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Lara at the Movies - Stargate by Titak

Blue43 10 9 10 10
CC 10 10 10 10
Ceamonks890 9 9 9 9
Deekman 10 10 10 10
Dimpfelmoser 10 9 10 10
DJ Full 9 10 10 10
Drakan 9 9 9 9
Duncan 10 10 10 10
eTux 9 10 10 10
G.Croft 10 10 10 10
Gerty 10 10 10 10
gfd 9 9 9 9
Horus 8 8 9 9
Jay 10 10 10 10
JesseG 9 10 9 9
JoeTheCrazyGamer 10 10 9 9
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Josi 8 8 8 8
Kristina 9 9 9 9
Lilly Jericho 9 10 10 10
Loupar 10 10 10 10
MacRaider 10 10 10 10
Magnus 9 9 9 10
manarch2 9 10 10 9
MichaelP 9 9 10 10
Mman 10 10 10 10
Obig 10 10 10 10
Pedros 10 10 10 10
Phil 9 9 10 9
QRS 10 10 10 10
Ravenwen 9 9 10 10
Relic Hunter 10 10 10 10
Ruediger 10 10 9 10
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Scottie 10 10 10 10
Shandroid 10 10 10 10
Staticon 10 10 9 10
Sutekh 10 9 9 9
TombRaiderFan 10 10 10 10
Torry 10 10 10 10
Treeble 10 10 10 10
uvavoo 10 10 10 10
Whistle 9 9 10 10
release date: 25-Jun-2004
# of downloads: 183

average rating: 9.66
review count: 43
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file size: 301.83 MB
file type: TR4
class: Alien/Space

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Reviewer's comments
"Lara uses a stargate to explore a total of three levels: a military base, an outdoor desert area, and an alien spaceship. The last was my favorite, in part because of the combat, but mostly because of its engaging puzzles. There are also a nice variety of traps to contend with across the levelset. I do have a few minor critiques: I could have done without the underwater maze as well as the "fake wall" pushable block, there is a bit too much backtracking if Lara missed an item (particularly the canopic jars), a few missing camera cues, and there are some deceptive textures on the spaceship that look like glass, but it turns out Lara can pass right through them. The levels are all very atmospheric and visually pleasing, the only room for improvement I can think of there is to change up the constant "green-ness" of the first level. 2 hours 15 minutes." - JesseG (23-Aug-2021)
"This Level made my Nerd Heart jump in happyness and rewatch Stargate instantly! I myself am a huuuuugeeee fan of the Films and Series up to Atlantis and kept this last from the Lara at the Movies Series for exactly this reason! And hey... i didnt get disappointed! This Level made me totally happy and awe how good it looked! I loved the look of the Base and seeing the Gate Room for the first time made me stand there and "aaawwwweee" for a long moment! OwO Abydos also looks great and the cutszene where the Goa'Uld Mothership lands on the pyramid is damn good (especially if you've seen the Film!). Yeah all in all i can just say: I freakin love this level and cant wait to replay it!!! <3" - Lilly Jericho (01-Nov-2020)
"This Level is really good and has three sections a military base which is filled with guards and dogs who are not too difficult to kill. It was enjoyable to solve the toxic pool puzzles and find tons of ammo which will make the later parts of the game easier. The second section is an alien planet which is filled with jumps, bugs and giant scorpions. The Final Section and my favourite Is the Alien Spacecraft it was really run killing demigods and solving puzzles. 38/40" - JoeTheCrazyGamer (22-Jun-2020)
"Onto Titak's contribution now and as expected, it's a genuinely very high-quality effort all-round(from the gameplay to the visual presentation). I found the opening to this particular 'world' especially captivating, thanks to a remix of TR Angel of Darkness's 'Dance of the Lux Veritatis' tune indicating that I'd be in for an satisfying adventure, from beginning to end. And I was not disappointed. Overall, one of the best series of levels within the LaTM package that I very much recommend to anyone, whether you're familiar with the original source material or not." - Ceamonks890 (22-Jul-2017)
"This is a brilliant level and the first one in the series deserving of a four-tenner, in my opinion. I absolutely loved this from start to finish. Beginning in a military base, we have to solve a block puzzle to get started, do some crawling and shimmying, and negotiate a tough swimming maze to find four Chevrons. Then we can activate the Stargate and a quick ride later we are in an Egypt-style area. Watch out for giant scorpions, small scorpions and wasps, especially when negotiating the treacherous route through the canyons in search of two canopic jars. Then Lara is beamed aboard the Goa'uld spaceship and there are some fun puzzles to solve including a globe puzzle, jumping up a pyramid and jumping up pillars using pressure pads. Then we have to avoid Ra himself while trying to open the exit. A wonderful adventure." - Ryan (28-Sep-2016)
"I will return to Titia's creations until I die, but I will be brutally honest: the beginning of this one is among the most boring the series has. It's also illogical as we help soldiers sort their crates but get shot in return. Well... Tomb Raider. Or life. Or life of a Tomb Raider, and an easy way to bind the two. The base is also overfilled with crawlspacing, shimmying, climbing and swinging so a perfect opportunity for faster animations wasn't noticed and immersion sometimes takes a nap though it often stays conscious to embrace gripping atmosphere, and totally awake when a fitting yet unexpected keyframe occurs like basin clearance or laser deactivation. Even the storage has unique death floor though other than that it's still a storage I wouldn't bother to build. As usual for Titia there's a lot of customization with the most of weight put on Chevron pickups and multiple motion picture references which also feel like matching original arrangement - Daniel's translation room is close to the stone plate chamber and the curtain in the conference room raises to introduce the astral portal just like it did in the movie. This continues in the second level where being thrown through the cosmic door, passing the pillar temple to notice Ra's ship above, searching for clues in caverns of sandy landscape and getting ambushed by jackal demigods back in the temple all mimic the movie impression more faithfully than expected. The canyon design isn't good - one long path holds an item, other one the receptacle so choose wrong and repeat, but also the usual dilemma appears to ask how to make it better in open scenery. What's really missing is the enslaved civilization we get no trace of except from familiar carvings in the fuel cave. I guess it would take another level to picture Lara help those guys defeat their oppresors, and that may give enough reason for another Director's Cut (maybe one day if Titia is less busy). But the sole caverns are already nice - if you could name EssGee's or psiko's geometry interesting compared to regular builders, then here each block cries to stand on, scenery is constantly attractive and progress isn't difficult, so even if you get a bit confused it doesn't take long to regain orientation and some direct return paths are also provided to make us finish our quest even faster. On the way through the guts of alien planet and then alien ship of that alien with alien name sounding alien because of alien a'postroph - likely ya'viny's ancestor - we can find three secrets and I wonder why not more here in the core of adventure rather than in the introducing military complex which contained a lot of narrow spacing and all sorts of slow progress already. Maybe it were boxes, architectural customization or puzzle content what stood in the way, all getting quite complicated as we approach the finale - the spaceship render is just excellent feeling like a little version of Engineering from the later game (so again LATM foreshadows creativity unleashed when tight limits were gone), the balance of exploration, alien creativity, tasking and battle threat is just fine and the ultimate confrontation brings a well desired return though we cannot see Ra's nuclear demise. Unclear instead, it could be another reason for a remake. But what's the most admirable is almost every content bears a reference to the stellar gate, it looks like Titia never forgot what she was building about, a point the majority of movie remakes fail to achieve, what makes me wonder: do we really need a master builder to just STAY ON THE TOPIC? What kind of casual demigod enslaves us to forge keys and switches so we wait for years for a redeemer to bring us a game beyond expectations? SUMMARY: Already very good, predominantly immersive and mostly enjoyable. Likely deserves an NG refurbishment to allow as much as this space journey should really provide." - DJ Full (17-May-2016)
"3 levels of Titak all very well made and built. With the passing of the stargate very well restored. Solid gameplay, easy and enjoyable in different worlds for these 3 levels. I just noticed that the pyramid was incorrectly set, just put a beetle and take the object in the middle, but I collected the 4 necessary. Excellent." - Drakan (10-Oct-2014)
"This is another massive three level-long series. Things start in a base before moving onto an Egyptian world and an Alien Spaceship. The attention to detail is immense; even death pits have large amount of detail and attention paid to the lighting. It's also visually varied while remaining great looking. The Alien ship also presents an interesting new theme. I can't really recall any flaws with the visuals.
The first level of this set has a little too much crawling and similar, but it also has some nicely challenging jumping sequences and other obstacles. There is one near invisible pushblock, but the choice of putting it in an important looking dead-end helps a lot in it being perfectly possible to find without help (which I did) The second level is more of a straightforward exploration map, and provides a nice break in-between the more puzzle-intensive maps. It has a few traps and jumping sequences though. The third map is definitely the most intensive challenge-wise, with a lot of dangerous obstacles to get past and demigods seemingly around every corner. There are also some good puzzles, including one block-puzzle that I thought was designed near- perfectly, in that it managed to intuitively combine working out multiple clues, and also didn't make actually moving the objects take too long. There's a boss encounter and then a sort of epilogue where you go back to earth and escape the base. From what I know of the movie/show it seems to be very faithful to it. This was the level-set that initially put Titak on the radar for me, and, while she has surpassed this with her later releases this still an excellent set, and maybe the best part of LATM so far. The amount of flow- stoppers in the first part is a flaw, but it didn't take away from anything else for me in this case." - Mman (26-Jan-2012)
"There are ideas who quickly fall into oblivion. And there are ideas who are not realizable, all the same what one tries. And there are ideas from which one believes as a player that they are impossible to be realise. Though I have learnt in the meantime, that is nearly for everything possible in the CL-Universe, but still today I am astonished at the fact that there is really such a project. Now it is not in such a way that LatM is absolutely unknown to me, because I have played this level package already about 5 years ago. But at that time I have played it just for the fun of it without bother myself about how much work must be behind. Now, in the meantime, I can roughly imagine, how big the amount of work must have been. This already starts with letting look the different level in such a way that they are more or less similar to the suitable movie. Above all the black-and-white-movies might have been a big challenge. And then still comes that somebody must co- ordinate the whole project. And it needs a common superstructure because to jump simply thus from movie to movie would be dull. So much to my general thoughts about this mammoth's project.
Stargate: Because I am a fan of Star Wars and Star Trek, Stargate may not be absent of course. Particularly the comments of Jack O'Neill were always interesting and entertaining. Richard Dean Anderson was a very good cast for this role. Richard Dean Anderson? Wherefrom do I know him? Sure thing! He is the guy who could build a nuke with his penknife and a packet of chewing gum. You have no idea what I talk about? Then you have never seen MacGyver.
Back to topic. One could be of the opinion that the level builder was personally in the Stargate-Centre, because the resemblance is amazing. It would have been even more interesting if one had met one of the figures of the movie or the series. But one cannot have everything. However, there is a small detail which the level builder has overlooked. Ordinarily one needs 7 chevrons to activate the Stargate. If, like in this level, the activation takes place already with 4 chevrons, Lara makes guaranteed only a small hop to a planet very close to the earth. Well, thus a short trip can be quite entertaining. I stand correctet, because in the second level Lara is really on Abydos! One must have seen the area all around the Stargate, because it looks almost just like in the movie, including the gigantic spaceship of Ra. Unfortunately, the desert town does not exist (or she is too distant), but also without the desert town this is an excellent level, because not only the beginning area looks very good. In the third level is Lara of course in the ship of Ra. Though this level looks also good, but a few little things lack. For example, the splendid apartmentsde of Ra. Or the device which can heal heavy wounds and looks like a coffin.
Summary: Brilliant level! I have recognised a lot and this is why it gives even more fun than usual. One has constantly these Aha-experiences and must automatically grin because one has again recognised something from the movie or the series." - Scottie (03-Jul-2011)
"Military Installation (8-10-10-9) A very well built level, the setting is around a big warehouse, and one has to go from there to the different areas. However, I found this level to be a bit tedious, as the player has to search quite a lot levers and keys to get through, and there were not many challenges, namely a few slope jumps and some fire- floor rooms, but mainly this level is about exploration. The objects are very well built and it seemed very real, texturing also was quite good and there also was a bunch of enemies to shoot. The task to find the four Chevrons to activate the brilliantly built starship was great, the stargate itself was fantastic-looking. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and also few sound choices in this level, they made the level very good, it would be even better with more varied tasks to do here.
Beyond the Stargate (9-9-9-9) Even if gameplay elements were slightly better than in the first level, I still found this to be the worst of the three levels provided here. Its architecture still was good, but atmopshere was only good, not fantastic, sorry. OK this level was quite short so I won't rate it too high in the final average, but I think some parts really could have been done a bit better.
Inside the Go'auld Starship (10-10-10-10) I think this was the best level in this movie and - until now, two more movies to play - the best single level in the whole series. It contains everything I missed in the previous levels - fantastic puzzles like the pillar raising, hard tasks like the climbing up of a pyramid (this and the globe puzzle reminded me on some levels of Richard Lawther) or the different toxic pool rooms and beetle search that reminded me on one of my favourite TR 4 levels, Cleopatra's Palaces, with the stairs appearing out of the slope for example. Texturing also was perfect now, with very futuristic atmosphere and very good lighting use, all objects and also the many demigoods were made so well and also fitted so well to the scenery. The final minutes with Ra were an adventure for itself, with many things to escape from the invincible enemy.
It all ends with a quick rush through the two previous levels, spiced up with all enemies you already fought in this level, and the final escape from the military station. A very, very good level, I think, some things in the first two levels were not my taste, but the third busted it all away and made it to another masterpiece from this highly recommended series. Thanks much, Titak!" - manarch2 (27-Feb-2011)
"This was one of my favorites from the series and is an amazing mixture of high tech compound areas with ancient Egyptian temples therefore creating a wonderfully laid out level that wasn't too easy but not too hard either. The game play is quite interesting as there are so many different things that will keep the player busy and even if this level is rather long, it never felt that way. Atmosphere is really capturing, especially in the third part inside the star ship. I did like the puzzles and the way the secrets were hidden. There were a good variety of more or less hard to beat enemies around, some standard guards and dogs in the military installation to a couple of alien insects of different sizes. The main opponents were nicely textured demigods and of course Ra. The texturing and lighting was as good as it gets and one can only give a perfect rating here. Not much more can be added as it has already said by other reviewers. A must play for everyone!" - Blue43 (02-Dec-2010)
"This level was so amazing that I was sad to walk out of the theatre so to speak. There was so many awesome aspects to this level its hard to know where to begin. You really feel like you are in this movie. There are some clever puzzles to keep your head scratching, that is if you can stop just looking at all the amazing architecture." - Shandroid (24-Oct-2008)
"A beautiful level, with fantastic atmosphere and solid gameplay. The alternation of environments is impressive, as is the way they are combined together. The lighting effects are beyond perfection. Puzzles are very good, not easy but not impossible to figure out. Fans of 'Stargate' will love this level, but even those who don't like or don't know the series, will undoubtedly enjoy it a lot. It surely stands out too in this great team project." - Ravenwen (02-Sep-2007)
"Stargate (the film) led to Stargate SG-1 (the TV series) three years later, which got its own spin-off two years ago, and also recently became the longest-running science fiction series of all time. Personally, I'm not a huge fan, but the level still has a lot to live up to. Fortunately, it's a great level. Fans of the film (and I'm assuming the show) might notice some references mere mortals such as myself missed, but it's a great level in its own right. The basic premise has Lara finding a way to activate the stargate, which then leads her to another world, where her goal is to find a pendulum. Why? Because she can. It's possible that it's related to the film somehow, but who cares, really? The first level is a base level, and I was very impressed by it. A lot of base levels end up being nothing more than a hunt for the next lever, but this one was excellent, with a lot of different things to do, without ever spoiling the illusion of a real base. I was reminded of Half-Life on more than one occasion, and the textures are very reminiscent of that game. The second level takes place in a desert/cave landscape, in which it is surprisingly easy to reach the end of the world near the beginning. I really liked the new scorpions, too. The third level is set in a spaceship of some sort, and there are some very impressive areas in this level. My favourite part was the very original pillar/pad puzzle, which I can't recall ever seeing before. Since this is a Hall of Fame level, I'm assuming you already know how good it is, so I'll just end this review with saying that this is a 75-minute level you don't want to miss. One of the best Lara at the Movies levels." - Magnus (15-Oct-2006)
"Titia is a co-moderator at so you may think I may be a little biased in this review. Frankly, I don't care;-). Titia is a real artist with the level editor. She produces the best looking areas of all builders I have seen. Of course I preferred the second area with the fabulous open, outdoor areas (yes, I am a little claustrophobic) than the 'base-type' area. Not to say the base area was in any way bad, quite the contrary, with its well executed cut-scenes. A workmanlike 'traditional' base like level with futuristic undertones. The outdoor area, with the huge Goua'ould ship (the temple area and the ship were in fact extremely accurate to the film), the very organic looking desert complete with effective distance fog really gave you a 'sense of place'. I never did like creepy crawlies, and hate scorpions, so thanks for that Titia ;-) the planet is crawling with them! In general, (speaking as a not that great a player), I enjoyed playing the levels and didn't get bored, kept moving forward, without too much difficulty. But not so easy as to become tedious. These levels were definitely my kind of levels. Well done, and thanks Titia." - uvavoo (02-Apr-2006)
"This is a small adventure on its own in the great LATM saga. It is not only that.. this adventure has it all! From the cool and realistic start in the first level to the sandunes and the amazing, breathtaking outdoor scenes!! The only thing that can match this is the desert in UB3. Made by the same builder btw :) Not to mention the pyramid level, the enemies and the puzzles. It was a pure joy to play these levels and it is not only the best (IMHO) levels in the LATM saga.. They are one of the best adventures I have ever played! Way to go Titia! All tens from me." - QRS (22-Nov-2005)
"My first review, and what better level to start with than this :) When I first played this level I'd not seen the movie, but from the first room I knew this was something very special! When Lara drops from that first duct, she finds herself in a loading bay with a truck and a bunch of crates - the attention to detail is superb, right down to the knife in place of the crowbar, and if anything it gets better as you get further into the game. At no moment in the whole game that follows did I feel that anything was out of place, and the care shown in applying the textures and lighting was of the highest order. Not one single room looked anything other than just right, and that is a uncommon achievement! After negotiating the base to the Stargate Lara is transported to the alien planet, and I have to say that I was gob-smacked with the amazing environment! To look back on the starship took my breath away, as did the wonderful third level inside the ship itself and the very cool way of entering the ship. The puzzles throughout the level were precisely the right level of difficulty, and although not easy never caused too much grief. Lara then has to retrace her steps back to the base to exit the level, with a last sneaky little secret hidden in plain view, but maybe neither recognised nor remembered. A very nice final touch ;) Some time after playing this level, I got hold of the movie, and then the true scale of Titak's achievement became obvious. Given the limitations of the Editor, this level is an amazing replication of the movie, and the view looking at the starship is something I'll always remember! My only wish for this level was that it could be longer, but as it formed part of a much larger game that was impossible. Simply the best custom level I've ever seen!" - MacRaider (29-Oct-2005)
"A superbly designed and textured level that is a joy to play. This one has some of the best environments, and most interesting of their types, in any TR level. The gameplay is not that hard, and, truly, could have been tougher in places. However, the gameplay is soundly logical and mature, and often original. I can't believe I'm saying this about what is a hybrid Egyptian level, but it's true. This one rocks!" - Duncan (10-Jun-2005)
"Well, well, what can I tell? This level starts in a military base where you have to find four Chevron items in order to activate the Star Gate. There are a couple of guards and dogs to kill on the way through the base complex. It is pretty much a 'standard' base level with the usual elements, but nevertheless nicely done. It reminds a bit of the Area51 level in TR3, due to the textures and several locations and ideas. But there are a couple of very nice new elements too. The second level takes place in ancient Egypt and it starts in a little temple in a vast desert, in the shadow of a big spaceship in form of a pyramid. The desert has been nicely done with a great distance-fog effect and the desert itself has been shaped to a very realistic and natural form. There are some small and some bigger scorpions that have a new and pretty interesting look to them. Also there were some demigods in form of the Egyptian god Anubis. Considering textures there is only one sand texture and some rock textures, the mural and the decorations on the temple walls looked great, though. Also you can spot here and there Udjat, the eye of Horus. The two jars which you had to find in the desert also were shaped in form of the head of Horus and Anubis, I quite liked how detailed this has been made. After you entered the starship of Osiris you will encounter even more demigods, and not only Anubis anymore but also Horus. A lot of switches have to be activated to progress from room to room. There were some nice effects such as a buzzing elevator and a lot of new sound. The textures were still Egyptian-themed but had something modern to them, too. What I disliked was sometimes the unimaginative gameplay - there were a bunch of elements that seemed rather familiar, things one might have seen in Richard Lawther's levels already. It's not such a bad thing to copy one idea from someone else but the multiple use of this gave me the impression that the author sort of ran out of ideas. Well, anyway you encounter Osiris (or was it Ra?) and get an artefact, after you escaped from the starship you travel back through the Star Gate and dash out of the military base, ignoring some guards and dogs that are now more or less blocking the way to get out and end this level." - Horus (20-Apr-2005)
"The Military Base (8/8/9/8) is an excellent level, featuring a very nice 'raiding' feel (despite its futuristic setting) and helped even more by some cinematic cut-scenes. Loads of fun, but you can definitely get a little bit confused in the main area with all the doors on all the levels to choose from. Not a level to take big breaks from, because you may forgot what you were doing last. Beyond the Stargate (9/9/10/10) has to be one of the most atmospheric levels ever, because of its grand, well chosen music, a fantastic cut-scene and very good graphics all round. It also plays brilliantly! Inside the Goa'uld Spacheship (9/9/8/8) a tedious block-raising puzzle was the only thing that marred yet another lovely level. I liked the final confrontation with the boss, but be careful, you can't hurt him. Instead you have to run around and do all you can to make good your escape. In summing up I would describe this adventure as very well worth undertaking, despite its occasional difficulty or little bits of confusion. It took me 3 and a quarter hours to complete these maps and I found just 1 secret." - gfd (27-Feb-2005)
"Research wise, this is maybe my favorite of the whole series. For some reason I totally got the logic behind the game from the very start and had a fluid, smooth experience with it. There are also beauty (the Stargates are superb and the Goa'uld ship very impressive), anxiety moments especially in the second level where you first meet the Goa'uld, very clever puzzles, nasty traps, devious secrets and a good share of action. An almost perfect mix." - Sutekh (18-Feb-2005)
"Jumping through the Stargate fighting Jaffa find your way in a Goa'uld ship. And that's just a few things to do in this level. First Lara has to find four chevrons hidden in the base to activate the Stargate. After you jumped through you'll find yourself on a planet with a Goa'uld ship but there's a lot to do before you can enter. You get out with a prize jump the gate again and get out the base. It's not an easy level but very good and fun to play. Enjoy! 3-12-2004" - Josi (10-Jan-2005)
"What a treat! This had classic Tomb Rider locales yet they were pure Stargate. The Military Base - The Egyptian Ruins - and the Alien Ship. And they were so beautifully rendered textured and lit. one would think that Titak has some sort of Level Editor Plus device that we don't know about. The realism astounded me. A totally relaxed yet intriguing and mysterious set of levels full of wonder and excitement. Not too awfully hard yet no walk in the park either. Pure raiding fun at its finest. Easily my favorite level in the Lara at the Movies series." - Deekman (12-Dec-2004)
"Two/three sections to this level and all fit the Stargate story. Be prepared for a nice long level in fact each of the sections could have been a level itself. First to get through the star gate you have to negotiate your way round the Institute. Then through the gate to the 'Egyptian' type area then onto the Gould ship etc. before getting back through the gate. Sections provide some good gaming with enemies fitting each section-guards and dogs followed by wasps scorpions and demigods. Puzzles vary from mini switch moves block through finding your way across areas avoiding fires etc to mazes and a big puzzle in the Gould ship. The graphics is excellent (except Lara seems to have a moustache in some lights) and along with the lighting and sound made the level enjoyable but thought provoking." - Whistle (09-Dec-2004)
"Military Installation: We are adventuring on a base on this level. Our goal is to turn on the Stargate and escape from the base. We have to get past poisonous pools monkey-swinging on the ceiling crawling through crawlspaces and we have to swim good in water. There are only a few enemies dogs a couple of gunmen we have to fight with them a little bit. But not this is the main thing but to find the way of getting on. It is important to find the Laser Fuse because that will turn of the laser-doors. Just like we used to it the creator made a fantastic level the textures are good they suit the level. It was a good adventure I can advice it to everybody. Beyond the Stargate: We arrived to a strange planet where we are adventuring around huge Goauld starships in the desert and the temples. The enemies are giant scorpions wasps and Anubis-headed demigods. We have to explore the dells too if we want to find the secret. We have to collect Talismans keys and fuel so that we can finally lift up to the starship. It was a fantastic idea to create all this I liked it very much just like it was cut off the movie by the creator. Nobody should ignore this great adventure. Inside the Goauld Starship: At last we got inside the Goauld starship. We have to solve various difficulties and in the meantime pay attention for the secrets because we can't get back to every of them since the elevators are for single-use. :) The puzzles are not so easy but if we notice which colour activates which pillar we can solve them. The enemies are mostly demigods because we can't kill the Goauld itself only when we explode the whole starship. We can't slide down the side of the starship so we have to take the way back. The textures are beautiful the sounds too. This is a real gem in this project you should try it. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (08-Dec-2004)
"What an awesome level. I really don't think I can add anything to the other reviewers. They are all so right. I found myself totally absorbed into this little adventure and quite disappointed when it finished. This will definitely have to go onto my 'Play Again' list. Well done Titia." - Staticon (02-Dec-2004)
"Lara's adventure starts at Military Installation a base styled level which will be perfect for any lover of the Nevada levels of TR3. Your objective is to find four chevrons to activate the Stargate itself. Guards and dogs will come and try to stop you. There are lots of areas to cover in this base. The only thing I'd have left behind was the underwater maze but it's short so no problem (although I had to use one medipack to get that secret...). Eventually you'll activate the Stargate and cross it and so begins Beyond the Stargate. Just when you think you've seen everything about sand Egpytian temples and stuff like that there comes Titia with this level. This is one of the best levels I ever played it captures the feel of Tomb Raider so damn right it's something... 'out of this world' really. If you liked the later levels of TR4 you'll find yourself home with this level. Searching for Horus and Anubis talismans you will eventually find a chevron that will give you access to that space ship you see over the temple - it's a rather different ship indeed. Loved the canyons the enemies were great the effects of endless desert was awesome and perfectly done. Well this is one of the few levels you have to see for yourself to believe it. You eventually reach the Inside of the Goa'uld Starship where the plot definitely thickens. To start off your weaker foes in this level will be demigods and you'll even meet up with Ra himself. You can't really kill him but it's fun to fight him (and it was the first time I saw the animation where he lifted Lara by her neck and killed her that way with her feet dangling!). This is a mysterious ship and the way the author has built it made it feel even more mysterious. Great sound additions complete the set. Steal Ra's Pendulum and come back to Earth safe and sound. Recommended. 135 minutes 7 secrets. 11/04" - Treeble (13-Nov-2004)
"'Stargate' begins deliberately slow I believe as you push some boxes around in a warehouse and don't really have an idea in which movie you could possibly be. Tension rises as you face more interesting challenges: a toxic pool where you have to monkey swing laser barriers that need to be switched off and an underwater maze that took a couple of tries. The real kick is however when you jump through the Stargate (visualized by a simple but effective camera flight through a star-textured canal) and enter the alien planet. Now it's like you're inside the Stargate movie oh yes! Well-chosen music and the pale yellow light set a perfect atmosphere. Enemies are wasps and scorpions now. And things are moving up to an even more exciting level again when you enter the spaceship where you have interesting puzzles to solve and tough demigods to fight. The story really makes sense because you do return to the previous levels. The textures are flawless and I liked especially the careful use of shadows. When a beginner uses shadows they often look like a black spot in a corner. In 'Stargate' the brighter and darker areas are fading so softly into each other that it's looking much more natural. Well that's a lesson for builders but for the average player the most important thing will be the gameplay as it constantly is climbing up towards a climax when you're facing Ra and you get a great variety of challenges along the way. May I finally add that Jorge's assumption of an alien planet 'nfluenced by Egyptian culture'is the wrong explanation for the Egyptian looking textures. Instead the movie suggested that aliens from that planet visited Egypt 10 000 years ago i.e. before Egyptian culture developed so it was the aliens who inspired it." - Rüdiger (01-Nov-2004)
"Another perfect ten in the LATM series. These three levels are a game in itself; they perform perfectly the atmosphere of the movie (I haven't seen the TV series). I loved the pyramid in the distance with the Goa'uld starship over it and the mysterious desert near the temple. I must admit that the story of the movie is very suggesting and this fact helps to built also a great level with magnificent settings. Is one of the levels I've enjoyed most." - Loupar (10-Oct-2004)
"I'm almost ashamed to admit that this is first of Titak's levels that I've played so I know I have a lot of catching up to do. After the wildly futuristic experience I had with Star Wars I suppose I was expecting something equally wonderful with this second visit to Distant Galaxies in LATM. Don't get me wrong; Stargate is an engrossing set of levels in its own right but it can't shake an imaginative stick at Star Wars. What we have here is a fairly typical raid with a number of nice added touches to give it that other-worldly flavor. I'm not sure why I'm not able to rave on as the other reviewers have especially since I'm usually the one who's called to task for being overly generous with my ratings. Perhaps it's because Star Wars is a very tough act to follow and because I was eagerly looking ahead to the Jurassic Park experience. Although it may seem as if I'm damning with faint praise I very much enjoyed playing Stargate (with the help of eTux's comprehensive walkthrough). The level of difficulty wasn't too high which made for a steady progression through the game. I'm looking forward to playing Titak's other levels but this grouping certainly deserves to be remembered as one of the best in a locally-produced CD that's every bit as good as any of the TR commercial releases." - Phil (25-Sep-2004)
"Fantastic game yes these levels are a complete game - beginning adventure end. The atmosphere is great - spot on! It could have been an episode taken right from the TV series. Excellent texturing appropriate outfit. You play through military base alien planet Goa'uld's starship and back again - traveling through the Stargate of course. Fantastic!" - G.Croft (09-Sep-2004)
"The best level (exactly three levels) of the compilation LATM! From the first flyby sequence I realized that the textures are put perfect and every object is properly lit. This is important for me because I know as a level-builder how hard it is setting colors of the light to the objects and how much time you have to spare for it. But generally we have three levels every in different climate but everything is amazing compared. First level is an army base. We played in many bases but here we have some new technical tricks as I named some great ideas for make the Lara's way. I can't describe this level as it looks. Base is base but this is beautiful base with fantastic gameplay and only you can check it. Second level is rather short but other great atmosphere gives us positive impression - almost like in the film. And the third part of the journey we get a bit of cosmic climate with interesting puzzles and enemies. God Ra in the end was also nicely retextured. Broadly speaking I liked very much the film and this project. I repeat again - this is for me the best built levels in the LATM." - Pedros (10-Aug-2004)
"Simply superb! The author has just created in my opinion the best couple of levels in tomb raider custom level history. I can't fault it one little bit. Although I did encounter a bug which stopped me from proceeding (Used TR position editor to solve the problem) :-) The scenery and design is just absolutely fantastic. The 2nd level is the best simply because the scenery is just unbelievable. It's like you are on a lonely deserted desert. Giant scorpions come to attack Lara and custom made flying aliens too. When I reached the whole outdoors of level 2 I just stared in amazement. Literally took me 20 minutes to start playing the game. I just explored and admired the views. Superb! Best of all time!" - TombRaiderFan (05-Aug-2004)
"Myself I am not a fan of Star Gate the series mind you as that MacIver guy (no not George but Richard Dean Anderson) is a person I just don't like. Luckily for me in this level Lara is the heroine in here so starting in an underground base you have to find the four Chevrons to open the Star Gate. This is easier said as done as there are well hidden places to look for and lasers have to be shut down. Making a small map proved to be my savior as I normally (mostly) run around like a headless chicken. Going through the Star Gate you find yourself in a desert like environment and of course finding two Chevrons for your way out of here. The landscape seeing it from way up was breath taking and those three suns way up in the sky beautiful. The small and big scorpions are also very well textured have a look at them. Finding Jars and Chevrons so you can get to your final destiny the Goa'uld ship. This was the best part for me as I was in awe how the ship looked. Getting your hands on again Chevrons and the Ra Pendulums and even finding a torch for a secret was great. The final scene with the boss Ra (or rather Seth) was nerve racking as in my game Lara was ablaze a lot of times. You return to the desolate planet again as there is another door open and then finally you are back in the compound to see that the Exit doors are open for Lara to escape. Great work Titia 11-07-2004" - Gerty (26-Jul-2004)
"Military Installation: This is one of the best looking military bases I can recall having seen which initially seems strangely deserted apart from a dog or two. As you explore deeper into the base you find your way frequently blocked by laser beams and it soon becomes apparent that accessing the laser control room is a priority. However there are a few tasks to accomplish before you achieve this goal such as monkey swinging round a toxic pool solving a nice block puzzle and swimming through an underwater maze. Having gained entry to the laser control room I thought the method of disarming the lasers was novel - so much more imaginative than simply throwing a switch. There are a few guards and more dogs trying to prevent your ultimate aim of finding four chevrons to activate and use the Stargate. Beyond the Stargate: The first view of this alien planet is really impressive. The desert setting the temple the ship are all so exceptionally well done and really do recall the film quite accurately. The place is crawling with giant scorpions and I was glad of my trusty grenade gun. There are caves canyons temples and some devilishly well hidden crawl spaces to explore in search of various artefacts before you can infiltrate the starship. Inside the Goa'uld Starship: As you might just expect there are one or two demigods hanging around these parts but we know how to deal with them don't we? There are four scarabs and Ra's key to obtain which involves a fire tile run avoiding fire emitters a small but enjoyable globe puzzle climbing a pyramid and solving a rather charming rising block puzzle. I really liked the attention to detail in the smallest things such as the beautifully re-textured levers/buttons and the sounds for doors opening/blocks raising and falling. It all helped to create a very believable alien spacecraft setting. After an exciting encounter with Ra himself you escape the spaceship and return briefly to the previous level to activate the Stargate which takes you back to the military base. Wonderful." - Jay (26-Jul-2004)
"Damn fine level this. When I tested this it was pretty much the same as it is now and I was completely blown away because it had been such a long time since I had come across a game that was so much fun to play while looking absolutely wonderful the whole way through. The storyline is simply great and very convincing at that. You basically get three very different environments that nevertheless go together nicely and make perfect sense with the overall plot. Cameras and fly bys are used in such an impressive way yet always unobtrusively. There are great visual effects like when you step out of the tomb for the first time and see the horizon vanish in the haze. You get heaps of clever puzzles but never ever is anything too far fetched or well hidden that you will get stuck easily and as there is some exploring to do in between the whole thing never feels contrived. Really everything has been taken care of in the most endearing way from the retextured wall levers to the exit signs that lead you the way to the end from the glass elevators to the realistic canyon from Lara's new Outfit to the retextured scorpions. This features just about the most beautiful and impressive rooms I have seen in a Custom level and yet all this eye candy always has a purpose and usually makes perfect sense with the tasks at hand. It's never too linear to get boring but never so non-linear that you would get lost. Well what can I say; I think Titia has done absolutely everything right here and apart from that she has a great talent for level building like it doesn't really feel as if she was trying too hard. Very faithful to the original concept of TR and yet full of fresh ideas. The enemies are placed well but to tell the truth they don't play such a big part as you run open mouthed from awesome scenery to awesome scenery. A must play." - Dimpfelmoser (23-Jul-2004)
"I'm still entering the second level Beyond the Stargate as I write these lines but I've been enjoying the game so much that I just can't keep quiet... The first level in the game Military Installation is certainly one of the best base/lab games I've played so far. No need to explain Lara has to find four Chevrons in order to cross the stargate and blah blah everybody's aware already. But the way the puzzles interact amidst and absolutely flawless design is noteworthy. There's a secret in the underwater tunnels that will waste quite a bit of your health (there are more than enough medipacks though) but that's alright - you need to go near there to get a Chevron anyway. I also prefer the guards used by Titak far better than the usual SAS who frankly often lend some Egyptian look to games that couldn't be further away from the land of the pharaohs. And I also thought the use of a knife (the retextured crowbar) to steal a fuse and deactivate the many laser beams was a pure touch of genius. Very original simple but unlike any other solution I've encountered in similar situations. It's also nice to find Titak dealing with textures other than her usual ones which she let's speak the truth masters to perfection. Well we got ourselves a group of fantastic artists in our community and are indeed being totally spoiled by them!......... And the rest of the game never lets you down. The 'Egyptian' setting (I place it between brackets because it's another planet merely influenced by the Egyptian culture) in Beyond the Stargate are the best I've ever seen. I loved the two suns in the sky the retextured ET scorpions and bugs it's all a feast for the eyes. Much simpler than the first level you have to find several items and use them so that you can get inside Ra's spaceship. And when you do... another feast for the eyes the most fantastic marriage between Egypt and hi-tech (stone hi-tech mainly! ;)). You'll face several (easy enough) traps and fight a number of demigods the last of which is one of those dreaded beasts that fly scratch hard and can even make you burn. Once you have two Chevrons you'll be ready for a brief encore in the second level where you'll use them in order to make the stargate work and take you back to Colorado meeting guards and a couple of dogs on the way - plus the best of secrets a bottle of milk and some cookies after all that effort! - until you reach the outside and all I can say is I was really craving for a Nevada type level at that time but unfortunately it had to end. I was really sorry... just a thing: I did solve the globe puzzle inside the ship but I still don't know what I did. I had taken notes of the drawings on each of them but couldn't find any pattern to lead me. Luckily I remembered a light sphere appears upon them when they're on the right spot - or I might still be there by now. Would Titak be kind enough to drop by and explain? Anyhow I know I may be repeating myself but this may be the best level I played in the series so far. Titak has done a fantastic job. My most sincere congratulations!" - Jorge22 (19-Jul-2004)
"Stargate is another long three level mini game where the first level sees Lara trying to gain access to the Stargate itself. She must find four Chevrons to fire up the Stargate itself but the road leading to these is full of mayhem and mishap. There are some very tricky jump sequences involved over the green radioactive wastewater pit and also a nearly impossible to spot movable block in the wall of one of the offices. I thought this first level the toughest of the lot. The second level is relatively simple in comparison and also much shorter where you get to refuel the Alien ship to gain access. Lastly you had to locate the Ra's Key inside the ship and this ship was simply full of challenges. Puzzles of many natures can be found within. Some nice effects can be seen with the onboard glass elevators. Once done you head back through the Stargate to get the hell out of there before an angry hoard of aliens can follow. Great level." - Torry (15-Jul-2004)
"This level from TRLE Gold was plainer than I had expected but truly wonderful. As one can imagine there is a Stargate involved but to get to it you need to search around for key cards and switches that will enable you to find the chevrons you need and access the Stargate room. The enemies are guards and dogs but there are some traps involved especially fire. The second level with the outside areas was very nice and the magnificent ship in the desert helped the player get into the climate of the level. There is an area out there that can lead you up to the ship and eventually you will encounter the 'end of the world' bug but it doesn't interfere with the gameplay it only reminds you that this is a game you're playing in a virtual place. The demigods are the enemies you'll encounter in this part and as for puzzles only two jars to find and a custom object. I like the canyon-like levels and this one had a touch of it even if it was just for a secret and to connect two areas. The last level was the longest and includes a globe puzzle a huge indoor pyramid a room with blocks which requires the right combination to be able to raise them in the desired height to name a few of the tasks you have to complete. I encountered a bug at the room with the globes. I had to leave the game for a few minutes when Lara was already in position to start pushing one of them but to my surprise when I got back she wouldn't do the animation anymore. No matter if I saved and reloaded she wouldn't do it so the only solution was to repeat everything in that room. The secrets were nicely done with one of them giving me some trouble since it was a sneaky one and needed open eyes. I found seven secrets and enjoyed this game very much. I believe this is the best work the author has to offer so far. Well done Titia very good work." - Kristina (15-Jul-2004)
"Undoubtly the best if not among the best offerings from Titak to date. The Stargate theme is nothing new - in the way that there have been several attempts before but this beats them all no doubt about it. The gameplay is very fluid never too hard or too easy and though really lacks an original puzzle here and there for a perfect score it isn't less enjoyable because of that. The texturing lighting almost flawless (there are a few issues here and there but let's not get too prissy? ;)) atmosphere well done especially in 'Beyond the Stargate' where one really could think you've arrived at the distant desert planet in the movie and the starship itself you can see from here looks mighty impressive and isn't less effective when you finally explore it from the inside to get the golden Ra Pendulum and chevron to return to earth. Either just chosen from the original enemies or remodelled they all fit their environments well and helped to enhance the atmosphere and the hunt for the 7 secrets is most fun especially getting the breakfast before you leave with your prize lol ;) A great offering from Titia suitable for every player as it doesn't really provide any difficult un-doable tasks yet has something to keep you going without getting bored. As any other part of the Gold project - a level not to be missed!" - eTux (09-Jul-2004)
"Again I've never seen the film but I'm guessing this Stargate is a kind of warp window that let's you travel through time and space! I don't know whether it's based in the present or in the future. MILITARY INSTALLATION. Take a close look at Lara. Her face has changed to a girl with a pleasant smile and there's more detail to her profile. Her clothes are more detailed too. The actual Star Gate itself is so well done it's awesome. The start is in a storage area/base type place a central large room with stairs to three different levels and numerous doors to go through. From the start the puzzles are great the first being a clever crate pushing one. Keep your eyes open for crawlspaces and moveable blocks that blend well into the environment and I'm not talking about all the obvious blocks and crates. Never boring always interesting and your mission is to find four chevrons to activate the Stargate which transports Lara back to Ancient Egypt. Sounds simple but it's a lot more involved that that. BEYOND THE STARGATE. We land in a mystical place. Just looking up at the gigantic pyramid surrounded by mist is unforgettable (or is it the starship shaped like a pyramid?). The route around to collect canopic jars has a surreal atmosphere and I jumped when I saw the first giant scorpion. But on the way back to see the Jackal headed god coming towards a chasm from the misty distance was awesome. This is a great exploring level with lots of jumps swims climbing and working your way through caves and desert to find the starship fuel and place it. This opens the way into the . . . GOA'ULD STARSHIP Lara rises on a great looking glass lift into the starship. This is not your ordinary spaceship it's completely different and looks brilliant and it's guarded by good looking demigods. What's happening here is a superior twist on the old collecting four beetles to place in a black pyramid idea. This time Lara uses a knife instead of a crowbar to get the beetles the tasks are intriguing but not overly tough just some thinking involved. Two of these puzzles were memorable standing on coloured Egyptian symbols to raise columns to climb onto and one with pushable globes but you must go upstairs and look through the glass floor to see which ones to place where. You're on the lookout for Ra's keys a red disc to place in a horn-shaped symbol. And finally we meet Ra himself and must dodge about him while getting a few things done. I managed to get outside of his room to stand outside the starship but didn't know how to negotiate the spikes outside. Throughout you collect chevrons again to re-activate the stargate to transport you back to Military Installation. A magnificent fully rounded and complete level. If I were to choose a level to show newcomers the excellence of custom level building regarding gameplay architecture textures lighting atmosphere objects secrets it would be this one. Unforgettable." - CC (04-Jul-2004)
"WOW! An excellent level! Titak's level building skills seem to get better and better every time she builds a level. In here we have three magnificent levels that I will review separately: Military Installation - We start in a very nicely constructed base and Lara also sports a very nice outfit. Over here we face a fair amount of enemies which are guards and dogs. I also liked the Laser rooms in here too and the knife as a crowbar was good too. The action of the level is never boring and takes you from one great puzzle to another. After placing the four Chevrons I found to turn on the Stargate now that was a sight to see. Jumping over through the Stargate brings us to the next level. Beyond the Stargate - Now Lara has been teleported to an Egyptian temple in another world. The Egyptian textures were very well applied and the new scorpions look great too. We face here small scorpions big scorpions retextured insects and Anubis Demigods. The pace of the level was also nice not too easy not too hard just like in all of Titak's levels. The big pyramid was also very beautiful. Later we continue our quest aboard a starship. Inside the Goa'uld Starship - This was a very challenging level in my opinion with the same pace of the other levels. The only enemies we face here are Anubis Demigods Horus Demigods and Ra himself. The elevators were very clever and so was a puzzle where you had to push globes on their tiles but you could only see the tiles in a mirror above the room. The place that made me say wow (literally) was the fly-by of the lights pointing to the Ra's Key on the blue pyramid. Bottomline - An excellent set of levels with a nice pace to it. I recommend this for everybody." - Relic Hunter (01-Jul-2004)
"Military Installation (9/9/10/10): A setting as real as it gets with the absolute best texturing/lighting I have seen in a custom level. Very fluent and never boring gameplay and quite a few nice surprises along the way as you explore a base setting for the four chevrons that will help you activate the awesome Stargate that allows you to jump to the next part. Beyond the Stargate (8/10/10/10): Total change of setting to an outside desert with a few fabulous custom enemies introduced as you explore caves and canyons for two canopic jars and find one of the two chevrons you need to eventually get back through the Stargate. Some of the views in this level are absolutely spectacular. Inside the Goa'uld Starship: (9/9/10/10): Now inside the ship with some great lighting effects appropriate enemies a few fun and creative puzzles and a great inside pyramid room with a mirror floor. You make your way around getting four scarabs for the pyramid and eventually meet Seth (or rather Ra) and take the second needed Chevron from him allowing you to make your way back to the base and the ending of the series. All in all visually stunning and largely entertaining series. The way in which the spirit of the movie has been captured is awesome. Not to be missed." - Michael (28-Jun-2004)