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The 12 Gates of Duat: The Underworld by Andreas Zimmermann

Akcy 5 6 4 4
alan 6 6 7 7
Bex 6 6 7 6
Dimpfelmoser 8 6 9 9
Dougsan 7 6 7 7
eRIC 8 6 10 9
Gerty 7 6 7 7
Gonxii 7 6 8 7
Jay 7 6 8 8
Jose 5 5 6 7
Kristina 7 7 7 8
Magnus 6 5 6 6
MichaelP 8 5 7 9
Necro 8 7 8 8
Orbit Dream 7 7 8 9
Phil 7 7 7 8
RaiderGirl 7 5 7 8
Ryan 7 6 7 8
Sash 8 6 8 10
The Aussie Adventurer 7 5 8 8
Tombaholic 8 6 8 8
Torry 6 5 6 5
Treeble 7 8 9 9
release date: 26-Feb-2001
# of downloads: 33

average rating: 6.97
review count: 23
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file size: 18.84 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is a rather confusing level. Dark at times, but there are some flares scattered around. The only enemies are scorpions and some mummies. Some puzzles with moving statues, others with unmarked burning tiles, an underwater maze. I thought I would get to explore the room with the pyramid that showed the first flyby but no. I found the 3 secrets and I was glad when I finished it." - alan (17-Nov-2017)
"If you are fond of nonlinearity, then this level will appeal to you without a shadow of doubt. I found it hard to progress in the main hub area as I failed to locate a sneakily hidden opening needed to progress. From then on, it was smooth sailing, although there isn't really anything memorable about the level, apart from the scorpion statue room. It is not a bad level, and it indeed looks good, but just not standout." - Ryan (04-Sep-2016)
"Here's another level from the very early years of the LE. It presents a fairly pedestrian raid of 40 minutes or so. Lizard Queen has provided a walkthrough that most of us would need just to get started, as there's a vast area to explore at the beginning with nowhere to go unless you happen to stumble across a hidden opening high up in a cavern wall. After that, things progress a bit more smoothly, although there's one secret that apparently can't be accessed legally (the flycheat is enabled, however, so you can get it that way if you wish). If you play by the book there are mummies that you can't kill but rather just have to avoid (other than those, I can recall no enemies other than scorpions). It's not a bad raid, given its age, but there's certainly nothing memorable here." - Phil (27-Oct-2015)
"The beginning of this level is rather more innovative than one normally expects from a level from 2001. It's nicely made, albeit rather dark in places, and there are some good elements to the gameplay. However, it can be confusing at times and, if you elect to play it, I recommend keeping the walkthrough to hand as you will probably be glad of it from time to time, especially in the underwater maze (not my favourite bit). Not bad, but could have been more player-friendly." - Jay (20-Jun-2015)
"When I began this level I saw a good architecture, so I thought it could be good, but after half an hour of gameplay I realize that it was not so good. Of course, the texturization is well worked, but the rooms are too dark for my taste and there are not flares to properly explore all the areas. Also players can't know what they are doing when pulling switches (there are not puzzles in the level except for the moveable statue). Poor enemies, only mummies and red scorpions. The scorpion room was cool!, but when I jumped to the arms to get the large medipacks I found a disagreeable surprise; later, after pulling some switches the deadly tiles disappeared, but there's not a way the player knows this circumstance. There are some unmarked climbable walls and unmarked fiery tiles too. Not easy to play but not so long as I thought in a first moment.- Jose (12-May-2015)
"What we have here is a very well developed level but a bit confusing with all those secondary rooms and I have to say that underwater maze got really on my nerves. Got stuck a few times so I decided to finish the level with the walkthrough. Gameplay was challenging although few items were recquired. Atmosphere was OK, despite all the darkness I was helping myself with the binoculars as I ran out of flares quickly. Recommended for those who likes drker-mazeish and non linear levels" - Gonxii (20-Oct-2013)
"Those who enjoy large non-linear levels will no doubt love every minute of this,but I found it very difficult to get going due to the fact that the player is given absolutely no clue as to how to reach the objective (or,indeed,what that objective might even be). After exploring for about half an hour,I stumbled upon the first eye piece and everything fell into place thereafter.Nonetheless,there were still a few annoying moments - a shimmy-spike-pit which seemed impossible to traverse and which I had to dozy over,and a rather buggy statue-pulling sequence.For all that,the progression is well thought through and quite ingeniously put together;while lighting and texturing is of a very high standard - given the age of the level.Enemies are your standard Tut1 bunch,but well placed all the same;while the atmosphere is always immersive. This adventure offers very good exploring potential for those who have the patience;but I suspect that many will find this levels somewhat elusive style of gameplay to be not to their liking." - Orbit Dream (13-Apr-2010)
"This could have been a decent level, if there weren't for some annoyances, the overused fixed cameras and the darkness, I would have spent 90% of the gaming time with a flare in hand, but then we weren't given that many, so have to load back to spare them. That much darkness doesn't add a mysterious atmosphere to the level, but ruines it. And there were some illogicalities, like the pushable statue, there was no indication of the door it opens should be opened at a later time, so at first I started to push it around, without result. Unmarked flaming tiles, a spike trap which at one time was on, the second time wasn't, and couldn't figure out what activates it. The second secret just made no sense, we push a lever which is needed anyways to progress, and that is the secret. On the good side, interesting architecture, and once in the darkness we manage to familiarise ouselves with the layout, it's entertaining to search for the way to progress. The giant scorpion statue is really remarkable, at least it would have been if could have seen it properly. Textures are okay. Playing in dark room you might give it a try." - Akcy (08-Nov-2007)
"What a pain in the butt this level was. I spent ages in this level trying to find my way round and when I finally found a way back to the top platform, I couldn't progress any furthur cause I had activated some spikes. I had to replay the level and not shoot any vases (except for one) which stopped the spikes from activating. This would have been a good level if that little bug was made more clear (i.e. a skull and crossbones above the vase, etc). The only clue as to not shooting the vases were in the readme htm file but it should have been made more clear. Even then, it would have been more interesting if you had to do extra challenges to retract the spikes rather than load a previously saved game. Anyway, apart from that, I found this quite a challenging level. Some areas were hidden and I only found 1 secert. I did enjoy this level and I certainly wasn't going to give up when I got stuck." - Necro (17-Oct-2007)
"I kind of found it hard finishing this level. There were a couple of places where I got stuck, but thanks to some help, I got it done. Although you get stuck numerous times, I found this level to be enjoyable. The level design was pretty good, the textures were good and so was the lighting. The opening sequence was spectacular, but some on the camera angles were a bit off. The only enemies I encountered were mummies and scorpion that were easily avoided/ dispatched. For a first effort, this was quite good. If the author was to fix the flaws in later levels, it should be a good series. If I had to give this level a grade, I would give it a B, a distinction." - The Aussie Adventurer (21-Feb-2005)
"A quite fun 25-minutes level that sadly is too confusing and dark. Actually it doesn't even last for 25 minutes - just almost but I thought that I would still write '25-minutes level'. It doesn't bother you does it? Anyway the level starts quite nicely with a flyby and then Lara sliding down a slope (how many levels have we seen this in before...?). After that a jump into water and after having crawled a short bit you get into where the real level is. Here you have several floors - without much to do but the real challenge in this level is the way it's so confusing. I was looking for a long time for something to do when I just had to push a statue the right way (don't give up - it does open the door next to it (it might be a good idea to get the first half of the Eye first though)). Also near the end you had to go up a large ramp. If you didn't start from the bottom of it you wouldn't trigger the door to open. There is also one annoying camera and you don't get any hint on where you die when you touch the floor and when you don't. At one point you have shimmy through spikes and at one point you have to run through fire - both of which are silly 'puzzles'. What human with common sense would want to catch fire just to be able to continue? If it had been in real life Lara would probably had taken some water from before the fire and use it to make the fire go out. Anyway this is a quite good level too confusing too dark - but still quite fun if you don't have anything better to play." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)
"I got a little confused with this one. It's definitely dark at places and has quite a few doors. I got lost more than once in this Egyptian level. Your goal is to find the Eye of Horus and finish the level. It might sound simple but trust me it's not. One thing that is nicely done is the scorpion room. I am not impressed though everything was medium." - Kristina (01-Jul-2003)
"I very much liked the look and feel of The 12 Gates of The Duat. I liked nothing else. Where to begin - Lara must die to complete a task (consume 2 large medical packages). Sorry. This is major dumb. As Lara (wouldn't my shrink enjoy playing with that statement) I would blow the blockage up and be done with it. As Lara I certainly would not venture into certain death. The camera work was a too much of a pain in the axx. Some is OK but after a bit the fun is over. The darkness did not add anything to the game at all. I never knew why I was going in any direction. I felt as if I was running around in circles hoping something I did - anything I did - would help me along. If there was a challenging puzzle in the game I guess it was the game itself. I found no others. In all likelihood the problem is with me and not with the designer or his game but I don't recommend The 12 Gates f The Duat." - Dougsan (18-May-2003)
"I am actually amazed by this level! It's a huge very complicated level! It's only another level that starts right where TR4 left you BUT the main difference is that the whole underground of this pyramid is mostly underwater. There are many areas 'dry' but still the main element you will have to deal with in this level is the water. You will have to lower it in order to proceed. The first 30 minutes are actually the most confusing part but once you get the first eyepiece everything turns out easier. This is all you have to do later is to find the second piece and then go to the end. It's not an easy task though. When I was making my way to the first eyepiece I had to go over the 'Visit The Archives' tile but this time there were spikes popping out. I tried a lot of times before actually beating it but I am sure I missed something. There aren't many objects to pick up in this level nor enemies actually but the whole thing is very well done. I was surprised that the flare bug didn't appear in this level - being a VERY old level and having a lot of flame emitters activated at once. Definitely worth checking out. Not sure what some reviewers mean about the custom outfit because my game had Lara using her normal outfit and I used StrPix - the unique actual difference I noticed in the objects was the horizon." - Treeble (16-Mar-2003)
"A perfect underground atmosphere for an hour of good raiding searching for the Eye of Horus. It was fun even if I was stuck for a while because I did not have the idea to push the statue in the water or to jump into the fire. The graphics are very good the atmosphere excellent and there is best fly-by with the camera I have seen in a customlevel. It is only a pity that there was not more dangerous enemies in this level." - eRIC (29-Jan-2003)
"This level has a very different beginning that had me reloading a couple of times. Only problem I had there was no sound playing it on the Mac. After I got my bearing there is a lot of exploring to do. At times I wondered if I was on the right path so to be better safe than sorry I kept some saved games separate. Never done that playing levels. It was rather confusing I have to say although at the end it made more sense than whilst I was playing. I felt let down on quite a few occasions like after a lot of crawling just seeing a iron gate being closed and way way later in the scorpion room the means to open it. That room by the way is great to see got burned a few times and it was a bit dark but the use of binoculars do let you see more clearly where to go. Another annoying point for me was one fixed camera there were more fixed cameras but this one took forever. Although there are not that many enemies save your medpacks. Found a great message on a tile: 'visit the archives' LOL 21-09-2002" - Gerty (23-Sep-2002)
"I really liked some parts of this level. The textures are great for example that scorpion really made my hair stand on end and Lara's new outfit is definitely different! But the rest of the level wasn't my cup of tea sorry. I don't like fixed cameras I don't like excessively dark levels and I don't like levels which seem to have no logical progression to them. So perhaps I shouldn't really be reviewing this level at all! It's obvious that a lot of work went into making '12 Gates' though and if you don't mind the things mentioned above then you will probably really enjoy it." - Bex (22-Aug-2002)
"This level was thoroughly confusing with no realistic links between objects and execution. The hunt for the two pieces of the eye was soul destroying with the path being unsatisfying. The giant scorpion however was brilliantly rendered and if not for that I would have considered this level an utter waste. Gameplay was paradoxical secrets near unobtainable sound and cameras annoying and lighting woefully inadequate (just my opinion folks). I had another level called the Underworld FINAL but that commenced with Lara and Von Croy and ended at a secret some 7 minutes into the game." - Torry (01-Aug-2002)
"Well there are quite a few doors and gates to open though I don't know if it was twelve and a few traps as well as it starting with quite an exciting opening that has Lara sliding down into the cave dodging fire and a boulder. There are only two main rooms in this level and few objects to find but it seemed to take me forever to finish this one. It took me a long time to figure out what to do first and I was glad when I finally saw the end. Too much climbing around for me and it was harder after I had drained the room and the fixed camera angles were just annoying. The giant scorpion is definitely worth checking out though I just wish the room hadn't been so dark." - RaiderGirl (28-Jul-2002)
"From the opening as the camera pans slowly down from the tip of a pyramid to Lara fully dressed in an indescribable outfit complete with face mask you know this is going to be something different and not only is Lara dressed differently but everything in her inventory has been retextured and so have a lot of the objects through the game. This level is set mainly in two large rooms the first filled with a many leveled structure that has you making a few quite tricky and deadly moves to get to some crucial pick ups and the second which is just awe inspiring as you first enter to be confronted by a stunningly perfect huge scorpion that almost filled the entire room and is initially much more deadlier than its much smaller counterparts. Lasting for around 45 minutes I was a little disappointed when it finished because I had so much fun playing it but happily there are future follow on levels to come and for all the technophobes installation may be a little tricky as you need to use Strpix but the creator graciously sent me simple instructions and I am only too happy to send them to anyone who asks." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"This level although basically happening only in two rooms is quite an experience. The bigger of the two rooms had me going to ask Sash for help twice before finding the right path to proceed. It is nicely built with many corners to explore and a neat water flip effect. But the main reason to have a look at it is the gigantic scorpion the creator has built in the second room. When I did start over with the level and sort of knew my way around I could finish it in about half an hour but it should keep you busy for quite a bit longer than that. Some of the design elements did not appeal to me that much like running through a fire and quickly finding water behind it basically losing a full medipack a few rather unnecessary and sometimes even disturbing fixed cameras and the fact that the only enemies are the occasional little scorpion and the harmless mummies but from the nice starting camera fly-by to the typical Eye of Horus door end this level asks for the sequel to come." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"This 45 minutes level takes place in 2 primary rooms with the object of collecting two eyepieces to access the exit. The scheme of the level may have you running around a bit to figure out the next move. A few traps await but enemies are only a minor nuisance and hardly live up to the ominous title of 'underworld'. On the upside the level is nicely textured and lighted and the opening flyby while simple is very effective in setting the mood." - Tombaholic (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a great level in many respects but it has some serious flaws in my view. The course is a bit misleading at times which had me asking the author for help on several occasions. Also at one stage you have to shimmy through a spiked pit at the cost of two medipacks and that seemed wrong to me so I searched for something to deactivate those spikes. Wrong Thinking! I liked the whole structure of the main room which consists of four levels that you have to master in order to get the two pieces of the Eye. The room with the huge scorpion is the highpoint of course and once it's safe to climb I spent more time on it than strictly necessary cause I had so much fun. I didn't mind the fixed camera angles I only wished there would have been an indication on what level you have to proceed as I pushed that statue for ages with no effect. The atmosphere is what you would expect in the underworld and it doesn't need many enemies to keep up the suspense. By the way where were the twelve gates?" - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)