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Lara Croft: Silent Hill 2 - Albergo Maria by Wall_TR

Anurag 7 6 6 5
Blue43 6 6 6 6
CC 6 6 7 7
Ceamonks890 6 5 6 6
Duncan 5 5 7 7
Gerty 6 6 6 7
Jay 6 6 6 7
John 7 7 7 7
Jose 5 5 5 6
Kristina 3 4 6 6
Lady Lara 6 6 6 5
MichaelP 6 5 6 7
Necro 7 6 7 6
Obig 6 6 7 7
Orbit Dream 6 6 8 9
Phil 6 7 7 7
QRS 8 7 8 8
Ryan 5 5 7 7
Sash 6 6 7 7
Treeble 5 6 6 7
Yoav 7 6 8 8
Zhyttya 4 7 4 7
release date: 01-May-2004
# of downloads: 94

average rating: 6.25
review count: 22
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file size: 15.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: Mystery/Horror

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Here we have another one of those levels that starts off as mansion level and then turns into something else like a base/ compound area for example it was quite intriguing actually! definitely unpredictable and interesting, i had fun exploring around because theres lots of variety and different types or styles of areas to explore. even though most of the gameplay revolves around finding items and using them it doesnt get boring with all the swimming and platforming and finding new areas containing secrets. theres a few bad guys, a harpy and crocodiles as foes but no real traps or interesting puzzles, but luckily the level is still enjoyable with those absences" - John (19-Aug-2021)
"From the level title, I'd expected this level to be set in a hostel, which might have been the original intent of the surface area which uses standard Croft Manor assets. It slowly turns into an underground lab with a bunch of dead aliens, which turns out to be on top of an even older foundation. Gameplay is pretty linear, having you search for a few different quest objects while shooting a couple of bats and harpies on your way. 20 minutes, 2 secrets. 01/21" - Treeble (01-Feb-2021)
"This a very weird level. It has areas that are unnecessarily big and leaves to a very dull gameplay. I really did not enjoy the atmosphere and level build up. Each transition between rooms seemed completely out of place. It felt like each new area belonged to a different level, not to mention the underwhelming ending. Even though the areas were huge, it was nicely detailed which spiced up the level a bit. There's not a lot more to say, this is a random and not exciting level to play through." - Zhyttya (23-Jul-2020)
"A simple 20 minute exploration of a mansion and some outside areas. It's quite underwhelming in gameplay terms, with nothing exciting happening, or anything to tax the brain too much. I also wasn't fond of the two (albeit short) underwater mazes, although the water flipmap was nicely done. Visuals are okay, but again nothing to stand out in the memory and the guards constitute the main enemy here (aside from a harpy and a skeleton that don't really pose a significant threat. Certainly playable, but nothing too memorable." - Ryan (21-Apr-2018)
"In this level you'll explore a house area, a lab area and even a natural area. Not difficult to play, easy secrets, variety of enemies, enough guns and ammo, correct use of the cameras and flybys but few musics to create a better atmosphere. No much care with the texturization and some new objects in the aliens area. Good gameplay design, you can explore different areas in any order to get the two pieces you need to exit the level. Not interesting tasks but a playable level anyway." - Jose (22-May-2017)
"This older level bears no resemblance to the much more recent release bearing a similar name. It's basically an expanded house level with a few alien corpses thrown in for shock effect, but it's visually underwhelming and will not tax many players for the 30 minutes max that it will take to complete it. Anurag has provided one of his few walkthroughs, and one wonders whatever became of him. There are ample enemies - ninjas, soldiers, crocs, bats, skeletons and a harpy - but plenty of provided firepower to deal with them. Darkness is not a problem here, so flares are not really needed. Definitely playable but not particularly memorable." - Phil (03-May-2017)
"While still not capturing the general aesthetics that you'd expect from something with 'Silent Hill' in the title, this is still a vast improvement from the builder's last attempt, with satisfying gameplay challenges, a solid atmosphere and effective use of lighting, texturing and objects, with respective enemy choices being the only read dud, in terms of design aspects. But overall, that shouldn't deter you from trying this one out. Highly recommended." - Ceamonks890 (28-Jun-2015)
"Here we have a level with a bit of mansion, lab and cave exploration. The game play is fairly straightforward and not challenging at all. On the enemy side there are a few crocodiles, gunmen, ninjas, a skeleton and a harpy. The atmosphere and sounds were decent and the texturing seemed to get better the longer the level went. Some interesting things are here and there to look at. Part of the mansion is flooded and there are a few alien bodies lying around in the lab area. The level is a bit short and the end is surprisingly sudden and makes you wonder if the builder just lost interest and decided to place a finish trigger. In general it's not a bad level at all and I would say it is definitely worth the download and have some entertainment for thirty minutes or less. (25min, 2 secrets found)" - Blue43 (01-Oct-2011)
"This level was much better than the first "Silent Hill" level, although again, I have no idea what this level has to do with Silent Hill. Gameplay in this level was much better and there was the use of cameras to show you what certain switches did which was a big help. The mansion was beautifully built but it did remind me too much of lara's own mansion. I enjoyed playing this level and I especially liked the underwater corridor where you had to dodge the current to get to your switch. Much better and I look forward to playing some more from Donato." - Necro (17-Oct-2007)
"The sequel is pretty much better than the prequel we can see that the author is developing his building skills." - Anurag (24-Jul-2005)
"This is one of those levels that I approached with few raised expectations (judging by the scores it had received) but which impressed me greatly. The construction is quite superb, with beautifully imaginative, vivid and well-crafted areas and some quite unexpected sequences (particularly the rising water). There's a definite, if somewhat eccentric, storyline in evidence (which is always welcome) and some good smooth-flowing gameplay. If there was an 'entertainment' category, I would score this highly. Unfortunately, it all ends in a shockingly abrupt manner, which is not only disappointing but actually rather crushing, as the level seemed to be on course for 'potentially classic' status. But, then again, I now understand the relevance of the scores it has received. Give this a go anyhow. It's extremely well made, full of humour, entertaining and contains tremendous visual flourishes. Just make sure you brace yourself for a stupefying anti-climax!" - Orbit Dream (26-May-2005)
"This is an easy, short but very cool level. Although I hoped for some Silent Hill (the game) resemblance and was disappointed for not getting any (neither in the first part) I have to say it is a great level! A lot of different places to go but no real difficulties to overcome. Great job from this author though! 2005-05-24" - QRS (24-May-2005)
"This was an enjoyable though short and easy hybrid house level. Some really nice elements like the outdoor patio with the alien in the fountain. I also liked the use of some 'base-like' elements. Gave some interest to the level. For some reason I thought the aliens in the bathrooms were funny. Or alien mummies if that is what they were. Points for the water in the house and the retextured objects. Not bad at all." - Lady Lara (09-Oct-2004)
"The 3rd part of the trilogy takes place in a house then in a lab. The enemies are armed men ninjas crocs bats and a skeleton. I found 2 Secrets. Your objective is getting into the large laboratory. You must find the Horseman's Gem the Ornate Handle the Hathor Effigy and the Pharos Knot. The room filling up with water is a nice idea. There are no difficult puzzles on the level this is an easy adventure. Still I recommend it for you. The textures are average nothing special and there are no added sounds. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (12-Sep-2004)
"Don't ya just hate it when your piano room gets flooded ninjas take over your indoor pool room your patio is home to an irritable harpy and a decaying alien corpse E.T. has taken over your bed for a nap and has the nerve to use your good sheets you realize your house is really just a front for an extraterrestrial research lab but most of all don't ya just hate it when a really entertaining level ends abruptly after only 30 minutes. I know I do!" - Sash (23-Jul-2004)
"An unusual level based at a mansion. A good looking mansion with grand staircase rooms off to gardens and pools. Lara looks great with great outfit and holsters don't know if it's just me but she looks as near to Angelina Jolie as I've seen before. Pretty quickly you realise there's something very peculiar going on here rooms are half submerged in water aliens are laid out in a bedroom and soaking in a pool. What's going on? An underground lab is what's going on. It all opens up to good looking areas with satellite dishes on towers caves and lab rooms with dead or suspended aliens. You're after a pillar gem and guardian stand pieces to go lower under the mansion but we never get to see what's down there. I have to mention the great flyby of water rising slowly in the pit with all the satellite towers never saw anything like that before we usually only see the result never the thing itself happening. I wondered for a while at Lara herself she's our familiar Lara unlike the first part of this series where she is a different looking woman . . . unless of course she was in disguise then!" - CC (09-Jul-2004)
"Think Croft Mansion meets Maria Doria. If this were my house I would certainly be more than a touch worried about the damp problem - the poor grand piano is underwater. Add to that the fact that there's an alien in the bedroom and a harpy on the roof terrace (plus another alien in the ornamental pond) and you begin to feel that this is a very bizarre house indeed. The surroundings do indeed become more and more surreal as you progress which gives the whole thing a certain fascination. I particularly relished the way one outside area filled with water after pushing a button; I thought that was really effective. An eclectic bunch of baddies too - guards ninjas bats croc harpies and a skeleton. It's a bit of a charming oddity this one. Give it a try." - Jay (22-Jun-2004)
"So far this is the best I've seen by Donato. But what this level has to do with Silent Hill is beyond me. This is a house/base/little bit of a cave level. Some crawling some climbing a tiny bit of jumping and getting some artifacts like a re-textured Effigy and Handle. There aren't that many enemies I encountered two bats a couple of ninjas one skeleton and also one croc (his head was stuck in a rock LOL). Best thing was the water raising - that looked way cool. Found one secret. 08-06-2004" - Gerty (14-Jun-2004)
"Well anytime a level starts off with a submerged piano you know it's not just another Egyptian level. I really liked the submerged piano and the manor with an alien sunk in the fountain. It freely and rather tastelessly mixes manor alien coastal ruins and other textures and artifacts all together. Gameplay is easy and compensates for the lack of logic in the settings. I wish the author had striven for more wackiness so I could feel the inconsistencies were done from a sense of humor." - Duncan (12-Jun-2004)
"Well immediately you notice to things when you start this adventure: very cool outfit and Oh no - it looks a bit like a Lara's Home level. But - not for very long and it becomes a wild mix of settings (Base Caves) and a potpourri of objects placed all around. There are a number of nice touches like the flooded hotel room floors and the short scene with the raising water (very original). I also liked some of the fixed camera angles. Gameplay is short (just around 20 minutes or so) and mainly involves shooting a few windows pushing some buttons and using a gem a knot and a portal guardian. Found two secrets and met a variety of enemies but few in number: ninja SAS harpy crocodile bats and a lonely skeleton. Solid short and fun. Worth a try." - Michael (11-Jun-2004)
"It's a mansion level which doesn't resemble much the original. The stairs and the general setting is the same but there are some tech-like elements in some areas which make it differ. There are very few enemies a harpy and a couple of SAS guards. The items to find are a pillar the portal guardian which is renamed and retextured and several buttons need to be pushed. I found one secret in the fifteen minutes it took me to complete it." - Kristina (09-Jun-2004)
"Another house level (though not Lara's home). Easy puzzles to solve the first 15 minutes are in the houses some rooms you flood with water in others aliens sleep and have a good night. Lara needs a gem and shooting a harpy gives the Core key. Lara opens a trapdoor she swims in channels to headquarters there she found communications satellites area... also she needs to down cage find Hathor Effigy Ornate Handle and jump to room below. Took me 40 minutes to finish the level." - Yoav (07-Jun-2004)