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Lara and the Horse by Agnes

Aims 7 8 9 8
Akcy 6 9 9 8
alan 6 7 8 8
CC 5 7 7 7
DJ Full 6 7 7 6
Duncan 6 6 10 9
Gerty 6 8 8 8
High Priestess 6 5 6 7
Jay 7 8 9 9
Jose 6 7 8 8
Kristina 8 8 9 9
manarch2 6 8 7 8
MichaelP 5 8 8 8
misho98 5 6 5 7
Mortensmor 6 8 9 7
Mrs rjb 7 7 8 8
Necro 5 7 7 7
Obig 8 8 10 9
Orbit Dream 5 7 9 9
Phil 7 7 8 8
Piega 8 8 10 8
Quentin 6 8 8 8
Relic Hunter 8 10 8 9
Robobok 6 5 7 8
Ryan 6 7 8 8
Sash 4 6 7 7
Selene 7 7 8 9
SeniorBlitz 6 7 8 9
Solange 6 7 7 8
sonnyd83 8 8 8 8
The Aussie Adventurer 6 8 8 9
Treeble 6 7 7 7
Xxenofex 2 2 3 2
release date: 17-Aug-2004
# of downloads: 150

average rating: 7.23
review count: 33
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file size: 33.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: Kids

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Reviewer's comments
"Having recently played Candy Mountain I somewhat knew what to expect, but I have to say I have enjoyed this one better. It's quite straightforward and will have you looking for two parts of a flower to get to a bike and eventually reach the end, but still, for what it's worth, it's all cute. Both in style and in length; a cute adventure. 15 minutes, 3 secrets. 04/21" - Treeble (11-Apr-2021)
"This is likely one of the more involving kids levels. The gameplay is still simple, but this time it manages to be more entertaining due to the inclusion of a couple more exploration segments and the fact that Agnes style is again noticeable within her attention to detail, meaning that the environments here are beautiful. The only difficulty is the precise angle that's required to place the combined flower item, otherwise it's very short and simple, but fun nonetheless." - Ryan (17-Feb-2018)
"As the category indicates, this is a perfect level for children because it's easy, simple and short, so they won't have any difficulty with it (except if they don't know the controls!). Cameras are well placed and the soundtrack is nice, but I liked the second track the most. There is a short ride in a bike included. Some objects have been modified to look more friendly and to fit the environment (for example, the lever is retextured as a trunk). Lara's got her pistols although there aren't any enemies. She'll only use them to break some shatterable objects. Players must be careful with the water when they ride the bike, otherwise the bike can explode! Also be careful with a small fireplace in a cabin; if Lara gets too close she can catch fire and you can either: run like a crazy to the water or let her die and reload! So if you have a little kid or simply you want to play an easy level, no matter your age, then this level is for you." - alan (17-Feb-2018)
"This is a pretty entertaining “junior” Level, with some interesting ideas and very beautiful visuals, which is sadly very short. The game is pretty easy (since it was made for children), you drive a motorbike, shoot some Pyramids, collect some items and then you find the horse (Aka the level ends). If you’re looking for an easy to play level with good visuals and very easy gameplay, this is perfect for you." - SeniorBlitz (25-Nov-2017)
"Not a terribly long level but aesthetically quite pleasing. Not too keen on the in-game music (preferred the ending musical snippet), with not much in the way of gameplay. Twenty mins, no medi-packs used and no health lost. Good fun for children I would imagine but too simplistic for seasoned Raiders of course which is not a bad thing :)" - High Priestess (03-Mar-2017)
"A nice relaxing level with fluent (well, fluent once you work out the exact angle at which the flower must be attached to the stem) gameplay. The choice of music for the final scene is... unusual, but somehow it fits and I love it. I like the texturing in the second part of the level, and the first one has a nice Hobbit-The-Shire feel to it. There are some nice custom objects: the teddy, the giant flowers, the log. Riding the motorbike was fun. Overall, the level could have been a little longer but if it's aimed at 5-7-year-olds, then 15-20 minutes in front of the screen will probably be enough for them. Especially that the gameplay is so fluent and fun that most of them will be tempted to complete it in one sitting. Not for grown-ups? I had fun nonetheless." - Mortensmor (03-Nov-2016)
""Look at my horse, my horse is amazing..." and gone, so I need to chase it, following an unmissable countryside route of linear puzzles, taking on pushables of 4-square length in total and smashing loads of vases, on foot or not. I think the climbable texture doesn't fit - children are way too intelligent for random guessing and would rather attempt to grab what really resembles a ladder - and frankly, even an adult could be troubled with that one if he haven't took a trip like this before. This one was rather safe, I was very unlikely to die... unless of course I rammed the motorbike into the fireplace or the pool. But even a bit bruised, after about 20 minutes I found the horse, and he was quite happy, so why did he leave in first place? SUMMARY: A level for kids! Wow, at last the one I had no problems with. Too short to sink in yet recommended as a prologue to play something more horse-involving immediately after." - DJ Full (15-Apr-2015)
"This is definitely one for the kids. For this reason it seems rather unfair to review it by the standards of a typically "adult" level. My scores are therefore a notch or two higher than they would be under normal circumstances. There are no enemies, and the eponymous horse appears only twice, at the beginning and at the very end. As the level starts it seems that someone has left the front door open. The horse manages to get in and close the door behind him, and the rest of the time is spent frantically trying to find a way inside so Lara can minimize the damage and clean up the inevitable mess. All proceeds quite straightforwardly, but combining the flower with the stalk so the boulder would roll downhill was rather obscure. What's more, Lara had to be standing at a specific (and odd) angle in front of the receptacle for the thing to work. No medipacks are necessary, but you start off with a couple of flare pickups that you never need to use, as the lighting is so player friendly. Even the kids should have an easy time with this one, but it's attractive enough." - Phil (21-Nov-2014)
"This level is interesting, I liked the moment where you have to follow the horse and the background music is correct. Find all objects was fun and we must combine 2 to continue. I liked the use of the motorcycle even it is short. The textures are correct and there are plenty of decorative objects. 2 secrets found." - Quentin (05-Apr-2014)
"A level for kids? Lara can draw the pistols to shoot some items, when she's riding the motorbike she can go on the water and die, and also there is a big pit where she can hurt herself...! Now seriously, the level is short but well builded, easy and nice to play; the only "problem" you can find is the correct position to place the Golden Flower. In the line from this good author, a beautiful environment and good atmosphere. But not so entertaining for adult players." - Jose (08-Oct-2013)
"It was so nice to play a light-hearted level for a change, most levels require a little brain power, this doesn't! The tasks in this one are finding a stalk and flower, triggering off a rolling ball, a fun bike ride, and pushing blocks onto their respective squares, as well as the odd switch or two, and shattering large triangles. I was gutted that I didn't get a ride on the horse, but what can you do? The graphics of this level were not overpowering, just right for children or children at heart! The setting is mainly around a few gardens with houses in between. Only minor annoyance was the repeating soundtrack a little later on. Time to complete was for me 20 minutes, but I expect the average 7 year old could do better..." - sonnyd83 (10-Dec-2012)
"Another good level for kids. The textures were very good, everything was colorful. But the gameplay was only finding switches and shooting vases, there wasn't real puzzles. It took me about 10 minutes." - misho98 (27-Dec-2011)
"2) Lara and the Horse (6,5,7,8) Total = 26/40 (65%)
This is my daughter Sarah (10) and I's first proper level, chosen primarily for her benefit. So I'll hand over to her for the rest of this review. She says - this was a good first level but you couldn't die unless you ran into the fire or crashed the motorbike! Getting off the bike was tricky (use ALT + Left to achieve this). The colours were good, really bright and looked nice. Only real criticism is you have to stand in an exact position to use the flower (even though the location is obvious) which we missed a couple of times before hitting on it by accident. Overall a good first level for kids.
Previous Level - Lara in a Box. Next Level - Junior Level 2/3." - Robobok (15-May-2011)
"A little level perfectly for the "Kids" class. Texturing was good and gameplay not too hard. There also were three secrets to find in this level, also not too hard to get as they nearly were on your way. I liked the placing of the flowers to let some balls roll. All in all very solid level." - manarch2 (27-Feb-2011)
"Probably the most enjoyable and least cloying of all the 'junior' levels out there,this benefits greatly from Agnes' trademark 'attention to detail' style of building. The areas are small and compact but beautifully put together,and the simple trail that you need to follow to reach the Horse at level's end is always entertaining due to the many charming creative touches.Provided you pay attention to the fly-bys (hands up Orbit Dream,who became distracted by family matters at a crucial point and consequently lost track of where he was supposed to go!)no difficulties will be encountered (although you need to have Lara positioned correctly in order to be able to place the Flower). Although only intended for the younger players,the beautiful atmosphere and abundance of detail ought to ensure that their parents should find this small adventure equally enjoyable." - Orbit Dream (18-May-2007)
"In a fairytale surrondings, Lara is going to find her horse, although looks and sounds more like a bronze statue, came to life. Short, but fun and charming level, with lots of nice touches, other reviewers already mentioned. Recommended for the young ones, both at body, and at heart." - Akcy (10-Apr-2007)
"Even though it says that this level is only suitable for children(from 5-7 years of age) I simply couldn't resist firing it up. Agnes is among my favourite level builders, she always shows a keen eye on details and simply stunning textures and lighting(something which is also very evident in this little treat). Lara's quest to find the stray horse is a harmonious and peaceful little venture, with no enemies or traps to cause you any headaches. The music is well-placed and I was greatly pleased to recognize some of my favourites: Sheperd Moons by Enya and a gorgeous ending fly-by accompanied by the hauntingly beautiful intro of Stairway to Heaven. I gasped in awe for every new area Lara entered, as it was all so stunningly made in every aspect. Wish I could live in a place like that.....with green meadows, sparkling blue ponds and a gorgeous castle/mansion as the icing on the cake. It didn't last very long, but it was very pleasant from beginning to end and I do not for my life understand the misers that fail to see the beauty of such a joyful little adventure." - Selene (23-Aug-2006)
"This may be a level for kids but I had to review it to get a higher review count, besides I had some fun playing it. Embarresingly, I was stuck in the beginning until I found a switch which looked like a log. Had a few problems getting the Gloden Flower on the stick but that puzzle object has always been a bit difficult to work. The scenery is perfect for kids, nice a colourful and the objects that have been created set the scene. A lot of work obviously went into the creation of these objects. Its nice to see a level designed for kids as to my knowledge, there aren't many around. I like the final animation of Lara going to her horse too. I Would love to know how that was done." - Necro (13-Jul-2006)
"Very nice and sweet level. Looks fantastic you wish you were there! The objects are great I liked the Teddy bear very much! And the fruits instead of medipacks. What a change to play something where you couldn't die unless you walked into a fireplace or something... Lol. It has a fairy tale atmosphere! It is a bit short though even for a child age 6 this won't take more than 20 minutes or so to play. And I think there could have been more puzzles not necessarily more difficult. A few more puzzles would have made the level seem longer. But this is a nice treat even for grown-up kids!" - Solange (26-Dec-2004)
"I'm very happy to see another level created specially for children again. My daughter swooped down on it immediately and made it to the end since we don't have to kill animals or people here only find our stray horse. The pistols are only needed to shoot the stones laying in our way or opening doors. The textures are wonderful and Agnes the creator was staring also with the added sounds. Both the surroundings and the sounds are totally as in a fairy tail. In general I like the levels of Agnes because somehow they are so anthropocentric and this was made totally for children for the next TR generation. :) You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (08-Dec-2004)
"For children aged 5-7 eh? That must be me then ... at least in mind if not in body! Another delightful level that lifts the spirits partly because it does not have any baddies and all shooting is at objects rather than people. (If I had a vase like one of those in the game I'd want to shoot it too!) The objects are colourful and appropriate...the horse would have loved to have found the apples and bananas. The secret bananas were hidden as secrets need to be but were in reasonable places. The one protected by the teddy....much more fun than a plain moveable block.... was particularly fun to discover. Overall: for kids this is an appropriate challenge; for geriatric beginners very encouraging; for experienced adults a lovely change from the more taxing thought-provoking and longer games. Lara and the Horse is an experience that can be fun for everyone." - Mrs rjb (21-Nov-2004)
"Well being a kids level I am going to be less critical and TRY and think like a kid. I found this level to be very short but very sweet. It was a very good idea of the author to have a horse in this level as kids do love ponies and horses. The areas look great with lots of colourful scenery for kids to enjoy. Puzzles were very simple and easy camera work was good and the layout of the game was easy to follow which is very important in a kids game. This was a top notch kids level and if I were a kid I think I would have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. As an adult I still had a little bit of fun anyway. Nice job all round. If I had to give this level a grade I would give it a B a distinction." - The Aussie Adventurer (01-Nov-2004)
"In my opinion this is no level for kids. There are no colored textures no Balu the bear or amusing bees instead there are sombre rooms and dull music. Gameplay is for children however also are places where Lara can die. (By the motorcycle). The non 'Kinderlevel' is for the purposes of the inventor." - Xxenofex (21-Oct-2004)
"This is gorgeous. A lovely level for the little ones. Lara has a ponytail now not the long pleated one. The objects here are beautiful like the willow tree the view through the gates to what looks like a lake the useful log the lilypads floating in the pond the retextured guardian stand to look like a flower but best of all is the giant teddy bear. I better go back to the beginning. The opening flyby shows a horse rearing and running into a house but we can't follow yet. So we go on a little adventure and finally catch up with the horse in a stable. This time the music is very good. There's a big kid inside me that never grew up and appreciated this level very much. More please Agnes." - CC (04-Oct-2004)
"Agnes states this level is for kids aged 5 to 7 well I have to confess a deep dark shame I only found 2 of the 3 secrets....oh no is that the guys from MENSA knocking on the door wanting my membership card back! Actually although this is for the youngsters it is still a lovely looking 20 minute level for all us old fogies to check out. Lara for her own reasons maybe she has a National Velvet obsession is wanting to catch up to the horse she meets at the start of the level who trots off into a nearby house sadly miss Lara very Sandra Dee looking in three quarter pants short fringe and 1950's ponytail can't just open the door but has to go on a circuitous route shooting vases and riding a bike to find her steed. I was a little worried at the end because Lara is a bit too close to the horse as it rears up and as the level finishes then you just don't know what hoof to head injury she could have sustained I just pray Agnes' Lara and the Horse 2 doesn't start with the sound of an ambulance wailing in the background." - Sash (02-Sep-2004)
"Even if it is for kids I didn't mind loading this one up as it is nice to have an easy and a very nice looking level to play between the hard and lengthy ones we are getting lately. I am a sucker for flowers so this is just what the doctor ordered. Find the horse that runs away at the beginning of the level. In order to do so Lara has to get her hands on some nice re-textured artifacts and open some doors and push a block here and there. The music fitted well and if you don't mind the somewhat lower points in some reviews I would say please keep them coming Agnes. 14-08-2004" - Gerty (02-Sep-2004)
"Even though Agnes says that the level is only meant to be played by children from ages five to seven I couldn't resist trying out this level and it was a very cute level indeed! Lara's horse makes his way into the house but then he gets stuck and Lara must make a short trip to find another way into the house. The new medipack items were very unique and the textures were nice too. The doves sitting at the perches of the roofs were a very nice touch and the environment music made the adventure seem like a fairy tale out of a children's storybook which was good. The music here is very nice and there were very nice objects too and some of them I even recognize from other levels such as the stalk and flower of Juttae's Little Red Riding Hood level. The textures were new and they were very nice. Here Lara ventures through small villages short cave passages cottages a small forest and a snowy village. There were no enemies here since it's a level meant for young children. If you're tired of playing difficult confusing levels then you should take a break by playing this nice little offering from Agnes." - Relic Hunter (02-Sep-2004)
"Oh the young ones will love this level (and quite a lot of we oldies as well). It's a charming colourful setting with nice music and lovely touches such as medipacks now being apples and bananas. There are pots to shoot secrets to find a motorbike to ride a little block puzzle and a lovely cut scene at the end when Lara find the horse. If you have young children you absolutely must download this for them and if you haven't download it anyway - it's delightful." - Jay (01-Sep-2004)
"Another kid's level from Agnes and it is even better than the last one. Don't expect me to rate this low because of the lack of enemies kids like this kind of levels and being able to allow five year olds to play it without being concerned about them shooting animals or people is great. The horse and teddy bear are very well done and the beautiful setting with the flowers and the bedroom are very nicely done. Two secrets found and we have to thank Agnes for these fun levels for kids." - Kristina (23-Aug-2004)
"In the tradition of Candy Mountain agnes presents another level for kids. So it is indeed a short one at 15-20 minutes but in a very enjoyable setting enhanced by nice music and a few fog effects. In order to find the horse that ran away at the start of the level Lara needs to move a few blocks shoot a few things find and use a flower and even ride the bike for a bit. I really liked the cool new lever and the apples and bananas as health boost. The flybys are great and I found one secret (below the Teddy)." - Michael (22-Aug-2004)
"Besides all those serious levels where Lara must buy a new pair of shoes when she's done this level comes across. With a lot of child in me I was instantly at home in this level. It's pure relaxing for an adult to walk in this fantasy level with colors from the rainbow. The music is really good too. The surroundings were fresh and clean with all new textures for me except a few :o). The game is divided in two styles and keeps you going. It's a little short but there were so many new objects it did not bother me. Real nice for the kids but if you are stressed play this. It will relax you :o)" - Piega (22-Aug-2004)
"When I was a lad Mother always said: 'Don't let your horse in the house!' So now what happens but that very thing and Lara must track the beastie down. The readme says 'Absolutely not for adults!'. That must be why I liked it so much LOL. Completely charming and utterly without threat or tinge of darkness this is a thoroughly enjoyable level. Mom and Dad raiders can sit by their little ones and have that rarest of TR experiences: peace and quiet." - Duncan (20-Aug-2004)
"Here is a lovely little level for kids. I know I ain't a kid but I didn't have one at hand so I played it lol. I did actually really like it. There is a horse at the start of the level that runs off into a room but it is locked so Lara has to find another way around to reach it. The level looks very nice with lots of colourful things pink flowers on the water surface loads of pretty flower's and trees about and of course Lara with her little pink top and shoes blue trousers and a high ponytail! There were some little houses around too that looked nice and little doves sitting on the roofs! I liked the music in this lots of different tunes which went really well with the level. And some of the items were clever fruit for medipacks a twig on a log for instead of the normal floor lever and some nice furniture in the houses like a bunk bed and a giant teddy! I found 3 secret's. All in all a nice little level recommended to everyone especially kids!" - Aims (20-Aug-2004)