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Lara at the Movies - Jurassic Park by GMac

Alien Autopsy 9 9 9 8
Blue43 8 10 10 9
Brigidsgirl 9 8 10 9
CC 9 9 9 9
Ceamonks890 7 8 8 7
Deekman 10 10 10 10
Dimpfelmoser 7 8 9 9
DJ Full 5 8 8 7
Drakan 9 9 9 8
Duncan 8 8 9 8
eRIC 8 8 9 9
eTux 9 9 9 8
Gerty 7 9 10 9
gfd 9 9 8 7
Horus 8 7 9 7
Ivan 10 9 10 10
Jay 9 9 10 10
JesseG 7 7 8 8
JoeTheCrazyGamer 9 10 10 9
Jorge22 9 10 10 10
Kristina 10 10 10 10
Lorax 7 8 8 7
Loupar 8 9 8 9
Magnus 6 7 8 7
manarch2 8 9 9 8
MichaelP 9 9 10 9
Mman 8 9 8 8
Moonpooka 10 10 10 10
Obig 9 10 10 10
Pedros 7 8 8 7
Phil 10 9 9 9
QRS 9 9 10 9
Ravenwen 10 10 10 10
Ruediger 8 8 9 8
Ryan 8 9 10 9
Scottie 7 8 9 8
Shandroid 8 8 8 8
Soul 8 9 9 8
Staticon 7 8 10 9
Sutekh 8 9 10 9
TombRaiderFan 10 9 9 7
Torry 8 10 8 8
Treeble 9 10 10 10
Whistle 7 8 10 10
release date: 25-Jun-2004
# of downloads: 130

average rating: 8.72
review count: 44
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file size: 301.83 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I can understand why people might enjoy this level but personally I wasn't a big fan. There's a lot of backtracking that makes it feel padded and it feels like it wasn't really made with player enjoyment in mind. The setting while enjoyable I feel like could have been better realized and didn't do a great job standing out from the rest of the Movies levels. I didn't hate this level but it felt tedious and dragged on for far too long and I was glad when it was finally over. Probably one of the lower rated Lara at the movies levels for me, maybe the NG addresses my issues." - Lorax (15-Oct-2023)
"This set of two levels felt far more long-winded than I would have cared for. My main issue is that the majority of time is spent running back and forth between the same couple of areas as one door opens after another. And there are a lot of doors for Lara to open. Out of curiosity I tallied all of them (I tried not to double-count those that opened in pairs). Across both levels I counted 30 windowed doors, 9 metallic sliding doors, 13 jungle doors, and 10 miscellaneous, for a grand total of 62 doors, which is around 50 too many. To add salt to the wound, around half of them don't have camera cues, asking the player to comb the entire level after pulling many of the switches (or, like me, to pull up the walkthrough). It made the whole experience feel very repetitive and not very immersive. Enough talk about doors - other issues include the maze area which is...well, a maze. And the burner tiles, which are used highly inconsistently. Sometimes Lara steps on them and a flame appears to burn her, other times she has to step on them to make its flame turn off, and yet other times she must divine that the particular burner needs to be lit using a torch. The cutscene at the start of the second level forcing Lara to get poisoned is pretty annoying, but at least the level itself is a bit more interesting, as it throws quite a few flames, boulders, and other nasty surprises at Lara. There were a good number of pushable puzzles, most of them were an enjoyable challenge, although a few I just stumbled through without knowing what the goal was. There are some well-crafted flybys, especially the one at the beginning. The many timed runs will also give players a run for their money. Some of the most engaging content was saved for the secrets, which were fun to grab. Lighting is great, texturing is pretty good too, but wallpapered in a few places (such as the aforementioned maze). Overall, some excellent moments are scattered across this adventure, but the rest of it could have been heavily trimmed down. 1 hour 55 minutes." - JesseG (30-Aug-2021)
"This dinosaur themed level was really cool and had lots of interesting puzzles to solves and giant areas where it is so easy to get lost. I enjoyed the burner trap puzzles and killing lots of dinosaurs. 38/40" - JoeTheCrazyGamer (22-Jun-2020)
"Ah, yes... Jurassic Park. A truly groundbreaking venture in practical effects for the era of film-making it was originally conceived in, only to have its reputation sullied by increasingly unneeded sequels. And as far as capturing the original film and one of its sequels within this 'world' that we find ourselves exploring goes, it's an above average attempt. Gameplay starts off promising enough with plenty of loose eponymous dinosaurs to slaughter, keycards to collect and a fair amount of backtracking between areas to do. But over time, what was once fun can quickly test one's patience(especially when you have to deal with poorly thought-out sequences, just to move forward). And with a somewhat drastic change in locale tone for the texturing from a Jungle-surrounded theme park to Indian temples between areas that inexplicably puts less of a focus on the dinosaurs themselves, a lot of the original vision is lost as a consequence. So in conclusion, a good series of levels with a solid atmosphere and sense of place, that's mostly let down by shoddy game design and a serious lack of focus in the second part. Hopefully the NG remake turns out to be a better experience, whenever I can find the time to get around to it." - Ceamonks890 (22-Jul-2017)
"This is another long level set and for the most part, it is pretty enjoyable. I enjoyed some of the short but tight timed runs as well as the box puzzles and torch work. However, I wasn't a fan of the backtracking from one area to another to place an item I had acquired, although some shortcuts do become available. There was also one ridiculously long monkey swing, with some dark patches in the ceiling, so visibility is poor and you can't light a flatw because you have to grab an edge. Overall, if this level isn't appealing gameplay-wise, atmosphere-wise as the music curs were pretty nice." - Ryan (28-Sep-2016)
"What says"archeology" more than living dinosaurs? There is never enough dino levels in my opinion. I decided to try to play Lara at the Movies and entered cinema 6 as my beginner adventure (random gamble). When cutscene started and the epic music played, I can say I was quite happy with my choice. The first level felt very fluid and interesting, took me around 1 hour to complete. Quite dark and greenish, just like Jurassic Park should be. It's not an easy level. It is challenging, but not to the point where you want to throw away you gamepad out of the window. You have to be careful and look around a lot to not overlook the tiniest detail. There were some demanding parts and peculiar jumps&timed runs. It felt quite good to beat them. I noticed it has huge amount of Tomb Raider III textures & dinosaur models, and I don't mind that at all. In fact, I like it, as TRIII was my favourite... The textures are used well to create specific, Jurassic atmosphere. Some textures are from Nevada&Tomb Raider III Gold levels and they blend with India textures in a unique way. There are even dark lava elements and pseudojungle feel to some places. The places seemed a bit empty, but the level is very old, so I cannot whine about that. The most surprising part was the secrets. They were well quite tricky and you had to go through some effort to get to them. It adds extra gameplay. Sometimes I didn't even know I am about to get to a secret until the sound played. I absolutely adore that kind of secrets & additional effort. I got most of them, if not all - and it was hella satisfying! Dinos were a bit easy to kill, no matter the size. I find it surprising that insects were harder to beat than a red raptor. If you found secrets & additional weapons/ammo fast enough, killing anything was a walk in the park. A bit disappointing, I hoped for a longer T-Rex fight. It is still quite the sight/adrenaline rush to face him though. The second level took me longer (almost 2 hours) and seemed harder, I liked it a bit less. Got lost there quite often. I didn't fancy some blocky lava pillars. They looked out of place/weird. I really liked the crate connected puzzles, which were really nice. At some point we discover a temple inside of the whole complex, which gives a flavour of mystery. Overall, I recommend this level. Especially to people who like challenges. It was very fun and nicely constructed." - Alien Autopsy (14-Jul-2016)
"The majority of this level is swithes, doors and keys with load of forced backtracking, thankfully not that many pushables, possibly exhausted in George's previous level. I also cannot quite understand how an author who gifted us with varied, lush scenery of Playtime few months earlier, here could make a whole dino park of three dominant texture sets: coastal city, desert base and jungle temple, btw the latter rather unfitting and skippable in favor of more variety in the remaining two. I get the point of restoring the power to the park, but doing this puzzle six times the same way is beyond acceptable. I liked the torch riddle, the seaside location and the moment when I finally got a whole picture of the cave but few creative spots just couldn't balance the amount of annoying, nonsense design like loads of unmarked timed doors, untellable automatic doors, weird timing of flame emitters, crocodiles in underwater narrows, bats attacking on a monkey swing in the dark, flare insufficiency or things which require a blind shot to get activated - the crate disk push and the cave secret (and another secret gets cut off with a door, giving a suggestion its location shouldn't be revisited). SUMMARY: Glad I tried, glad it's over. Hoping to enjoy the NG remake much more." - DJ Full (15-Jan-2016)
"This level inspired jurassic park is very fun to play, quite easy but also maze in the jungle. The enemies are mostly dinosaurs pretty easy to kill with the shotgun. Some difficulty crossing the area with the 3 intermittent fire but success with saving and reloading several times. Recommended." - Drakan (10-Oct-2014)
"The level started with an amazing flyby that really whetted my appetite and so I was expecting to be in for a treat when I was finally able to control Lara. The surface impression seemed to prove me right, as there was a huge complex waiting to be explored and GMac managed to create an interesting night-time-atmosphere. Also the way coastal-, oil-rig-, mine- and India-textures where used worked quite well. However the more I progressed in this level, the more I was wanting it to end, as the biggest part of the gameplay felt rather uninspired and mostly consisted of looking for switches and doors. Of course there were some nice puzzles as well and I actually really enjoyed the one where Lara had to jump from one safe spot to the other to avoid catching fire but there were far to few of them and so I was quite happy, when the first level was over. The next one started right with a pet-peeve of mine: Lara got poisoned during a (very nice) flyby and so as a player one HAD TO take a medipack. Unavoidable health loss is already bad, but this is outrageous, in my opinion. Apart from this bad start, I enjoyed the second level a lot more than the first one. There was still a big portion of uninspired gameplay, but all in all it was a bit more varied and stretched Lara to the limit, both in terms of agility and brain work. Sadly I failed to see though how the whole setting was connected to "Jurassic Park". While the first level had some kind of a Theme-Park and a tiny Jungle-part that fitted quite well, this level mostly takes place in the Jungle and some Indian-themed temples and both of these areas are lacking of this certain something, due to their rather "utilitarian" design. I would have loved to see some more vegetation for example. Technically the whole level was well built, it was just a bit too dark for my taste (with only two packages of flares to be found) but maybe GMac tried to cover the squished/stretched textures this way ;)" - Soul (06-Apr-2012)
"This is a two level set (although they both have the same name), although it's not especially long compared to the last segment of levels. The theme in the first level is mostly a mix of coastal, oil-rig and India themes (with a couple of others thrown in too), it sounds odd but generally works and pulls off the high-tech theme park feeling well. The second level isn't so successful, as you spend a lot of the time in Indian temples that don't fit Jurassic Park at all, and there are almost no Dinosaurs in those sections either, which makes it feel like it's lost the plot at times. Those parts still look good technically though.
There's a bit too much backtracking throughout this series, with a lack of camera hints too. The second level also forces you be poisoned in the starting cutscene in a way I can't believe was overlooked. However, there's enjoyable gameplay beyond those problems (outside of one overly long monkey swing), with some challenging timed runs and traps, and an odd block pushing sequence over burning tiles that I don't recall being done the same way before (fire is a general theme in the gameplay here). Things are tough, but manageable as long as you don't hit too many problems with the lack of camera hints. This is an enjoyable entry, but it feels like much more could be done with the movie theme it has." - Mman (01-Feb-2012)
"There are ideas who quickly fall into oblivion. And there are ideas who are not realizable, all the same what one tries. And there are ideas from which one believes as a player that they are impossible to be realise. Though I have learnt in the meantime, that is nearly for everything possible in the CL-Universe, but still today I am astonished at the fact that there is really such a project. Now it is not in such a way that LatM is absolutely unknown to me, because I have played this level package already about 5 years ago. But at that time I have played it just for the fun of it without bother myself about how much work must be behind. Now, in the meantime, I can roughly imagine, how big the amount of work must have been. This already starts with letting look the different level in such a way that they are more or less similar to the suitable movie. Above all the black-and-white-movies might have been a big challenge. And then still comes that somebody must co- ordinate the whole project. And it needs a common superstructure because to jump simply thus from movie to movie would be dull. So much to my general thoughts about this mammoth's project.
Jurassic Park: Though Steven Spielberg is a good director and the movies are not bad, but Spielberg is no director rumpus-movies. Roland Emmerich can do this much better.
In the first level a few camera hints were absent, but otherwise this was a good level with suitable sound and interesting Gameplay. The beginning of the second level has completely failed. Though the Flyby was good, but why can the inclined player control Lara not until then when the little green dinos had already bitten and poisoned her? Though I have at disposal several Medipacks, but such a thing is absolutely superfluous. The second level was partly good and partly bad. I was irritated always then when I was at a place where a fire burnt. But then on the other side one could see many well built places. Flybys and sound were good without restriction and though the time runs were scarce, but feasible and never unfair.
Summary: For my taste Jurassic Park was too long and had some irritating places, but on the whole it was mostly a good playable level." - Scottie (04-Jul-2011)
"I think the start was rather stunning, with a very well made cutscene, but all gets slower and slower when you get deeper and deeper in this level. Basically, a big street serves as a hub room here, you always get back here from some junctions to explore. There was a huge part of backtracking here and texturing also didn't appeal me so much than in the great LatM releases. The whole place seemed rather too squaric, but I found the TR 3 enemies fitting really well, but they really were way too easy to shoot. The velociraptors really made Lara a hard time to kill in the original, here few seconds of shooting already were enough. I also found the rather confusing choice of the builder to combine Base, Jungle, Atlantis (only in level 2) and city textures not very good, but that's only my opinion. The traps were quite well arranged, some of them really were a big pain, but a nice idea still. The timed runs were tightly as hell, as well as the jumps over the fire tiles. The second level looked equal to the first, also started with a nice cutscene, but here too I didn't found gameplay to be great, as the huge, huge exploration areas and backtracking without real knowing what to do made me really angry. Again, very good trap use, at the end a nice block puzzle, unfortunately without any indication so the player, if he does not read the walkthrough of course, has to do the "trial and error" for a long time. The gigantic jungle area however I liked a bit more, especially the many-door room to get the silver key, as the faster paced gameplay was more fun. The end was great too, with a nice T-Rex shootout and a run into a big street, and it ended a game that really was good, but, I repeat myself, can't be compared to some other LatM releases." - manarch2 (03-Mar-2011)
"In the description this is listed as"expert level" and after finally finishing it, I sure know why. The game play in this level is definitely not easy and I had to use the walk-through a lot. Not only to find out where to go next, as I was completely lost in the jungle area a few times, but also how to manage to get by certain traps or master a timed run. Most of it was actually pretty manageable, once I knew how to do it, but I cannot imagine how hard it must be playing through the level without that knowledge. I lost count of how many times Lara caught fired on those lava tiles and I spent a looong time running and looking for an exit just to find out I was in the wrong part of the two jungle areas which were only separated by a crawl space. Besides being very hard and sometimes confusing, this was definitely a wonderful level to play and I sure felt I had accomplished something when I hit the finish trigger. The atmosphere is wonderful with good sound track and there are also some of the coolest flybys I have seen in a long time. The enemies are as expected in Jurassic park and no disappointment. From small little green dinos to raptors and of course a T-Rex. The texturing and lightning was flawless. It was one of my favorites from the series and I would highly recommend to anybody except for inexperienced players as there are parts that can get quite frustrating." - Blue43 (02-Dec-2010)
"This Jurassic Park inspired level was pretty fun, but there were lots of areas where I had problems and difficulties. It wasn't as super-fun as I was hoping for, but it was still fun in lots of areas, especially the areas with dinosaurs. If the areas with fire were gone, it would have been perfect!" - Shandroid (27-Oct-2008)
"One of best intro into the level of Jurassic park which i saw in Tomb raider home made levels. Amazing art and part for history of Tomb raider. Almost all levels in Laras at movies are amazing and trully hard-working made it. Lot of hours probably and lot of sweat to made these wonderfull levels. Finished all for about 25 hours, ofchourse not secret found :(. George Maciver made briliant level with ideas of some age before human, and put those parts in two very good levels for 100% passion playing.really enjoyed and always dino's was good "food" for my playing time:) Nice atmosphere of walking dinos, other little green dino kids :) and some bugs which fly and trying to catch Lara with poisoned bites. Very nice and smart time-run blocks and swithes and levers. beautifful part of green areas with spooky and darkened places for investigation and searching for keys, and after that opened new area of place where to put blue gem and continue newxt. Ofchourse i burned there and finaly made it and jump in water :). Finding all secrets are good experience too :). After all Laras problems only is fast run to safe area and end of great two levels." - Ivan (06-Nov-2006)
"Lack of gameplay, meet unnecessarily high difficulty level. Oh, you've already met? In Jurassic Park, you say? Obviously this conversation never actually took place in real life, but my point still stands - I didn't have fun while playing this level (with some exceptions, obviously). The problem, as I see it, is that the gameplay is extremely basic for the most part, but this is masked by making even the simplest of tasks difficult. The thing is, it doesn't just become difficult - it becomes frustrating. Frustrating is bad. Doors need to be opened - there are tons of them all over the level - leading to a lot of backtracking, and sometimes the difficulty doesn't lie in opening the door, but in finding the door you've just opened. Levers need to be pulled (everywhere!), and a surprisingly large amount of these are timed, which means that you'll have to do quite a lot of five-second timed runs. Computer discs need to be found all over the place, and sometimes they're hidden in unfair places, as are certain crawlspaces. In the end, this led me to dread every new area, as I knew the author would just try to make everything needlessly difficult. Speaking of new areas, that's another problem I have with this level - there's just no sense of progression. You open up doors everywhere, and they all lead to really small, condensed traps or puzzles, and soon you're off looking for the next small area. It ends up feeling very disjointed, and the only reason I knew I was getting close to the end was because I had run out of doors to open. This was the first level I played by the author, and judging from his high ratings, it's possible that we just have different ideas of what makes a good level. He obviously knows how to build a level and I can appreciate what he's been trying to do with this one, but I just don't think it works. The texturing is also rather boring, with the jungle textures from Tomb Raider 3 and the oil rig textures from Tomb Raider 2 being used in an odd mix, which creates some sort of weird-looking jungle/town area. I think less green would have helped the atmosphere a lot, but that might just be personal preference. The dinosaurs are used well (especially the T-Rex), even though the author for some reason decided that it was a good idea to poison the players right at the beginning of the second level. Thanks for ruining my 'zero medipacks' statistics. Thanks a lot. If the author had relied less on levers and had varied the gameplay more, rather than upping the difficulty, this could have been a much more enjoyable 75-minute level. As it is now, though, it falls flat and doesn't live up to its full potential." - Magnus (15-Oct-2006)
"George told me that his was one of his harder levels but I didn't have any special problems with it actually. Must have been "The lake of fire" that boosted my skills prior to this adventure :) The atmosphere is awesome and you feel like you are on the very island where it all happened!! I found the first level to be quite easy but with a lot of running to get datadiscs. Huge areas with very realistic envoirement. Level two was more difficult. The burner puzzles (a lot of them!) are very clever and difficult. Once you get the hang of it it is doable though :) The cameras and flyby sequences are perfect. So is the music. Especially when the t-rex comes! I also liked the maze part in the building in stage two. The times runs are very cool and you need a perfect timing to clear them! Overall a very impressive adventure! Keep them coming George. 2005-10-7" - QRS (07-Oct-2005)
"This one starts off with a very exciting fly-by. Alas, then it wanders off target. I am sorry to say I found it a rather typical level with a lot of doors and switches. There is an awful lot of back and forth and a great deal of repetition. It is very well made, and has some very clever bits - especially lots of fire traps. But, if expectations are raised, then they should be fulfilled, and I found this level to lack a sense of tension or urgency." - Duncan (22-May-2005)
"Oh, I loved the intro - awesome music and the tour through the park was also very nice! You start the level and you hear some guns and dinosaurs scream and there's an earthquake, very dramatic. First of all you have to run around, get some items and a torch and of course master some tricky timed doors. There's a part in a cave with some water and of course crocodiles, and eventually you visit some dinos in their cages, but most of them are already running around freely in the park. The lighting wasn't so spectacular here but the evening and the gloomy, green sky brought up some spooky atmosphere. I don't know if the Alexandria textures fitted so well for the Jurassic Park as I remember it being a bit more of a high-tech facility but the rest fitted quite nicely. Eventually you get the Gate Key here and march through one of this big and impressive gates with the torches which I really liked to see because they are one of the striking symbols from the movie. Now you enter the jungle and explore some ruins (can't remember anything like that in the movie but George got obviously bored of computer disks and cages ;) where more dinos and some bats are waiting. That jungle looked a bit empty in my opinion, I missed some vegetation there, really. Eventually you'll encounter a T-Rex (again that nice music from the intro, yay!) and fight a way through a big hall with lots of timed runs and a lot of flame emitters which aren't that easy to avoid. By the time you'll get some more keys and more areas in the big hall become accessible and finally you can open a gate to the road (where fortunately a jeep is parking, what a service!). But don't just dash there blindly, otherwise you'll end up in the jaws of the other T-Rex, who seems quite angry since you killed his one and only friend ;)" - Horus (20-Apr-2005)
"This opens with an excellent cut-scene and pulse-pounding music, really getting you in the mood for some bottom kicking. This opening then leads you into some very playable and very enjoyable raiding. Unfortunately you'll need a pretty good memory to keep track of where to go, so much so that towards the end when I had to find out where to put a certain key I simply couldn't face searching the level and so just read the walkthrough instead. The only other bad points were the flair bug putting in a brief appearance and a rather unfair boulder-trap at one point. Don't go thinking that these bad points pulled the level too far down though because it was, on the whole, excellent. I took 4 hours and 45 minutes (but it didn't feel like it at all) and found 4 secrets." - gfd (03-Mar-2005)
"First off, let me confess my dark secret: I'm terribly afraid of dinosaurs. Especially the big ones with long teeth. Of course, it's not really a problem considering they met their end some 65 millions years ago, but it becomes one when I have to play a level called 'Jurassic Park'. Boy, did I anxiously dread playing this one. And did I eagerly await it to, since fact is: I just love being scared. And I was served. Because here, it's not only the dinos that make the point, but the way they are staged. The atmosphere is intense, to say the least, threatening and heavy, having you looking over your shoulder more than once and fearing with each step to hear that dreadful stomp. In that regard, the scene where you first actually meet the T-Rex is one of the most impressive I ever played. On the gameplay department it is one difficult game. Research isn't of the obvious type (although you won't wander aimlessly either), some puzzles are tricky and can be frustrating at time and the timed-runs are tight (but doable). Aesthetically speaking, it's very well done, especially the jungle part and very professional. All in all, this one will keep you on your toes from beginning to end and is definitely not for the fainthearted." - Sutekh (18-Feb-2005)
"This was such a great level, I felt like I was in the movie! The puzzles were great, and it was very challenging with ALL of the fire. The only thing I found disappointing in these levels was the fact that the dinosaurs were so easy to kill. Fabulous fun levels though!" - Brigidsgirl (07-Feb-2005)
"'Another fine mess you've gotten us into'. The famous Laurel and Hardy quote comes to mind when playing these brilliant levels. I didn't really want to visit Jurassic Park having seen the movies and knowing what lurks there....None the less Jurassic Park is where I found myself whilst playing Lara at the Movies. I was scared out of my wits once more playing Tomb Raider. I knew dinos were about and was constantly tense and on the lookout. But this is no mere chill fest. Plenty of raiding to be done and all in that classic creative way you level builders have come to be known for. Puzzles to solve things to find traversing nigh on impossible terrain - and just the plain and simple beauty of a well crafted environment. Another TR level (actually two) of pure bliss as far as I was concerned. Way to Raid!" - Deekman (01-Jan-2005)
"A level I did not particularly enjoy. Too many jumps that were on the very edge of Lara's limits or had to be executed with minute precision. Each of these makes you think 'do I really go here'. Also long boring runs through corridors. The author definitely seems to have a fixation with roasting Lara. The enemies as you would expect were of the animal type and could fairly easily dealt with but I did find the large lizard in the 2nd jungle just easier to avoid. I was surprised that there seemed little of the Jurassic Park story line and thought much more could have been made of the escaping and avoiding dinosaurs rather than running round tunnels of various ilks. Plenty of puzzles (usually involving finding a route through fire but some very good use of sliding blocks. The graphics as you have come to expect with this series of levels was excellent with much use of shading and light and dark and textures. The sound at times seemed to warn of impending doom when none was present. Finally I think the author could have given more use of flybys to give hints as to where next rather than letting Lara run round like a headless chicken. The least favourite game play of the levels played so far." - Whistle (09-Dec-2004)
"In this two-part level we are adventuring on a dead base and in the jungle. The people were killed by dinosaurs now it's our turn. But of course Lara won't let this stay so. We have to find the Computer Disk and use it in order to getting on and of course we can leave each level by finding and using the Gate Keys. The streets buildings are tremendously dead we have to expect the appearance of dinos in every moment. :) Well at the beginning of the second part we have to knock about the jungle helter-skelter until finding the right path. We have to explore every rocks and plants. Often we can find the way that takes us on in the coverage of plants. We have to use the torch too on both two levels. On the second one we have to be careful not to fall into the water because the stream will carry us away. The level has a good feeling the creator made an artwork also this time. The textures are various and the sounds are also very good on the level raising the good feeling even higher. Play it! You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (08-Dec-2004)
"This level has been well described several times in other reviews so I will not describe it again. Suffice to say that this is a jolly romp through a dino-infested park. The texturing lighting and atmosphere helped by an excellent choice of music make this a more-than-adequate approximation of the film setting from which it takes it name. Overall I would have preferred a few more enemies to surprise me and a few less firetraps and timed runs but that is a small quibble about such a well-built level. As an eternal beginner with a sense of direction comparable to a walnut the timed runs gave me quite a few problems. As did the first fire puzzle in the second part (where you have to jump past the flames in a passage.) Oddly the next fire puzzle which I have seen mentioned elsewhere was completed at the third attempt. Also I loved the puzzle with the flames and sliding boxes. That one gave me a whole evening of 'entertainment'. I got the impression though that this level was aimed at the more experienced raider. As I have never progressed beyond the playing skills of a sponge I found several of the puzzles a little hard and on more than one occasion nearly gave up. I must thank all the people on the 'Stuck in a Custom Level' forum for their encouragement every time I got stuck. Without them and Val's walkthrough I don't think I could have made it through this huge level. As it was it took me nearly two weeks in real-time. Now that it is done I am glad that I played it but even happier that I finally made it to the end. Definitely a challenge. But I am sure that as time mellows the memory I will look back fondly on this level." - Staticon (02-Dec-2004)
"Jurassic Park probably was my favorite childhood movie I remember that it was damn realistic when it was released quite some time ago and I was still a child - couldn't help but being marveled by its story its tension moments and why not say it the dinos themselves. About the adaptation now... In the first level you are in the regular course of the Jurassic Park but don't expect to find the places named as they were in the movie. The level starts off with an awesome audio track I can't not mention it. Lots of dinos to shoot around and some levers to operate there were a few nice timed runs too to keep up the fast pace of the level. Overall this first level was rather linear following the lever to lever progression. Cool touches were the dead bodies in the ground and also that the place had no other human living around... The second level was way harder in my opinion. It was rather easy to get lost in the jungle areas the places to go weren't so clear and last but not least those fire traps were rather deadly. There was one in particular which I found to be way too hard the one where you have to shimmy across three fire blowers to use the temple stone. I managed to get across that bit by luck it was not a matter of skills or technique but luck. Later there was also a hard to spot monkey swing which would change direction every now and then but in the end it was well worth it. The magnificent song that plays at the beginning of the first level plays once again here in the first meeting with the T-Rex in the jungle. All in all these levels are great but they do have some what of frustrating gameplay which will scare away potential players. My advice for those: persevere. It's worth it. Recommended. 120 minutes 7 secrets. 11/04" - Treeble (13-Nov-2004)
"The introduction flyby is one of the best I've ever seen in a TR game! Huge dinos roaring lots of dark places where evil creatures might lurk and guards on the run. An earthquake is shaking the ground where Lara stands inside a house - then the introduction is over and the player is expected to leave the shelter and step out into the Jurassic Park. Uh-oh. Alright both guns in her hands Lara runs out of the house to boldly go where probably no-one else will return from - and the only thing she gets to shoot in the next half hour is one bloody littly compy as dangerous as a mouse. The rest of the time she runs down empty streets and occasionally finds some switches. I was disappointed at that time I must admit. But: it gets more and more challenging from now on with lots of enemies (dinosaurs of course) timed runs and plenty of fire tile jumping. The fire tiles were used with a lot of variety: combined with timers or pushing blocks sometimes switched on or off when you least expected it - despite the number of these traps they were not repetitive at all! Lara's bright red outfit is a nice colourful touch in this gloomy level. It's difficult to find your way back when you walk through the park you need your sense of orientation. There are houses caves (a bit boxy looking though) and even a temple area to explore - thus Jurassic Park turned out to be a big and very enjoyable game especially in the second half." - Rüdiger (06-Nov-2004)
"In the first level we explore army base rooms (with TR2 textures which I like) with some very fun timed doors and a good torch puzzle and also underground green caves with water and crocodiles (textures from TR3). We also meet some velociraptors big and small. I like very much the fluent progression once in the caves both subtle and simple. I got the feeling I was playing a classic game. Also like the secret room with the revolver and a very fun boulder trap. On the downside the outside area is rather big and too much backtracking is possible if one of the 3 computer disk one has to find has been forgotten. Also one more camera would have been welcome at one point. The second level is more of the same TR3 jungle areas and TR2 army base texturing except it is longer maybe too long. Not many enemies most of the time Lara feels alone but some groups of enemies are waiting for her. I noticed some good ideas along the way in the gameplay and puzzles and good audio tracks but the backtracking really becomes tiresome. The firetraps were also not too funny in my opinion. So in the end I was not too sad to escape Jurassic Park." - eRIC (01-Nov-2004)
"I was a bit disappointed by this level; perhaps I expected more -the movie was great and the TRLE has enough tools to get almost exactly its spirit-. The atmosphere would have been better; the base part is well done and some parts of the Park (the cages) too; but the temple parts doesn't match with the rest. It's enjoyable hard in some places (too much fire emitters) and very beautiful in the jungle settings. There are three timed doors to pass and a lot of dinos to kill (only five shots each including T-Rex). After playing the game I think that JP is a great level that could have been less repetitive but that is one of the most challenging in the TRLE project." - Loupar (23-Oct-2004)
"One of the best LATM levels and the best among the best of them a brilliant piece of work that touches perfection and surely sets very high standards to the level editing business and gaming in general. The stunning texturing and lighting effects along with the excellent audio selections create a fast-paced and breathtaking high-class adventure which may be tough and very requiring but it totally absorbs you and literally puts you in Lara's shoes making you think as if you were her and actually guiding you through even when there are no hints of what to do next. The level starts off with the most amazing flyby accompanied by an imposing music piece and as soon as you see Lara on the screen you know there is some fascinating adventure going to take place. There are lots of wicked but genial timed events deadly flames threatening you at the less convenient places burners on timers that you have to pass intact by yet all these puzzles are so challenging and brilliant you almost don't feel frustrated at all when trying and retying to make it on time and alive. They are set up in such a way that challenge you to work the best you can do so as to succeed your goal and keep your brain constantly working and calculating your next moves. The architecture of the places is impressive and precise in both parts - outstanding examples are the underwater cave you swim into then have to work your way on some high ledges above the water in the 1st part and the vast storeroom and the beautiful jungle which also includes a stunning temple area in the 2nd part. There is an intense feeling of suspense and mystery as you catch glimpses of doors on your way and wonder where and how the key or switch that opens them is. Nothing is wasted - there's a good reason to visit every corner and every side street and to enter every crawlspace you spot as you move on. A real gem. Thank you George :)" - Ravenwen (18-Oct-2004)
"This level has taken me the longest to play by far of all the Gold productions not because of its difficulty but because it's so doggoned immense. To be sure this is no walk in the park (did I really say that?) but I didn't find the difficulty level to be unfairly high. On the other hand there's nothing really new here but you're so engrossed in getting from one task to the next that you hardly notice that you're engaged in some pretty routine raiding throughout. There's no such thing as a poor level from GM and I could never have completed it without Val's bravura walkthrough but there's nothing that really stands out in my mind to rank it as one of the all-time classics. No what we have here is just a thoroughly competent enjoyable challenging and visually pleasing level. Precisely the reasons we play Tomb Raider in the first place no?" - Phil (15-Oct-2004)
"He's quite a character our George isn't he? He wasn't too happy with some comments in my Lake of Fire review and my moderate criticism regarding this level during Beta testing didn't go down that well with him either. Those creative types huh? Always a bit on the sensitive side. It's traditional I guess. Van Gogh Jackson Pollock Ian Curtis Kurt Cobain Elizabeth Wurtzel . The list is endless. Spielberg on the other hand seems rather down to earth and stable. I know he did a lot of dross over the years but like Hitchcock he knows his stuff: he knows how to build up suspense and that the most important thing is to establish the character before you release the beast. One of my all time favourites is 'Duell' which is Spielberg's first full length movie that was originally done for TV but went down so well that they released a slightly longer version for the cinema (usually it's the other way round). Unfortunately it would be rather tricky to adapt it for Lara as Tomb Raider isn't really a race game. 'Jaws' although not really my kind of film teaches you so much about storytelling and actually I think it would make a nice foundation for a TR adventure. However as George has already done a level called Jurassic Stone and seems to be rather fond of the T-Rex I guess it didn't come as a surprise that he chose this Blockbuster as a backdrop for a new TR spree. I liked some aspects of it like the timed runs and disliked others like the huge jungle area and the long monkey swing in the dark. It's always like that isn't it?! Well yes there are a few games that are close to perfect but most of the time you can always find some things to nag about. There is this keyhole here that you can only reach via a monkeyswing and as you find this in a rather modern warehouse you can't help wondering under what working conditions the people have to suffer there. I think the unions should be informed. Or is it that you used to be able to reach this keyhole by ordinary means such as a staircase but is has crumbled away since this base has been abandoned and the reptiles took over?! Solid that's the word that springs to mind when I think of this adventure. It's solid. I mean there was a lot of backtracking wasn't there? And the thing with finding all those disks got a bit repetitive. My favourite bit was probably the little temple in the second part where you got the torch puzzle. In the context of Lara at the Movies the whole thing makes perfect sense and fits in rather nicely but gameplay wise I think the 'Catacombs of the Guardian' are so much more enjoyable." - Dimpfelmoser (01-Sep-2004)
"Seeing all the other movies this just has to be in it as well and I wasn't surprised that George made it. After all (in my book) his name has become a byword for T-rex. Overall this is a great game but coming to the nitty gritty I didn't have that much fun. The back and fro over long distances are not my favorite pass time in a game and the timed runs... some of them were pretty hard to do and I needed in the first one I encountered some help thanks Bert. The fire traps were a pain in the neck in my opinion. The atmosphere was great and in the jungle area I was on my guard all the time as you knew from the fly by that there were dangerous animals on the loose. In my opinion there could have been more. There is a lot to do in the second part great jumping a sneaky and somewhat difficult monkey climb because it is rather dark and the climb is too long for one flare to help you out. Traps swimming and lava on blocks that made it a bit harder to progress. The end battle took place in the warehouse as I waited probably a bit too long and even that was thrilling. I still hate to kill those small dinos but in here apart from nibbling Lara they even poisoned the poor girl. Overall the point I am trying to make is that the level should be pleasurable for everyone and not just a handful of diehard raiders. The atmosphere and story are always good but the gameplay is very hard for just everyone to enjoy. 14-07-2004" - Gerty (15-Aug-2004)
"In this level you search two areas - a part of the jungle and some kind of base. During the journey you will go many times from the base to the jungle and the opposite. Jungle area has a nice atmosphere you meet some dinosaurs and find a lot of hidden corridors (sometimes with secrets sometimes this is the right way). But unfortunately that is all - you search for the safe way. The part with the base is rather boring. In the first and in the second level you do the same tricks. Some timed doors a lot of computer disks to find and some fires to bypass. And everywhere are the same textures which is for me too monotonous. You have to search many similar rooms almost only to find disks and only in the second level is a bigger part with finding Gem Stone. But I didn't enjoy it as I wanted to mainly because of this monotony. Wherever you go you meet the same textures of the places and very similar puzzles. Here is need of some diversity." - Pedros (10-Aug-2004)
"What a stunning set of levels these are. It took me about the 3 hour mark to complete these! The best thing that stands out in these 2 levels is the gameplay. The gameplay was so good! There were lots of things to do. Collecting gold and silver keys fire burning puzzles superb! This was the first level I played in Lara At The Movies. It was quite hard as well. I loved the T-Rex and the dinos. The little dinos were cute too. Nice outfit too. I think if the textures were a little bit better this would be full marks. I saw too many squashed textures. The audio and flyby scenes were just fantastic too. Whenever I flipped a switch a beautiful flyby with eccentric music played. That was just fantastic! I'm a big fan of George's I hope he releases another dino level that would be cool. Excellent set of levels!" - TombRaiderFan (02-Aug-2004)
"From a truly impressive initial fly-by through dino infested jungles bases and temples with devilish fire and boulder traps along the way this proves to be one of Lara's hardest challenges in the night out at the movies. Though neither the environments nor tasks show too much diversity - i.e. mainly consisting only of jumps trap avoiding and puzzle item collecting I somehow found it to my liking and liked the challenges offered here though I found the compsignatus at the start of level 2 poisoning Lara a tad unfair - Lara should always have a chance against the troubles cast upon her but I do realise that maybe that wasn't the intention so on the whole picture that is rather minor. The environments are well done though I found the jungles especially in part 2 a bit bleak. Not of Lara's easiest tasks in here but surely not to be missed as is quite different from the rest and gives the bit of spice that makes you want to go on!" - eTux (30-Jul-2004)
"The superb dramatic opening really put me in the mood for a spine tingling level and indeed it's not long before the first dinosaur appears although it's just a little compy (I always feel a bit guilty about shooting compys they look so cute). Exploration takes place in a good mixture of rooms caves underwater areas and the outside jungle type areas (and you'll notice the dinos getting bigger as you progress). There is a three door timed run sequence at one point that I really liked surprisingly as I'm not always keen on timed runs. Each section was quite short however so I didn't mind trying a few times. I sometimes find timed runs very wearisome if they go on over a long route - I lose patience. I also very much liked the burning tile room where the torch is to be found - that took careful jumping. The burning tile sequences in the second part however had me using less than ladylike language but I felt such a sense of smug satisfaction when I finally achieved them that I forgave that well known pyromaniac George completely. The upper section of the warehouse is a complicated area and it's easy to become disorientated (well it is if you're me) but eventually I stumbled upon the right way. This really is a thoroughly enjoyable level with plenty of good moves puzzles to solve raptors to fight and YES a couple of T-Rex for good measure all in a great setting with an excellent atmosphere. Enjoy." - Jay (28-Jul-2004)
"A set of two levels in Jurassic Park and who else to do it better than our own 'dinosaur man' George McIver? I've read complaints about some texture problems (with a T-Rex at the end whilst pushing/pulling boxes...) but I must say I haven't encountered any - except for a couple of oddities which didn't affect the gameplay: the fire set alight again in the place where the gem was an opened trapdoor which became closed and I had to re-open it. In my opinion the graphics were as solid as can be if not amazing in their originality as some of the previous games in this Gold series. Then again of course the theme isn't as fit for originalities as some others. So the dinosaurs are on the loose and Lara has to make some extra-effort to find several computer disks use switches monkey-climb a while do some not too tight timed runs in order to find her way from level 1 to level 2 and from there to the end. One of the best places in the game was the 'jungle' a very good looking jungle with Indian textures loads of things to do and... here comes the hard part... almost impossible fire puzzles (unless you know exactly what to do then they become simpler). There are at least four of those places throughout the game and the very worst is the one with the fire breathing statues - that's true fire and brimstone in its best days frankly much more deadly than the multitudes of blades I remember from previous games. Somebody said there could have been more dinosaurs in the game allow me to disagree - there are those small venomous green creatures (and a time when you can't help being poisoned since Lara's unable to move for a while and here come the creatures! - unfair but you're already loaded with medipacks so...) a lot of raptors two or three T-Rexes (one of which announced by a fabulous musical piece) and several crocodiles sometimes an entire group of beasts all at once. Place some more and you'll get a shoot'em up level which I'm certain wasn't the author's intention. Furthermore they're pretty easy to kill with all the powerful ammo you've already accumulated from the previous games... There are also a lot of flybys showing you which door you've just opened or whatever you did at anytime deemed necessary that's a good thing. I sincerely liked this game even though some parts also made me feel discouraged before I finally solved them (the fire puzzles the fire puzzles!). This is good solid tomb raiding. My congratulations to George!" - Jorge22 (23-Jul-2004)
"The TRLE Gold project couldn't be without dinosaurs now could it so we summoned one of the experts George. I just loved the atmosphere this level had with so much greenery and a jungle-like setting. I am not crazy for raptors or T-Rex but since there weren't any exaggerations in this game I even liked those. You are searching for keys a gem and have to fight with crocodiles and the big beastie I mentioned above. Along the way the player will have to deal with fires and a puzzle with moving blocks and fire tiles to get to a key. I was pleased to see that this kind of game wasn't very dark since most levels with forests or jungles are. The secrets aren't very easy to find so keep your eyes open and be careful where you leave your torch. Sometimes you might have to revisit some areas. The fires at the area where you need to place a gem weren't easy to master but I confess using a good bug of the editor to pass those I saved and reloaded. Near the end a T-Rex appeared behind Lara that I have the suspicion he shouldn't be there. I found seven secrets by searching a lot. All in all an excellent game like all the others of this project and fun to play. Well done George dear and keep up the good work." - Kristina (15-Jul-2004)
"This is a fairly involved two level game that will see you searching out many keys and computer discs to enable you to access more doors and delve deeper into the level. There are many side trips involved here and some of those entrances are deceptively difficult to see. George makes use of fires harshly. Either as fire tiles or fire blowers whereby the negotiation is sometimes down to exact timing or as is more often the case pure dumb luck. Two particular firetraps were far too difficult in my opinion and both reside in the second level. The three floor burner set with the switch at the rear and the three burners blower set later encompassing a shimmy. Besides these there are many lava traps a horde of precise jumps to make and oft hidden monkey swings due mainly to the ambient light available. There were also a few instances of utilising ricocheting bullets to smash breakable lattices in high crawlspaces which was clever and well thought out. Not so well thought out however was a movable block puzzle on the way to retrieve the Gold Key in level 2. This was ill conceived as Lara could and would trap herself inside one of the movable blocks in her efforts to negotiate the puzzle. Of course once inside there is no way out. After the horde of beta testers that were involved with this I would have thought all these problems to be eliminated. Obviously not. Lastly the T Rex managed to get himself stuck in a passageway between two buildings running by the waters edge. How a beast of that size could get into a six foot ceilinged passageway has me beat. Again this is just poor level design and it really did hinder progress to the point where it became tedious. Other than those few issues this was a great game which could have used a few more beasts and will see you wiling away some four hours or so at the PC." - Torry (11-Jul-2004)
"One of my favourite authors releases yet another master piece and what a fantastic adventure this was. Of course the title tells all and the level is set around Jurassic Park theme so expect dinos bats and crocs with the ferocious T Rex lurking about. There are two parts to the level and I found them both fabulous to play. I loved the secrets and only found them because I wanted to spend as much time exploring as possible. A mixture here of fire tile puzzles and timed runs plus finding keys computer disks and a gem all tied up nicely with the theme and gameplay. Lots of jungle to explore warehouses and a labyrinth with lurking dinos was well spooky and with some beautiful scenery audio and flybys this is a must to play. There is such a huge amount to do here and such a mixture of events you won't be bored for one second. Truly magnificent levels thank you George!" - Moonpooka (04-Jul-2004)
"Part 1 (8/8/10/9): From an awesome initial flyby you dive into the world that you would expect from the title of the level. Explore a rather deserted mix of jungle and base area and make sure you keep your orientation as sometimes camera hints don't show you everything that happens and sometimes they are actually missing. Quite a bit of running around to find all the levers you need to pull spiced up with a few fun timed sequences a clever torch puzzle and the search for three disks and a key. Enemies are a few dinosaurs and very smartly placed crocodiles which sneak up on you as you swim through tight crawlspaces. Three secrets to find along the way. Part 2 (9/9/10/9): As in part one you will need some patience and a good sense of orientation here and even though you do run around quite a bit things are spiced up all along the way with tricky jumps over fire sneaky moments where you need to spot the right next step carefully an extremely well used warehouse area and an extensive jungle area with a long monkey swing to reach and a few burner traps to master. Timed runs are not missing either and you get the expected dinos and some mosquitoes to battle as well. Keys discs and the Temple Stone help you reach the exit. There is a remarkably clever puzzle with movable blocks and fires that took a while to figure out and there are a few nice secrets to unravel as well. Overall a very intense experience - not to be missed." - Michael (28-Jun-2004)
"Made in two parts the first being a nicely created town the second being a sort of storage warehouse/control room which is joined to a cave with what else dinosaurs. The first time through wasn't easy running around like a headless chicken not knowing what to do. But when I finished it and played it again it was surprising how quickly I got through it. There are dinos in this town and they made me jump when they showed up. I liked all the tight timed runs and the use of the torch. One thing I will hint at is when you've found the switch that opens the gate to the raptor enclosure remember that switch because you'll need to open the gate later if like me you run off in another direction and they slam down shut on you. Try to keep an idea in your head where you've seen keyholes switches computers for discs etc. The atmosphere is great it definitely had the feeling of the dinosaurs have escaped their enclosures and could jump out at you any time. The worst part for me was jumping through fire especially that one in the small corridor at the start of level 2. I wouldn't have done it if Michael hadn't told me to run at it from a angle and sort of 'bump' off the side wall. The caves in level 2 were confusing at first too there seems to be so many places to go. Yet again second time through it was easy. BTW one time you have to jump down over lava onto a ledge and Lara bumps her head off the ceiling if you try to just 'jump down'. I found if I placed her sort of in the centre of the square ledge she's standing on and do a swam dive she will roll and land on the ledge below no problem. Further in from this ledge is an excellent setup of almost invisible places to get into. There are a fair few dinos to deal with only two TRex's thankfully and these can be killed by shooting them in the belly with one revolver shot. The last part where the second TRex comes thundering down the street was great but ridiculously heavy on other enemies a raptor a crocodile and I can't remember what else. The TRex itself was enough for the great effect. Well done GM." - CC (28-Jun-2004)