the same one.:-) I have given 9 for the gameplay as I prefer a more linear level due to my awful sense of direction - I get lost very easily - but everything else is spot on. If you are looking for something a little different to the usual tomb/city/castle/base type levels then this may be just quirky enough to entertain you. Give it a go I'm sure you'll enjoy the experience" - Staticon (07-Jun-2004)
"A very entertaining 1 hour adventure in a tech/alien surrounding is what you can expect when booting this up and I certainly wasn't disappointed when despite many moments of confusion I persisted and got through. Lara starts in a fancy neon outfit I liked a lot and immediately goes looking for a crowbar and from then on more or less the tasks are only running around activating jump switches placing some items you find till one big area where you branch out to smaller puzzles in order to gain some needed puzzle items and an almost useless Uzi (why? Not because extra firearms would be superfluous - no way but there simply isn't enough ammo for it to master even 1 cyberman). The new enemies are cool (I found the small robots cute lol) and make a great challenge for Lara so watch your medipacks. The atmosphere thorough the game is unique and the textures and lighting were very well done either - I was pleased with them especially the central puzzle bit and the burial chambers were quite stunning to look at. Some minor notes to the author would be that when supplying a TR4 version of the level the sounds are not needed as they're compressed within the TR4 also the so called wafer thing shotgun doesn't look too good but those issues didn't influence my ratings if there's anything more one could wish for here then puzzles - the ones that are there were great but didn't stand out on the background of the running around - but the level was fun nonetheless. Give it a go I can assure you won't go wrong with this one." - eTux (07-Jun-2004)
"Doctor Who that goes a while back. Being glued to the TV seeing all episodes with the different doctors memory lane that is for sure. This level does have a great story and does look very futuristic. Love the input given by the doctor although at times I didn't understand the meaning of some but that became clearer in the end. Finding chips a gem a pillar and four beetles is your main goal here. Enemies are cybermen (small and big) and sneaky little crawlers and lets not forget those awful spooky re-textured mummies. And lo and behold I had a case of the flying shark LOL. Gameplay was rather frustrating and there is a fair amount of traveling back and fro to find all the items you need (I kept going to the right and ended up where I needed most of the time LOL). Nice traps and some puzzles. The room on top of the first boulder room shook quite a lot after releasing them and that gave me a queasy feeling. There are some levers you need to find and there is some jumping to do the hardest part was that pit with the burners. There is one part that isn't textured at all and I missed a finishing trigger. 03-06-2004" - Gerty (06-Jun-2004)
"A thoroughly wacky TR spin to the Dr. Who mythos. Lara looks terrific in her campy outfit and the atmosphere has the tongue-in-cheek quality that I love about this author. Lara finds herself in an alien environment to free the good Dr but I don't know how it qualifies as a 'tomb'. The maze is confusing but the author has thoughtfully provided a map. I loved the usual baddies retextured to fit. Some things did annoy me: the sliding doors I just got in the way too few medi-packs many rooms shook as if an earthquake was going on not enough shotgun ammo and I didn't find the grenade gun to the very end. Some people may find the setting hard to handle because of the moving textures but I consider it a must play. Well done." - Duncan (06-Jun-2004)
"I really had fun with the idea of rescuing 'The Doctor'. What an original concept! Lara looked great except for her hands not looking/working right. I was back and forth through the maze of corridors like a mad woman but I managed to find my way. The only place that stuck me for a while was that large medpack on the laser protected block and for a while I didn't think I'd make it alive. I was disappointed by way too few medpacks and ended up with 0 in inventory when I finished. I tell you Lara made that one by the skin of her teeth. I did like hearing the Doc in my headset from time to time giving instructions. I thought that was a cool concept and I do like the futuristic themes a lot. I thought the 'pc chip' looking bugs were cute and easy to kill. The room with the Lara clones to me begs a sequel. This game seemed like it could be the start of something big. Terry I hope you continue building. I liked this game and truly enjoyed playing it although sweating the whole way wondering if I'd make it alive. LOL I read somewhere this was probably your last game I hope not." - Leisa (05-Jun-2004)
"This was a nice surprise considering that we have used to more classic levels from the author. I liked the game a lot and found everything to be well placed. It's a space/cyber game with retextured enemies chips to find a pillar and Lara in a very cool outfit. Her hands though weren't very nice her fingers wouldn't bend and I found a missing texture at the beginning of the level. There is a good chance you'll get lost in all those corridors but once you go through them a couple of times it won't be so bad. You'll also need four beetles to place on a pyramid and eventually finish the level. I didn't find any secrets or a finishing trigger but I am sure I reached the end. I believe this is the best level the author has created considering the gameplay and the setting. I would like some more puzzles though but I really enjoyed playing this." - Kristina (04-Jun-2004)