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Antarctica Base B9 by Emoo

Aims 9 7 8 10
Akcy 8 10 10 9
alan 7 8 8 8
Boris 9 9 9 10
CC 9 8 10 9
Dimpfelmoser 8 8 9 9
Engelchen Lara 8 8 8 9
eRIC 7 8 8 8
eTux 7 8 8 9
Freeman Porter 9 8 9 8
Gerty 8 8 9 9
IndyDallasJones 8 7 9 9
Jay 9 8 9 9
John 9 9 9 9
Jose 9 10 9 10
Kristina 8 8 9 9
Lara 8 7 8 9
LaraFan 7 5 7 8
Magnus 6 7 7 8
MichaelP 9 8 10 10
Mulf 7 7 8 8
Navi 9 9 9 10
Obig 9 9 10 9
Orbit Dream 8 9 8 9
Phil 10 9 10 10
Piega 8 8 9 9
Qball 7 8 9 9
Qwendo 9 10 9 9
RaiderGirl 9 9 10 10
Ryan 9 8 9 9
Sash 9 9 10 10
Sheevah 9 9 9 9
SilentViper 9 9 8 10
TC14 8 9 10 8
Tombaholic 9 9 10 10
Treeble 7 8 10 9
release date: 10-Aug-2001
# of downloads: 188

average rating: 8.64
review count: 36
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file size: 22.26 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cold/Snowy

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Nice snowy level. There's a lot to do here, including a jeep which you will need to ride more than once. It's easy to get lost or don't know what to do next, it happened to me quite a lot, so I had to use a walkthrough to get through this level." - alan (20-Oct-2022)
"One of Emoo's game that shows when the builder took his time. It clocked just under the hour and there is plenty to go, have fun with the jeep , with backtracking mandatory , it is amazing how flipping a switch opened a door half a mile from there. Secrets easy to get. In the last part some challenges that remain easy with platforming , swimming and sliding pillars. Good level with the right atmosphere." - eRIC (30-Mar-2021)
"This is quite a lengthy and involving level in a snowy setting. There's quite a lot of ground to cover throughout the time you'll spend here, and there are a lot of mostly varied tasks to accomplish. The first section, in a moonlit and atmospheric icy environment, is mostly around exploration, and you get to use a Jeep to aid you with your travels. I did get a tad lost in the snowy tunnels and it seemed like I was driving in circles for quite a while, but I eventually got where I needed to be. There's a lot of guards and dogs here to constitute the enemy quotient, but luckily also more than enough ammo is available. Once you enter the second part in an underground research lab, it begins to get more complicated. Plenty of laser traps and also a few moving blocks for more variety, and the appearance is just as appealing. I actually thought enemies seemed a little less numerous here (just a few SAS mainly in one area). It's held up very well for its age indeed and is a recommended raid." - Ryan (16-Aug-2018)
"For a single level (and an early one,at that) the builder crammed in a surprisingly large amount of activity,virtual size,and plot development.The first section is a rather padded sequence of repeatable treks between three separate areas (somewhat annoying,as I never really did get the hang of the connecting layout of tunnels);but with entertaining tasks to do.Plenty of exploration;decent enemy placement (which never gets too heavy handed);and well crafted environments,all contribute to a decent amount of player immersion. Everything ramps up a gear once the secret laboratories have been entered,and you're given a succession of tasks of medium difficulty(and not a little repetition). The looks throughout the two sections of the level are appealing (especially once inside the labs,where creative lighting comes into play).Sounds are used well to increase the atmosphere,and help give the various laboratory areas substance. The Finale is logically set in scene;but seems a little deflating,as the amount of weaponry and ammo that you'd accumulated would appear to have pointed the way to an epic confrontation which never came to fruition. All the same,this adventure rarely shows its age. It appears visually fresh seventeen years after its release,and that alone is enough to highly recommend it." - Orbit Dream (30-May-2018)
"For some reason, I had pegged Emoo as a tough, ‘hardcore’ type of guy. Admittedly, it’s been ages since I played one of levels, but if you go in with such expectations, you’ll find this level surprisingly easy-peasy.
The level consists of two parts. In the first, you are sent back and forth between three different bases (or three parts of the same base) to retrieve various keys that the higher-ups have chosen to democratically distribute been these bases with no regard as to where they might actually be useful. Since there is nothing of interest to see inbetween the bases (just tunnels), and nothing much to do either, there is no particular reason for this other than provide padding for the gameplay. This may sound off-putting, but is in fact handled fairly well; mostly because you get to use a vehicle (the jeep standing in for a snowmobile) to cover the distances, and because the tunnel maze isn’t overly complex or extensive and therefore quite manageable. There are enemies to overcome (the usual SAS with their dogs), but since they incline towards a solitary lifestyle and rarely get the drop on you, they don’t present much of a challenge. That said, at one point later on they suddenly charge at you in a pack of four or so, which made for a nice change of pace, so maybe building up to that moment was worth it.
This is all designed in TR3 Antarctica style. The second part, consisting of a Secret Research Facility which you enter once you’re done with the toing and froing, changes style to TR3G “Sleeping with the Fishes” with a bit of TR5 VCI thrown in. The gameplay perks up: the second part contains the most difficultâ€"but still quite manageableâ€"bits, namely the squishy blocks (however did the engineers get the board to sign off on this room, which serves no perceivable purpose?), and the underwater sequence near the end. Progression in difficulty is accompanied by a rising tension, as you get a glimpse of your Prized Artefact and form a notion of what is, in fact, going on here (this is one of the few base levels where the base actually serves some sort of discernible purpose).
The level is certainly well-constructed, capably textured and lit, and flows along nicely most of the time with no hang-ups, yet I think that its current high ratings (8.73 at the time of writing) are mostly due to it being perceived as a major achievement back in 2001â€"rightly no doubt, even if in retrospect it’s amusing to see experienced players like etux confess to being stumped by something so mundane (now) as a key lying on a desk. The ending, for one, is a let-downâ€"a protracted shimmying across lasers towards a button, which you immediately have to do again in reverse, followed by a backtrack to the door that opened so you can finally pick up your Prized Artefact; which feels like a chore more than it provides a sense of closure. Along with a grand finale, the level lacks spectacular sights (case in point, tunnels instead of snowscapes) or intriguing original setups, so it doesn’t quite achieve an epic scope." - Mulf (04-Jan-2018)
"This is a most enjoyable icy adventure. In the first section, Lara gets to explore three base areas (the first of which has a really beautiful, atmospheric outside area, with huge full moon and gorgeous lighting). There is rather a lot of coming and going between the three areas and I managed to get hopelessly lost with the jeep so ended up doing most of it on foot. The second part is set inside a lab and has some excellent laser /block traps to keep the action going. Enemies throughout are guards and dogs and they are effectively used. It keep the momentum going for over an hour and is a pleasure to play." - Jay (05-Aug-2016)
"Great! An antarctic level with an old TR3 style very nice to play. The only thing I didn't like was the first part running around through the caves from camp to camp 'cause it's easy that you haven't some item and have to go back to another camps to look for it, but even so you have a vehicle to can do it fast. Second part in the laboratories is more lineal but very well builded with some interesting features and convincing. If you find the secrets you'll have some extra ammo and medipacks, you'll need it. As usual in this author, very good architecture, lightened and textured. Good work." - Jose (21-May-2008)
"We have to explore throughly with lots of driving back and fro between those camps, we hardly get any camera shots of what a lever opened. But at the end, when opening the single last still unopened door of the level, we needlessly do. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind having camera shots, neither to search for what a switch did, it's the inconsistensy I complain. We can see through Lara's head. But all in all those things really didn't matter. This level offers such a great raid, fun jumps through obstacles and ladders, sufficient amount of battles, and what I particularly like: lot of exploration. After finished with the camp sites, and put the fuses into the receptacles I thought its' about to end, what a great surprise it was that there was the whole research complex still to come. The icy tunnels were a bit boring, and I would have preferred the snowbike instead of the jeep, but the indoor base areas were great, stunning atmosphere, good use of textures, lots of furniture, control stations, and other decorations, and full of little nice touches, like turning on the antenna dish, the lights released some smoke in the cold, near the pipes you can hear the water flowing. Highly entertaining level, with a few minor glitches." - Akcy (04-Apr-2007)
"I must say this level entertained me very much. In the first part, you must go to various buildings by driving the jeep in snowy corridors (these would be my only complain, because they are a bit empty, but I know it's hard to make them another way). And then, you are enabled to get into the TR3Gold-like labs, which were great and introduces ReconLabs3 quite well. So, another good stand-alone level by Emoo, which could have been included in his Recon Labs series." - Thibault (08-Jan-2006)
"We are adventuring in an Antarctic base with Lara on this level. Our goal is to get in the research laboratory where we get the blue stone. The level has two parts. In the first we are searching for two fuses to open the laboratory on the three locations of the base and in the second part we are exploring the laboratory. For traveling between the locations of the base we can take the car. At first I got by the ignition-key but the level can be completed also on foot only we have to chase too much. Our enemies are the soldiers and dogs guarding the base. The textures are good but there's nothing special in them in fact they match to an Antarctic research-base. The puzzles are not so difficult there are no timed runs either. The block room in the laboratory seemed to be hard for the first try but for the second play it went like clockwork. I found four secrets medipacks and ammo. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (08-Dec-2004)
"What a great level based in the Antarctic Lara is infiltrating a base to obtain an artifact. The level looks brilliant the atmosphere and the looks are great. It was nice to play a level based on TR3 as TR3 is my fav tomb raider and it looked so much like the Antarctica level by the buildings inside and out. It also has textures from TR5. You spend the first half outside trying to find two fuses to open a door in one of the buildings. I assumed that once I had found and placed the fuses the level would end but how wrong was I! As soon as you pass through the door the level changes a lot. No more TR3 Antarctica but TR5 submarine style labs! It is almost like playing a different level. As I found it got a lot harder from then on. There were a few rooms with laser beam floors but they weren't too bad as in one you just monkeyswung over it and another you had to make your way across by ladders. One of them was quite hard. I thought it was the hardest part of the level. You had to jump over the lasers onto safe squares but there were sliding blocks too so it made it harder! There were quite a few enemies just dogs and guards and you did lose quite a bit of health from driving back and forth through a mini maze which lead to two new areas. But there was plenty of ammunition and medipacks so that was no problem. Not too hard only on a few bits but with the right timing aren't a big threat. All in all a great level recommended to everyone play it!" - Aims (29-May-2004)
"Two and a half years later and this is still a great level both with gameplay as well as lighting textures and atmosphere. Considering the age I'm sure this is a forerunner of a lot of base levels that followed. The only problem is a missing texture on Lara's head or perhaps it's just her ponytail is slightly off position. Loved the sound of her footsteps on the different surfaces the sound of the revolver and the beep sound in the lab. Make sure you get the jeep keys in the starting area the level can be done without the jeep I did it that way first time but hey it's there so why not use it. At this stage we've all got used to looking for trapdoors crawlspaces boxes to shoot underwater levers etc. but it was great fun to keep searching around these buildings in the snow and caves. First obvious thing to get are a blue and yellow fuse and when I placed them I thought that was the end of the level but no it goes on and on further into the building. There are sliding blocks over a laser floor which was exciting and further on another laser floor with ladders to climb and flip to grab as you go along pretty simple stuff but not boring for me anyway. In this last lab section are cages with the mutants asleep or dead in them you have to find the mutant sample to place in one of those computer thingies and the final room has the mutants floating above the artifact grabbing this ends the level. Enemies are guards that are very well placed with their dogs. There are no shocks like spike traps but a few areas in the caves have falling ice. One thing I'd like to mention is the switches I've seen a lot of floor levers in base levels and they don't really register as right here the switches are those boxy wall switches and very suitable. This gives an even more realistic effect. A great old fashioned romp that will take around 80 minutes and I found all four secrets." - CC (07-Mar-2004)
"This was for me a surprise as I am not a base level admirer and it just seemed like I floated through this one. Don't get me wrong there are some nasty laser-lights jumps you have to manage and also a very tricky swim and that back and fro through the ice caves (as I of course got lost as I kept forgetting which turn I had to make) and I did have a jolly good time. Getting 3 shotguns and 2 Uzi's was a bit over the top but finding the revolver right in the beginning is a plus although don't use it as you do need some practice shooting later so save your bullets for that. Finding keys the sight two fuses and a sample of mutant DNA that is your main goal so that you can pick the artifact that is floating between aliens and leave this base. I felt really sorry for those mutants but there was no way Lara could free them. Don't know about you all but I did everything on foot as I didn't have the jeep keys and I am not fond of vehicles anyway. Found 4 secrets. 25-10-2003" - Gerty (11-Nov-2003)
"One of my favourite settings is with snow and this level has it. The player wanders in an icy mountain I would say but indoors with the jeep and on foot searching for fuses keys and avoiding traps. SAS guards and dogs as well as ice coming from the ceiling will be in your way. I like it when I get a powerful weapon at the start the desert eagle here but with such amount of enemies it was necessary. The areas are well textured and the switches match the walls so well sometimes you might pass right next to one and miss it. There is a sort of second part not a second level with lasers on the floor and an underwater lever you have to pull which needs a lot of practice to succeed in finding it and open the door to escape as there is no air hole so you better move quickly. I played this level a second time to review it so I knew exactly what to do in general that helped a lot I completed it in fifty minutes with three secrets out of four though. Recommended." - Kristina (07-Feb-2003)
"This is a level in a snowy environment and I liked it a lot. Three secrets to find. Graphics and textures are very good. Enemies came surprisingly although I expected them after pulling a lever or opening a door. Sound was nice but rare. A few more cameras would have been helpful as sometimes I did not know what to do next. But I like exploring so it wasn't too bad. It's not too difficult - a good level." - Navi (19-Jan-2003)
"I remember that this was quite high up in the Top 50 when I stumbled upon at the end of 2001 and I was desperate to play it as the icy base levels were among my favourites. By courtesy of Bex I was finally able to get it running and what an enjoyable 80 minutes I had in this atmospheric environment. I dare say that this has inspired quite a few base levels I played in the last ten months as you can see the influence. It starts out with a lot of to and froing in a snowy outside area but thankfully you have the jeep to speed from A to B so it doesn't get too tedious and you also get some helpful cut scenes when the cause and effect of door opening becomes rather enigmatic. Once you collect the two fuses you get access to the main lab area and there is the usual setting that features lasers SAS guards buttons trapdoors and a mutant sample. Thankfully there are hardly any crawls the enemies are placed well and the block pushing is optional. The steam room was a nice idea jumping past the swishing pillars was a great thrill and the little underwater area is cleverly constructed. Sometimes the running through the corridors becomes a bit boring and the final climb and backflip feast that you have to do twice seems to go on forever but on the whole the fast paced gameplay is fairly entertaining and there seems to gave gone some effort into creating a believable storyline. Great stuff." - Dimpfelmoser (23-Oct-2002)
"Lara begins here in the snowy winter surrounded by the base. If one finds the jeep key at the beginning immediately it is a little easier to play as one must run to and fro here to find the Blue Fuse and Yellow Fuse. At the same time one must activate levers press switches actually always the same. But I like it visually and the atmosphere is pleasing. Puzzles as said one must pull levers switches and occasionally move a couple of boxes find some useful keys ;) I found all 4 Secrets and they are very useful especially due to the opponents who sometimes appear in great numbers. When you later get into the base it looks a little different. Lara here has to master a few laser traps but still a lot of switches ;) The textures and lighting were suitably done. All in all a good Level." - Engelchen Lara (08-Sep-2002)
"This is an arctic/base level with a difference. There are 3 main areas of buildings in the level that you have go back and forth all the time but I did not find this tedious as there was a jeep to ride through the caves which was fun I found four secrets which were well placed. The main object of the game was to find 2 fuses to progress in the level to find those fuses you had to find keys and do a lot of exploring and killing enemies such as SAS men and dogs. When you found the fuses and went into the second part of the level there were loads of tricky puzzles and traps to avoid (TRC VCI style) some were original and all were fun and challenging! Atmosphere and textures were great as well it could have done with a few cameras to give it a spark perhaps but this is still a very enjoyable level to play!" - John (15-Aug-2002)
"A level I really enjoyed to play. The arctic adventures always seem to have a lack of atmosphere but this level has a really nice one in the first part of the level I felt the cool breeze even if it was +27ºC here inside the room when I played this. I loved every area I saw as the outdoor so the indoor areas all were very beautiful and colorful in places. I found 4 secrets which were not so hard to find even a little too obvious I think. A big down for the level would probably be the hair bug that I know is quite tricky to fix and since I read about it in the reviews I added a fixed outfit so I didn't have to experience this bug (but even that doesn't hide the fact that it was there!). If anyone who hasn't yet played this level wants to play it without that bug feel free to e-mail me and I'll send you a fixed version. And also the jeep bug another reviewer mentioned is not the fault of the author check any other level with a jeep and water you'll see that it's the same. Despite of the hair bug I think this is a must-play for those who enjoy arctic adventures or just have a spare hour. The level is quite good but besides that bug I think it has some more flaws. Seems like the level itself wants you to spend more time in it holds you back from finishing it sooner especially part one. You use the key in the building you start but a door opens in another one of the arctic bases and so on. The author wanted to make the level last longer but I don't think that this was the best way to accomplish it. I spent one and a half hour from which a half from the time I spent on searching for the keys or which door opened now. I probably would have never found any of the keys too if there wasn't mentioned in the reviews that you can find them on the desks. Now don't get me wrong this isn't a bad level in no way but it's not thought through to the last point in my opinion." - eTux (16-Jul-2002)
"After Pascal Ducey and Justin (and now Piega) I guess that Emoo is my favorite level designer. This one is one of my favorites. It's very much like the Antarctica levels of TR3 and I had a great time banging my way down the ice tunnels in the snowmobile. It's actually two levels in one the first navigating the chilly tunnels and the base outposts you come to and the second continuing your adventure in an underground research base. It's a very entertaining re-playable level and every Tomb Raider aficianado should give it a try." - Phil (14-Jul-2002)
"A very nice level - even for players that usually prefer cave and catacomb levels (like me). With some help from the forum I was finally able to get the second fuse so if you're stuck take this hint: There are three keys to find (one of them for the jeep). The area is very cold and snowy and very carefully textured and lightened. You have to be attentive in some places but you don't need to beware of mean traps. But go have a look for yourself. I'm sure you won't regret the download. :o)" - Sheevah (21-Jun-2002)
"A fun level only spoiled by a couple of bugs. Bug one: Seeing through Lara's head at the point where her ponytail connects Bug Two: Lara doesn't always die when the jeep explodes. These bugs don't affect gameplay however nor do they cause the game to freeze. I felt this level lacked something as far as the enemies go. But then again I like enemies in a level who jump out in front of Lara and give me a bit of a scare. The tunnels that you first drive the jeep through are a bit too repetitive for my taste. Maybe a nice chasm to drive across with a jeep wouldn't work but a snowmobile hidden in some side passage would get you safely across. So narrow ledges wide chasms and three or four snowcats chasing you as you make a run for a snowmobile would have spiced things up a bit." - Lara Fan (21-Jun-2002)
"This level mainly builds upon its atmosphere and then underground upon jump sequences which I did not enjoy that much. There are desert soldiers as guardians. The keys were well hidden and the fuse puzzle was a great idea." - Silent Viper (21-Jun-2002)
"Beautiful level with fantastic lighting and colors. The atmosphere gives you really cold feet when you walk and drive in the snow. I am not that type who plays base levels but this one I like because of the natural outside surroundings. The level stays interesting even without the use of the crowbar that is left out. I was looking my butt off before I found the jeep keys but it was so obvious that I missed it in the beginning :o). Puzzles are not too hard and most of the time you are looking for a key. I found the use of the squishy blocks very good and the laserbeams on the floor. Too bad about Lara's hair not matching properly to her head but it did not bother me. The jeep caves had too many stretched textures and could be made more natural. The map of the level is simply perfect and has great objects from Tombraider III. I found 3 secrets and I think I missed one behind some cooking pots on the furnace. I did find a lever but it did nothing. I am always curious when there is a door that will need 2 items bringing you in a different environment of the level so the player will not give up. This one has it and you may not miss it!" - Piega (21-Jun-2002)
"If you enjoy levels that take place in cold places where winter never ends download now. Nice textures. It is easy to find the keys. A couple of bugs. I could see through Lara's head where her ponytail connects to her head and the level crashed when I used the binoculars but then again I've had other user made levels crash when the binoculars are used." - Qball (21-Jun-2002)
"This was a fun level. You get to drive a jeep & get to things fairly quickly. Some alien special effects-entities were a nice touch. Can probably play it in one sitting w/out help although has challenging spots. Is just a very fun basic level." - IndyDallasJones (21-Jun-2002)
"It isn't often that I come across a fan created level that actually outshines the comparable professional version here it would be the Antarctica level of TR3 but I feel this fantastic level comes close and I can't begin to tell you how much I loved it. Split into 2 different distinct adventures the first set in an icy cave with 3 separate bases that Lara must go back and forth to with the jeep in search of 2 coloured fuses that will open the door to the second adventure and the second set inside a more futuristic and hi-tech base where you come across cages of poor mutants I actually felt really sad seeing them locked up and finally ending in a room with other mutants and a floating alien. Visually and audibly this was just perfect from the minute eye to detail in every aspect to wonderful uses of sound especially with footsteps as in the initial area you hear four different kinds as you move over different surfaces. The game play varies between the first half and the second half in the first there is more running around without many difficult moves and also a fair amount of battle as well as housing all of the 4 secrets and the second makes more use of dangerous situations with laser traps a sliding block puzzle an intricate swim that will no doubt drown you the first time and again some more battling. This 70 minutes level really needs to be played to get the full brilliance of it and if you aren't downloading it as you read this then I think it's best you pull your finger out and start :*)" - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"This has to be my favorite level in an Arctic environment. The architecture texturing and lighting as well as the object placement creates such a believable and realistic atmosphere it is awesome. It is basically a level in two parts. In the first make sure you find the Jeep key on one of the desks I did it all on foot (which is possible but takes so much longer). You will explore a lot to finally end up finding the two fuses that bring you to part 2 and also the four secrets (two quite easy the other two not so much) and you meet up with about a dozen SAS and quite a few dogs. Part two is more puzzle and skill oriented with steam and laser traps a nice 'squishing block' room a few more SAS and an enjoyable climb/jump room. Without using the jeep it took me almost two hours to complete - and I will remember those mutants for a while - shudder!" - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"It's a very beautiful level that takes cue from the Antarctica level of TR3 and some detail of TR5. The purpose of the level is to recover an artifact for the genetic mutations in hand of enemies. Lara has to move from a zone to the other of the level using a jeep and she has to recover two fuses to go into the laboratory to end the level that is binding and fascinating. The necessary time to end the level is of about an hour and half with medium difficulty. I have found 4 secrets and no bugs. To notice is the high graphical detail of the level." - Boris (21-Jun-2002)
"Incredible! It's the first good glacial level I ever played. Good? No it's not good. It's excellent! You must find two fuses (from TLA) through three bases. You just can't forget to take a good look on the tables: I had to go back lots of times because of missed items (LaserSight Jeep Key)... When you got inside the laboratory you see a very well done "laser" trap and those moving walls are very well assigned here! All of this in a WAD with mixed elements from TR3/TLA TLR and TRC. I spent about 1:30 hours in it but I am sure I have not lost my time. It was fun and challenging." - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"Once again Emoo has given us a level which is just a lot of fun to play! There's a compelling storyline some very cool objects & puzzle pieces a great jeep course and much more. The attention to detail is remarkable: flags flutter in the artic breeze steam rises from a hot spotlight - things many might not notice but are there nonetheless. The result is an amazingly realistic and captivating atmosphere. Now stop reading this and download it! :=)" - Tombaholic (21-Jun-2002)
"This is another level that scares the player especially in the second part. Emoo really knows how to create a spooky atmosphere (as in his Recon Labs series) that leaves you speechless. He is using all new never seen textures (in the lab). But first things first: Lara finds herself in an arctic environment with three base stations and a lot to do. Specifically she needs two fuses one of which is very well hidden (I ran past it three times). A jeep helps her to make her way around the cave-like walkways. Once you have placed the fuses you reach the second part and find the lab where people have been undergoing genetic manipulations and are held in cages. Tricky traps (lasers moving blocks) and countless SAS soldiers make Lara's task to save those poor creatures with the help of the mutant-DNA-sampler. After two hours the level ends and is again a scary but wonderful vision created with the editor which Emoo managed to use in a very different way here. A must-play!" - Qwendo (21-Jun-2002)
"This is one of the best of the almost 200 levels I have played so far and one of the most professional. In the first half all you need to do is find and place two fuses but your search for them will take you to three separate military type bases each one you get to by driving the jeep through a maze of tunnels with pools of water and falling icicles as traps. You'll spend most of the first half exploring as you search for not only the fuses but for three keys the laser sight and various buttons. The enemies don't post much of a threat and consist of soldiers and dogs. By the end of the second half you'll be happy you spent all those hours practicing Lara's moves as you come across puzzle after puzzle filled with deadly lasers sliding blocks and an underwater swim that will have you gasping for air and probably using a medi-pack or two. What fun! You'll also be locating and placing a vial of mutant DNA and picking up an artifact at the end. I found four secrets and just loved the first one - it reminded me of the collapsing rooftops in the Opera House level of TR II. Don't forget to stop and notice the perfect detail of this level - the sound of Lara's footsteps in the snow the flags waving in the wind the helicopter pad the sad looking mutants locked in their cages and a lab that will leave you chilled and not just from the cold." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"A very good Antarctic level with brilliant atmosphere. I didn't find the jeep key I also made it all by running :) Anyway it took me 1 hour and 12 minutes to finish and have found 3 secrets. Everything about this nice game was said already by the other reviewers. Recommended!" - Freeman Porter (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a rather easy level that only takes about 35 minutes to finish. The hardest thing in this level is to know where you're going especially in the small 'labyrinth' that you drive the jeep through (if you manage to find the keys). The texturing is good and the sounds for Lara's steps are very well done. There are quite a lot of enemies but I guess it would have been a very empty base without them. Lara wears her 'Russia-outfit' from Tomb Raider Chronicles but her hair doesn't stick to her head. The author should have used a better outfit in my opinion. The level is split into two different areas one set mainly outside trying to find two fuses and the other one set inside a base trying to reach the artifact Lara is searching. Worth downloading if you like snowy levels but I really didn't find it very exciting." - Magnus (21-Jun-2002)
"This level uses an excellent custom wad (TR3 Antarctica objects mainly) all the level areas are brilliantly structured and the atmosphere is amazing. I really enjoyed playing this level because of the good mix of puzzle solving enemies and decent length (took me two hours to play). My fave part was riding the jeep through the snowy caverns I got lost several times and frequently drove into the shallow pools; exploding. Emoo is wicked!!!!" - Lara (21-Jun-2002)