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Caribbean Disaster 7/8 by SilentViper

CC 6 7 8 8
Gerty 6 9 8 7
Jay 6 8 8 8
John 7 5 6 7
Jose 6 8 7 7
Kristina 7 8 8 8
MichaelP 6 8 7 9
Obig 7 8 8 9
Orbit Dream 5 7 8 8
Phil 8 8 9 8
Ryan 7 7 7 8
Sash 5 7 8 7
Sutekh 6 8 7 8
Treeble 5 7 8 9
Xxenofex 5 5 6 5
release date: 20-Aug-2004
# of downloads: 95

average rating: 7.18
review count: 15
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file size: 37.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Well Lara’s sorted out her hair now and is looking quite stylish in this level set as we start in some sandy underground caves and continue exploring till we get underwater where the textures keep changing dramatically as we enter in each new area until we get to a hub type location which is where the gameplay properly kicks in with fire and boulder traps, platforming and climbing and combat with some strange looking figures indeed! The environment, layout of areas and its textures is constantly changing so it certainly makes an interesting place to explore for items as well this time. The second level starts off outside with a lovely warm sunset in woodland area before moving onto a gorgeous sandy lagoon and beach after we’ve found a evil disguised lever in a hut. There’s not much to do here apart from finding items and using them and this section is so short that it can be completed in about 5 minutes but swimming under and up into a ship in the ocean and the end with timed run was definitely fun, I wish this area could of been expanded with more to to do and see as it was so lovely to immerse myself in . Overall when it comes to gameplay this final level set is only slightly better than the previous one as unfortunately the majority of tasks here still is search and find but with more intriguing areas and some visually appealing places to explore the builder certainly saved the best for last." - John (18-Sep-2023)
"Parts seven and eight generally keep up on the improvements made in the previous parts, although they aren't nearly as long duration-wise (both levels took me a combined total of 30 minutes). The seaside atmosphere is as good as it was in the previous and some areas do achieve a sense of grandeur (the Church area in particular) and the guard being electrified in some sort of sphere was a bizarre sight. Good for some simple fun." - Ryan (14-Jan-2018)
"Two levels but very small, with a fast gameplay, no puzzles but only collect some keys and artifacts to open doors. Enemies and objects are cool, as the musics, souns and textures but architecture is simple. Special effect with the enemie in the starting room of second level (great!) there are some traps to avoid and I couldn't kill the serpents even with 20 revolver shots! Levels worth to play but don't expect too much." - Jose (10-Oct-2013)
"The conclusion to this series follows the standard of excellence displayed in the second batch (4-6). The lighting effects and the scenery graphics are quite soothing to the eyes, and the gameplay is moderately challenging while being perfectly friendly to the average raider. I used the walkthroughs provided by the late and lamented Sutekh, but I probably could have engaged my brain and finished the levels on my own without spending a great deal of additional time. At that, the 7th level took about 25 minutes and the last one about 15, so together we have the gameplay provided by the typical stand-alone level. I'm surprised that this series hasn't been rated higher than it is. Cut your teeth on the first three, then prepare to enjoy yourself for the rest of the adventure. High recommendations." - Phil (29-Sep-2007)
"Seems that door we went through in the last part leads to this underground place, guarded by skull headed gunmen and other odd looking residents. And if that wasn't enough to start the spooks what's that horrible looking carcass in the hanging cage over water - gross! And yet more oddities in the form of palm trees growing on a beach in a cave, finding batteries to use in this not so base-type place, a wheel behind a waterfall, an ornate wheelchair, immortal snakes, invisible platform to climb, a parked bicyle underground, and finding a room that looks like it could be a cathedral with stained glass windows. The cool stuff are the weapons and their sound, the guy who disappears in front of you, the tall grass waving in the breeze, the brilliant sunset sky, finding a kind of large metal handle (I suppose it's meant to be the crowbar) but this is used in a keyhole!, and the climb up a tall ladder to discover this space becomes a see-through floor, as evidenced by a cool weapon seemingly floating in mid-air. Then there were the bugs, illegal slopes, disappearing background textures, and being able to climb to the end of the world and up to places we're not supposed to go, and also finish the level way in advance of what the author intended. The biggest annoyance in the bug department was trying to get back up a ramp near the end. I did it by side flipping rather than trying to jump up it. The last part, where Lara emerges onto a beach and finds a boat moored close by in the sea was very effective, but those disappearing background texture ruined it slightly. Here too, as in some places throughout these two levels, are excellent textures. Unfortunately they are not applied well in some places, but brilliantly so in others. There are two levels here, but as they are so short, and the only difference being that Lara finally emerges out into the sunlight we presume to finally escape, there is not a lot more to tell. Except that I hope Christian continues building and I look forward to playing another of his levels very soon." - CC (14-Oct-2005)
"While the visual aspect really shines, these levels suffer from a severe lack of gameplay. Apart from one particular trapped area and a very easy timed-run, nothing fancy here. Again it's shoot or die and look for the keys. Said keys being generally very close to their respective keyhole. On the other hand, the enemies are fun and well... different (most of them, at least) and there's one particular room with a large stained glass window and an invisible high floor which is simply awesome. There are some oddities, such as invincible snakes (but they don't pose much of a threat), and the author seems to have lost track on the plot at some point. To be played when you're in the mood for easiness and eye-candy." - Sutekh (21-Mar-2005)
"The bright and colourful locations here make up for the usual lack of gameplay in a Silent Viper level but it's all rather fast-moving and undemanding fun. However somewhere along the line the story begun in Levels 1 - 3 seems to have been jettisoned. Gone are the spy thriller espionage elements and in their place are strange monsters and lots of weird and wonderful weapons (which you don't really need). It's enjoyable comic-book stuff as usual but not exactly thought provoking." - Orbit Dream (01-Jan-2005)
"This is a two-part but short level. We are adventuring in caves and on the beach among palm-trees. The enemies are gunmen snakes mummies. We can get many weapons: Revolver MP5A2 Ingram Mac10. On the first level we have to collect the Disk and the battery to get on and on the second level we can get to the end only with the keys. The textures are wonderful and the music-samples added to the game had only raised the experience. What a pity that the levels are so short. As it would be a little bit unfinished. I hope it will have a continuation. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (08-Dec-2004)
"Set on several kinds of ambiences all blending into one. There are several little touches here which I liked and the visual work makes the level well worth looking at. Some of the best textures I've seen on this level. Gameplay wise there isn't really anything extraordinary although you do know by now that Christian makes levels with quite some mindless shooting. And that's why I love them. New weapons spice things up (always a plus) and the new gun sounds... oh boy! Couldn't help myself but keep firing the Glock all the time. All. The. Time. There were also several new audio tracks all of them were great. One was truly sad and there's one that I am sure I am repeating myself here comes from Super Metroid the classic of the classics... And there's always that Matrix Dojo fight one too. I believe we can expect a Caribbean Disaster 9 any time soon (I hope) because the end of these two levels wasn't really an 'end' if you get my point. 30 minutes. 11/04" - Treeble (13-Nov-2004)
"A typical Silent Viper level principally serves to show his weapons. From the gameplay it is very easy and boring. The required keys lie in immediate nearness of the doors to be opened and otherwise there are no riddles. In the whole game many bugs appear and nevertheless this disturbed me immensely. The level is to be barely recommended." - Xxenofex (06-Nov-2004)
"For what Christian sets out to do build levels based on enemies and locations he does this really interesting but for those out there like myself who love the puzzling aspect this set of two levels doesn't really aim for us. You pretty much are in the search for keys and an assortment of other devices to open doors in this very eclectic island slash bizarre church slash base slash who knows what environment you also meet along the way a couple of different enemies I can only call golf club wielding elephant men hooded black robed aliens and some unhooded black robed aliens there are also a few normal guards near the end and some tiny snakes that I couldn't kill but those first enemies are the most memorable. Playing at a short duration the first 20 minutes and the second 10 with no secrets these will grab the player more visually I would say rather than for the mentally stimulating gaming but sometimes that's okay." - Sash (23-Oct-2004)
"This is not so much a playable (double-)level as there is really little to do in the twice 20 minutes you will probably spend here but it is certainly a showcase of a variety of great effects. I thought some of the textures were very impressive lighting is good and the tropical island feeling definitely comes up here. The underwater maze is a bit annoying but not too bad same goes for a few spike and boulder traps and so you have time to appreciate good placement of interesting objects and cool enemies and weaponry in use. All you have to do is collect a few keys a disc a battery mostly close to the actual lock/receptacle for it but at least you get a nice little timed run at the very end. Definitely a level to look at if only for the great sky/horizon in part 2." - Michael (02-Sep-2004)
"If you only had to mark for how a levels looks than this is a winner. It falls a bit short on gameplay though. Lara starts underground and has to find a battery a disk and keys to progress to the second level. Even there the gameplay revolves around finding keys. Lots of new textures and object the moving grass is great to see. I let Lara stand right smack in the middle of it and seeing the leaves go back and forward wow. In the first level to find a glass floor was also great to see. The snakes in here do not pose a thread and I wonder of you can shoot them as I gave up after a couple of shots. Had a crash to my desktop when I tried to jump down after getting the crank and by doing a safety drop it went OK. 20-08-2004" - Gerty (02-Sep-2004)
"Oh yuk just what is that in the hanging cage? Um no best not ask but it appears to be wearing flippers. This is another level that falls into the 'charming oddity' class. There's a strange mix of textures and the enemies are really weird - some look like Death and some look like the elephant man. You get to play with some very fancy weaponry and whatever you do don't have the audio turned up too loud when you fire it or you'll jump out of your skin. There are two parts to this level and the transition to the second part is somewhat abrupt. You get a glimpse of a black clad figure throwing what looks like a force field around himself and disappearing into thin air - intriguing. Most of the enemies in this part are more conventional and by this time you should have picked up a generous amount of weaponry and medipacks. Admire the lurid sky - that's one hell of a sunset. There isn't anything difficult about this level - one short timed run right at the end but it's an easy one. The whole thing only takes 40 minutes at most and would be a good level for the less experienced raider. It's cheerful colourful and undemanding." - Jay (01-Sep-2004)
"The author is an expert when it comes to guns; all of them are great and the jungle like settings are one of his specialties too. I have to say it also has some problems you can access a lot of places you're not supposed to I lost count in the end and there was a crash at the crank area and an illegal way to reach the end. Also the snakes couldn't be killed from a close range for some reason. That doesn't mean though that the level isn't good I enjoyed walking in that environment and laughed at the weird enemies but most of them wouldn't hurt Lara. You'll need some keys crank and a battery to proceed and at the end a timed run is waiting. These two parts are quite short so maybe next time you'll get a longer level with more puzzles." - Kristina (23-Aug-2004)