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The lost Temple of Atlantis by Richard Ba

Blue43 7 6 7 7
DJ Full 5 8 7 6
Duncan 7 7 8 7
eRIC 5 6 7 6
Gerty 5 7 8 7
HaniHeger 4 4 3 3
Jay 6 6 8 8
Jerry 7 6 8 8
Jorge22 8 8 9 9
Jose 6 7 6 8
Kristina 6 7 7 7
manarch2 2 5 5 5
MichaelP 7 6 8 7
Mulf 4 4 4 4
Obig 7 7 8 8
Orbit Dream 4 5 6 6
Phil 7 7 7 8
Relic Hunter 8 8 9 9
Ryan 6 7 7 8
Sash 6 6 6 7
Treeble 6 6 6 6
Virginia 8 10 9 9
Xxenofex 4 6 6 7
release date: 16-Aug-2004
# of downloads: 46

average rating: 6.55
review count: 23
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file size: 18.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: Atlantis

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Simple and linear but not boring. I like the extra touch it was built with. Gotta take a point for savegame softlock in the last third of duration, but I think the remake will be worthy." - DJ Full (02-Apr-2023)
"Certainly, the looks in this level are rather unique, despite relying a lot on classic resources I thought the texturing was rather interesting in some areas, but sometimes it is rather too eclectic and lighting too flat. There also was little work in terms of audio here, sadly so, because the whole design feels rather intriguing and this cried for some more extra care. The gameplay is sometimes okay, with a few traps and platforming parts, sometimes odd, like the lever 'puzzles' that actually are none, sometimes tedious, especially when it comes to climbing long ladders and backtracking (and even more so in a combination of both), and once infuriating, when you know that you have to finish the last quarter or so of the level without saving. A big downer if you ask me, additionally to the lack of interesting ideas and tedium, and so this was a rather bad experience for me, sadly. Finished in 25 minutes without any secrets to be found." - manarch2 (30-Aug-2021)
"A pretty simple and straightforward level. I personally thought there was a huge clash between icy and egyptian textures, but maybe that's just me. There apparently is an issue with saves corruption starting about halfway through the level, so it might be in your interest to play by the walkthrough to know when you need to be extra careful although as Phil has noted, there's only one simple spike pit which might cause you instant death through your no-saving run. 35 minutes, 1 secret. 05/21" - Treeble (30-May-2021)
"This level has a rather debut-level feeling, mediocre lighting, some places too dark, long corridors and not many decorations, but mostly the whole place doesn't quite tie itself together well, it looks out of place and brings almost a surreal feeling because of it. The rooms that you visit don't look like a tomb or any actual Atlantis place, but rather just puzzles, only challenges, one after the another. The gameplay can be predictable but sometimes shows potential. Some 8 scores got me surprised, which would only make me assume that standards in 2004 are different from 2021. Considering Lara's outfit, the tut1 and TR4 textures and WADS quite take away the personality of the rest, but again, somewhat expected from 2004, I assume." - HaniHeger (22-Mar-2021)
"Seeing how the builder’s preceding levels took a turn towards the incoherent, the horizon used in this one looks like an ominous premonition, made up as it is of three different segments that don’t match and don’t form a whole. This impression is not wrong, but Richard Ba has done worse, notably in Palace 1. His Atlantis is located in Antarctica, and at the beginning of the level that TR3 texture set is used in an appropriate manner, although it doesn’t take long for design to become a hybrid of Tinnos and various Egyptian sets (including TR1), none of which mesh too well, being all different colours and styles—but oh well, Atlantis and all that. Actually, most of the map is indistinguishable from any typically ‘Egyptian’ level. At times, it looks like Tut1; other areas are clearly inspired by TR1 Egypt; there are also bits and pieces of “Burial Chambers” and “Catacombs”, as well as several rooms in which everything is thrown against the wall and nothing sticks. Towards the end, snow textures make a tentative reappearance, and the finish trigger is located in front of a blank white wall. I guess the idea was to go ‘back into the light’ or somesuch, but it doesn’t really work.
In terms of gameplay the level doesn’t start too bad, even if there are no actual puzzles. In fact I was stuck for a while with the four underwater levers simply because I mistook the setup for a puzzle, a timed one perhaps. Not so: it’s just four levers that open four doors; a true no-brainer. Still, there are a few—but really only a few; too few—mildly entertaining things to do, such as jumping up a series of ever taller-growing pillars, which looks almost impressive, or avoiding an unexpected rollingball late in the game. But of course there are also other, poorly devised tasks, such as a variation of the old amateur favourite ‘pick the lever that’s not booby-trapped’. Anyway, soon enough a pattern of backtracking between levers and doors emerges that sets the tone for the rest of the level and reaches an almost absurdist apex with the tedious ladders in the water flipmap, which you have to climb three times; more often if you reload here or on any later occasion, because this also happens to be the place where the savegame bug kicks in. I’ll up the score for it anyway (albeit in the ‘atmosphere’ category, since it was built strictly for the looks); also for the room with the tall pillars mentioned above and because the flybys are more reasonable in this one. Even so, the level is lacking in every category so as to remain sub-average; it is an immensely overrated level. While gameplay might have garnered a 5 for fluency if nothing else, the savegame bug brings the score down in this category as well (I have no idea how they managed to achieve this even in the pre-patch period)." - Mulf (25-Feb-2021)
"A level that attempts to combine Egypt and Atlantis in one distinct environment, and it works pretty nicely. Gameplay flows pretty sequentially with nothing major to tax the mind, apart from an odd lever puzzle that seemed to have no rhyme or reason to it and there aren't any real puzzles as such. I thought that the camera work was pretty neatly done and the flipmap showing makeshift waterfalls flowing down a pit was nice. I was aware of the savegame bug soon after that part and was lucky not to die (I actually did save just before the jump over spikes and this will catch you off guard if you're not careful), but it added an artificial difficulty of some sort which I didn't really like. Enemies are only a couple of bats, jackals, skeletons and scorpions that are made easier if you locate the secret near the start. Don't expect to be overwhelmed by this one, but it's pleasant enough raiding." - Ryan (10-Mar-2019)
"This is a rather pleasant and linear adventure that took me just less than an hour to complete. Having been warned by the reviews and the walkthrough (provided by a writer with whom I'm not familiar), I refrained from saving after pulling a wall switch caused a wall of water to cascade down a stepped pit. At that point I had exactly 15 minutes of playing time left, and as I recall there was only one legitimate dying opportunity (sliding and jumping over spikes) during that span. Still, there's nothing to make you play more carefully than the knowledge that messing up will require you to play the whole segment over again. The lighting is good throughout, the colors are varied and pleasing to the eye, and there were few moments where I had to use a flare to see where I was going. I've just about exhausted the store of 7+ levels to play (although my reviews are helping to create a few more of them), so I guess there's nothing more to do between new releases except plow on ahead." - Phil (01-Oct-2015)
"I could see an effort with the (colourful) textures and lights; also the camera shots and flybies are correct. No much enemies to shoot, and secrets are not difficult to find. The gameplay is poor, only press buttons, pull switches and use keys to open doors; the only "puzzle" I found was in the room with the golden scorpion and several floor levers, but no hints to know what levers to pull. At least the level is lineal and there was not much backtracking. Playable but don't expect great features." - Jose (08-Oct-2013)
"This is a 'no need to think much'level; lots of running from lever to correspondingly opened door;plenty of long linking corridors;and a linear sequence of large rooms containing tasks which are immediately obvious and simple to achieve. A few booby traps and regular dog attacks do their best to keep the player entertained;and the texturing,lighting and camerawork are always workmanlike and efficient; but the predictability of the gameplay makes this adventure one that won't linger in the mind for too long after it's been played." - Orbit Dream (25-Oct-2011)
"This level is fairly easy to play but lots of fun. Many textures are similar or the same as the Egypt levels from TR1. The title is a bit misleading as it is not an Atlantis level and there are no Atlantis textures. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this one a lot, because it has relaxed game play, nice lighting and music and a very pleasant atmosphere. I was warned about the save game bug in the last part of the level, after reading other reviews and checking the walk-through. It is easy to avoid and not really a problem at all. The opponents in this level are no match to Lara's fire power. This would be a great level for beginners since it is really easy to play and has no tight runs, complicated jumps or unfair traps. My main complaint would be Lara's outfit. I thought she looked like someone spending a weekend in a ski resort ;)" - Blue43 (23-Apr-2010)
"I am not sure if the builder has really hit the theme as the level looks more Egyptian than Atlantis-like. But, well, who of us actually knows how Atlantis looked? I found the level well built and nicely and carefully textured, albeit a bit darkish in some places, and some more decoration objects would have been nice. Lara is wearing a cute little outfit. Gameplay is easy with some skeletons to blow off (or avoid) and a couple of keys to find which sometimes magically apear when pulling a switch, in addition you have to do some swimming and jumping. Near the end I encountered a bug when Lara got stuck in a pitch-black room (or did she stuck in the wall?) with no escape, she could not even move. But all in all a nice level, nothing extraordinary, but nevertheless entertaining." - Jerry (14-Jan-2009)
"This Atlantean level is a mixed between Tinnos and Egypt and is easy to play. What you have to do is always simple. That does not mean it is boring, in fact it was rather pleasant. A pity that a bug occurs in the last third of the level after the flip map. You can't reload your save games made after this point. So you have likely to do the last 15 minutes in one go. I would have rated the gameplay higher if it was not for this. Enemies are mostly skeletons and dogs but they are no real threat with explosive arrows." - eRIC (03-Jun-2008)
"We get into the Atlantis temple underwater. We want to possess the Wa Pillar, but the two golden scorpions will stay in the temple; they are impossible to gather. Maybe some time later. :) You cannot get lost or get stuck here. It's not a problem if you miss the weapons in the first secret at the beginning of the level; you'll have lots of them even without those to fight against the skeletons, jackals, scorpions and bats. But we can let them to be the guards of the temple also furher in time. :) The level has an egyptian feeling, though the environment is sometimes snowy and icy. There are no challenges that would be too hard. The added sounds are also good. It's a pity that you can't save after the waterfall room because of a save-bug, but you can consider it as a challenge too. I think this is the best level of the author so far, and I'm curious to see the next one. :) You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (25-Jan-2006)
"What makes a great author is the ability to build into their levels a sense of things being not contrived and their levels flow in a free form where the player feels they have a chance to explore and find their way and not seem like they are being led by the hand. I have to say this level set in a snowy temple not really Atlantean by TR standards felt a little too sequential and had that key-button-door thing I do see that the author really tried to incorporate some unique touches the waterfall effect you turn on and then get to interact with and keys appearing where they once weren't but to me it was still too point yourself forward and go until you hit the end. This though doesn't mean it's a bad level and that you won't enjoy it it just doesn't in my opinion have that grab you and suck you in factor. I finished in 45 minutes with only one secret found and encountered a problem where I couldn't reload a save just after about half way through." - Sash (23-Oct-2004)
"The level was very easy to play and would also have got a little better appreciation if there had not been this extremely frustrating bug. Such a thing destroys to me every play fun and the author could have avoided this certainly. Atmosphere and textures were okay however the gameplay I found boring and just frustrating." - Xxenofex (21-Oct-2004)
"The level begins in an underground ambient aquatic and probably in the winter. They are the undergrounds ambients that precede the superior rooms of a Lost Temple of Atlantis more arduous but delicious mission. When leaving the rooms of waters through small corridors and rooms she already comes across some enemies and she has access to the first rooms of the Temple. The story is pleasant and Lara's actions are quite diversified in that Level being able to her to exercise all her movements how to climb to shoot to jump to swim to run etc. The puzzles were used intelligently by the Author of that Level. For instance the group of aquatic Levers and the raising blocks with fires that take Lara to the death in case of the player's mistake. This room with the raising blocks was not very creative but even so I liked. The Author committed a small mistake in the cameras of the levers submerged maybe with the intention of hindering the player's progress. Those puzzles maintained me attempts to the enigma for a long time turning that stage quite interesting in that game... The ambients are very beautiful and sophisticated well textured and illuminated and they follow the standard acquaintance and original style of TRs. They maintained a united line without very abrupt changes of style what assures a 'unit' sense to the Temple of Atlantis. The cameras were well positioned and they were used with a lot of criterion by the Author (except the cameras of the water's rooms) that was cautious in no 'to tire' the player with exhibition excesses. It is not a Level that is characterized by puzzles of difficult solution however it is to the reach of the beginners in TR and at the same time of the veteran ones accustomed with all of the tricks of the games with Lara. There is a diversity of puzzles enemies and traps well positioned but however previsible and also varied occult items for tenuous shadows projected with 'innocence' in the ambient details those that still enriched more the level. The events of that level such as to go and to return for several times to the same place they were lightly repetitive but certainly that was necessary in the Author's conception what doesn't demerit absolutely in anything his level. The level contains a 'bug' in the savegame that does the game returns to the Desktop when executing the loading of that save. In general this level pleased me and Lara is very beautiful also. My note for that work is 9 'cause I really liked a lot the 'lightness' and pleasure of that level. Congratulations Richard Ba for your excellent level. It is cool !..." - Virginia (27-Sep-2004)
"A rather nice level and the save bug.... that killed it for me. It started rather as a fast paced game. En route you find keys and push buttons and there was good camera work in here. The cascade of the water was well done. After doing the climbing up and down for the fifth time because of the save bug I started to get really annoyed. It could have been a great level and now it was not. 17-08-2004" - Gerty (02-Sep-2004)
"Very nice looking mini-level with a personalized mixture of textures from different games and levels namely The Lost City of Tinnos and Egypt as in The Last Revelation. But the final product is neither Tinnos nor Egypt. You'll have to check it out for yourself. The gameplay is quite easy but fluent and never silly accessible to beginners and still interesting for more skilled players. Unfortunately I found a dreadful bug that wouldn't let me save near (well near enough) the end of the level without being taken back to the desktop every time I tried to reload. That made have to play say a third of the game without saving. Fortunately there was never anything difficult ahead! If you're willing to ignore the bug play it because it's nice to see. (August 27 2004)" - Jorge22 (01-Sep-2004)
"This is very linear and easy so if you're looking for a change from the difficult levels you've been playing lately this could be the one. The setting is very much TR1 Egypt style and obviously there is a certain watery theme going on. Some of the textures are rather nicely done and I especially liked the effect of the water cascading down the ladders in one area. Unfortunately after that part the savegame bug rears its ugly head so whatever you do don't die because you won't be able to reload. It's sooooooo frustrating. It's a shame really because this is a nice level that deserved just a little more care but it's still worth trying." - Jay (01-Sep-2004)
"A bit of a wild mix (especially in terms of texturing) and interestingly despite a rather fast pace that will never have you thinking and wondering for too long how to proceed I thought this felt like a really long level when in the end it is already over in about 45 minutes or so. Progression is fairly linear with a couple of excursions in order to collect shaft keys and gate keys a cartouche and pull many switches and push many (mostly retextured) buttons. Things I really liked where the rather solid camera work and the awesome effect as the water begins to cascade down. Also nice use of trapdoors in varying ways and the caves near the end looked great - maybe something to build on for future levels. What I did not like so much were some rather long and tedious climbs too many switches and of course the savegame bug that appeared for me ie I could not reload a savegame once the water was flowing. Enemies are bats dogs scorpions and skeletons which are easier to deal with if you pick up an early secret which holds shotgun and crossbow." - Michael (24-Aug-2004)
"This is probably inspired from the Atlantis level but the setting is quite different. It's not a difficult level you'll need stars and keys to proceed in a nice setting but unfortunately there is a bug at the end. You can't save in the area with the waterfall because if you do you can't reload a savegame. I wasn't able to get the two golden scorpions and I am sure we can get them. Enemies are dogs mostly and skeletons. I found one secret. I'd say a nice level to pass the time." - Kristina (23-Aug-2004)
"A fairly simple and straightforward level with the Lost Temple being in an Arctic setting and Lara dressed for that environment. Gameplay is quite linear but I found it buggy in places - probably because it wasn't tested on a Mac. My main complaint is there are too many climbs - too many ladders and such - and therefore not enough variety in the gameplay. A fun play and easy on the brain cells." - Duncan (23-Aug-2004)
"I found this to be a really good level. Usually I thought that a mix of arctic tinnos and Egyptian textures would make a very strange level but this level turned out to be good with that texturing. We start out near the underwater entrance to the Atlantean temple and Lara has a very nice outfit on. The gameplay is linear and it's hard to get stuck. Some of the rooms were well constructed too. There is a clever switch puzzle here too. There are some good jumping parts here and there is also some swimming to do. The level was very well textured with the mix of textures I mentioned earlier and the lighting fits the level. The atmosphere is good too. It seems that the main goal of the level was to find a golden scorpion artifact but we finish the level without one. This level can be finished in about forty-five minutes and there is one secret to find. The enemies here were bats skeletons dogs and mummies. I look forward to the next level from Ricardo." - Relic Hunter (20-Aug-2004)