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Monstrum 3 by Lukasz Croft

Engelchen Lara 5 6 7 6
Gerty 6 7 6 5
Jay 5 7 7 6
Jose 3 5 6 4
Kristina 6 7 8 8
MichaelP 5 7 8 7
Orbit Dream 6 7 5 4
Ryan 4 6 6 5
Sash 3 5 6 6
TG 4 6 8 9
Treeble 5 6 6 6
Xxenofex 0 1 1 1
release date: 04-Sep-2004
# of downloads: 51

average rating: 5.48
review count: 12
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file size: 28.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: Shooter

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is a debut level that does bear a few hallmarks, both of a beginner and of Lukasz's early building style. All you really need to do in this one is gun down countless myriads of weird (and maybe not so wonderful) enemies while looking for switches necessary to progress. It's far too dark in places and the textures are blandly applied (although lighting is creatively golden), and as mentioned, gameplay really just boils down to the shooting, although there are a couple of timed runs and traps thrown in for good measure. The custom weaponry and the music were nice touches, but I personally wouldn't recommend this as a must play." - Ryan (01-Jun-2018)
"Not a bad debut, but you can start to notice here the peculiar style from this builder: too many enemies to shoot and no original ideas to create puzzles. There are also a lot of beginner defects: the unmarked climbable walls, many paper walls, unmarked spiked traps in the final corridor, bad applied textures... It notices an effort with the lighting and the musics, but advancing always shooting hundreds of enemies and pulling some switches never was my idea of an entertaining level." - Jose (18-Jun-2017)
"This is Lukasz' very first level, but even back then it was quite clear what he was going for. Along with a number of custom sounds, you get a number of custom weapons here (I thought the grappling gun was funny as a grenade launcher though) as you fight an unbelievable amount of baddies scattered through the level. The first few areas come right from a TR2 Gold level too, but soon turns into something else and at some point you even get icy caverns that felt oddly out of place (they seem to be in just to justify the inclusion of polar bears). There are a few unmarked climbing walls and there one too many skeletons to annoy you as you try to perform any actions with them on your toes in the claustrophobic areas they appear in. Certainly one for the action fans. 45 minutes, 4 secrets." - Treeble (26-Apr-2009)
"Ok, When I first started to play this level it struck me imediately as a nice level as far as atmosphere. The lighting and textures were just right thus I gave you a 9 in my fair opinion. You did a great job with your atmosphere sounds and cameras. Personaly I think you cameras were just right. Not fantastic but at least great. I only had to readjust the camera once by using the look feature that Lara uses to look around. The enemies objects and secrets I gave you a 6. I was not very impressed with your method of hiding secrets and you objects such as levers need some consideration. I found one lever that was hell getting Lara to so that she could use it. If you're going to confine your lever to one square surrounded by a hill, do us all a favor and don't tilt the lever at an angle like you did. Keep the levers like this straight. The game play I would rate as good but I gave you a 4 because the puzzles leave something to be desired. I really liked the falling ice cicles and the four way blades springing up from the floors. I also loved the great big wall bouncing back and forth trying to crush you. You had some very original items in this level. Keep up the work, I know if you take some of these items you can make new levels that are even better." - TG (14-Feb-2007)
"With this level the author has presented himself little trouble to create a right level. It is merely a sequence of countless opponents in very badly textured and illuminated surroundings. In addition come a few bugs and this level is almost unplayable in my opinion. Okay I anyhow don't like a pure shooter level however this here is the worst I have played this year. Would not recommend it at all." - Xxenofex (28-Nov-2004)
"This simply must have been the largest body count I ever had in a level and this one was only 45 minutes long. There are somewhere between 80 and 90 enemies in here and they are of many different types (more than 15 different ones I think). Funnily enough it does still not feel all that much like a shooter level as you make quite a bit of path as well through rather eclectic texturing that in fact worked rather well for me in creating a bit of a spooky atmosphere. Added to the enemies all you get here are about 10 levers to pull on the rather linear path and several traps (spike walls spikes darts various blades etc). There are also a few beginner mistakes like thin walls unmarked climbable walls and stretched textures especially towards the end but if you do like a bit of shooting this provides you with some good clean fun while it lasts. Found 6 secrets along the way - mostly powerful weapons." - Michael (27-Nov-2004)
"I'm not sure where Monstrum 1 and 2 are but I have to say that if I saw them listed I would probably avoid them like the plague. For the entire hour this took to play I was shooting enemy after enemy with really nothing else to do in the icy and not so icy caves. And why there is such a large download for that is anyone's guess!?! As there really is nothing else to say about the level apart from I found 5 secrets that registered as 6 I may as well list the types of enemies you'll find here. Rats jackals demigods sharks skeletons locusts beetles tinmen black clad men giant mossies polar bears wraiths and finally dorsel finned ahmets. That's it!" - Sash (23-Oct-2004)
"Strange textures and audio are going on in this level. It's gloomy it's spooky and when you fire your pistols the empty cases sound like wind chimes as they fall to the floor. As for the honking noise than occurs every time Lara gets out of the water frankly it's bizarre. The place is heaving with rats and there are jackals demigods skeletons sharks tinmen guards bears ahmets - it would probably be quicker to list what enemies aren't lurking about. I certainly could have done without the locusts. Medipacks and weapons are fairly generously supplied but believe me you'll need them. Not a bad first time effort at all although I found it far too dark in places. If you like shooters give it a try." - Jay (09-Oct-2004)
"When Ian was here he played this one so looking over his shoulder it was rather easy for me to play it at a later date. I also saw that someone on the German Forum played this with the use of absolutely no medipack and I found that hard to believe. Don't look at me I am a person that doesn't play the game over and over again to save medipacks but no medipacks at all? I barely made it with the medipacks provided. Anyway the beginning does indeed look familiar and the level itself is dark as the textures that are used (special in the beginning) are dark as well. There are different sort of enemies in here and some of them are a bit hard to slay. It is pretty fast paced even if it is non linear. Have a go at it as it is always fun to do some raiding. 15-09-2004" - Gerty (27-Sep-2004)
"Not a level for friends of puzzles - this is mainly a shooter and I was rather disappointed by it. Atmosphere was nice but all those enemies... (demigods dogs bears sharks soldiers). As said no puzzles an amulet to find at the start a few levers a few traps to master. Lara mainly has to eliminate the enemies and especially the soldiers are not easy to get rid of and you should have some strategy to not lose too much health. You do not find all weapons right at the start but then during the game you run into them but do save your ammo. I found five secrets. Textures were quite stretched in many rooms and it was often rather dark. Sound was ok and background sounds worked well. As said not suitable for all tastes and one could have made a bit more out of it especially as all those enemies simply appeared in large groups. :-(" - Engelchen Lara (25-Sep-2004)
"It seems like lately builders like to recreate older TR games this one is a TR3 level with many similarities with a level from the original game. Most of the areas are covered with burning gold and are a bit gloomy. The enemies are soldiers sharks skeletons and demigods with traps like spikes and stalagmites. I enjoyed playing this level that lasted about forty five minutes. The puzzles aren't many though just some moving blocks and switches to use that open doors. The spike walls are always nice in a level and we don't see them often. I found three secrets." - Kristina (20-Sep-2004)
"An action-packed first effort this one. There's far too much darkness (which always detracts from the builders efforts in my opinion) the first few minutes seemed suspiciously familiar there were too many stretched textures and quite a few wafer-thin walls; but there was undeniably never a dull moment with the gameplay which was always exciting without ever being frustrating. No non-linearity here just run from room to room avoiding an array of colourful enemies and imaginatively placed traps. Those looking for sophistication should look elsewhere; those who just want to have a fast-moving undemanding time have probably come to the right place." - Orbit Dream (12-Sep-2004)