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Lara at the Movies - Psycho by tombrdr

Aims 9 9 9 10
AKlara 9 10 10 10
Andzia9 10 10 10 10
Bene 9 9 10 10
Blue43 9 9 10 9
Bogey 9 9 10 9
Brigidsgirl 10 10 10 9
CalrOsario 9 10 10 10
Capt. Abbey 9 9 9 10
CC 9 9 10 9
Ceamonks890 9 9 9 8
dantheraider 10 10 10 10
Deekman 10 10 10 10
Dimpfelmoser 7 9 9 8
DJ Full 9 10 9 9
Drakan 8 8 8 8
Duncan 9 9 10 10
eRIC 8 10 10 8
eTux 8 9 10 10
G.Croft 9 9 10 10
Gerty 9 9 10 9
gfd 9 10 10 9
Horus 8 8 9 9
Ivan 9 9 10 10
Jay 9 9 10 10
Jerrod 8 9 9 9
JesseG 9 9 9 8
JoeTheCrazyGamer 10 9 9 9
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 7 9 8 9
Josi 8 9 10 10
Kitkat 9 10 10 10
Kristina 9 9 9 10
Leisa 10 10 10 10
Lorax 9 10 10 10
Loupar 10 9 10 9
Magnus 7 7 8 8
manarch2 8 9 10 9
Marc 8 10 10 8
Mezcal 9 9 10 10
MichaelP 9 9 10 8
Mman 9 10 10 10
Obig 9 9 10 10
Orbit Dream 7 8 9 9
Pedros 10 10 10 9
Phil 10 9 10 9
QRS 9 10 10 9
Ravenwen 10 10 10 10
Relic Hunter 10 10 10 10
Ruediger 9 10 9 9
Ryan 9 8 10 10
Samu 8 8 9 9
Scottie 9 9 10 10
Selene 9 9 10 10
Shandroid 9 8 10 9
Staticon 9 8 10 9
Sutekh 8 8 10 10
Torry 10 10 10 10
Treeble 9 9 10 9
tuxraider 7 7 9 7
Ward Dragon 6 8 7 8
Whistle 9 9 10 10
Yoav 10 9 9 10
Zhyttya 9 9 8 10
release date: 25-Jun-2004
# of downloads: 162

average rating: 9.23
review count: 64
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file size: 301.83 MB
file type: TR4
class: Mystery/Horror

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This levels follows Rebecca within the Lara at the Movies level set. It uses the same visual trick, which contributes to the interesting atmosphere. Maybe it's even better with that partially ridiculous street. There are two possible soft-locks: First, you can get stuck with the bike. Second, there seems to be an intentional soft-lock in the basement when you get the mask. The door can close and there's no way to get out, or you went back without taking the mask and can't return. If that was intentional, it's very evil." - tuxraider (28-Dec-2023)
"Finally after a year without playing this game I've decided to finally continue with Psycho. Overall, has a lot of the same qualities Rebecca had from what I remember of Rebecca, but more enjoyable and better realized. I liked the way the killer was done, reminiscent of hound of the Baskerville from this same game. Overall I really loved this level and I think it stands as tombrdr's masterpiece." - Lorax (15-Oct-2023)
"I found this game a little different than usual but very creative and immersive. A rich environment suited to the scenarios, objects and enemies. Some locations are too large with little to do. But there is some good puzzles. Overall very good!! I found no secrets (they must be very well hidden), and I finished this adventure in (more or less) one hour. (39/40) Highly Recommended!" - CalrOsario (28-Dec-2022)
"As the previous level, this one is in black and white, although a few specific things are colored in, an interesting artistic choice that is effective at making some of the spookier details stand out to the player. The most prominent task is riding the motorbike down the hilly and hazardous streets, which was a lot of fun. Lara will also contend with some large spiders (a little hard to see against the black & white), a skeleton and some other enemies with swords, usually timed well with an audio cue (my first encounter was in the shower which gave me a bit of a jump). I enjoyed the pushblock puzzles, but I didn't enjoy as much the bizarre book switches and jumpswitches hidden inside the lights. The visuals are a little more of a mixed bag this time, with the natural areas suffering a bit of texture sizing issues, abrupt end-of-the-world, and wallpapering, but the other areas – the house in particular – are impressive. 48 minutes." - JesseG (03-Sep-2021)
"Really solid and amusing level. Once again we're greeted with the black and white thematic, which spices up the level by a big margin. What I couldn't get my head around was the music triggers. What's wrong with the tracks? Are they supposed to be that repetitive? If so, it's something that I think kills a bit the mood set for this level and are annoying. The jump scares are real...really. I'm not someone who likes being scared and I did stopped playing when the crazy old lady would suddenly appear behind me. Not a fan at all, but I do understand it suits the theme all better. Lovely decorated as well. Loved it." - Zhyttya (29-Aug-2020)
"A great level with lots of tricky puzzles. And creepy spiders (I played this one last so I had lots of ammo to blow them up) All in all great job. 37/40" - JoeTheCrazyGamer (22-Jun-2020)
"Onto tombrdr's second contribution, with yet another take on an Alfred Hitchcock film. And whilst it retains the black & white aesthetic from 'Rebecca', this level is much better designed all-round(with standout moments including a motorbike ride across treacherous terrain and terrifying encounters with crazed ladies at specific points, which made me jump out of my chair). Granted the lighting can be a little too dark for its own good(made even worse by the black texturing in some areas). But overall, this level makes up for the plodding nature of 'Rebecca' tremendously and helps to get the general quality of Lara at the Movies back on track. Recommended." - Ceamonks890 (22-Jul-2017)
"In my opinion, this is the better of the Alfred Hitchcock double feature levels. The atmosphere is gripping, with the rain falling, thunder booming and the haunting sound files. The encounters with "Mother" are well done, especially the shower scene. Annoying spiders, bats and crows are out to get you. Dark in places, but that's expected. Well done, Debbie. This ends Cinema 1 for me, so onwards..." - Ryan (24-Sep-2016)
"In every aspect this is miles ahead of Rebecca, so once again how could so different qualities... you know the rest (or at least I hope you do). Greyscale got shading closer to natural and tasking is more entertaining all the way through the level structure which makes a lot of sense, however the pushables could go as usually. Much stronger story leading is executed with a quite busy villain, object details telling his past and local tunes warning about his very near future. As a result this one is far spookier and thrilling than other horror-like entries of the series managed to be." - DJ Full (18-May-2016)
"Another level in black and white. This level is relatively simple after a start with the bike, you reach the Bates motel. The atmosphere is restored and I enjoyed this little wink, with music from the film (chills). I just had a little trouble with the wraiths who were only reappear infinitely. I took an earlier save and it went well. good level" - Drakan (09-Oct-2014)
"Similar to the other "Hitchcock's level" (Rebecca), this time there is an entertaining ride with the bike and the action is in an outside area. There is more backtracking than in the other level, and I think the author placed too hidden jumpswitches in big areas; also I missed some puzzles and more cameras when triggering something. I don't know if it was a bug, but in the spirits area, when I shooted the white vase the fire never stopped in the tile with the blade piece, so I was forced to pick it up while Lara caught fire and run like fool using medipacks whith lara burning to the water hole. Except for this, only a crash in the basement when I wanted to blast the skeleton with explosive ammo. I liked the Bates House, the lake, the shower scene... All very well implemented. Recommended." - Jose (25-Sep-2012)
"This is an extension of the last level thematically, with a black and white style and horror atmosphere. It's even better here though, with even more original objects (there's very little here I've seen used elsewhere) and more horror aspects. There's also some great music use to add to the creepiness of it.
This level is a bit easier than the last, and isn't too tough outside of a few quite hidden objects. It mostly based around exploration and experiencing the atmosphere, along with a little bike-riding. The only issue I had is that there's a bit too much forced damage (from both the bike rides and occasional fall) This level also has probably the best (worst?) use of Giant Spiders I've seen, with them jumping out on you rather than just being randomly placed; while I had a general idea where they all were from playing the pack before I still got caught out once or twice. Beyond them you've also got to deal to occasional attacks by Norman, who seems to have gained the slasher movie ability to keep coming back for more. While it's based off "Psycho" there's also a small reference to "The Birds" towards the end as well. There's a satisfying ending where you get to have some revenge on all the horrors that have been after you in the level. This is probably the best level of the first set of maps, and a good way to end them." - Mman (21-Jan-2012)
"The part in the cave at the begin of the level scared me due the black & white, but it's not a problem for the next places. On the contrary, the motel and the Bates house looks awesome. In generally, nothing difficult (switchs/doors) and a funny part with the bike, but the game is a good entertainment through this particular atmosphere." - Jerrod (27-Sep-2011)
"There are ideas who quickly fall into oblivion. And there are ideas who are not realizable, all the same what one tries. And there are ideas from which one believes as a player that they are impossible to be realise. Though I have learnt in the meantime, that is nearly for everything possible in the CL-Universe, but still today I am astonished at the fact that there is really such a project. Now it is not in such a way that LatM is absolutely unknown to me, because I have played this level package already about 5 years ago. But at that time I have played it just for the fun of it without bother myself about how much work must be behind. Now, in the meantime, I can roughly imagine, how big the amount of work must have been. This already starts with letting look the different level in such a way that they are more or less similar to the suitable movie. Above all the black-and-white-movies might have been a big challenge. And then still comes that somebody must co- ordinate the whole project. And it needs a common superstructure because to jump simply thus from movie to movie would be dull. So much to my general thoughts about this mammoth's project.
Psycho: You can believe it or not, but I have seen from this movie only a few smaller cuttings. I am no big fan of horror movies and Psycho simply falls in this category. But as the nice saying goes: "Tastes differ and one does not argue about good taste". I am, for example, a fan of the Godzilla movies from Japan. And I'll bet all my money that does not exist, that there's many folks out there who now clap together all hands about all heads. But hey, that's life. The motel has a certain resemblance to the movie motel and the granny with the dagger is purely and simply brilliant. The house looks just as good. Especially of course the small room at the top with the green light. In addition there are some interesting challenges, a great background sound and the tours with the bike. Thus makes level-playing really fun." - Scottie (27-Jun-2011)
"A brilliantly atmospheric level. The outdoor areas were so detailled and seemed very real, even if black/white, the motel was very good. The manor was even better with all its objects and lightning. Gameplay, I think, was a bit slow however; of course, the bike ride was great fun and challenging too, but I didn't like exploring such a huge area just to find a switch that opens a door somewhere else in the area. Few puzzles here, but none of them was really hard to solve. I liked the Norman Bates coming from behind many times - but after finding his skeleton in the cellar he appears on the street again? Strange... The second Debbie Overstreet level is in my opinion not as good and compact as the first, but the atmosphere was stunning and the level still was great fun to play." - manarch2 (03-Dec-2010)
"Well, just like most, I have seen the original Psycho more than once and so I had high expectations when I started this level. Just as with the previous adaptations there were no disappointments. It is a level is made in Back and White with a good atmosphere. The game play is nice and there are a variety of things to do, especially in the beginning where Lara needs to get access to the first bike there are a few surprises, but once the player reaches"Bates Motel", the surroundings become more familiar. We encounter many famous places like the motel room with the shower or the stairs in the Bates house. There is also the lake with the submerged cars. It does never get boring in this level, as there are push block puzzles, diving and jumping sequences and some combat. The main opponent is Norman himself and he shows up multiple times. We also encounter some spiders. They are the big, fast and aggressive species, which drops in from behind when you are not looking :) The atmosphere, texturing, lighting, look and feel of this level is simply stunning and I think one can easily say that this is a good as it gets. This is one of those levels that should be on everyone's play-list!" - Blue43 (02-Dec-2010)
"I saw this movie right befor i played it so I knew what i was in for I fell in love with movie just as much as i fell in love with this level I think the level was actually scarier than the movie certainly at the shower part. the only complaint is that the level ended. this level had just the right amount of scary it had its spooky moments but it didnt take away for the gameplay." - AKlara (29-May-2010)
"It was amazing level. We are visiting the famous Motel and later big and spooky house. And of course there is that scene in the shower. Game was quite easy, the puzzles aren't difficult." - Andzia9 (13-Nov-2009)
"This level was so spooky!! I LOVE the black and white which really immerses the player into the experience. I just enjoyed exploring this world and the mother's house, which was well done, complete with scary mother! I loved how Lara drives to this place and of course the music is perfect. Well done." - Shandroid (27-Oct-2008)
"This was a nice level. The gameplay and puzzles were very simple and straight-forward, and I found the occassional bursts of music to be very jarring and somewhat out of place. Other than that, it was fun and I thought the crows were a fantastic idea." - Ward Dragon (13-Apr-2008)
"I simply can't describe the feeling I had as Lara and I drove into the parking lot of the Bates Motel. Both frightened and excited at the same time. The motel and house behind it looked great and every single time Norman crept up on 'me' I jumped! Even in the shower room - I really should have seen that one coming! As in Rebecca the black and white textures really add to the atmosphere. The cellar was especially creepy, I thought. There is a lot of exploring to do and you do get to kill 'Norman/Mother'. Which was fun. A great adaptation of a great movie." - Kitkat (27-Jul-2007)
"I have to admit that author has managed to create the feeling of psycho movie really well and I enjoyed every moment of the game. It may not be particularly inventive when it comes to gameplay which is mainly focused on a bit repetitive switch activating and jumping but on the other hand gameplay is not the most important factor in this kind of horror levels. The more important factor is the scary atmosphere which author has created really well and intensified with black and white textures which fit perfectly to the setting. The way of using audio tracks and Norman enemy were also very effective and I was really always frightened when Norman came into my sight. All in all this is a well made level which is definitely enjoyable to play due to it's scary and effective atmosphere." - Samu (22-Jan-2007)
"Another amazing black-and-white tribute to Alfred Hitchcock by Debbie Overstreet, also part of the 'Lara At The Movies' project, like 'Rebecca' by the same builder. One of my personal favourites from the LATM project. After completing LATM once, I have restarted it several times so that I could arrive to this level and enjoy playing it again and again. 'Psycho' is naturally more spooky and eery than 'Rebecca' and the thriller element is much more prominent here. You start off in a deserted highway, where your first task is to explore a ravine - one of the most fantastic parts in the level. What awaits next is an awesome bike ride which leads you to the heart of the story and the action, as you find yourself in the Motel and the Mansion of the Bates family. The Motel and its whereabouts involve some excellent settings, and an undead enemy which keeps chasing you around wherever you go. The Mansion has beautiful architecture and the atmosphere in the interior is amazing - giving you the feeling at times that you are being watched for real! There are several hidden things to discover in the house (switches, trapdoors, a spooky basement), and some very good gameplay sequences in the balconies and the roof. The lighting effects are very effective, as well as the sounds and music. In all, this level is a masterwork that stands out for its originality and brilliance in all fields." - Ravenwen (25-Dec-2006)
"Black and night Hitchock Psyho level part in age of Tomb Raider :) Very clever and excellent details of master of horror and thriller - HItchock, made in beauty level for enjoy to playing. Both levels are good in gameplay and puzzles. Atmosphere and sound very dramatic and filling atmosphere of places in levels. Good and clear poing is made for shadowed and darkened rooms with spiders, some freaky creatures and music from movies of master of horor :). Motel are very nice and little lake near to Big creepy house and on end very nice green light and cameras which follow all level. I realy enjoyed whe nplayed tose two levels. Bravo." - Ivan (26-Oct-2006)
"The author is clearly a big fan of Hitchcock, as she made two levels based on his films for Lara at the Movies. There's even something that can be taken as a reference to another one of his films near the end of this level. I've never watched Psycho, so I don't know what (if anything) in this level is from the film (I doubt there were any gigantic spiders in it), but I was happy to see the famous shower scene, at least. The level can be rather confusing at times, due to the large amount of levers and doors, but the area you're in is of a manageable size, so you don't have to worry about doing a lot of backtracking if you get stuck. Gameplay mainly revolves around pulling levers, with some jumping and climbing thrown in every now and then to spice things up a bit. The best part of the level is the realistic setting, with the road, motel, lake, and house. It's all a lot of fun to explore, and the level feels larger than it actually is (lasting only thirty minutes). Some of the levers hidden in lamps are a bit hard to spot, but otherwise the gameplay is rather entertaining, and the finale is excellent. At first I thought it seemed like overkill to have two black and white horror levels after each other, but I was pleasantly surprised. Who knew that being chased by a crazy woman with a knife could be so much fun?" - Magnus (15-Oct-2006)
"I have been sitting on this review for ages now,as I have terribly mixed feelings about this level but don't want to criticise it due to the startling imagination,hard work and creativity of the builder.However,it seemed to me to be a classic case of a 'great idea but mis-judged presentation'. Are we supposed to play this as a homage to the film itself? As such,it falls far short as the location bears only a vague resemblance to the Bates House;and the surrounding areas,instead of resembling those in the film,are instead pure 'fantasy TombRaider' (complete with moving object puzzles;tall slidey columns;motorbike riding and dangerous caves) which bear no resemblance either to the films ambience nor its storyline. The music works well,and the regular attacks by 'Mother' are a delight;but I felt that the builder took the easy way out and constructed a standard "search for the vital pick-ups by performing tricky jumps" gameplay,rather than pushed the boundaries and came up with something innovative and more sympathetic to it's cinematic source. Undoubtedly the textures are wonderful and help to create an atmosphere that is superficially similar to the film,but this is simply window-dressing and not in itself worthy of the accolade 'masterpiece'. There was also an annoying door bug in the house itself which entailed an unorthodox jump to bypass. All in all,this is a 'must play' for the atmosphere;but everything else is,frankly,standard stuff." - Orbit Dream (17-Jan-2006)
"Wow, after I played this level I had to watch the movie, the movie was not very good, I'm also a teen so I like blood and all that stuff. I really enjoyed this level and I'm making my through the game slowly." - dantheraider (10-Sep-2005)
"Yet another amazing thriller presented by Debbie Overstreet. Just like in Rebecca the level is played in black and white which once again enhances the old movie effect. As usual the switches are very cleverly hidden in the most unthinkable places and the puzzles are as hard as ever. However this just increases my liking of it, unless it (like so many puzzles in Lara At The Movies) seems plain impossible to do. The gameplay is awesome and contains all the right elements to capture this truly incredible motion picture. The black/white effect makes everything seem so much scarier and the thunder and lightning rolling across the sky puts the atmosphere up to a clear 10. Of course the sounds and music makes it all even better. If there is anything the level builders who have participated in this project are good at, it is capturing the right music at the right moments. The enemies are relatively easy once you've figured out the right techniques to kill them (and that is NOT the hardest point of the level either). The enemies consist mainly of giant spiders, bats and wraiths (which as always are the toughest enemies). But the definitely best one is beyond all doubts Mrs. Bates and her alter-egos. The shower part is such a classic, which is well worth noticing! What I loved the most about the level is the scenery ... I don't think I've seen any better up until now (through the first three levels that is). The Bates Motel and house and the lake at the back of the motel are so impressively alike that you'll be instantly awestruck. Also the bike calls for great fun and enjoyment cruising along the paths to the Motel. The only thing I didn't feel thrilled about (as embarrassed as I am to admit it) is that I am so easily scared, thus walking around this level I felt really alert and anxious constantly and I several times caught myself hoping for the level to end. This is not because it is a bad level, quite the contrary, but because it is simply too scary for my liking. Nonetheless I wouldn't have gone through Lara at the movies without this level, it's an absolutely awesome asset to the game." - Selene (01-Aug-2005)
"Oh God! If Rebecca had an eerie feeling, this one gave me the creeps! First time I played a tombraider level getting the same feeling as in a Resident evil game. Oh, I'm not saying that there are zombies popping up here and there but there is a tense all through this level the builds up and only gets worse and worse! When I first encountered Norman in the shower I almost screamed! Debbie has done a great job with this level. As in Rebecca, the B&W works great. Even better in Psycho actually. The only drawback was the bike ride. It felt like a thing she could have skipped. An amazing level overall. Keep up the good work Debbie! 2004-04-29" - QRS (01-May-2005)
"The first level from which I know the movie and definitely one of my favorites. I'm not quite sure about the underground part at the beginning with some rather nasty spiders, but the rest of the locations are superb. In this level the greyscale is somehow more intense and the contrast of the 'color'-tones seem somehow harder. This creates a really wonderful atmosphere which is VERY movie-like. The Bates Motel and the house look stunningly real and the rain adds the extra bit to the whole feeling of the level. The (original?) audios used were somehow of a bad quality though and slightly loud which isn't a very good mixture. The motorbike rides at the beginning and the end were fun, lots of barriers to smash through (maybe a bit too much, though) and some nice jumps and unexpected curves making the start of the game really entertaining and thrilling. At the main location with the motel and the Bates' house and of course the lake with the dead corpse in it there has been obviously spent a lot of time and work in the details. In the house there are scattered books entitled 'My mom -myself' what I discovered with great pleasure. Norman and his mother are somehow confusing in the level, though. Norman seems to appear various times and Lara always kills him but eventually he just reappears. His mother in contrast just appears once, buggering Lara a bit in the cellar. The end is a bit overdone in my opinion as you knock down countless spiders, barriers and even Norman Bates (yet again... poor guy) in order to make your way through the streets and tunnels towards the end in form of a bright blue spark just like in the previous level." - Horus (16-Apr-2005)
"This level is awesome! I am a huge horror fan, and to see Lara battle against one of cinema's quirkiest villains, 'Norma' Bates, was quite a sight to see. Now if only someone would make A Nightmare on Elm Street level....Some things about this level that just made me ecstatic: The use of the original score! I loved how when you went into the bathroom and 'Norma' comes out of nowhere and they eek eek eek music starts to play...god that scared the crap out of was like 2 in the morning too...I think I had a mini heart attack. The atmosphere is great as well. Although the house could have been redesigned to fit the movie better (Lila did not enter a trap door to get to the basement) it was still fun to watch. All the time I was afraid to go around a corner or a bend, cause he/she may have been there. On to the technical...The level design was great. One of the major flaws was the use of texture on the back of the hotel and some of the trees had stretched texturing, but the creator of this level manages to over come those flaws with the use of atmosphere. The puzzles...well...I absolutely hated the swimming part. The spirits were a little out of place too...I don't recall there being any 'spirits' in the original. But then again, this was an adapted screenplay. The vase object that triggers the fire didn't work for me either...I was using medipaks to get back to the pool...which made fighting Mommy Dearest a little hard. Well that's it, this level is great and I totally recommend the entire 'Movie' series to anyone who is waiting for Tomb Raider 7. Hell, the authors of this series should sell their ideas to Eidos, they did a better job then Core on all of these levels." - Marc (27-Feb-2005)
"Oh boy! I don't think there are words strong enough to express how deep and immersive this level is on the atmosphere side. Like 'Rebecca', it's in black and white which, like 'Rebecca' adds a lot. But that wouldn't have been enough. Driving in the Bates Motel parking was a unique experience (Wow! I'm actually there!), the shower scene was almost as scary as the classic original one, and bumping into Norman/Norma Bates again and again was like playing hide and seek with Freddy Krueger. On the gameplay department, I found it a bit easier than Rebecca, although it could have used less wraiths, in my humble opinion. The timed pillar were a good adrenaline moment, and the final part, where I could finally get a well-deserved revenge, was priceless." - Sutekh (06-Feb-2005)
"A good rendering of the Psycho atmosphere with some jumpy moments thrown in set off by the B&W setting . A tricky bike ride gets you around the scenes with most of the enemies being dealt with fairly easily (but they do make you jump) and the puzzles make you think but are well designed. The graphics and atmosphere are very good with excellent variations in textures and lighting. Sound fits the scenes to a T. Hitchcock would be proud to put his name to this level." - Whistle (09-Dec-2004)
"The 2nd Hitchcock level is completely different from the first except that is in black and white too. Darkness all around terrible spiders dropping down on you from their hiding places and you get a bike to ride the dangerous way to Bates Motel. This is really capturing the spirit of the movie you recognize the motel and the lake behind the trees. Some short but effective pieces of music are adding a lot to the atmosphere and it's so funny when Lara steps fully armed under the shower to wait for the unsuspecting murderer. A few more cameras or a flyby around the lake would have been nice I missed that a bit. Lara will have several Normans to shoot as he reappears later. A lot of attention was paid to detail read the titles of the books lying on the floor in the bedroom! There was a nice timed run not too hard over disappearing platforms but in the same room was a serious bug as I crashed to the desktop when trying to shoot a skeleton with the crossbow. With the shotgun it worked perfect. Mostly you are looking for switches to open doors but I liked that the difficulty wasn't too high. As you drive away in the end you can crush some spiders under your wheels and what angry noises they can make. Great evil fun." - Rdiger (24-Nov-2004)
"OMG what a great level. The builder again captures the essence of Hitchcock suspense in a great b&w level. I jumped several times (wasn't expecting Norman to keep coming at me...silly me!). There were some truly inventive rooms and even through a couple of irritating flaws (namely that underwater cave place where you get the blade piece...I shot the white vase and the fire never went I ran for the water on fire feeding poor Lara medipacks all the way :) I have to say this is one of my favorite levels!" - Brigidsgirl (16-Nov-2004)
"This is according to what I've heard the level that came closest to the movie itself - and I agree even though I only watched the remake. Also in B&W Psycho is far more diversified (and difficult) than Rebecca. You start riding a bike (or two if you're hunting down secrets) through damaged streets until you reach it. The Bates Motel and you could easily go by as the lights are off... Norman (or rather his mother) will be attacking you every once in a while and you better watch out. Great thrilling (perhaps from the original movie?) sounds just enhance the atmosphere which is already great. Gameplay revolves around finding some puzzle pieces and also the proof of the crime. It's just a pity that in the movie there were no scenes in the rooftop - could have made the classic even more classic as this level was. Recommended. 50 minutes 4 secrets." - Treeble (24-Oct-2004)
"Without the shadow of a doubt this is an impressive level. The new beasties (spiders?) give a scare each time you meet them the atmosphere is always threatening the design of the house very well done and the ride with the motorbike very fun. In between some classic puzzles to solve and some more enemies to kill. A very good 'movie' indeed!" - eRIC (18-Oct-2004)
"I had to review these two levels together as one so go ahead and place the same review with each level. Firstly I am a huge Hitchcock fan so the idea of these two levels (and knowing they were going to be in black and white) really intrigued me. I haven't seen Rebecca in a long time so I didn't really remember the story. But wandering around in this lonely old mansion was genuinely creepy. And the atmosphere spot on. I'm going to have to go watch Rebecca now. But even more fun than getting creeped out in Manderly was the experience of actually pulling into the parking lot of the Bates Motel. Pulling into that parking lot has got to be one of the all time best things I have ever done in a video game! After seeing that movie so many times nothing gave me more enjoyment than feeling like I was in it. I didn't want to have to dive in the pond. I didn't want to wander around subterranean chambers of Norman's world. I didn't want to take a shower. But man-oh-man was it ever a blast doing all those things I didn't want to do. These have got to be two of my all time favorite TR levels I have ever played. More! More! I want more stuff like this!" - Deekman (27-Sep-2004)
"Another black and white level. Psycho was perhaps the first horror/suspense film that genuinely gave me a fright all those years ago when I first saw it. Even now knowing what is to come I still get a chill run down my spine in that shower scene. And what a great job Debbie has done re-creating that. My first meeting with Norman Bates sent that old familiar chill a-racing southward. J I really enjoyed these monochrome levels but they do show up a limitation of the editor. Flares still glow green flames glow yellow and any view looking up from under water is tinted blue. I believe that this is hard-coded into the game engine - oh well you can't have everything. Still back to the level. It has been more than adequately described by other reviewers but I must just say that the whole Motel and house area is so wonderfully desolate and forbidding. I particularly enjoyed exploring the Bates house. Wonderful." - Staticon (15-Sep-2004)
"Well this level is even better than the 'Rebecca'. Congratulations Debbie! I played numerous levels of her and also wrote walkthroughs but this one is especially beautiful and atmospheric. Sometimes I really trembled. The enemies are huge spiders - and Norman Bates of course as the story takes place in the Bates Motel. :) I had got jammed several times until I managed to find out the reason of the splashing bulb in the house. This is a great idea. I also found hard the lever on the tree. Sadly I didn't find any secrets but in my second gameplay I am going to be more attentive. The moveable blocks are also witty. Those who love Tomb Raider don't miss this level! :) The textures and the sounds are both incredible. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (12-Sep-2004)
"So scary so atmospheric - the screaming the shower Norman Bates. Perfect! Fun gameplay - look carefully around some things are hard to spot. Start off with a motorbike ride and end in the same way. Enemies are dogs crows wraiths skeleton and spiders (I hate spiders!!)" - G.Croft (09-Sep-2004)
"Right now I feel like I've died and gone to Tomb Raider heaven. I'm playing simultaneously (8/04) three epics: TR Gold and TRA because they're stand-alone games and Fragments of the Core. I'm in absolutely no hurry to get through with any of them so the walkthrough business is going to have to take a back seat for a while. This spooky level by Debbie Overstreet is a unique raiding experience. The black and white setting pierced by crackling thunder and flashes of lightning captures precisely the tense mood of the movie and those gawdawful spiders add an eerie touch that the cinematic experience couldn't provide. The gameplay is complex without becoming an exercise in frustration and Dutchy's walkthrough gave just enough detail to keep the gamer from becoming complacent. To be honest after back-to-back black & white levels I'm ready to get back to some color but I've immensely enjoyed these two adaptations of Hitchcock's best productions. Psycho is the better level in my opinion but neither is to be missed." - Phil (18-Aug-2004)
"Psycho shows us that completely other vision of building levels can create a great level. In my opinion this is almost the best level of the compilation LATM. Black gray and white textures give us specific feeling during the game. In the level rules darkness but this is a main pillar of the atmosphere. When you are going through the level you hear a lot of terrifying music and the psycho will be returning to you from time to time. That's why when you enter new place you are not sure when the evil comes to you. The best moment for me was episode with the old house - a lot of puzzles mysterious views and strange phenomenon increase your emotions. I could describe you a lot of moments from the game but you have to see that by yourself. I recommend this level very much because of new atmosphere great idea of using black&white textures and for long and interesting play. Enjoy it!" - Pedros (10-Aug-2004)
"This is another great Debbie's work. It's also made in black and white style and this fact makes the atmosphere really spooky. After the first ride in motorcycle Lara arrives to the Bates Motel and she enters in the room where Marion was killed (I almost cried when Norman appeared it's strange but I never expected that.....;)). Lara has to explore the motel the Bates mansion and the forest to find her way out. Some objects are very difficult to find specially the wall switch at the treetop. The last ride at the end of the level was a bit tricky and finally I made the end walking (the part with the lava and the fire emitters). I found the spiders and the birds simply terrific and hated the sound of the spiders dying. Great level and great atmosphere." - Loupar (05-Aug-2004)
"Here is the 2nd level from Debbie in the gold series. Based on original version of Psycho in the 60's the story is that a young woman named Marion Crane makes an impulsive decision branding her a criminal she hides out at a somewhat friendly looking motel owned by a strange fellow called Norman Bates. But little does she know that the deranged owner obsessed with his 'mother' brutally murders his poor victims that stay there. The sister of Marion decides to do some detective work into the murder and claim evidence behind her death. But no-one said it would be easy... In the level Lara has the role of Marion's sister. I enjoyed this level a lot. It was cool to visit Norman's house and motel in the creepy forest along the bumpy roads. The level is once again in black and white to give it that original horror feel. The rain falling adds to the atmosphere too making it more creepy. The music from Psycho played often which made you jump as you didn't know what was round the corner. I especially liked the part where you enter the infamous shower where Marion was murdered it made me jump as there was a scream and the famous stabbing music played then out popped Norman Bates! Gave me a fright! He pops up often armed with the bread knife. The other enemies were a few crows some dogs wraiths a skeleton (that cleverly pops out of a dead body!) and spiders (?). The level wasn't too hard no difficult puzzles I only found the motorbike rides a little tricky. Overall it was a very enjoyable level and I recommend it to everyone! Play it!" - Aims (03-Aug-2004)
"Another fair offering of Deb's in the horror seance of Lara's night in the movies but this time even creepier/spookier than before and I must admit preferring this one to the other level. You explore spooky caves have a rather rough bike ride till you end up at the hotel lake and house from the movie where you get the famous shower scene as well as other pretty neat effects for example the wraith-lightshow underwater (twice). I had some trouble with getting the blade piece and still am unsure what did I do right or wrong to have it on fire all the time but with enough medipacks (had about 97 at that point (this was the last level I played in case you're wondering lol)) even that is no stuck point really. Highly original atmospheric level - as any other part of the great project not to be missed or I can only feel sorry for you!" - eTux (01-Aug-2004)
"Here we've got a very scary exploration level for people with strong nerves. Expect to be caught off guard. It is set in and around a dark and rainy Bates Motel with several references to the movie. Like Rebecca it is in black and white. Lara will encounter a mixed set of well designed challenges including a bumpy bike ride with a hot surprise. One of the more gruesome enemies usually did no harm at all though and in general the enemies are more frightening than dangerous. Many custom objects and enemies are perfectly adapted to the story. Remarkably enough I didn't have any problems with hidden switches (I usually have) although some of them could possibly be hard to notice." - Bogey (01-Aug-2004)
"If you like to play a scary level this is it. The big spiders the scream in the shower the sudden attacks brrrr.... You start this level of suspense with looking for a way to open a door. Behind the door you find the bike and you can ride to the hotel and the house. From here you have to complete several tasks to open the gates that lead you back to the Movie theatre. Another great level by Debbie and well worth playing. 3-7-2004" - Josi (30-Jul-2004)
"Norman Bates was a creepy guy and especially in the old movie and in this level he still is creepy. The famous shower scene is great well done Debbie. The only thing that is not to my liking was the bike ride but I don't like vehicles in a game in general unless one can do thing on foot as well. But in here you do need the bike and I liked the way if you go for all the secrets you get back where you started and do it all over again. The bike ride coming up to the hotel is very sinister at least I got a chill when I turned the engine off. The spiders are another story jeeeez I jumped in my chair. The sound they made when they sneaked up on Lara and the screeching they did when they attacked for crying out loud Debs I had nightmares. 07-07-2004" - Gerty (19-Jul-2004)
"This is my favorite of the black & whites. Totally creepy and wonderful gameplay! Could there be a nastier spider? I don't think so. That first spider as well as that harrowing experience in the shower complete with the trademark Psycho stabbing music literally made me throw my keyboard off the desk even though I was prepared for it...or so I thought. It was just like the movie Norman coming out of nowhere in an instant not even having time to draw weapons. How I would have loved to take him down with my bare hands! I too felt there seemed to be more to do up in those trees. Really nice job of hiding switches in the lamps and the trap in the basement filled with lava was excellent. I know there had to be a secret passage to the highest 'crow's nest/balcony' part of the roof but never found it. I had a bit of trouble in the underwater tunnel in the lake trying to find my way with those wraiths. Aren't you supposed to be safe from them in the water?? LOL All in all a great raiding experience and I must say the best bike riding experience I ever had. Now I have the urge to see the movie again. Congratulations on an excellent level Debbie!" - Leisa (18-Jul-2004)
"Companion flick to Debbie's 'Rebecca' in the same masterwork category of 'Since I've got nothing better to do I guess I'll just toss off another level hmmm let's see what about a touch of challenging suspense and oh by the way I might throw in some vague references to Hitchcock.' Yeah right! What is really scary about this level is recognizing the level of talent of the author. From the dark stormy night opening moment where the landscape is disjointed and forbidding you begin your descent into Norman's psychotic world and your journey takes you spiraling ever deeper into madness and murder. There's the vague hope that you'll get out alive but there's also the realization that this won't ever happen unless you are willing to investigate the very frightening and bizarre horrors awaiting you at every turn. Your understanding that the truly real monsters are of the mind won't help you a bit here. Your only chance is to become one yourself. Visually haunting & packed with suspense don't miss this haunted jewel. Oh Debbie I want my mommy!" - Mezcal (17-Jul-2004)
"This is another of those lovely levels in many shades of gray. I must admit that presenting this in black and white certainly adds a worthwhile sense of atmosphere and nostalgia to the level. First order here is to get the motorcycle and that will necessitate some exploring down a precipitous cavern where you will also be able to top up on ammo and supplies. Here you first meet one of the more ugly denizens of the level but although the monstrous spider snarls and hisses a lot he is in effect quite harmless. Stand your ground and fill him full of holes. Back up top collect your bike and follow the tarmac to the Bates Motel where you will have quite a bit of exploring to do to open various doors hatches etc. Now take care as Norman is in a foul mood as he obviously has his genitalia caught in the old lady's garter belt (an occupational hazard I would guess) and right on cue as the music starts that unforgettable sound he/she attacks with the bloodied butcher knife and my word he is persistent following Lara about everywhere. As our Lara looks nothing like Janet Leigh at all he obviously is confused. Explore the manse and look carefully at the lights about the place (nice one Deb). See Norman's room no copies of Hustler in evidence anywhere. Explore both the rooftop (I never knew Norman had a tree house) which will lead you to the mummified impression of Mrs. Bates' bed and also carefully negotiate the cellar. Finally join and place that silly monkey face thing on his stick and hightail it for your bike as 'The Birds' gather to get out of this all to often remembered gender confused nightmare." - Torry (15-Jul-2004)
"Ahhhh an opportunity to visit the Bates Motel. Throw in a spooky ride on a motorcycle and giant noisy spiders and a chance to explore the infamous house and the pond where the car was abandoned.......who could resist? The lighting and atmosphere perfectly sets the tone for this Hitchcock masterpiece. Good puzzles with a 'hide in plain sight' tree lever that had me looking everywhere but the correct spot. Not to be missed. Great fun with a very satisfying run over several giant spiders in the getaway near the end. Well done!" - Bene (13-Jul-2004)
"Oh my God! Blood! Mother! Blood! Blood! Since Psycho is one of my favourite films of all time I really looked forward to play this one and I wasn't disappointed. The only thing I missed was Bernard Herrmann's score as his music is so important in the movie and I think it would have fitted perfectly for the level as well. Gameplay wise it's nothing out of the ordinary rather too many switches and not quite enough jumps for my liking but then again neither Marion nor Lila let alone Norman jumped around a lot so I think I let it pass this time. There is one cleverly hidden jump switch and it took me some time to find the lever between the lamps but otherwise it's all rather straightforward complete with helpful cut scenes should you need them. As in Rebecca what makes this adventure an utter delight is the gloomy atmosphere and Debbie's eye for touching little details .Although not overly faithful to the cinematographic original the setting manages to conjure up the same sense of underlying danger that keeps up the suspense from start to finish. The best moment is of course when 'Mother' attacks Lara in the shower cause Debbie did a wonderful job to remodel the tinman for this occasion. But this is by no means the only highlight. The spiders made my heart skip a beat every time the crept up behind me there is a persistent wraith to run away from and don't you just know it it's damn hard to keep Norman's mother in her grave. Texture wise I thought it was a little drab at times but as it's all done in Black and White there were certain restrictions. As a kind of experiment this is a sensational success I think and it only makes you wonder why no-one had thought of it before." - Dimpfelmoser (12-Jul-2004)
"Another black and white map but strangely enough one that still features a few bits of colour; is this intentional? Boy this is one scary level! It also features somewhat scary enemies! This really did remind me of the Hitchcock classic and that is no mean feat. It's all here though: the car in the lake the rooms for rent and of course the house itself. The puzzles aren't too taxing but the switches are well hidden so keep your peepers peeled. This one took me 1 and a half hours and I found 4 lovely secrets." - gfd (12-Jul-2004)
"A fascinating adaptation of the movie classic. Instead of driving in the rain Lara has get a garage to open for a motorbike. Very cool. There is a tough to get secret on the first bike ride that takes you back to where you started. Then there are two bikes at the Bates Motel - and now it's raining. That part is quite creepy and the shower made me jump even though I knew damn well what was going to happen. Game play is clever enough to keep you guessing and keep your eyes open. I thought the medipacks-spiketraps were below a level this good. The level ends with another bike ride that is a chance for payback. An excellent piece that every raider has got to play." - Duncan (12-Jul-2004)
"Aha a dark and stormy night. Shiver. Actually after being attacked from behind by the first giant spider making those awful chomping noises I can't believe I haven't gone grey. Scary moment. There is the most fantastic motorbike ride to enjoy before you reach the Bates Motel. In fact if you find one of the secrets you get to do the bike ride a second time. Weeeeeeeeeeee. The Bates Motel and house are so well rendered; I was really impressed. As for running into 'mother' in the shower that was nothing short of brilliant. You get to explore every inch of the creepy Bates house from crumbling roof balconies to rat infested cellars. Some of the switches are cunningly hidden but if you look hard you will eventually see the light. (Shameless give away and a terrible pun). The sequence in the room where the murder weapon and the head to Norman's knife sheath are found is great fun and I loved the part where the crows flew up from the building after the sheath was placed. One last fun bike ride and you're ready to go back to the cinema. I really do think this is Debbie's best level yet and I thoroughly enjoyed myself playing it." - Jay (09-Jul-2004)
"Psycho along with Rebecca is an extremely unique and beautiful level. There was a lot of thought put into it. Even though I've never seen the movie I basically know what happens and I was fascinated with the way the plot unfolded; it still felt like a movie even though you were pulling blocks and collecting medipacks. Lots of little puzzles and the best motorcycle rides I've ever had over incredibly steep slopes and running over murderers and five or six giant spiders at one time... I did get stuck a few times. However I deny calling it a crap level (way to go Captain Alex) but instead I might call parts of it frustrating! But I am certainly not complaining. The part maybe I'll say the scene with the shower the scary music and the murdered with the big knife were fabulous. I congratulate this author on creating so many impressive levels and so far this is definitely my favourite." - Capt. Abbey (04-Jul-2004)
"'Psycho' is my favourite of the two black and white levels in the TRLE Gold project. I love the atmosphere the character and the entire setting which is identical with the movie's setting. Lara will explore spooky basements find entrances inside rocks that are filled with spiders and ride the bike to reach the house and motel. It's a brilliant level with good secrets one of which I needed help to find and had trouble jumping to it. Surely the author has turned out to be one of the fastest builders out there producing levels in no time but without doing sloppy work. The player needs gems the two pieces of the portal guardian which is renamed and good riding skills since you get to jump a lot in this level. The crows and spiders plus a few harmless mice are enemies that can be found except the lunatic that's running around loose. I found four secrets and I can't but praise the author's work and express my appreciation for providing us with such fun levels. I am repeating myself here but for one more time well done Debs." - Kristina (02-Jul-2004)
"Brilliant game in black and white just like the movie which inspired it with only a few glimpses of color here and there. The atmosphere is very well achieved with the rain the night time the decaying buildings the road and the long bike rides the spiders (five giant spiders all at once hey that reminds me more of arachnophobia) the crows when Lara's up on the trees... I didn't find any flaws except for the fact of being unable to use explosive ammo and once when the mansion's doors were still closed I took a look up at the treetops and got taken back to my desktop. That scared much more than the level! Fortunately it never happened again. Finally I can't help thinking maybe there was something else I could have done up in those trees but I couldn't find out what apart from falling to an instant death. Should I have tried some more? And another thing I ended the game without understanding what the murder weapon was for... Was it merely a gadget or have I missed something else? Anyway this is as good as Rebecca and better in ways. Congratulations again Debbie!" - Jorge22 (02-Jul-2004)
"Indeed some parts in the level remind the Psycho movie again like the first level the black/white Textures look amazing. Lara needs here the motorbike to drive a long way to the place with the motel and the famous house. Great level - don't miss it." - Yoav (01-Jul-2004)
"This has to be Debbie's best level so far! We start out at a damaged road and the whole level is in black & white. The only glitches in the level were that the crossbow wasn't in black & white and the level crashed at times and one of the crates was moving when I pulled a crate and the crate moved by itself (must be the crate ghost lol) but they didn't really spoil the gameplay. I also liked how the roads and motel were constructed not to mention the mansion with the green light (the only part of the level not in black & white besides the crossbow and a rope on the roof). The scariest moment in here was when you entered a bathroom in a hotel and you heard a scream and some old hag with a knife comes to kill you. The enemies in this level were giant spiders old hags and bats. A really unique puzzle here was lamps that had switches on them if you looked closely. Hopefully Debbie will continue building levels that keep getting better in the future. Excellent level! Recommended for everyone!" - Relic Hunter (29-Jun-2004)
"If Rebecca was spooky then this level needs a new word to describe it. Stunning atmosphere as you ride the bike towards the all so well known motel meet up with Norman (several times actually) creepy spiders and bats explore around the house and on the roof before making your escape on the bike again with the murder weapon tucked away in your inventory. Solid gameplay sends you around the place quite a bit there are four secrets and I loved the 'Birds-moment' near the end. If you like black&white movies you have to play this level and if you don't maybe you'll change your mind after playing this level." - Michael (28-Jun-2004)
"Something completely different from what we've seen in the past. Debbie has got the atmosphere of the movie Psycho to perfection. Very creepy and although we all know what happened in the movie it's still a shock when it happens in the level. The black and white is very suitable for this level based on the old film. The goal is to find the guardian head (a skull) and stand and finding well hidden switches and levers. I got a shock when that first giant spider dropped down in a spooky cave they make a ghastly sound. There aren't many enemies but when they do show up they are so well placed and look so good then again as in the movie the big enemy is Nutty Norman. There are some good crate pushing actions too and a great bike ride. You can at any time go for a secret in the water under the road near the motel this brings you back to the beginning and you can get a second bike to return to the motel. Lara looks good too in black and white and her eyes are luminous as they would do at night-time. The house looks terrific and you get to go up on the roof and onto the treetops And the motel and what's in the lake are very well done. Norman himself is excellent I was able to get a close up look at his face through the binoculars and took a screenshot. He is the image of the actor in the movie. All in all an original level and shows yet again the unlimited potential of the editor and also the creative imagination of the builders. Great work Debbie." - CC (28-Jun-2004)