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Sam against Anubis by Lorane

Aims 9 10 10 10
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Casual Raider 10 9 10 10
CC 8 9 9 9
Elsa 9 10 9 10
Gerty 7 8 8 8
Jay 8 10 10 10
Jorge22 9 10 10 9
Jose 7 9 9 8
Kristina 8 8 8 8
MD 8 8 10 9
MichaelP 8 9 9 9
Orbit Dream 9 9 10 9
Phil 9 9 10 10
Relic Hunter 8 10 10 9
Ryan 9 9 10 9
Sash 9 8 10 10
Treeble 9 10 10 9
release date: 22-Sep-2004
# of downloads: 94

average rating: 9.13
review count: 18
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file size: 56.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Alien/Space

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"There's a certain linearity aspect to these levels with a few exceptions now and then — P4X237 being one as it feels a bit like a hub with several places of interest —, and yet this delivers a fulfilling experience that you might not get from unnecessarily open ended levels. You even get a few neat, albeit very short, cutscenes showcasing the protagonist making her escape and then return to Anubis' ship. I loved the use of what I believe to be an Ocarina of Time temple theme as the background track there, it was such a nice fit. Generally speaking some of the texturing could have done with some more fine tuning, but all in all these were still good looking levels and the several custom objects helped build the outlandish atmosphere. 75 minutes, 3 secrets. 06/21" - Treeble (04-Jul-2021)
"This must have seemed incredibly innovative upon its release and today it still provides a satisfying and challenging raid. As in the author's previous level, we assume the role of Sam Carter rather than Lara. I enjoyed some of the original touches scattered around these levels such as locusts in the form of Sam's head, invisible ahmet creatures and the Stargate itself. I wasn't exactly a fan of the crawlspace maze or the dragons that kept setting Sam on fire, but those are minor gripes. Highly recommended for something that deviates from the normal Tomb Raiding experience." - Ryan (15-Oct-2016)
"I'm still excited about this game, even after so many years. It's another one of the biggest title in TRLE world for me.This game is full of so many wonderful moments and interesting solutions. Architecture and gameplay are very interesting. Atmosphere is astonishing and very specific. I really enjoyed exploring and solving the puzzles. The most important aspect for me is that, I'm still inspired by this one, it was an amazing experience." - MD (23-Apr-2015)
"This is an astonishing achievment when you conder its age (10 years as of the writing of this review). A huge futuristic fantasy,multi-level adventure;filled with glorious (and frequently astonishing) visual sequences. The first level is a little tame and completely linear,but it breaks you in nicely and helps prepare you for the epic quest to follow.It all really begins with the massive non-linear hub level which follows;a simply vast location,with numerous side levels branching off.Despite the constant invention in evidence all around,the gameplay is not always the most enjoyable a player could experience.A tedious crawl maze complete with nasty creatures following you around;way too many Seth enemies,which are dull to kill and which slow the gameplay right down;and a few instances where the player can happily proceed on his/her way,ignorant of the fact that they've missed a crucial pick-up and will therefore inevitably have to return for it later.(Once again,the Walkthrough proved to be a godsend under these circumstances). Nonetheless,the player will never once be bored;as there is a seemingly never-ending stream of visually inventive and fun things to do. Most of the adventures progression is pretty easy,but the way in which it's presented makes it seem completely fresh.Visually,the level is astonishing when you take into account the limitations of its era.Lighting and texturing is creative everywhere(although a few missing and stretched textures occasionally broke the spell);and the audio choices were creative. Overall,this strives to tell a coherant story (whether you're familiar with its source or not)and deserves the highest of praise for the constant level of invention with which it achieves this." - Orbit Dream (02-Feb-2014)
"It's amazing to find old level that's so well-built with both outstanding architecture and gameplay. And there is as well wonderful and creative story. Despite that this custom is rather old it still amazes me with the choice of textures, new objects and enemies. And all those nice weapons! The only disadvantage of this level I found was not enough medipacks and at times it was really harsh with all these enemies around. The last fight was like some classic ones when u could't fight enemy and had to find another way around. Loved retextured Lara and whole level idea - ship, planet and that crystal world. Recommended for a bit more experienced players, but it's really, really worth taking a look at." - Casual Raider (23-Dec-2013)
"Incredible what the authors builded nine years ago, without all that new tools they can use today. This levels are full of special effects, new and retextured enemies and objects, new sounds... Impressive atmosphere with a good use of textures and lights and many animations and another features like explosions, ray lights, movin' objects... On the other hand I saw a lot of stretched textures, at least in the mountains, variety of enemies, but all them demigods with different outfits, and few weapons and ammo to deal with them comfortably. Also I missed some more puzzles to solve. The last fight with Anubis was not very hard but entertaining and challenging. A levels worth to play; take a try and you'll be surprised!" - Jose (12-Nov-2013)
"It's an exellent adventure for the every fans of the stargate SG1. Lara(sam carter) visit a few planets and starships inpired of the serie. The beggining in the Osiris ship is just amazing and the end when Lara steal a ship to join the planet is just great. After she is lost in a strange planet with these strange inhabitants and the famous stargate near and the goal is to open the gate to join the Earth. We are also many objects of the series like the famous rings transport, weapons, enemies ... and a few new surprises. Everything is just perfect in this adventure, specially the very last moment of the game. I just don't understand there are just 11 reviews of this game. Peoples of trle world, you must to play this game, it's a jewel of the editor. Thanks a lot Lorane for this beautiful adveture through new spaces and worlds. VERY VERY RECOMMENDED ..." - BigFoot (27-Sep-2012)
"If you're looking for an offbeat raiding experience that'll give you a solid two hours' worth of entertainment, download this one without delay. It presents a truly alien environment with a distinctively alien story line. Indeed, the defining mission of these interlocking levels is to activate the stargate that allows you to escape. Along the way there are many unique touches, such as enemies bearing Lara's likeness, a reverse bungee jump that enables you to leap tall pillars at a single bound, ghost critters that behave like ahmets when they die, plants that rear up and bite you, and many others. Sam behaves like a young Lara in that you start with no weapons, but as the enemies become more powerful you're provided with suitable firepower with which to deal with them. There's a boss sequence near the end that's quite frustrating, as you're required to find and push four buttons/levers (two quite obvious, two not at all obvious) just so you can access a jump switch to neutralize the invulnerable phantasm. Well lighted throughout, which I always appreciate in a level. Highly recommended." - Phil (01-May-2008)
"This level set must have been a real surprise for players when it was released. And despite a few problems is still an excellent playing experience. Very unique, very imaginative. In essence, there is not much to do in each part, but what we do and see is definitely worth it. The objects, enemies, items, cuts scenes, animations, and environments are wonderfully done, and the music added greatly to this alien enironment.
Escape from Anubis' Ship: We are playing as Samantha Carter. We see her and her shipmates being attacked by Anubis. She is the only survivor and is imprisoned in the ship's anti-gravity cell, and is forced to change from combat gear to an impressive Egyptian outfit. She manages to escape the cell, but is unarmed, which means she must carefully make her way past traps and enemies to escape. Of note are the water barriers, blade traps and exploding 'mines'. One of her dying crewmates has managed to hide laser guns for Sam, bless him. So she is at least armed when she steals a starship and flys off to....
P4X237: The ship has crash landed on this colourful, almost fairytale like planet inhabited by ET's, homicidal plants, and dangerous fish and flying creatures. But it looks great. We find the mechanical beetle and crystal skulls. Once we've cleared the place of all killing things, it becomes relatively safe for us to come back a few times after visiting other areas(levels) for items. So this is the main hub level. The actual terrain is the toughest thing to deal with... numerous falling boulders. Climbing and searching the mountain for an item is made a lot easier as Sam shows us where to look.
Crystal's World: Another semi-hub level we will visit twice on our travels. We access this world by crossing over those transparent ledges by the rolling boulders. As can be guessed, there are many crystal objects here, blocks (clever puzzle), columns, fuses, skull, and Sam is attacked by invisible creatures. You'd almost say 'what a sight!', but you can't see them, lol. We activate transporter beams on spaceships to take us to other locations... 2nd time through is a totally surreal experience with dark blue crystal rocks embedded in yellow sand. We find and use one of those brilliant gyrospheres, and we are attacked by Sam clones, locusts, and wraiths, bounce up a waterfall (you'll see), and a terrific jumping session past amazing looking Sam dragons. I can definitely now say 'what a sight!'. We jump through crystal tubes, meet a fiery female guardian, commandeer another spaceship and watch another great flyby.
Anubis' Pyramid: Great view at the start of the pyramid and guardians. And excellent background desert scene from the top of the pyramid, when we get up there. More mountain climbing around the perimeter to pick up a knife, and into the pyramid to fight for a mask. The sneaky part here is the almost invisible trapdoor in the desert. If you don't know it's there you'd wonder how on earth you can get out of here. Once found though we eventually start another transporter and watch an amazing sight as the centaur statues animate.
Return to Anubis Ship: Why? Because we have to face him, and we now have the wherewithall to do so. This thing is huge, and even though we know we are on a spaceship, it is very Egyptian in textures, objects, and puzzles, with the addition of some crazy looking living 'tumbleweeds' and rotating Lara statues. We can't kill Anubis, only imprison him. Having done so we return to P4X237 and start up that stargate.
These levels are suitable for all players, with just a few hair raising and head scratching moments. Even after this length of time the levels are very enjoyable and literally a 'must see'." - CC (12-Nov-2007)
"If you want a change from the typical tomb raiding game then you must try this level. A combination of Egyptian and space. You start without any weapons in a space ship. Since the game is based on the show Stargate it has similarities like weapons, odd creatures and Sam's outfit suits the theme of the level. All the enemies and traps are slightly changed to look unique, beware of large colourful plants. In the Crystal world there is a very interesting tube slide. There are plenty of health packs for the many battles. The creative work in designing the last level is impressive, an enjoyable game to play." - Elsa (27-Jun-2006)
"Escape from Anubis' Ship (7/9/9/9, 15 min.): From a cool starting scene, this evolves into a fairly linear 'warm-up' level. Lara Croft as Sam Carter escape from the prison and masters a few traps (the bomb infested path was impressive) and finally finds her pistols and flys away in a spaceship (great scene!). The mix of futuristic and Egypt textures and objects is a bit odd but works quite ok. P4X237 (8/9/9/9, 40 min., 1 secret): Now that's what I call an unfriendly planet. Sam crashes her spaceship here and the level serves as kind of a hub for the subsequent levels as you return here a few times. I really liked the horizon and the outer world feeling this offers, the way the enemies 'beam' onto the planet and many other rather cool special effects. At times the colours are rather intense and the crawlspace maze is annoying but you don't actually have to go through it, if you don't drop down into the lava lake. A mechnical scarab gets used and crystal skulls need to be found to access the all important transporters to the next levels. Crystal's World (8/9/9/9, 10+10 min.): This world you enter twice and once it offers a neat little block puzzle and invisble ahmets and a beautiful cave and waterfalls and the other time you face a lot of 'alter ego' enemies in a desert with blue rocks. The fire throwing dragon heads were quite tough to avoid and the mirror room a nice touch. Anubis' Pyramid (7/7/8/8, 20 min., 1 secret): This offers a huge pyramid in a relatively small desert area but relatively little to do in it as you find and use a Pharaoh's Head and pick up one of the two all important 'Stars of Energy'. The centaur scene was breath taking though. Return to Anubis' Ship (8/9/10/9, 20 min., 1 secret): Just like the first level, this last one is very linear, but it is also very atmospheric, has great flybys, tough enemies (remodeled demigods and a ghostly Anubis who cannot be killed) and a number of cool effects which make this a worthy highlight of this series, before you return to the Planet and activate the Stargate to finish the game. All in all, I was a bit surprised that a series of five levels has a net gaming time of less than two hours, but those are two hours fun packed with special effects, so it's a must see game. Gameplay as such has only few really exciting moments but the overall package is absolutely worth the download, so don't wait!" - Michael (20-Mar-2005)
"These levels are not starring Lara Croft but a woman called Samantha carter. They are based on the hit tv series Stargate SG-1 so you are playing stargate instead of tomb raider! The story is that the S.G.C (the team Sam is in) has been in a war against Anubis for quite some time. Sam decides to go on an ordinary mission exploring a planet which is very rich with naquada. Anubis has made the inhabitants prisoner and being helpless against him they hand over Sam and her team to him. Keeping them prisoner and torturing them for coordinates on earth Sam manages to escape so she can deal with Anubis once and for all! This was such a fun mini game to play everything about it was great. There are 4 levels one is only short and you go back and forth between them to get items to use in the main area. You start off in Anubis' ship. It has a mixture of textures mostly Egyptian and looks really alien. There are windows with lots of stars in the background so it really feels like you are onboard a alien spaceship. It then goes onto a planet which looks really nice with weird flowers about and enemies with the head of Lara's clone in tr1! And then crystal world which has lots of blue crystal rocks in the caves. Some of the enemies looked really good weird soldiers butterflies and in a rush through a level Sam soldiers Sam head wraithes and Sam dragons which shoot Sam head locusts! lol The music sounds great too especially the bg music nice little tunes which go just right with the levels. Creepy eerie music for the ship nice peaceful music for the planet and fantasy type music for the crystal world. There are other tunes sound effects and some lines from the programme Sam talking and Anubis talkin etc. All in all a very enjoyable set of levels and i highly recommend it to absolutely everyone! Play it now!" - Aims (05-Nov-2004)
"Fantastic outfit truly 'out of this world' atmosphere - yes we really are back in the Stargate world again. There's some interesting gameplay in the first part but essentially it's a young Lara level when you've got nothing in your inventory and I must say I was glad to get my pistols back. You soon make your escape to another planet however (in a most spectacular fashion) and what a good alien environment it is - I loved the 'killer' flowers. I think my favourite section must be the Anubis Pyramid; it really is particularly stunning visually. The re-textured objects and cut scenes are just brilliant and the audio files used throughout add to the atmosphere enormously. Gameplay-wise there's nothing difficult to achieve but there are some good original ideas and it's great fun. The 'number of times you've saved the world' in the statistics really made me laugh. You absolutely must not miss this one." - Jay (01-Nov-2004)
"What a breath of fresh air. These 5 intermingled levels are just so interesting and intriguing that I looked forward with every step to seeing what lay ahead. Escape from Anubis' Ship - That damn Anubis looking very Grim Reaper like has taken Sam our heroine here instead of Lara prisoner on his giant spaceship. Getting off this ship is easier said than done as some highly deadly traps lay ahead such as small stargates where the blades are not visible a rotating floor blade room with more bladed arms than you'd like and some mine tiles. Sam also has been stripped of her weapons so when you meet up with enemies then you better run fast. End the level collecting the guns. 20 minutes. P4x237 - Sam has now crashed onto a lovely lush planet with waterfalls and greenery after stealing a craft from the spaceship's docking bay. This level acts as a hub from which you leave to other levels and come back to later with items collected so if you forget anything from any level you can always go back and find them at anytime. ET headed ninjas killer butterflies and croc like fish are the enemies you meet but if you also find your way to the long dirt crawl maze which it seems can be avoided you also happen upon a tiger mutant frogman and small marshmallow boys (well that's what I call them). All up time spent here was 60 minutes. 1 secret found mechanical beetle which was a necessity to progress. Crystal's World - Now this is an odd and beautiful world. Maybe not overly the first time you visit with a nice movable block puzzle and some invisible ahmets but the second time you come back as you are set upon by all different kinds of enemies all who have Sam's face the most bizarre and brilliant being two giant serpents who you have to outrun on some blocks hovering in space. Combined time of 25 minutes. 1 secret found unnecessary to proceed. Anubis' Pyramid - One large area based around a pyramid is where you get to play and yes that doesn't sound overly thrilling but as you only spend a short period of time here and you still have the sense you aren't really in an Egyptian level this was a great inclusion. You're main aim is to get into the base of the pyramid where you have to collect a Hand but first you have to pass a room full of swinging ramsheads and this is not an easy thing let me tell you. 15 minutes. 1 secret found and by the walkthrough I took the wrong route which was so much harder and felt wrong as I was doing it this secret a knife is also needed to collect the Hand. Return to Anubis' Ship - Although you are back on the spaceship and god knows why you'd go back to such an unforgiving place this time it looks a very different place as you play most of it on the exterior of the ship which again is very Egyptian and this makes it very effective looking. As in all good games you have a boss kind of moment and here it is with Anubis who is unkillable and very deadly as you try to activate 3 wall switches 1 floor lever and a jump switch in one room to imprison him. Here you collect the second Hand and a scroll with the co-ordinates to activate the large stargate back on P4x237. 20 minutes. 1 secret unnecessary. I really enjoyed this as all parts had their own flavour and yet combined to make such a great game. I just hope the author isn't finished with Sam and we get to help her out on another adventure some time in the future." - Sash (23-Oct-2004)
"Here we have Lara playing somebody else's role. That's new. As new are most of the settings in this Stargate version which really takes you into another dimension... From the TR3 serpents turned into colorful flowers to every mechanism involved nothing here or nothing almost looks usual. What kind of an Egypt is this? At first it becomes somewhat tiring. Then as you get used to it it becomes enticing. Of course the graphics are wonderfully original but not amazingly solid: many are the times when everything becomes triangles and rectangles in the distance or you may jump to the top of a churchlike building and you'll be walking through the ceiling like a ghost or you'll be swimming and you'll suddenly see lava below instead of the water or you can simply on occasions take a glance at the next room across the wall. Oh well... And there's something else that's also a bit tiring: the never ending tunnels that Lara must explore - crawling - at a certain time. But the game is mostly memorable because it's so different and most of the solutions found are ingenious. My favorite level must have been Crystal World (second time) with the Lara faced dragons that throw Lara faced locusts and the invisible monsters. But I liked it all. And I can't compare it to anything else. One final complaint: too many files that made me forget about backing up - I'll simply reinstall the editor. Adventure and difference are the key words here. Should you play it? Sure. Play it for something original and you won't regret it. (October 18 2004)" - Jorge22 (21-Oct-2004)
"Funny enough the Star Gate series are on the TV again and although I don't like the main character (Richard Dean Anderson) every so often I do watch it. And playing this game brings you right into it. Lorane made some nice re-textured objects artifacts and weapons. Nice little hints when Sam is staring at a certain point as the Beetle that is hidden there would have escaped me completely. You travel back and forwards through the levels and your final goal is to activate the Star Gate by finding a Fuse Key and two Hands. The pits was the crawl maze as I could have done without that. There are quite a few illegal slopes and as this game invite you to go where ever is possible this is a major hindrance then. Have a go at it as it is fun to do. 02-10-2004" - Gerty (10-Oct-2004)
"The set of levels you're about to play is certainly not the classic type but has to do with the alien element. You're not playing as Lara but as Sam which is a blonde person with a nice outfit no doubt. There are some nice new objects but all the levels are quite short. Bear in mind that the levels are interconnected most of them anyway so the items you need are scattered around and some have to be placed in the main level in which you'll be coming back too many times. There are problems in the level but not any serious bugs except for the waterfall area in the level with the hands I have the feeling that one can't actually go up again judging from the way Lara grabbed the waterfall. Take notice at the areas Sam is staring at because you'll need the items that are on those rocks so you better find away to climb up there. I found four secrets and I could have done without the crawlspace maze full of enemies which fortunately also includes a map to help you go back. It's a kind of different set of levels that are worth taking a look at." - Kristina (03-Oct-2004)
"I had a great two hours in these Stargate themed levels. This time we play as Samantha Carter and the adventure starts by Anubis (Whom looks strangely like death) beats up Sam and her crew. Sam's crew members don't survive but Sam does and she is thrown into a prison cell aboard his ship. Sam's outfit was good and the gameplay and flow of these levels was also good. There were many new objects here and there were also well done cut scenes which very well resembled the TV show even though I don't see it often. There was great scenery in these levels and there were some new enemies and they looked really good. My only complaint was that mad crawlspace maze in the second level. I would have never got out of it if I hadn't found that map in there. The other part that I found frustrating was the running and jumping with the blue dragons in Crystal's world. Still these were very enjoyable levels and they weren't very hard. I recommend these levels for anyone who needs a break from the harder levels." - Relic Hunter (25-Sep-2004)