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Legacy of the Gods - Bonus Pack 1 by Jedi Master

Akcy 10 10 10 10
CalrOsario 9 10 10 9
CC 9 9 10 10
dantheraider 10 10 8 10
DJ Full 8 10 9 7
eRIC 10 10 9 9
Gerty 8 9 9 8
gfd 9 8 10 9
Jay 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 7 9 10 9
Kristina 10 10 10 10
MichaelP 9 9 9 9
Mman 9 10 10 10
Moonliteshadow 10 10 10 10
Navi 10 10 10 10
Obig 10 10 10 10
Phil 9 9 9 9
QRS 10 10 10 10
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Samu 9 10 10 10
Sash 10 10 10 10
Sutekh 9 10 10 10
Treeble 8 9 9 9
release date: 01-Sep-2004
# of downloads: 177

average rating: 9.53
review count: 24
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file size: 92.40 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"This sequel is in line with the previous story. Lots of tasks and big spaces to explore. Textures and graphics very suitable for the typology of the environments and the story. I really enjoyed it, even though you have to go back too many times (some of which are perfectly avoidable). More sinister and difficult than the previous adventure (21/24 secrets found in almost 10 hours of gameplay). Recommended!! (38/40)" - CalrOsario (28-Dec-2022)
"As I'm gearing towards completing every 2004 level, I've just now realized I haven't played Legacy of the Gods in itself. And while I'm down to less than 20 reviews to complete my goal, I now realize my "one review a day" approach is worthless when it comes down to the pending mammoth releases such as this one. This is a pack of 6 ever expansive levels which, although they look great and inviting from start to finish, I have to admit I was well fatigued when I finally reached the end. There's a lot of exploring, high and low, through these massive environments, lots of keys and puzzle pieces to collect, lots of blocks to push around and lots of levers and jumpswitches to find. Don't get me wrong, these are very good levels, but perhaps too much can indeed be as bad as too little. At first I thought enemies were well balanced, but as the levels went on I realized they always attack in packs, so in one level you face several remeshed tin men, always in pairs, then the next one the enemies shift to skeletons, and eventually to fire wraiths — my personal favorite (in opposite world). Even by following Dutchy's walkthrough I spent one whole week here, and I suddenly feel this urge to play a dozen short levels through the upcoming week for a change of pace. 5h20min, 24 secrets. 06/21" - Treeble (27-Jun-2021)
"Once again it's downhill from initial organic locations to the final unitextured shaft climbed multiple times to kill immersion. I really don't understand this builder, I have no idea what these levels do that high, they're by no means a match to MagPlus or Inchdix, and this one pushes almost everything I had against the prequel even further. SUMMARY: A bunch of great ideas efficiently muted with hardly bearable lighting and a lot of unnecessary acting." - DJ Full (08-Jun-2016)
"The Legacy continues and it is as good as ever. Slightly more sinister and challenging than previously but fun. Traps, puzzles and tricky jumps equal a satisfying raid. Onwards and upwards to BP2 now..." - Ryan (01-Jun-2016)
"This pack is similar to the previous, with the same style, but a bit worse. All the levels have the same creepy style, not a single luminous level with something of fresh air; many times wraiths appear and you need to run quickly to a place with water and return to the same place where the ghost appeared; there are serious backtracking in some levels and the jumps between levels to look for objects make the game confused. In the last level (bonus 5) in the water room I was very tired to climb from the water to the top a lot of times through the same passages doing the same tasks. Except for this, all the other features are good and is a pack worth to play." - Jose (01-Jun-2012)
"Bonus 1: This very quickly reveals itself as something very different from the first levels, with the location being a cursed church in a forest. While LOTG had a unique style it was set in Greco-Roman ruins in the end, whereas this is something completely original. Gameplay is quite a bit more sedate than in LOTG itself, and this level is mostly exploration with only a few traps. It provides a good introduction, and, while the theme transition from LOTG doesn't make much sense, it's very refreshing.
Bonus 2: You descend into the hellish catacombs of the church. There's a nice transition from the last level, and the unique theme (including a lot of interesting object use) keeps up here. Gameplay is mostly an extension of the last level outside of one or two more intensive segments, with multiple enjoyable tasks to complete.
Bonus 3: This is a two-level section. Part one is mostly in massive hell-room, and the second part is in a sort of castle (and mainly a large Library area). After the relatively modest scale (by LOTG standards) of the first two bonus levels this part goes all out, with massive areas and tons of details. This is where the difficulty starts to pick up again, and this is quite possibly the most complex section since chapter 5 of the original. The two levels can be done in linear order, but the first in particular has lots to find in a huge area, and it can be quite easy to overlook something. But overall it feels more ordered than large levels earlier, and everything can be found fine if you're careful. One thing I didn't like is the random death pits placed in corridors throughout; they didn't really add anything except getting tiresome when you fall in them by accident (especially as they frequently seem placed so the camera doesn't immediately see them) This is where the gameplay of the bonus levels really picks up.
Bonus 4: This level mostly takes place in and around a massive lava cave with various ruins in it. While there are still plenty of "hell" details the texturing and atmosphere feels like a throw-back to the Greco-Roman style of LOTG itself. The main area is very visually striking and this is one of the most memorable levels in the series, with interesting design everywhere. The challenge level remains very high, and there's a lot to find and do, along with plenty of traps and other obstacles. The only part I didn't enjoy so much was the very end, which has quite a bit of backtracking and felt unnecessarily padded out.
Bonus 5: You're firmly back in hell again here, as you explore three temple areas and a massive tower room. Outside of the great looking central temple entrance area (and, somewhat, the main area of the tower) this level is a bit more confined, and a lot of the level is in corridors and similar. Perhaps a little too much considering the more domestic scale takes away from this being the finale of this part. It's definitely a finale in terms of gameplay though, with complex and difficult tasks everywhere. The main flaw is the amount of backtracking though; namely the tower room, which offers very few shortcuts and, while it can potentially be done in 2-3 climbs, there's so much that can be easily missed (including having to unintuitively backtrack elsewhere at one point) that it becomes very annoying and can easily take 5+ trips up before it's worked out. There's also a near-invisible trapdoor in one block- pushing part. The tasks are good beyond those issues though, including a boss encounter with a Hammergod and some platforming and jump sequences.
The first Bonus pack shows some more unique theming than LOTG itself. The first couple of chapters suggest that there's more of a focus on enjoying the environments over the pure gameplay/challenge LOTG itself had, but by the third chapter that quickly changes and it's easily as tough and involved as anything in LOTG (maybe even harder at points). Again, it's not perfect though, and most of the flaws I had are covered above (the most major being the backtracking in the last level). It's tough to say whether the quality here surpasses LOTG itself; they're both so good it's hard to choose which is superior overall." - Mman (14-Apr-2011)
"Being a big fan of Luis' levels , it was incomprehensible that I had not played these bonus packs before. No need to say I had a very good time playing this first pack, as the levels , although in settings different than the previous ones (the atmosphere is slightly 'hellish'), have the author 's trademarks : strong and satisfying gameplay, non linear progression at times , some fun and not too difficult timed riddles , faultless texturing , great secrets sometimes consisting of extra rooms. BONUS 1 The two first levels are good and fluent , the first one is set around a church , with cemeteries and other places where what you have to do is rather obvious and the use of the waterskin is required. Good progression despite a bit of backtracking, there is plenty to do of course, noticeable is a fight with a crusader on a horse and a great timed door for a secret. BONUS 2 Like in the previous level , despite there is not always a camera to help you , the progression is very fluent in these undergrounds with lava. I am not sure what was the legal way to pick up one of the 'demon pieces' , I just got it , burned and quickly dived in a hole of water nearby. BONUS 3A + 3B If the two first levels were quite entertaining, they are only starters when compared to this part. It is almost completely non linear and you can do things in different orders , I could return from one level to the previous for I needed the bigger waterskin. Bonus 3A is mostly set in a very big cave with adjacent rooms. There is plenty to do and it was a lot of fun to raid. The highlight for me was the area with the rolling boulders then the timed trapdoors. In Bonus 3B , you spend most of the time in a multi-levels library which is clearly one of the highlights of the whole game , it was really exciting to open up this area step by step to get all the missing crosses. The beginning of BONUS 4 is also unforgettable , set in a big and long cave with different small temples ; in this part also the choice of raiding is up to the player. There is some fun jumps to perform there, beyond many other tasks. BONUS 5 If the previous parts were really fluent for me, I had more difficulty in this one, and had to look at the excellent walkthrough several times to get back on track , or maybe it was just me who was a bit tired ? Here also many tasks have to be done. There is some redo in the high room area, and it's only after redoing the way a few times, I noticed there was a legal way to limit this repetitiveness. A great level despite me not being the smartest player. All in all , the author had again proved , at least in my eyes , he is one of these few builders who can provide so many hours of fun. [ 8 hours 30 ; 19/24 secrets ]" - eRIC (28-Jun-2009)
"We continue on here in the same vein and we've brought something useful with us, the waterskin. The author has rightly called this 'Bonus Pack' as there are six large levels in this set. So we have a mini epic as a follow on from the previous huge Legacy of the Gods. We hop between levels to complete tasks, and it can become a little confusing with all that back and forth gameplay. So, once again, I'd recommend the walkthrough to save time and frustration. Everything has improved as this series went along. We are now treated to far superior design and layout, lighting, textures, atmosphere, and gameplay. We start in a dark spooky cemetery with lots of, and various kinds of, dead knights to tackle. Gameplay starts fairly easy (well, kind of ) and becomes harder as we make our way through the levels. And I might say more frustrating too. Take for example a very high shaft we must make our way up ledge by ledge, room by room; but every now and then we trigger a fire wraith and have to swan dive back down to the water below, and start the whole process all over again. The routes to, and location of, secrets are excellent. The decor changes as we progress too, as if we are moving closer and closer to a sinister ending with lots of hellish objects, colours, textures and enemies. Even the colourful clowns have a sinister look on their faces, and the butterflies are positively dangerous. We visit lots of huge dark daunting looking caves and wonder how on earth we will survive. Even the outside areas, like the pretty caravan site in the woods has us looking over our shoulder wondering what will jump out at us. Some settings are really quite beautiful and impressive, like the stunning sunken temple of Pegasus, the red cave with sprawling columns and balconys, and the huge Library building. Unless I'm mistaken the author has placed angel statues in important places to guide us out of this nightmare. Nice touch. In each level there are lots of keys and other vital items to find. Excellent use of torches and waterskins. Many terrific timed runs, jumping, swimming, rope swinging, monkeyswings, block (and other objects) pushing puzzles, unique maze type places, and many traps and hazards along the way. To escape we have to find crosses, book, cartouches, stars, gems, skulls, scrolls, discs, tridents, and parts to make up the beautiful Guardians of Light to activate transporters. Of note are the 'face' levers, the skeleton levers, and locating the head to shoot under lava. All told, I'd say this is even better than the previous instalment, despite having fewer levels. And yet again, I say that these old levels are just as fascinating and exciting today as they must have been when first released. So, if this Bonus Pack is anything to go by, I'm really looking forward to the second set. Excellent work." - CC (07-Jul-2007)
"This six-level level collection is fantastic. However, I wouldn't suggest it for beginners and nervous people. :) Every level has to be walked in back and forth until you complete all challenges and find all secrets. This is sometimes quite nerve-racking. There are many timed runs and great new ideas. On one of the levels I almost blew the socks off when I found where the Portal Skulls belong. It was a great idea. In all, this is a real Tomb Raider adventure, I can only suggest it for every fans. Bonuslevel 1: This level has such a feeling! We are adventuring in a temple and in cemeteries. The enemies are crusaders; one of the is even riding a horse. Here, it is important to notice that he has the last key of the level. Our waterskins has to be filled several times during the adventure. There are no really hard challenges, but there are also timed runs. There are two secrets on the level; they are not hidden, but in order to access them you have to watch the patterns on the ceiling too. :) Bonuslevel 2: This adventure takes place in a dungeon. Bats, crusaders, some fiery wraiths and some demonic demigods are trying to set us back in reaching our goal. There are several timed runs on the level and it is also important to find the levers that open the doors, especially the two for the secrets. Bonuslevel 3-1: This level is monumental. It's huge and it's hard to find a way and the switches on it. I completed it three times until finding the optimal way and the 4 secrets. There are not much enemies, like in the whole game. There are also only some harpies and some red demonic demigods and fiery wraiths. Of challenges there are far more. The location, the textures, the sounds, everything is great. I really liked this level; after finding everything of course. Until that I only talked to my psychologist. :) And we will return to this level, because only one Crucifix can be found out of the 5. Bonuslevel 3-2: This level is wondeful. Especially the library part. There are no enemies, only the fiery wraiths disturb us. Here we have to find 4 Crucifixes so that we can return to the previous level and continue the adventure. But until that we have a lot of things to do. We have to find levers and switches, combine the two waterskins and pour the exact amount of water into the pan of the scales. If you measure it not right, the wolf shaped immortal beast appears and you can only rely on your savegames, so Load Game. :) I could find also 6 secrets on this level that are separate challenges each. One of the requires the torch, so drop it to a place where you can find it again. Bonuslevel 4: On this level we are adventuring in lava caves and temples. The enemies are skeletons, bats and some demigods. I found 6 secrets on this level and also here are every of them separate challenges to get. Many skills are needed to complete this level, there are many precise jumps and timed runs. I got stucked at the end of the level for a while; I didn't know how to open the grating using the two Portal Skulls. Though how easy it is! You only have to watch the other pillars. :) It was a great idea. Bonuslevel 5: Well, this last level was also great. However, it made me nervous several times when I had to complete the water room about 4 times. You also have to pay attention that if you would like to collect all 4 secrets, you don't have to pull every single levers on your way, because maybe they will close the ways to them. This level is not linear either, you can start at many places and you can choose among many ways. The enemies are skeletons, some annoying fiery wraiths. Because of the latters you have to walk in the whole way several times because of running away and jumping into the water. Near the end you will also face a demonic god with a hammer. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (20-Dec-2006)
"A fitting countinuation, the levels as big and complicated as in LotG. And as beautifully set too. Also difficult enough to remain challenging while tracking there and back again a lot. I see why this can be hard for some, but for me this is what tomb raiding is about; exploration and keen eye not to overlook any crawling space in a dark corner. Good level building force us to become better players. I love this series, still max points." - Akcy (04-Nov-2006)
"Jedi Master has made again wonderful level serie which contains 6 levels. These levels are quite gothic and there are a lot of nice objects. Levels include also many good puzzles and I like especially those water skin puzzles which I haven't seen in any other level. Added to this levels seem also excellent and I like especially the cemetery and church in the first level. In a whole playing this game was a good experience and I recommend this for everyone." - Samu (08-Mar-2006)
"Another wonderful set of levels. I love it. What I don't really care for is the backtracking. There is a lot of it. He did a nice job of it." - dantheraider (03-Aug-2005)
"Bonus 1 (8/8/10/9, 40 min., 2 secrets): Playing this back to back with the original Legacy of the Gods series, it does indeed feel like a smooth continuation. In the first part you visit a nice little church and surrounding cemeteries, get to use your waterskin that you brought along, collect keys and gems, master two easy timed runs, fight off plenty knights (tinmen) and generally run around quite a bit as Luis lets you visit places back and forth a few times. One of the secrets is via a nice long timed run that was great fun. Bonus 2 (8/9/9/10, 30 min., 2 secrets): I really liked the textures and objects in this part. The atmosphere seems to be getting more and more sinister and the few demigods you encounter have a very cool devilish look. There are again knights, some bats and wraiths and more timed runs and they are getting a little tighter now. That lava room with the hanging cages looked great. Bonus 3 (9/9/10/9, 145 min., 10 secrets): A level consisting of two rather long parts. And including top notch action with rams, boulders, spikes, burners and more as you search for keys and buttons, fighting more bats, demigods, harpies and avoiding wraiths. Really nice music in this part and use of AoD textures. The boulder room was a definite highlight and timed trapdoors are always fun. The block puzzle is clever but a little tedious. In the second part you kind of explore a Castle within a cave and get to climb and jump around a lot, which is great fun. It also includes three water scale puzzles and a quest for scrolls and keys and crucifixes in a library setting that was nicely designed. Again the timed runs seem to be getting tighter as the game progresses. Bonus 4 (9/10/9/9, 70 min., 6 secrets): Here we go again - another huge lava cave with plenty of those cute skeletons around. The course around this level is really rather clever, with well hidden jump switches, target shooting, rope swinging and more. Clearly, the difficulty is up further as some of the jumps really need skill and precision. Enemies are again demigods (the white version), skeletons and bats and you look for a few cartouches and a portal guardian that looks great when placed at the end. Bonus 5 (9/9/9/9, 90 min., 4 secrets): Another huge temple/castle setting to explore for a trident, a cartouche, three guardian keys, two other keys, another portal guardian for the teleporter and of course the book. I was tempted to actually rate gameplay down when I made my way up that water room for the umpteenth time, which got really tedious, but the overall construction is so good that I still had to give it a 9. There are more of those neat skeleton levers to open doors, many things to shoot, vases to push around and a fun room with blocks to raise and push around. I liked the textures from Quake and the gauntlet elements with boulders, jumps and lava combined to great effect. All in all a worthy climax of this Bonus Pack 1 and a great continuation of the whole 'Legacy series'. Onwards and upwards to Bonus Pack 2 now" - Michael (26-May-2005)
"Ok.. when I thought the LOTG was unbeatable, Luis makes yet another set of huge levels with tons of puzzles, deathtraps, (almost) impossible secrets and a gameplay that is out of this world. Prepare yourself for hell this time! And I mean it.. These levels are hard (besides the fact that you travel to hell hehe). The only thing that these levels lack is enemies, but it doesn't matter for me. I play Luis levels for his imagination when it comes to difficulty, gameplay and map layout. As always there is nothing to be disappointed about. Full score from me. I wish I could give it more. The last level is just ..amazing. Although I had to replay it once to get one of the secrets :) 2005-04-29" - QRS (01-May-2005)
"I must admit at the outset that I'm not as enamored of this builder's work as most others seem to be. There's no question that LOTG, together with the two bonus packs thus far released, is a monumental achievement that richly deserves its inevitable place in the TRLE Hall of Fame. I can certainly appreciate the creative genius that has gone into the compilation of this challenging opus. However, it was only on rare occasions that I experienced the joy and sheer fun of raiding as I made my way through these levels. I found myself saving my game every few steps out of fear that I would encounter yet another breakway tile, or a passage with multiple jumps with a fiery death awaiting me below, or another deep pit in a dark area where a single misstep would cause me to plummet to a crunchy death. Indeed, I would no more have played these levels without Dutchy's life-saving (literally) walkthrough than I would attempt to brave a raging blizzard without first putting on suitable protective garments. Accuse me of sour grapes if you must, but I much prefer those levels where I can roam about and enjoy the builder's creative artistry without constantly having to look over my shoulder for the next peril to conquer. All of this being said, I applaud Luis Martins for giving the TRLE community a memorable series that certainly forces the less skilled player to sharpen his or her raiding skills." - Phil (07-Mar-2005)
"Yet another epic series of levels from one of the best designers out there. There are some very nice graphics here (particularly in the lovely 'church' area), as well as some newly textures things (you'll know what I mean when you meet the Devil himself!). There is also quite a nice bit of custom music to accompany your adventures. Talking of adventuring, most of it was very good, and some of it was truly great, although some parts were a bit maze-like and confusing. This is especially noticeable towards the end when the levels get very large and complex, so that sometimes you're just not sure where to go and may end up covering an awful lot of ground. All in all I didn't think that this series was quite as awesome as the original LOTG that it follows on from, mainly due to the aforementioned confusion that sometimes appears and add to that the fact that it is much harder, probably too hard for some. Having said that, it's still one of the set of maps best ever!" - gfd (06-Mar-2005)
"This is even more brilliant than the first one if that were possible. This is true TR stuff. The atmosphere is just fantastic and just the right amount of enemies at just the right (maybe wrong!) time to create the suspense for enjoyable gameplay. The timers are challenging but not too hard (except for one!). Puzzles very clever. Some fantastic jumps, rolls etc. Truly for players who have had a bit of practice. What a game. I just can't wait for the next sequel." - Moonliteshadow (01-Mar-2005)
"These five Bonus levels were simply masterful. Thanks Jedi for this beautiful masterpiece. Puzzles are well designed and you need to keep your eyes open to not lose orientation. Add to that traps and timed doors. What I really liked were the objects. In order to proceed Lara had to hand two presents to two little devils and the scenario with the crowbar was ingenious. Also, the five crosses Lara needs to find are well designed. You can almost not described how engrossing the atmosphere was. Enemies are plenty but Lara is well equipped with weaponry. Sound was suitable in the whole game, cameras added in all the right places. Graphics were very well designed and textures fit in really well. Jedi made an effort to create something close to reality and succeeded. You have to play those five Bonus Levels and I am still hoping for a sequel. Thanks Jedi for almost 24 hours of fun that I spent in this gothic world and I did not regret it." - Navi (21-Feb-2005)
"This is titled 'The Gothic Levels' and gothic it is indeed. After having toyed with Greek mytho in the nine first chapters, you're now in for a good trip in Dante's favorite place, starting with a (very gothic) level with cursed templars and a beautiful church and ending right in the heart of Hell, with Satan himself (or is it one of his minions?) roaming around. Needless to say, the whole set is incredibly beautiful and atmospheric, and the gameplay is more than excellent (a bit more difficult than the basic levels at times): various, intelligent and, as usual, never boring. A great set of levels that ended too soon for me (not that the levels are short, mind you), and all I can say is that I'm eagerly waiting for the continuation." - Sutekh (04-Feb-2005)
"Another multi levelled game here 6 levels where I've decided to give across the board perfect scores and how could I not. Well I know that some can but I find that if you rate each level singularly as if they are purely individual levels which they aren't and then give the mean average then that demeans their worth in the context of the whole game and really how can you in all good conscience rate a game that lasted 6 hours as this did as though you had just played a normal 45 minute to an hour one and I find it very unfair that amazing multi levelled games are sometimes being underrated because of the pure fact that the Editor engine cannot cope with their volume so the authors have to break up their concepts into multiple levels instead of one massive single one. Okay my rant is over but I just hate seeing when a brilliant set of levels is not given it's fair shake because of this reason. Anyway these 6 levels of Luis' are visually delicious with one major giant room usually being the focal point from where most gaming is taken place in each level be it a church with cemeteries a multi storey library a lava cavern with pillared pagodas or a tall tower like shaft. You also get almost all the puzzling you can think of but you still get a nice familiarity that follows through each level without the feel that you are just repeating things you did previously. The overall sense you'll get is that each respective level grows in it's interest and that is exactly what a game should give you. Oh I nearly forgot there are also 24 secrets to collect throughout yipppeee and they were all thoughtfully placed with middle to hard degree of difficulty in finding them and be careful as some aren't always collectable! To wrap up these 6 levels are not as confusing as 'Legacy of the Gods' which had all the level jumps back and forward and they won't have you too stuck too often which is always a good thing but a certain degree of smart thinking will help you get through to the end as well as a keen eye at times. Luis has done a fantastic job and all should take the time to play these levels and enjoy." - Sash (23-Oct-2004)
"The fun continues. Churches and graveyards are the initial motifs guarded by a heck of a lot of knights most of whom are re-textured tinmen so they're quite nippy unlike the usual crumbly crusaders. There are also devils (re-textured demigods) to deal with as the atmosphere becomes more hellish. The hell section is marvellously effective with well chosen audio files and some excellent textures and objects. I particularly liked the skeletons with swords through their chests used as floor levers. There's a highly original sequence involving pulling switches behind doors that open and close whilst avoiding rolling boulders quite a few timed runs and of course a collapsing tile run or two. Actually the collapsing tile runs were quite easy - is Luis taking pity on us as the Legacy series draws to a close. The standard of this bonus level is every bit as impressive as the original LOTG episodes and I'm glad to see that there will be another bonus levels to come." - Jay (15-Oct-2004)
"This is another feat of Luis and it does look very very good. It starts of pretty easy and gets more difficult with each level. You are in hunt for a lot of artifacts and stumble across many secrets. Must have missed two but I am not complaining. Not about that anyway. What I am complaining about is the missing camera work in the last 3 levels. As the levels are big (huge would be a better word) there is a lot of back and fro that I got pretty fed up at certain points. The jumping as such is thrilling and you will die several times that is a guarantee and there are also some timed runs in them luckily I could make them after several tries. In retrospect there aren't that many enemies but I really didn't miss them; that could tell you something. The puzzles are great and do look again and again as I completely overlooked a lever as the flip map effects are nicely done. The climbing of that tower is a great idea figuring out where to go and getting to a certain point diving in the water and doing it all over was fun to do in the beginning but then it became a bit tedious as you have to do it a couple of times extra (as a for instance with wraith chasing Lara at least I didn't know where else to go than a dive in the water) and then it wasn't so thrilling anymore if you get my drift. A pity still that there isn't a saved game for the Mac players. 07-09-2004" - Gerty (27-Sep-2004)
"I am a big fan of Luis' games and chances were I would love this one too. I liked very much both the setting and gameplay with the exception of the last level which is very confusing. I lost count on how many times I climbed and jumped in the area with the pool and the blocks. The atmosphere secrets puzzles everything was great in this game. It's the first time I see bonus levels to be like a game and not just ones that you run around doing almost nothing. These levels have enemies tasks to complete and nice areas to visit. You are searching for keys a trident and a waterskin among others. At some point you visit the area with the diabolic element in the air and a hammer god which won't give you much trouble though. The wraiths are one of the enemies along with the mutants that I am not very fond of but it was exciting running for water that isn't very close most of the time I might add to extinguish them. I had two problems with two secrets in the last level. At some point I was outside the gate with half of a cartouche at the beginning of the level and had sixty three secrets after picking up the cartouche I had sixty four. The weird thing is that is not a secret so it must be a bug. Another bug with a secret I had was at the area with a deep pit that has a ladder to access a secret but that one didn't register for me. I replayed most of that level and everything went well so I have no idea what caused those two bugs. Knowing that there will be a sequel to the bonus levels I can hardly wait to see with what Luis will come up next but I am sure it will be even greater than this. Obviously this is highly recommended." - Kristina (15-Sep-2004)
"I've just played levels 1 and 2 in a row and I must say my first impressions is this is much better than South America and Legacy of the Gods put together one of the best games I remember playing in fact. The ambiance is fantastic and just what I needed right now since I've been reading about the Middle Ages. One must be aware that Legacy of the Gods not just the savegame must be installed in order to play. Once that's arranged time for a travel in Gothic Land... Legacy of the Gods Bonus 1 - The first level takes place around a church and two cemeteries (naturally). It's mostly about finding your way around. You'll have to use your waterskin two times so keep it full. There are also some nice timed runs and a lot of fights with undead templar knights one of them mounted on a horse. It's night time (naturally). Once you've slaughtered all those undead meanies time to get to the catacombs. Legacy of the Gods Bonus 2 - The Gothic feeling becomes omnipresent here. These aren't the same old catacombs we're used to - they're usually stunning and well diabolical. Amidst a couple o fights with demons and templar knights (naturally) you'll have to find two demon dice which will show you the way to the next level always deeper into the heart of the earth. There are some traps here and more timed runs plus one push block puzzle (demon blocks of course) some more lava to cross over cages like torture cages and even a lost cemetery (naturally). Very very enjoyable. Legacy of the Gods Bonus 3.1 - And from the catacombs we descend to hell... And this is one hell of a level to get oriented and know and know exactly what to do at times - result: Lara goes back and forth and back and forth maybe because some buttons and levers have no flybys at all even though some others do. The level uses many textures from the Atlantean levels in TR1 but still manages to be colorful enough perhaps because Luís decided he wasn't going to paint everything in black and give us a headache. Lara has to find some keys use the waterskin and some hell oil (the almost invisible torch is near) while facing all kinds of devilish traps. After getting the garden key you'll find a large waterskin which will be much needed in the next level. Legacy of the Gods Bonus 3.2 - And this is why you need the large waterskin: there are several scales puzzles as in The Last revelation here. Count the skulls on the walls and you'll know how many litres you'll have to pour. I liked the kitchens in the first part of this level but the main dish is a fantastic library reminiscent of TR4 with plenty to do and multitudes of fire wraiths that will force you to move around a lot. In the end you should have five crucifixes. Get back to the previous level place them and proceed to the next level... Legacy of the Gods Bonus 4 - You're in a huge room over lava (the lava becomes ever present from now on) and you'll have to fight skeletons a-go-go perform some seemingly impossible jumps swing in ropes and much much more. Some interesting features such as the face on the floor that took me a little while to understand or the skulls that you have to place... somewhere. And off you go teleported to the next level. Legacy of the Gods Bonus 5 - Plenty of things to do here and quite mind boggling at times... This level is bound to make you use your brain. Meanwhile there's an angry hammergod making loud noises and driving you nervous. Don't be upset if you become stuck several times. I did. Just think you may have missed some crawlspace along the way and look more carefully. There are loads of traps lots of jumps (not nearly impossible thank God) collapsible tiles lava water and a tower room that will drive you crazy going up and down repeatedly sometimes chased after by those dreaded wraiths. In the end you'r teleorted to some location maybe in a different dimension and the story ends (I was sad in spite of all the times the game drove me to desperation) with the promise of a continuation. This level may seem impossible at times but it's not. I teleported my Lara without having used the Book of Death which I collected in the hammergod room. Have I missed something? One last word for the way the secrets are to be found in this series of levels... They're a part of the adventure you're somehow led into finding them but you still have to work for them. I liked that. So... If you still have any doubts believe me you really must play this adventure. It is in my opinion the best Luís has built so far - the creepiest too - and I can hardly wait for its continuation. We've been to ancient Greece and Rome now we had a Gothic adventure what will it be next? Renaissance? Baroque? The 19th century? The 20th century? The future? I really want to take that trip. (September 13 2004)" - Jorge22 (15-Sep-2004)